Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency Justin Sun pump and dump show. Lessons Learned

this Tron cryptocurrency debacle should be a good lesson learned for a lot of you and I know a lot of you are in pain and Tron right now because peak hype was at peak price all of a sudden I was inundated by emails comments posts on Facebook what do you think a Tron what do you think a Tron everybody loving Tron now I have never heard of Tron until I got bombarded with all of these questions but there seems to be a pattern that when I get bombarded in a certain way and even the type of questions that people are asking I can tell woo this is coin of the week this is pump of the week soon to be dump of the month and so I was very skeptical I didn’t even bother looking into it I got so many requests I decided to look into it it looks like unfortunately I didn’t warn him ahead of time because I’ve only looked into it now but just if this is not that hard to avoid if you do some research okay so Tron now I’m not I don’t want to say Tron is a scam it may not be a scam and most businesses fail not because there’s scams and they do they have criminals it’s because people have dreams and it doesn’t work out you know most people start restaurants most restaurants fail why not because there’s bitten in the food but because it’s just it’s a tough business so this Justin son best-case scenario and and and it probably is the case that he is a smart hard-working guy who happens to be really good at marketing okay you know all of his claims the best case scenario you know worst case scenario is a scam he’s lying created all these phony things best case scenario is for example he went to a school I believe that was founded by Jack Ma so he says geez Jack my protege you know maybe there’s a way you could say that yes that’s good marketing right created an app in China you know there’s probably an app it was problems probably okay some people used it you know he says it’s the greatest app in all of China again good marketing creating this cryptocurrency you know what Everett Ron’s 10-year plan dreams that they have best-case scenario that they’re actually have a team of decently smart people who you know they started working on it like a few weeks ago but they’re actually gonna work hard for several years I mean too safe to have a ten-year plan in any industry is pretty crazy but to have a ten year planning the crypto space now that that again it’s not scam that’s just naive dami that’s just did sanity I mean I mean so anyways but that they have a plan and they’re actually gonna build something that maybe has some value not again is the best-case scenario but they only started working out in a couple weeks ago so the question is you know is this worth making a bet on you have to look remember looking you look at market cap so when people were emailing me and messaging me off the hook at that point there was a time when Tron was worth about the same very close to something like stellar networks I know I talk about stellar a lot but it’s an easy example you have a founder you know hits all my metrics you have a founder who has a clear track record of having many successes verse just as Sony’s a younger guy or you could say well the app wasn’t successful but anyways the cryptocurrency platform Stellar’s been up and running for three years now working with IBM doing lots of great things tron they started writing code weeks ago you can’t value those the same and and there’s an uh there’s a few lessons learned here what is please remember and you can see this in your own life there is a big difference between having completed something having actually done something and dreaming about or saying you’re going to do something there’s a huge gap between the two and you cannot value them the same so when Trump says we’re gonna do this until they’ve done it it’s not as good as a company who’s actually done it this may sound obvious what I’m saying but I see this so much I see so many a crypto projects because one of my filters is I don’t deal with it until it’s launched but I see so many projects where you know they’re going to launch in a year but if you read their website you know they say this our platform our crypto whatever it does this it does that it does and they talk about it in the present tense but it hasn’t launched yet I mean it’s sort of so much confidence that it’s gonna work it’s it does this it does that as if it already is doing these things if it hasn’t launched yet it’s not doing those things and I could even go further with the whole point of you know even if something is doing something it doesn’t mean it can do that at scale even if something is doing something before it’s decentralized it doesn’t mean it will work the same way when it’s decentralized so just even launching or launched on a test net or it’s launched and it’s decentralized but it has no volume there is a big difference between plans and completed plans and you need to make a distinction between the two and Tron is probably the ultimate example that I’ve seen recently of dreams being considered true you know and then compared to something that actually exists in Israel so but my other point I wanted to make is there are there’s some things there’s some algorithm if people have figured out because it happened also with verge where somehow there’s some pipe marketing promo thing that gets all the newbies off of their ass to buy at the same time at a high price I don’t know what that algo is but if you just if you buy at Tron and or verge at the hi wherever you’re getting your information stop going there and maybe you could go back and look at what you read look at what you looked at that got you to buy and look at what it was that they said that motivated you and check that because that’s it used to be I used to watch you know I loved enjoy fast money on CNBC fun show but it’s dangerous when I watch that show as soon as the show is over I’m dying to do something stupid I’m dying to buy something that’s not a good time to buy I’m dying to sell something that I should hold you know that show motivates you to do stupid now it’s informative you could just watch it you know it’s interesting but kind of watch out for that stuff so you know Tron and you look at the chart now it looks like a classic pump and dump and people like isn’t gonna come back how the hell is it gonna come back they don’t have anything something gonna have a deal there’s even the plan that they were promoting is that maybe they’re gonna launch something like in years and then I’m gonna have major deals with companies based on something that they’ve been writing for a couple weeks basically this was an angel investor project that raised billions and if you’re one of the people who gave money to him listen hopefully lesson learned and you didn’t lose too much money but you know another point here from me that I learned very important to understand the difference between business running a business and investing in business we learn by doing because you can’t if you’re running a business whatever you doing it’s you know usually you’re in a niche you’re doing something new you can’t get a book you know when I started ecommerce on the web 95 I couldn’t get a book on how to optimize my page there’s no such thing and if you’re starting a new business whatever it is you’re opening up a new restaurant you can’t get a book on how to make that restaurant good I mean certain general themes you can read about restaurants but if you’re coming up with certain recipes it’s like you need to be unique you need to experiment you learn by doing you’re executing every day that’s how business is investing is all about reading all about just having knowledge and it’s not learn by doing so when you bite Ron and a high and then and it goes all the way down to nothing I mean it looks like a classic try writing goes up and goes down and just you know since it’s some low number for ever for a long time investing is not a good good thing to do learn by doing you learn by reading so if you know if you’re a newbie and you’ve got caught late and a few of these pump-and-dump shows don’t do more you I don’t know the lesson I cuz I’m talking from my own history I’m a very learned by doing guy and in business it was been amazing but when it comes to investing learned by doing is very expensive and I’ve learned later in life reading is what makes you a good investor so yeah and one other point too is everybody’s looking it supposedly this you know these be small and it’s true that if you get in super early on something know but he’s talking about it goes to the mood you can have these amazingly huge returns the problem is that means you’re getting in when nobody’s talking about it you know I was kind of early with stellar very it was very boring nobody was talking about it you know and then all of a sudden we had art we had our moment in the Sun here and whatever so you know yet but that kind of thing getting in really early on a really small coin is so hard meanwhile look at a theory I was looking at the transactions history they did 5,000 what they were doing 5,000 add a year later 50,000 a day a year later you know like a few months ago 500 thousand a day the end of 2018 do they’ll be doing five million transactions a day that’s real you that’s amazing that’s thousand percent growth you don’t have to go digging deep into the earth to find an unknown jewel when there’s one sitting right in front of your face meanwhile a theorem the last couple of months up one three or four hundred percent I’m sorry that’s not a bad return you know it doesn’t have to be that difficult you don’t have to discover the ultimate unknown you can just hold a theorem a lot easier a lot easy and then there’s some smaller coins that actually have something launched been out there for years and you know it’s real okay thank you that’s my Tron rant

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