Tron Making Moves – Cryptocurrency Market Down As TRX Moves Up in 2018

how’s it going everybody my name is bee and welcome back to your all coins today we’re taking a look at Tron we were hoping for a little bit of optimism a little bit of happiness here in this terrible market crash and we’re looking at Tron this chart literally here is the 4-hour chart so every candle represents four hours and right now over the past four hours Tron is up if we switch this to the one hour Tron is up it’s showing some signs now let’s take a talk about chug it has reached a stupid high of like 30 cents 18 cents 20 cents it did some stupid stuff up here and then as died I died I died now all of the really good analytical minds and market analytical minds have talked about how trauma is forming this wedge and the wedge was the setting in the wedge was descending and people were calling for a break out around now there’s a couple of really good falls on Twitter let me pull one up for you right now Eric Cho is a fantastic follow on Twitter he’s been talking about Shawn using market analysis and Elliot wave theory to say that right around now is a great time for a bust out for Tron so clearly this is time sensitive information I’m filming this video right now 2:30 in the afternoon on January the 17th and I want to give this video as fast as I can to show you guys hey Shawn’s doing stuff maybe this means the child is going to do great things over the next little while and go Bob to that you know 1000 satoshi range or of above maybe or maybe this is a little flash in the pan nothing’s gonna happen but I’m a little bit bullish on Tron recovering at least to some degree over the next month that’s why I’m bringing myself I want to try and bring some good news to everybody cuz I know there’s been so much negativity in the market and so much anxiety and terrible emotions in the market right now so I want to bring this to your attention let you know that hey some happiness has happened right now even though bitcoins down though it went back up over $10,000 and if fear iums down and litecoin is down tron showing a little bit of movement right now a little bit of interest so keep an eye on this one closely for those of you who are interested in Tron keep an eye in the situation very very closely so let’s take a break from this let me look at the finance on Tron this is the one-hour chart on Finance I just like watching down here I like watching how fast and how furious the transactions come out and it’s kind of cool it’s been hovering around this six-two six-three range for a little bit now if you go to the 5-minute chart you won’t have a fun time you go to like the five-minute chart and you watch it do some crazy stuff here’s a 5-minute chart since about 11 o’clock and it’s been curving come and went up here and it dropped and then ever down here it came back up and now we’re at the 6-3 mark be 636 mark right now on Tron now going off of one our candles is a far more accurate thing I like going off with a four-hour candles as you can see the for a candle look at that beautiful absolutely gorgeous and then the one day candle here’s your Tron one day already recovered from the other day already recovered will it continue to go I’m not too sure we’re gonna have to wait and see I just want to bring this to your attention because Tron is making some movements and that’s a nice sign of positivity here in the crypto currency market speed of which what’s the market look like right now where we at overall mark gap of four hundred and sixty five billion so that’s okay it seems as leveled off here a lot of positivity drawn up 20 percent in the last hour a lot of positivity in the last hour smart cashed up 18 what is smart cash how is this thing still alive when everything else is dying I don’t know Matt do a bit of research on smart cash – what that’s about a lot of the top ones seem to be up right now Tron making some headway up 13% in the past 24 hours very encouraging sign for lots of you who’ve been held on a Tron I’ve actually received comments from people who are like bi bought in a Tron on the dip at 17 cents what do you think is gonna go back up hey we’re seeing some encouraging signs so that was your really short really fast operate on Tron that is showing some movement making some waves here on the one day charm making some waves on the 4-hour chart making some waves on the one hour chart so that’s what I bring that information your attention do with it as you will I’m not suggesting you buy into Tron I’m not suggesting you sell your Tron I’m just showing you what Tron is up to as always thank you very much for watching

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