Best 2017 Cryptocurrency Investment? 10 Reasons for $10 Steem Price!

what is the very best cryptocurrency to invest in right now in June 2017 and beyond I think based on all the data I’ve seen looking at all these currencies all the research and tutorials I’ve done I think steam is the very best investment right now because of the price versus the true value currently if you look at the steam price the steam price now is a dollar 10 it was down to 87 cents a couple days ago I think there are 10 reasons the steam price will be 10 dollars in 10 months this is a post I made on Steam it calm slash Gerry Banfield on Steam it calm slash Gerry being filled you can see why I’m so excited about steam steam is the currency behind steam it calm it’s a social network where you actually get paid you get paid to like posts and to comment and to create posts how much have I got paid take a look in my very first week and a half I got $27 for posting a transcription basically of a youtube video I’d done months ago that was enjoyed on my channel $27 that’s way more than I got in YouTube ad revenue and then this one $77 for posts two days ago $14 to show some pictures of me going to the beach with my family 58 dollars on this post 74 but it gets even crazier my first few posts on steamin earned me hundreds of dollars just introducing yourself tends to be one of the very best things you can do on Steam it you might think oh that’s great Jerry you’ve got all these followers online no it works for all kinds of people look I’m just randomly browsing in here I’ve never even or you looked at this I haven’t looked at this in a few days I just randomly clicked introduce yourself look here’s someone 972 dollars just for making a blog post here’s another two hundred and thirty four dollars hundred and sixty dollars fifty dollars you can see all a bunch of people within the first to 24 hours to two days introducing themselves on steam at fifty to a hundred plus dollars just to introduce themselves lots of people earning at least twenty dollars just to introduce themselves and look even in Korean how do you know it’s Korean it’s Korean 50 plus dollars in Korean tons of people just introducing themselves making money the least you’ve seen on this page is one fifty four minutes ago eight dollars so this is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen online ever this reminds me of first signing up for Facebook so that’s one of the top reasons I love this community I think steam has a chance to absolutely blow up so I’ll give you the reasons in much more detail here there’s ten five plus five ten different reasons I think steam it is going to absolutely blow up your okay Jerry you already confuse me what do you mean steam and steam it so steam it dot-com is the social network steam is the cryptocurrency that is backing that funds steam it calm steam it Inc is the company that produced this and steam or steam back to dollars those are two different currencies those are available if you want to buy in I’ll show you the quickest ways to buy an I like bit Rex comm and guess what there’ll be a steam it post showing exactly how to do this as well I like bit Rex comm the fastest way to buy it if you’ve got Bitcoin or any other altcoin deposit it on bit tracks be ITT re XCOM search for steam up here in the top and then you can see both steam and steamed back dollars on the Bitcoin market now steam is the currency itself steam dollars is a dollar worth of the steam and it’s interesting both of these are traded so that’s how you can buy em if you want to if you just have US dollars homes euros one whatever it is you’re using I use coinbase dot-com to buy in with my US dollars and change it into Bitcoin and you can also use bitstamp bitstamp dotnet may work for you as well i have a tutorial that will be posted on showing exactly how to do this as well this is the real quick version so either coinbase and i’ve got I’ve got coinbase listed directly on the resources page on my website as well as listed in several tutorials but also you can use bitstamp dotnet you can even buy with your credit card on bitstamp net if you just don’t have any way to do ACH or a separ or a wire transfer you can even fire up your credit card now the fees are big 8% unless you buy like five thousand then it’s 5% out but still if it’s going to go up ten times it’d be worth it to unload it all in the credit card no I don’t recommend borrowing money to do this but hey I’m so confident going up i what have you invested let me show you what I’ve invested let’s take a look at my wallet I don’t know why I tried to make that sound like sexy or something let’s take a look at my wallet let’s see that doesn’t make any sense so let’s look at my wallet we’re scrolling this is my steam wallet so I’ll just let you do the math you can just do the math on this thirty thousand thirty thousand eight hundred and forty six now let’s go back and look at the theme charts this is what it’s worth today a dollar nine so that’s pretty easy math right thirty thousand times one that’s $30,000 I’ve put in steam I bet a lot on steam I’ve invested everything I can invest after years of investing in online