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welcome back to crypts of coin news today we are gonna be talking about Tron once again as it does have the serious price action we predicted earlier this morning as they have teamed up with a new hedge fund that is infusing fresh capital into Tron TRX token and we are seeing this coin and begin to moon shot but where will this moonshot end and will the coin collapse again that is the question but before we answer that question and get into this video do not forget to subscribe and turn on post notifications if you’re new to this channel we do three to five cryptocurrency news videos every single day and we also even do a cryptocurrency livestream going over the market and some great alt coins to invest your money in every single night Oh Mouse so if you’re a cryptocurrency investor or you’re interested in the cryptocurrency space subscribing is definitely not a bad idea and also let’s start a conversation down below in the comment section how high do you think Tron is going to go at what point will the bottom fall out and when we see the the Tron economy collapse once again and are you holding Tron let me know in the comment section down below but let’s get started as you can see the markets recovered a little bit since this morning we’re at 502 billion dollars with almost 60 billion in 24 hour volume and Bitcoin dominance is down to 36 percent bitcoins recovered a bit though from nine thousand six hundred dollars to ten thousand seven hundred and a theory ins recovered from 800 to about nine hundred dollars and ripples even cross the dollar threshold once again so a lot of coins are slowly beginning to recover here they started off all super negative this morning from as far down as fifteen to forty percent negative a lot of these coins in the top ten and we’re seeing them recuperate like stellar from 33 to 40 cents card ana was at 44 to 58 cents so a lot of these coins are starting to see some cash flow into them now look at Tron now thirty five point five eight percent up and it’s over seven cents has a lot of people excited and I don’t know if this is going to be the end of it’s the little surge that we’re gonna see from it today now we’re gonna go over the news and why it could be surging and why it could continue to surge in the next couple of weeks and why I think this Tron token will actually get back to its thirty cent all-time high sometime in the next month now let’s look at Tron so as you can see 7.3 cents roughly we were as low as 4.1 cents late last night so almost doubled itself in 24 hours we’re back over a billion volume and almost a five billion dollar market camp earlier today it was at three billion so we’re seeing this currency really increase now a lot of things that are gonna keep drawn TRX going is one their CEO Justin Sonny’s constantly promoting the token and talking about new partnerships new engineers and new ways to make money with the Tron token and implement the Tron system now number two there is a coin burn coming sometime before the end of March here in q1 they’re gonna burn a a part of the total supply we don’t know how many they’re burning as of yet but they’re gonna be burning some of these coins and when that coin burn happens that’s gonna automatically increase the value of the TRX token and another thing guys they’re about to get onto ku coin so if they get onto ku coin we’re gonna see another price Ike and that could be in the next four days so how high can this thing go before it finds a bottom and starts to fall back down well let’s go over it so in the last seven days it’s seen highs as high as what has it’s been about fifteen cents so about fourteen cents that’s been its high in the last seven days and it’s heading there right now let’s give it a refresh and see if it’s moved at all since we started yes it’s up another point four cents so this this coin is really rising right now let’s look at the one day so from all the way down here earlier today 4.1 cents to now as high as seven point seven cents that is an insane markup in a day now we’re over a five billion dollar mark cap with almost 1.2 billion in fuse today could we see this get back to ten or eleven cents today my prediction is we’re gonna probably a see a nine cent to nine and a half cent ron’s sometime today now if a lot of people start foaming into the market you know excited and don’t want to miss out and think Tron’s about to explode we could see this price definitely go over 12 cents it just depends how many people are gonna hop behind this huge burst that Ron is having and how many people are gonna start cashing out and taking their profits that’s what’s been killing a lot of coins on their rise what people did was they bought in at twelve or fifteen cents and as soon as it gets back to that big sell out just in with FUD and fear of losing money if it goes back down so we probably will see a lot of sell-off and that’s what you’re gonna see you’re gonna see this go up go down go up go down go up go down so it’s gonna have resistance all the way up as people are trying to just get out of their positions because a lot of weak hands are still in the market guys for sure but how high do I think it’s gonna go overall in the next week from all this news well that’s some of the news Justin son just tweeted out Tron puppies English version will be running on January 22nd now if you guys don’t know it’s basically a game that Tron has made where you can breed dogs and they’re worth X amount of TR x tokens and there’s like rarities and stuff kind of like pokemons and a lot of people are exciting about this it’s gonna have a Korean version I actually looked into it it’s all in like different languages now so I can’t really understand how it goes but from what we’ve heard here I crypto koi news is basically you start with one puppy or you buy two puppies and then you breed them and then they have babies and those babies are worth X amount of TR x tokens and there’s different rarities so it’s kind of a fun little game and you can earn TR x tokens with now the that actually hosts this game released this today January 22nd they’re gonna release the English version Korean and Japanese versions so three different and these guys Japan and Korea are huge gaming countries huge so we’re gonna see a lot of people I think jump on this as soon as it’s released so I