ARDOR Moonshot? Big News coming for Ardor

what’s up YouTube I’m crypto torti and this is my first video of my channel before I get into the video really quickly I just want to briefly expel you guys about me so my real name is I Dean I’m a freshman in college so I got into cryptocurrency around summer that’s when I first started like really hearing about it but I didn’t start actually investing into cryptocurrency until like the beginning of December so like I’m only like a month in investing into cryptocurrency you know and call me a new call me a newbie and amateur but so far I’ve I’ve made the right calls and today I’m here to tell you guys that this will be my next my next investment really that I think will work out really soon too so what we’re gonna be talking about today is our door which let me refresh this really quickly so hardware I believe is ranked around 23 on crypto let me check 23 on corn market cap so it’s sitting around 1.5 billion market cap circle I supply is around a billion and it’s at 150 right now kind of took a little dip let me check yeah it was kind of stabilizing around 160 and then earlier today or pretty recently it has taken a dip to 150 yeah okay but first before we get into price predictions of why not let’s talk about hard work really quickly so let’s go through a website 8 so our door a blockchain platform scalable for business which is really cool I like to hear about that that’s interesting it’s already caught my eye with your stats basically what our door is is a platform that offers blockchains for a service as you guys may know that next our door works with next which is another cryptocurrency which is kind of behind for the longest time our door next I’ve been side by side on coin market cap but Nexus took a huge dip there around the same price now that now next is down to 110 for certain reasons but going back to our door so what our door offers that I think is pretty interesting is what’s called child chains but just just go see what child changes first like what first of all let’s go see what child chains is and how it works so they have it on their site how our door child chains work so they say creating a hardware child chain allows you to utilize the advanced blockchain technology of next for your business organization group or independent project that’s pretty cool multiple child chains will be created under our door the main block chain and each will have its own unique features chosen at the time of creation and added later child chains will be operated with their own native tokens allowing them to act as separate entities but synched into a global architecture by the main chain think about like this thing thing about like you have a married couple with a hundred kids each kid is unique in their own way that’s for example one kid goes and becomes a doctor in the future while another kid goes and becomes a businessman another kid goes and becomes a circus clown and another kid just goes and becomes the drug dealer like each of them have their own unique path which is really cool in this case as a child chain user you have they give you a hundred percent ownership of your child chain or of your quote unquote business platform so going over here looking at the features for our toward child chains which i think is really really good they give you a lot of cool things that you can use the main ones I’m looking at our data cloud which you can store data on your blockchain it’ll be very secure what’s cool is that you can change between public or private another one is your account control like you have you you’re not restricted to your account you don’t need another person’s approval which is great like that’s really great then you have your own monetary system create customizable monetary system tokens you have secured messaging which is really good really nice your messages are encrypted so that you can’t get hacked or anything and they have like some really cool features as well other cool features you have coin shuffle optionally allow blockchain users to mix funds quickly and efficiently with other users funds to further increase privacy which is really nice that’s really cool you have voting like the voting at the voting feature on this is really actually pretty cool too the centralized pulling for secure and honest voting on the blockchain okay or you can you can see all the features right here I’m not gonna go to into all of them right there and then right there there’s a really cool one to be honest the reason why I’m talking about are doors due to the fact that they have some big news coming our way and then next week let’s go to the roadmap really quickly and see what they’re about what they have in store for us so on December 28th today they released the origin is a snapshot vagueness which is basically like half of the total I mean it says it right here you basically get you you basically get one bigness token for every two next tokens you have which is I guess was pretty cool like I think on crypto I think on crypto market is around there’s 58 which I I feel like that price is a little inflated because you don’t even know we don’t even know market cap or circulating supply but you’re still getting free coins nonetheless by owning owning next so that’s really cool but that’s not that’s not the big news especially for our door if you go a little lower down the road map you see between December 28th and the 30th they are releasing the ardor software so it says hardware generally available software release which that’s pretty big like the fact that they’ve actually put out a physical a physical item physical entity that people can start using you know this is different than all those speculating Kryptos that you hear about you know they all all those Kryptos have a made are very optimistic goals very amazing goals but really creative goals but they don’t really have a a physical like they have done all the physical project you know the physical item that you can actually interact with or use and are noir is giving that to us really really soon like very very very soon you go down on January first part or Genesis block order a blockchain becomes fully operational that is insane insanely impressive if it actually becomes a successful release perhaps too hard over then obviously what I like is that they also added in the quarter of 20 or the first quarter of 2018 they ensure that our doors running stable and production post-launch so they they will be on top of the release you know they’re not just gonna make it they’re not gonna release it and it fails there’s gonna be like Oh hope you screwed up you know they’re they’re ready for that they’re ready for that now what does this mean for the value of our door okay let’s go back to the coin market cap now I think here’s my price prediction for Ardoin it is currently at 150 right now refresh currently on 150 right now I predict that in January the price of our tour will increase to four to five dollars that’s due to the release of our dough like the next week is really really big for our door and if the release is successful this this price will shoot up this price will shoot up so all in all I think our door is a really really nice project has a lot of potential movies have to see you would have to see what happens during January with our door it could be really really big again if some things start going wrong it could collapse but I doubt it they’re really on top of their game they’re really on top of it all they’re being up-to-date updating us and it’s sooner than you think less than a week you you might see this price go up a lot you might see it you might see the price go up a little bit or a lot like who knows but it will go up and I believe I easily believe that this price will cook to at least three to four dollars four to five dollars sorry that’s just my opinion um I could be completely wrong it’s the hump eos you I put up a little bit of money into this and because I because I see the potential in in our door but that’s gonna be it for the video guys if you guys liked the video give it a thumbs up subscribe but leave a comment down below tell me what coin I should do next or what coins I should do I’m down to do any coin – to be honest like the only coins I would do so far or just the favorite my favorite probably first my personal favorite coins I would do so leave a comment down below telling me what coins I should start reviewing about or just talk about or just give me questions just in general about anything really concerning me or cryptocurrency and I’ll give you my input so uh so it’s been crypto torti see ya

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