currencies I put in every well this what about the adult the Bitcoin you’re holding on bit Rex yes if you look in my wallet on bit Rex I am holding one point one Bitcoin which if you search and go back into the market over here if you search I have by orders in on steam so I have if you look over here on steam i have by orders sitting in on steam and bitcoin just in case I’m wrong and the price goes down I will get a bunch more steam I’ve got look a bunch of orders for steam so I have even by orders in for steam as we speak I’ve invested everything I use coinbase to buy it I’ve invested everything I could get my hands on in steam because steam looks like it’s about to blow for the 10 reasons I’ve listed here so after 7 minutes Jerry please get to 10 reasons I’ve given you an overview I’ve given you an idea of exactly how to invest now I will go into each of these 10 reasons I think steam is about to blow like that Ke$ha song so number 10 Google organic search traffic now I’m a online marketing digital advert and online advertising digital marketing I do a lot of stuff online I teach courses sell frog don’t doubt I’ll promote University I have a university with all kinds of courses I teach online I am one of the I don’t know what I am I teach a lot of stuff online I’ve got millions two and a half million followers online among Facebook YouTube and Twitter and steam it now Google organic search traffic is the absolute goldmine it’s beautiful Google organic search traffic means when someone’s in there typing for Google how do I learn how to do this then they find a website in the search results and guess what steam it is one of the top websites in the world there’s only about twelve thousand websites in the whole world that have more traffic than steaming which is amazing because steam accom is relatively new I put up a lot of websites online and getting a website to rank when it’s new is really really really hard it’s annoying now if you’re trying to put up your own blog if you’re trying to just post online Google organic search traffic is the best hope you have for passive income for a business to get clients to make sales to do affiliate marketing Google organic search traffic is God if you have a blog online if you create content Google organic search traffic is my Lord your God or whatever I’m reading the Bible a little bit right now and butchering it blasphemy God you just said it all wrong Google organic search traffic is God online why because it sends people who want exactly what you have exactly when they need it now I’ve done a lot of Facebook ads I’ve shown about 1 percent of people on earth one percent of people on earth Facebook ads and showing people things when they’re out in the middle of the field working and taking a look at their phone it’s not the right time to reach someone with an ad Google organic search traffic is gold online because you’re there right when someone needs you think about dating does it work very well dating to just go ask people out all the time all over the place every single place you are I’ve tried that didn’t work very well you sign up on a dating website and you meet other people who want to date wow that works really well it took me 9 years to meet my wife online dating it worked really well after 9 years Google organic search traffic is magic everything good that’s happened for my business online I can trace to Google organic search traffic everything the best you can hope to accomplish with everything else is to get in a position where Google sends you search traffic now I’ve explained this a lot because this is one of the things that really shown me the value of steam it this is one of the sleeper things that people don’t pay attention to like also what one of the websites I talked course sign on got banned off the one thing it really really really did well with Google organic search traffic when someone searched Facebook ad course they found my course and then immediately bought it and I didn’t have to do anything that’s autopilot that’s automatic now if you’ve tried to blog or post or something online you’ll know about lack of Google search traffic you post up up on your website and you check your analytics and oh wow no one’s looking at what you posted and you work and work and work and maybe after a year you’ve got a few hundred people a month coming to read your blog that’s because if you start a new website it has no PageRank and you basically have no hope 99% of people are basically no hope of ever getting a decent-enough PageRank to pull Google Google organic search traffic however Google organic search traffic when you are already on a high ranking website is very easy when I put a course on Facebook ads on one of the top 100 or 200 websites in the world it almost instantly outranked everyone else’s courses people who did Facebook guys for a living people who come it worked really really hard to get their course up mine just out ranked it because I was on a higher PageRank website it’s that easy steamin offers that kind of power for blogging so even forget about making any money forget about anything else I’ve said this one thing here is absolute gold you post on