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what’s going on YouTube welcome to your cryptocurrencies analysis channel my name is Tony TM shows are so excited be here with us today and we are gonna be talking about what happened to have $500,000 of tron you are the sunshine and high liar [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen I just bought 37.5 three Bitcoin worth of truant and that is five hundred fifty thousand USD dollars of Tron alright guys so as you guys know some of you guys for a new subscripe so in my video I posted about five days ago I talked about that I bought five hundred thousand dollars of Tron in that video and a few guys know you know Tron has been on a recent surge right in my position might some of my best buy positions place around here yeah I think it’s around here right and then trying has been on an upward search so today’s gonna be a update video I actually haven’t calculated my earnings myself but we’re just gonna see you know exactly what happened to my 500 thousand dollars of investment so the easiest way I thought we can do this is here I pulled out my finance account if you guys can see here but in that account I have some personal information you know I have some Holdings that I don’t want to share as far as some strategic cell and place buy orders so I don’t want to just put all my information out in public so I thought the best way we can do this is that I’m gonna pause the video right now I’m gonna go into my account I’m gonna take some screenshots of the trust but psychically related to Tron and then I’m gonna open those screenshots and then log out of my finance accounting to result to resume the video and you guys can all see okay so I’m gonna pause sharing and while I’m doing this if you guys are new please you know subscribe to my channel now do me a huge favor and if you guys like the video if you guys find it helpful in the end um also this is a little bit but also drop me a huge thumbs up as well as coming down below you know if you guys watch Ron you know what happened with it let me know as well as if you guys didn’t bite wrong you know what other corns you guys are looking at whether other corn is pot right so I have taken the screenshots right now I’m gonna just pull those off be a second this thing is not working for some okay here we go and then I’m just gonna log out of my finance account right now okay cool I’m just gonna go to the home page for finance and yeah here we go let’s cute so you now the screen should be back so I can show you guys here this is the three of it so here’s what happened right so I’m still holding 226 Bitcoin worth of Tron loose what okay here we go 26.5 almost Bitcoin worth of Tron I sold at 388 26.2 big : worth of Tron you guys can see this is my this was in the way a little bit you guys can see this just happened right just right there but and then I sold again at five seven seven ten bitcoins worth of Tron so you know some couple mistakes I made right here I didn’t I sold way too early because I needed that I needed to liquidate some assets so I was a little bit hurried with the trade not super satisfied with it I’m such a dumbass you know if you guys were in Toronto please to make this rookie mistake but you know just being patient with your holdings this one I’m okay with you know didn’t since I’d the peak but I have some other orders placed at this in the sixes that didn’t fill but that’s fine right but I got this one to fill right so what I’m gonna do now is that we’re gonna pull out my calculator um let’s see okay here we go the calculator skier we’re just going to go in and type in twenty six point four three right plus um 26 point one nine plus and pulling o6 right so here we guys guys we have it it’s I have sixty two point six eight um USD dollars now from the Tron trade right so we’re gonna go to Chloe market cap and let’s see how much a Bitcoin is worth right so a Bitcoin is worth this much so I’m gonna multiply that number by one five one eight seven and that gives me nine hundred fifty 1000 USD dollars so guys within five days right with my initial five hundred thousand dollar investment right now I have nine nine hundred fifty-one thousand US dollars so that’s about almost a hundred percent gains from my Tron trade and and guys keep in mind that this is also due to the fact that I did not trade well right I didn’t I was a dumbass with my training I did not it did not trade to the best of what I imagined to be but that is okay because the profit is a profit right so guys if you guys are still holding trunk because I am still holding Tron right I’m still holding 26 bitcoins worth of it so that’s a lot so let’s talk about what will happen what’s wrong like again right so here if you guys can see kind of around this area or even just here let me pull up draw yeah I think because the screen-sharing is kind of slow but um here we can see here we go so here we can see it’s a classic cup shape which means it reached a high and then they come down with consolidation a little bit and then you can see this right hitting new highs and hitting new lows hitting new highs and shooting hitting higher lows right it went up in an exponential rise here we see a dip we see a second dip that was that it’s lower than the first dip we see a third dip here and it came up again and here is stepping a little bit more um so guys this signaling mine I can really see as as long as this dip does not break this second dip here we can really see on Tron turning back again because here what we witnessed was this you know this rise right here right let’s see yeah this one right here and if we you know a couple the the top of it that will be kind of around this level right so what we can see was this is a bullish setup that Trump broke out of with this exponential rise we can see here is kind of a dip into this bowler setup this bullish trend line again right and now we’re we’re we’re kind of dipping to it but then the gravity is also pulling us up and now it’s kind of coming down again so I believe right now still if we go to expanse as well go to a trump here pairing seat wrongs don’t have tremendous wallowing in there this is a little bit shy of 70,000 when at the peak I think it was last night I believe when I checked um so it’s it’s still it’s a little bit shy of its peak but as we can see here you know the volume is definitely still there right we can see trunk being pulled pushed up a little bit more and and this previous high will be a strong resistance zone around the 640 level but we can probably see a push right we can probably see a push breaking the 570 potentially reaching the stakes but once I reach the six I think this 650 will be a very hard line to push out but if it does push out at six 650 then I believe we really have a potential to hit 77 50 even 800 right so also some of the other things that have been happening with strong trauma posted about trauma foundation posted at its partnership with right so this is really cool because especially when Tron just had a partnership with the bike sharing company earlier so what I did was you know this is a medium article talking about the partnership and I went up right and I figured I was a Chinese company if you guys are interested there’s also an English version but I thought there’s a Chinese company then I think it would be more clear if we reading Chinese so this is and it’s trying to use its a fee m ER c 20 token right and the token itself is called GT c and then it’s gonna use the Tron blockchain to to to run its its tokens right and and they’re trying to use blockchain to revolutionize the gaming Mishi as we can see here what their strategic partnerships are a Tron network in quantum don’t worry Quantum’s actually when I saw this I was pretty surprised because quantum is a very big blockchain platform has been around for quite a while now right quantum went on the rise to earlier uh about two weeks earlier but they’re also a big one and then they it seems like their website is not finished because when I clicked into here this is about us it doesn’t let me click in for some reason then here’s about about the platform and also it’s not open this is called game world and this is not open either but what we can see is we can go into these links here yeah so it looks like they’re still very new I’m not sure what kind of you know what stage of development they’re in right now because they do not say on their website so this one is definitely not as solid as the the bike sharing partnership because the bike sharing partnership did research on it they’re actually are being used in Singapore and Taiwan Malaysia Malaysia and some other you know Asian countries but this one doesn’t look like they have they already have something going on I think they’re still in the early development stage but but my computer’s gonna dive but as we talked about before you know we can really see maybe potentially trom pushing out a little bit more so that is it guys thank you so much for watching you know subscribe to my channel up here watch my two other videos here here as well as commenting down below dropping a like button right here peace Massimo you are the sunshine and Hilah I [Music]

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