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welcome back to Crips are coin news today we’re gonna be going over Tron TRX a cryptocurrency that could see a rise in price point in the next seven days because of their CEO and some new exchange listings coming down the pipeline but before we get into this video guys don’t forget to subscribe and turn on post notifications so you never miss one of our videos here on the show we do three to five cups of currency news videos every single day and we try to stream cryptocurrency every single night going over the current market conditions and trying to find some alt coins that you could potentially buy on the dip so if you’re a cryptocurrency investor or you’re interested in the cryptocurrency space subscribing is definitely not a bad idea and let’s start a conversation down below in the comments section what do you guys think about Chiron TRX where do you see this price moving in the next week to two weeks and maybe even over the next month and at what point do you see this trunk the strong coin ceiling and capping off at a max price point let me know all your guys thoughts on Tron are you holding it are you not holding it are you trying to avoid this currency do you believe in it let me know down below in the comment section but let’s look at the market as you guys can see the market has pretty much haft itself over the last two weeks say that four hundred forty seven billion dollars in total market cap and a lot of cryptos are in the red today if you look there’s only a couple in the green smart cash NAB Leo and saya clean and a lot of these are barely over five percent only ones over five percent synneve Leo and cyclone are probably gonna be in the red before the end of the day and probably even smart cash as well we’ve seen coins up over 20% to start the morning of and then by nighttime they’re down 5 or 10% so we’ll just have to see what happens with these currencies but as you can see we’re just in a sea of red earlier today we talked about digi X dial and that was up 8% and now it’s down so it just goes to show you that the market is fluctuating like crazy right now but basically guys I want to go over Tron TRX because I know a lot of you guys hold it I hold a ton of this like I said I have $60,000 worth of Tron out of 10 to 11 cent price point so I’m sitting at about a 50/50 5% loss right now which doesn’t feel too good to me but do not accuse me of trying to pump this currency it’s too big to be pumped I just want to talk about some of the news surrounding it because I know judging by my Twitter a lot of you guys are in the same position as me you guys are on the Tron TRX boat and you are hoping to see this Tron token go back up to 30 cents where it was at its all-time high only a few weeks ago now what is the exciting news well let’s look at the market over the last 24 hours for Tron it has been up down and sideways pretty much let me refresh us over the last 24 hours we’ve seen it go as low as 4 cents guys four point two pennies four point one pennies which is one of the lowest lows I’ve seen it at in a while since probably what has it been mid-december so it’s pretty crazy to see it this low where are we gonna find support well let’s look at the last month okay so Tron has found a bit of support at the for sentient level let’s give it a refresh it’s at 4.9 cents right now trying to get back to that 5 cent price point but let’s see where we’re gonna find support guys ok so the last support we are pretty much at right now is around right here four point five four point one so we’ve actually broken through that and it looks like the next little bit of support we have here is three point one two three point two a lot of people do see Tron dippin that far if you go back to early December though or mid December we’re sitting at 2.4 cents so we could even see that happen and then after that that’s not even in the last 30 days so hopefully we don’t go any lower than 2 and a 2 and a quarter cents I could definitely see this dropping to 3 cents still so still good buying opportunities for anyone looking to get into the market place if you’re newbie don’t be scared by all this blood that we’re seeing in the market right now trade volumes going up that means marking up soon hopefully we’ll follow there is a huge thing going on called Lunar New Year where over a billion dollars is spent in US capital during the Lunar New Year on travel and gifts and just you know hotel and food and it’s a huge holiday over in Asia so there’s I think the I read something about 2 billion people migrate during this time so we’re gonna be looking to add a lot of people onto this marketplace not even concerned with cryptocurrency and that’s why we’re seeing a price dip and then we’re seeing weak hands from the West like in the US and everything sell out as they saw these dips and then we had the Korean Won removed out of calculations here on claim market cap 3 or 4 things have really caused this price dip right now but Tron is sitting right around we’ll just say 5 cents right now because it’s so close so 5 cents I think it’s a decent buying opportunity for Toronto obviously I’m not a financial adviser you should do your own research but Tron is in the entertainment industry guys they’re looking to improve entertainment and a lot of people made an interesting point the other day I think yesterday YouTube announced that if you have less than a thousand subscribers and get less than 4,000 hours watched a year on your videos you cannot be partnered so that is something that Tron it would hopefully one day prevent as what they’re trying to do with the blockchain and their technology so let’s look at a tweet that Justin son tweeted obviously Justin son is Tron CEO and he is so active on social media he keeps people’s hopes up and he’s always trying to deliver new news and right here about eleven hours ago weary tweeted this a very prestigious fund just decided to invest crypto currencies and chose Tron as one of their major portfolios we are getting attention from mainstream funds now okay so a hedge fund of some sort has decided to invest into Kryptos and they have decided to make TRX one of their major portfolio holders so that’s interesting I don’t know how much money that’s going