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hey guys how’s it going it’s the crypto alaric here today we’re gonna be talking about artur business platform for business offering a scalable blockchain and one-stop shop to get your business up and going with child chains we’re gonna be talking about what all of that means what the competition is all of that and more after a quick shout-out to everyone who has been hitting that like button guys and of course everybody who has been subscribing to the channel if you’re not subscribed yet hit the button up down below to stay up to date with all of the latest in the crypto space furthermore this is not professional financial advice guys this is just the dude talking about crypto currencies on the Internet let’s get into it in order to understand arter we actually have to backtrack a little bit because you have to understand the people behind it in order to get a good understanding of where arter comes from what arter is so that takes us to jela Rida jela Rita is the company which has been developing NXT and arter now look NXT and ardour are similar iterations but I think it’s really important here to point out some of the differences we’re not talking about NXT today but it is important to understand what NXT is advanced open source application platform cool for example over on the NXT blockchain they’re gonna be launching icos whereas Artur is a block chain platform designed for business so even though they are friends close relations not quite the same thing so Artur is a growth out of NXT NXT will continue on as it has the ardors moving in a slightly different direction looking at how to bring blockchain to business as you know of course blockchain is the revolution of the century basically and the people who are going to be bringing that to businesses are gonna profit massively we’ve seen a lot of diff players entering that blockchain for business space Artur is one of them and certainly a good competitor in that space as they do have a real good team backing it a good company backing it people working on it all the time which is of course fantastic now what is the main idea here with our tour well there’s two things there’s the main chain and there’s the child chains the main chain basically is where transactions happen some transactions happen so for example an exchange of Artur from one account to another well that’ll happen on the main chain but the main idea here is how do you reduce the bloat on the chains and that’s an important question because this is one of the biggest questions right now in scalability and in how to scale block chains well how do you do it lightning Network well okay maybe that’s a solution but there are other solutions too now one quick note as well this is a proof of state coin so all the coins have already been mined if you are going to be staking arter it will be minted out to you every time that of course a transaction takes place across the main chain it will not count for the child chains now that brings us to the next main idea what is a child chain this is basically like a WordPress website point click you’re done here’s your blockchain that’s powerful for business now look we have seen other projects which are developing similar things and there’s a lot of space out here for these companies to come in together and to focus on this together they don’t all have to be in competition with each other but there are of different one-stop-shop options for blockchain for business at the moment but Artur is a really powerful competitor in that space because of the child chain now the child chain basically it will be pruned over time that is taking out sort of unnecessary bloat because most of what happens on the child chains will stay on the child chains the main artery no on’t actually get so overloaded either and they will of course carry all the features of the main chain so obviously stuff like account control yeah that’s great aliases is interesting so if you want to have an account for John you can send transactions to John that’s the alias or a shortened form of the address coin shuffle allows for increased privacy we have the data cloud we have the NXT marketplace so that your coins will be exchangeable we have phasing which is sort of an automated contract if you will of course we plugins that were built on top of this to make it even easier voting mechanisms that’s really important for business from simple things like hey who’s gonna come who wants to have a meeting this week to uh you know maybe shareholders voting that can all be done on the blockchain and registered there so this is a very very powerful tool for business a very simple tool for business but simplicity is great not everybody wants to hire a solidity developer for their company if they can simply work with a dragon copy and paste kind of blockchain it’s gonna be very attractive for a lot of businesses now they are offering this it is called Ignace it will be the first child chain launched on arter if you hold NXT before the 28th of December and on the 28th of December you have to hold it on the 28th of December you will get air-dropped Ignace tokens there’s air-dropping 500 million of them at a rate of 1 Ignace 2 and XT so that’s really interesting if you want to get yourself some free tokens I think there will be some price action on NXT or it has been a lot of price action on NXT and on arter in the run-up but especially in the run-up to the 28th you’ll see a lot of people trying to pick up NXT in