Ardor (ARDR) Hits All-Time High from Superior Blockchain Technology

[Music] welcome back folks to another video on cryptocurrency news today I will be speaking of ardor and her dramatic rise flying by her previous high of two dollars earlier this week in part to long-term investors believing in the technology as her floor has been hovering around a dollar 50 for most of the week as you can see here dollar 50 and then she dropped dramatically on Thursday overnight $2 $30 40 for a while before finally making her jump the cycling is very fortuitous for cryptocurrency day traders and scalpers alike although this dramatic surge in price is far more pronounced than earlier fluctuations there’s no denying the technology for which order is renowned in the crypto assets field is a significant factor for a broad success and critical acclaim as you can see here she topped out at 255 before being readjusted very very quickly still this strong surge from Artur shows just how valuable this coin can be like aetherium one of the very few coins to survive the massive market readjustment this past week Artur operates as a blockchain as a service that specifically targets business as any prospective client can easily download harder from her website and user technology to build child chains from their individual block chains without prior coding or programming experience we can see here they’re trying to appeal to basically anybody anybody who works in the technology field is gonna know whether or not our turfs right for them right off the RIP people that work in a metal fabrication uses their hands a lot not on a computer they can download this at any point and start making their own cryptocurrency right off the RIP furthermore the scalability of the coin allows users to effectively be unique in how they operate their personal currency all under the same architecture of the common parent chain this type of pseudo centralization is their client the extremely important of surety that their transactions are being processed in a timely manner there are also secure with you over all institution that is ardor without a robust infrastructure to develop one’s business the company will in no short order collapse from the lack of capital with the technical expertise coupled with the user friendliness to accommodate the vast majority of those operating in a business Artur is poised for another great year as you can see she grew 16,000 percent last year in 2017 starting off at just a mere one point two pennies jumped all the way to sixty eight cents so just a remarkable run overall as many analysts have said that last year was the year of cryptocurrency 2018 will unequivocally be the year of the blockchain that’s why you see our Tower surging now in etherium being able to withstand the market readjustment I believe that success it’s not only likely but imminent for Artur so get in while you can obviously this surge is gonna go down there’s no way it’s gonna maintain above – for two – much longer I would suggest that you get in around looks like a dollar sixty would be good enough because as you can see back Thursday she was having around dollar 30 its currency didn’t search for no reason just now there’s certainly doubt there’s any pumpers involved right now but clearly the word is out on harder and that she is a superior product somewhere to theory him and the fact that if theorem was able to weather the storm I believe that Artur is going to also do just as well the fact that she is able to appeal to both blue-collar workers and those that are in the technology field sets her apart more than anything so thank you all for your time and remember to keep investing hey you want a hookah subscribe to Justin’s for Heroes Channel and all of your wildest dreams will come true

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