to infuse into the marketplace they say I can’t disclose their name since the investment strategy is very sensitive for the top-level fund so he’s not gonna disclose her name at did he reply to anybody else we’re just hoping that we can see some price action from this and then not too long ago not too long ago he was tweeting that same strategy with uber it’s expanding to Europe Southeast Asia with 40 million users so they were just talking about their o bike partnership then they were talking about a week ago as you can see they’re acquiring more Alibaba employees guys it seems like every day they’re getting someone new from Alibaba to work on on their team which makes me wonder our Alibaba sending support over to them because they plan on partnering with Tron or maybe they’re already partnered with Tron but here we go one one more 100 million user application is on board they will build on Tron protocol and use tokens once our main net is ready ok so another big user platform is ready to use Tron once everything’s set up and good to go so he’s tweeted about about four or five companies are gonna be joining Tron any day now it could be over the next week it could be over the next month or the next quarter just this is a coin that will be on the rise I believe before the end of summer we’re gonna definitely see that all-time high of 30 cents again just because of the things that Tron is doing the partnerships are making and the Asian market place is so influential in the cryptocurrency game and they’re heavily trying to embed themselves in South Korea and we know how when we powerful the Korean Won is so I think we’re gonna see a lot of price action with Tron there is actually speculation that Tron is going to be listed on koo coin in four days and seven hours so we should hopefully see a price bump from a lot of people said that they think this is real 92 people real fine people fake obviously it needs to be voted first but I think trans community strong enough to warn a good vote for this coin to get on kou-kun january 22nd that’s when it’ll be listed so four hours or four days guys seven hours if this gets listed on cuckooing will probably see price action on Tron I don’t think we’ll see serious price action I don’t think it’ll go from five cents to twelve cents or anything but we could see five cents to eight cents or seven cents and see some stabilization maybe we’ll see another hundred million dollars infuse into the marketplace seventy-two hundred million dollars or something but anytime a coin is listened to a new exchange is an exciting time trongs already on Finance now hit BTC Merritt ox there aren’t a lot of other ones tied eggs bit flip cool coin a lot of other ones I don’t even know lick we but a lot of just exchange they’re on so many but they’re not on cooling they’re not on crypto yeah those are all exchanges I could give Tron a small boost but it’ll be a temporary boost what we’re really relying on is Justin son to come across with some new news that is actually something that he can disclose yeah this news is fun and all but he’s not disclosing anything to us has the money been infused into Tron yet or is the hedge fund still waiting to buy their TRX tokens now if this hedge fun to say billion dollar hedge fund and they’re gonna put five hundred million dollars into the market in two days this price is gonna explode but we don’t know we don’t know any details and that’s what Justin’s really known for just giving that bare minimum amount of details just to keep users interested top security expert joins Tron they’ve been just poaching so many employees lately where is this when we’re senior developer from Alibaba joins the Tron team and then right here on January 11th he tweeted this is all about a very serious partnership with space innovative company we will announce that soon still haven’t announced it this was January 11th so there’s a lot of news just waiting be announced I’d say about three to four things that we’re just all waiting to hear more about so hopefully Justin Sun can come through in the next week to two weeks and we’ll see some serious price action obviously this cou coin listing will probably see some bump in price and Tron so it might be a decent time to get in over the next four days maybe before it’s listen a cool coin maybe in four days it’ll be at that 3 cent mark and you can get in and hopefully when it’s listening cuckooing you’ll see maybe quick gains to 5 or 6 cents maybe I’ll see 2x gains because I know listening I’m financed you can definitely see – – – even 6x gains just from a buy Nance listing I know COO coin isn’t quite as large as buy Nance but this is still good news for Tron and Justin son seems to between you have some good news about the hedge fund and the the partnerships and the new teams with Alibaba X employees but guys if you’re not following us on Twitter yet definitely give us a follow it’s crypto coin news with a Z at the end otherwise you can find our Twitter link down below in our description at the very bottom of our description we tweet out about a lot of things and a big thank you to you guys for helping us get to 60,000 subscribers in 20 days and over 2.5 over 2.3 million views in 20 days as well we talk about a lot of things here we retweeted Justin Suns tweet and said moon so hopefully this is something that really is gonna benefit us we did a survey on what coins you guys are buying thirty five hundred people voted on this a lot of people are buying up Tron and Neb Leo and ripple then we tweet about the US dollar tether being the only coin that was in the green yesterday for a short bit tweet about the bit connect exit scam and what’s going on with that and tweeted about how the market has seen in fluctuations like this over the last four years so we put you guys at ease we reply to your a lot of your tweets we tweet out and address a lot of public concern here on our Twitter so definitely check out our Twitter give us a follow over there thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoy this video finding it informative hit that like button and also subscribe and turn on those post notifications so you never miss a video but until the next one guys happy trading and goodbye

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