order to get that air drop so that’s interesting that will be the first child chain launched here so that’s interesting and the Genesis block for artur by the way is going to be happening on I think the first of January so that is when they will both sort of start moving forward so Artur will actually start as a block chain it hasn’t actually started as a block chain at the time of recording this video and ignis will start along with that okay next up we have talked about crypto kiddies crypto kitties they are cute cats but the unbelievable thing here is that crypto kitties have killed aetherium everything else couldn’t do it the dow couldn’t do it the flash crash couldn’t do it any of the other drama couldn’t do crypto kitties crypto kitties are downing aetherium so many people are using the theory of network that there it’s just dragging it to a standstill which is crazy because when you think about how many projects are being developed right now all aiming to use the etherium in very intensive ways the theorems got a good get its act together they have to scale quickly now the guys over at artur have done a comparison of our turtle esc’ Arterton am iota wave Stratos Komodo and aetherium now of course we are missing here in M Leo which is also of course blockchain for business and of course we’re missing yes I understand that though because he hasn’t even finished yet it’s still a mess ICO and of course we’re missing card on Oh from this card ah no isn’t fully developed yet either so these are only working platforms that they have compared themselves to now you might think yeah okay they’re just gonna say it they’re the best platform overall blah blah actually they’re really fair and I think if you’re really interested in investing in Artur you should definitely come and read this check it out understand how it actually compares in a very deep way to these different blockchain solutions because I think that’s really important now look at the end of the day the child chain is a really great way to solve the problem of blockchain bloat keeps everything on chain it doesn’t have to require sharding it doesn’t have to require outside solutions like the right in network or like the Lightning Network for example so they definitely can make themselves a strong competitor here but there is a lot of competition in the space guys now they have been really quite low-key for a while just quietly working their way up the coin market cap there but they are overhauling their market strategy trying to gain some more traction this young lady right here has started making videos about arter on YouTube so if you want to follow along i’d suggest you actually come over here and hit the subscribe button follow along on their youtube page let’s follow them on twitter as well they’re actually trying to really communicate out with people now and get people really aware of what arter is how it’s going to work and why it’s an interesting project now let’s have a quick look at the development and release timeline as mentioned the Genesis block is coming on the 1st of January I would expect some continued price action upwards throughout the month of December because of that happening that’s for Artur remember if you want to get that Ignace airdrop you have to hold NXT so there is a relationship here between all these different coins and moving forward of course NXT will continue to develop looking at crowdfunding looking at I SEOs right whereas Artur will really start focusing on how do we get business what are the features that you know as a parent and child chains need work in any architecture actually for that moving forward but again Ignace will launch straight away so definitely a nice simple roadmap moving forward and gives a lot of potential for the project now currently we are standing at a 530 million dollar market cap you can see here the price of Artur is actually in USD BTC and NXT well that’s very interesting and why is that the case well because you have this here you actually have the NXT asset exchange now a very very very small amount of exchanging actually happens on the NXT acid exchange but it does exist it is a thing they have got that going it’s their sort of internal exchange mechanism but of course as we would normally expect the majority of the business is happening over on bit tricks and four on pitoni acts so if you do want to pick up some Artur you can rock over there if you think us mine xt can also rock over there and check it out now I think that this has a lot of potential moving forward we’ve seen a lot of the blockchain for business projects doing very well obviously it’s achieved a lot of value already 500 million dollars is nothing to be shy about for a market cap and it’s taken some real hits in the market in the past day or so coming down from its recent highs but definitely wanted to keep an eye on it is a project to the same level of something like some of our favorites like Stratos or risk for example so if you’re into the blockchain for business as an investor definitely something to come here and have a look at and if you’re starting your own business or you have a business you looking for a blockchain solution you should go go yeah guys over a Tartar a call and see if they can help you out anyway guys that is just a quick overview of what arter is what Artur does let me know what you think about it down below in the comment section guys long-lived blockchain and peace out till next time guys

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