must have a Chinese version released right now because I the the the English was not or the language was not English that’s for sure so Korean Japanese and English versions will be released on the 22nd that is five days from today okay so that’s gonna keep this price probably going up so if it stabilizes over the next five days say at 8 cents I think on the 22nd we’re gonna see another rise okay and then on the 29th pet collections breeding event system and other new features will be available with the mobile version expected to be available around February 8th then on February 16th first day of a Lunar New Year we will see the formal release of the GTC open game platform including a bunch of new games March 29th my lunar birthday will see the release of global social messaging services for games guys this is going to be huge the 29th will be a nice update to the game that people are probably excited about that they got on the 22nd so that’s nice that’ll keep the token relevant February 8th though and they’re gonna release a mobile version that’s gonna be huge mobile gaming in Japan China South Korea just a massive market guys I’ve been in the gaming industry for 10 years it is a massive market we’re gonna see a lot of increase in value I think I’m February 8th then on the 16th they’re gonna do the formal release of their GT seobang platform including a bunch of new games okay a lot more games Plus on March 29th this is a very exciting date they’re gonna have a social messaging service for these games and that’s where you build a community around these games and you’re gonna see just the price I think of Tron as long as these games are successful and people are enjoying their utility this price is gonna continue to skyrocket just from this utility okay so a lot of people need like new news but this this if this game works out well in Korea and Japan I’m sure in the US and stuff it won’t be huge but in Korean Japan this could be a massive game and then with the updates on the 29th a week later that’s gonna be huge and then with the mobile release on the 8th of February guys by mid-february like I said Tron will probably be back to its all-time high of 28 to 30 cents just because of these utilities okay now a friendly reminder they are going on to cuckooing potentially if they get a few more votes on on the 21st okay so you have this news coming on the 22nd and then this coming on the 21st if they get on ku coin guys if they can get on that exchange that’s more money being infused in the Tron which is insane okay so just with this news that Justin’s son said yes this is gonna be there’s gonna be an English person available there’s a China version there’s gonna be a Japanese version and a South Korean version of this game available all by the 22nd five days from now that is just massive news and then with all of this great update schedule and going to a mobile platform and having a social messaging service for these games it’s gonna just make that community massive and I think we’re gonna see Toronto can go way up in value from those two pieces of news and then Koo coin write is happening right around there the 21st for ku coin the 22nd for the game updates it’s just gonna be an insane time to hold tron let’s see if it’s gone up any more 8.1 cents guys this coin is just skyrocketing right now it has a lot of people exciting now it has more than doubled today alone so definitely keep your eyes on Tron TRX if you’re holding you got to be excited right now I know I’m personally holding $60,000 worth of this token so I’m excited to see this moving upwards I believed in it though I’m holding it till the end of March for sure because look at all the news that’s just coming out just from their game just their gaming platform guys Tron is an entertainment token this is going to be huge and they’re in the right countries these are the biggest gaming countries been in the game industry ten years guys I’m excited about this project if you guys don’t follow see how to encrypt Okoye news on Twitter its crypto koi news with a Z at the end of it then link to our Twitter is down below at the bottom of our description box below the video player definitely go follow us there we tweeted about Tron’s movement when it was at 7 cents and we tweet about it at like five cents earlier today and then we we do some funny tweets we thank you guys we do polls we tweet about different cryptos bit connect certain things about the dip that we’re seeing in the market it’s a very informative Twitter and we try to apply a lot of you guys too so definitely give us a follow over on Twitter and guys let us know what do you think about the tron situation aren’t you holding TRX tell me in the comment section how high do you think this is gonna go I said nine and a half cents today I’m still standing by that I think though if it gets the nine and a half cents because of the hedge fund contribution that we talked about earlier today we might see this FOMO – eleven – twelve cents that’s my prediction and then we might find some type of bottom at ten cents over the next couple of days but then with COO coin launching it we might see it go from ten cents to fourteen cents 15 cents and then with these game updates that are gonna be coming out for Tron we could definitely see this token at 20 cents and then by the time their messaging app comes out in March this could definitely be over it’s 30 cent threshold and a lot of people are gonna be excited about this let’s give it one more refresh we’re gonna definitely see some sell-off as you can see of a five point five billion dollar market cap 1.2 billion and trade volume this is just insane to look at this chart like this road spike we’re seeing and as you can see there is sell-off people are taking profits where they can laying especially if you got in at 4 cents earlier this morning you’re taking your 2x gains and that’s what a lot of people are doing but I’m really excited I’m about to break-even in about two more cents here and then I’m hopefully gonna see some profit over the next two weeks but guys if you enjoyed this video give me a like and let me know that you enjoyed it and also don’t forget to subscribe and turn on those posts and vacations so you never miss the video here on crypto coin news but until the next one happy trading and good bye

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