What is going on the Litecoin? I think something is going on with Litecoin…

ah crypto fam team litecoin worldwide I just want to hop on real quick check in see how you guys doing today and show you something that I noticed I’m coin market cap about like coin working a quick quick coffee break Cheers never drinking a fine cup of brew this morning so I’m on Quinn Martin capcom looking at all the crazy stuff going on today I noticed that ripples out a little bit of a tear guys know that I don’t like ripple centralise not decentralized it’s the bank’s cryptocurrency I did say in earlier videos that it would go up and it wouldn’t make you money and my projection was correct I just personally don’t invest in ripple because I only invest in crypto currencies and projects that I personally believe in but you know if you’re all about the money and don’t care about the movement and don’t care about the financial freedom of the future then you know dude everyone like I said this is this my personal opinion I’m not a financial adviser so make sure to do your research and invest things that you’ve researched and what you personally believe in and side note if you haven’t had any cryptocurrency yet and you want to buy some like coins and Bitcoin Bitcoin cash or ether I got a link in the description right below this video here and you use the referral link you get an extra $10 Bitcoin bonus with your first letter dollar more by but like I said don’t have to use my referral link to get to get invested you don’t get an axe with $10 bonus but as long as you’re getting invested in the future of cryptocurrency and commerce and joining our crypto fam team like coin I’m happy for you what you guys know that I love my life point and I it is still my favorite cryptocurrency and I’ve seen in on some other videos in the comments that people are getting worried that I’ve lost my faith in my coin and I have not I actually was talking to somebody certain large internet sales website who is like a top dog there and I guess they may be talking about telling their employees about accepting crypto currencies in the future now this is not an official word yet they have them Emmas or Amazon or Ebay or whoever Alibaba maybe has not um not announced anything official but these are just rumors coming from people who work for these companies so I’m just saying you know hot a long time if you have the chance to buy Bitcoin at 250 I mean would you back then people were saying the same thing so oh why would I why would I keep my Bitcoin it’s gone down 10% in the last few weeks like why would I do that no this F fake understand that it’s a very good true quitting the few last true crypto currencies it’s incredibly fast and the fees are extremely low but I wanted to show you guys something that I’ve noticed I’m actually gonna hit refresh because it’s actually got up a lot more I checked it earlier and so am i if you guys want to look along with me I’m opening a coin market Capcom that’s one of my favorites because it lists the 1-hour percentage changed 24-hour percentage changes send seven-day percentage changes you can look at all the charts and it’s numbered from from market cap so obviously you know bitcoin is number one but I’m looking and yeah it’s still going up it’s got up almost 200 million since the last time I checked so if you look at litecoin litecoin is number eight and coin marquee capcom yet for some reason the number five market cap coin only has six hundred twenty two million twenty four-hour volume the number six market cap coin has approximately 1.4 billion and the seventh one is only a hundred ninety five point eight million dollar 24-hour volume but then you look at at litecoin litecoins 24-hour volley is two billion seven hundred and twenty two million one hundred forty thousand dollars so like winds in the number eight spot on coin Marva Capcom but it has either I just did the math earlier it was about equal but since this guy up two hundred million I think it might be a little bit more so don’t quote me on this but right now it’s looking like light coin has a higher twenty four-hour volume than the next three leading coin market cap coins combine so and I’ve seen this same thing happening in the last few days that there’s a lot of there’s a lot of selling pressure in the United States but over over in the East and Asia there’s a ton of buying pressure for light coins I think this isn’t remember this is just my personal opinion but I definitely think that somebody knows something going on about light point or really believes that there will be some really positive announcements coming in the future what I think is gonna happen with ripple I don’t think ripples person gonna end well it’s still going up but I think we’re gonna see a pretty big correction coming in the future may I keep saying this my personal opinion but classic pump and dump will see it if you’re making money and ripple I’m happy for you you know if you’re happy I’m happy like I said it’s I just personally don’t like what ripple stands for and that’s why I don’t invest in I never said it’s not going to make you money it’s just not personally for me she’s citing seeing stellar stellar blooming and Carcar down I’m going up those are great really great projects I got friends getting into them I just I I didn’t buy them I I’m in no I’m in a bunch other other kryptos my portfolios looking about twelve from coins now and you know you can’t win them all I’m really happy with Tron I got a little China um a couple weeks ago and shrines up one hundred and thirty percent in the last seven days so if you haven’t gotten I wouldn’t do that I haven’t confirmed this information but I think that one of the creators of Tron is related to one of the either owners or CEOs of Alibaba comm don’t know if that means anything but it kind of sound like it might in this in this um in this realm it’s kind of good to follow follow information like that and hopping trying to hop on these trains early but Cheers yeah all my crypto fam worldwide weather time to date is whether you’re drinking coffee having a water or drinking drinking that beer getting off of work if you want to see any other videos me do or um just put some comments in the comments below you guys have a great day stay safe and peaceful crypto family live long and prosper and I love you guys keep an eye on those keep an eye on those cryptos but don’t forget it’s okay to put down those block folios and spend some time with the people you love much longer

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