steam it you start pulling google organic search traffic now when you combine everyone’s posts for all the Google organic search traffic you’re looking at a website that can grow itself automatically that can grow itself for free now there’s been there was an initial peak of interest and this went down a bit but it’s steadily going up and now that I start promoting it and I’m doing it doesn’t take very many bloggers taking steam it seriously in the Google organic search traffic we will just snowball together okay Jerry six minutes about Google organic search traffic we probably need to move on now okay to me Google organic search traffic is the very best reason to see this team is looking easily to go to ten dollars in 10 months what about number nine now 9 is also a huge reason why I think steam is currently under valued why because steam basically aggravated traders with what they did with their inflation what steam did when it first came out up until December or so 2016 it printed a hundred percent of the money that was available so it doubled the amount of the currency available which means if you went somewhere like say you went on bit wrecks and you bought some steam and you held it for a year you just if the price stayed flat the amount of steam you are going to have Dan here with likely to be worth half of what it was when you bought it this is made steam extremely unattractive to trade and this has been a critical failure because one of the ways you get you the value of your currency to go up is to get people to trade it and this is what happened when theme first came out and there was all this excitement the theme price actually went over $4 but as they continued to inflate it the price went from $4 all the way down to about 7 cents and when traders lose money on something and often is one of those mental things you I’m not going to buy that anymore so steam currently has one of the lower volumes I’ll put my head a little smaller so you can see here steam currently has one of the lower volumes for all of these different two currencies here given the value that steam has versus the amount that people trade it it’s not traded that much because a lot of people are not aware even of the change so while theme was inflating by a hundred percent which made it pretty much worthless to hold steam since changed the inflation rate and lowered it but I even though I was really excited about theme even though I researched and researched and researched it I didn’t see that the inflation rate was low until I actually observed it in my wallet so I thought the old inflation rate if you put your steam into steam power it was giving you about one percent a day because they were essentially giving most of the newly printed steam to people who invested it in steam power which then prevents you from withdrawing it currently for three months but at the time it was two years so they tried to force people to pump everything into steam power and then give a bunch of rewards but that backfired because traders didn’t like that which discouraged speculators from putting the price up which encouraged a lot of selling and a huge down price so they changed it the white paper still says that’s how it works they haven’t changed a link to the white paper and even when I got involved with steam I was actively trading crypto currencies and the learning and doing videos and even I was not aware of this change five months after it happened that now they are only giving nine and a half percent inflation a year and about seven percent of that is going to the content creators so I showed you on my account how I got all these rewards these all these rewards this is where the newly printed steam goes this is the main place that goes to content creators on Steam now if you start putting all this stuff together it starts to look oh my god it looks crazy good if you just keep putting all this together okay so the new the new posts get the newly printed steam at Google organic search traffic is going to bring more people in on its own a lot of traders are still pissed off at steam or sub not even consciously aware of this but a lot of traders aren’t buying steam because it got this bad reputation with inflating its currency among traders now though a few of the early I guess people like me are catching on to it while it has went up and it hasn’t nearly surged as much so I’m going to that a bit more in a minute so I I think this is a huge factor why there’s going to be a huge steam price increase because most of these other currencies have hit a gigantic bubble the entire market is up ridiculously so like a cerium was $7 a little while ago that’s 30 times today almost over 30 times what it was a few months ago bitcoins off double what it was ripple is up something like a hundred times crazy new economy movement a theorem classic litecoin are way up – since I started promoting it at $10 as one up 14 times most of these currencies are way higher than they’ve been before except steam steam has actually been four dollars before steam has not even reached its market cap so we’ll go a little bit that’s I’ll just skip into number seven there’s been a bigger steam bubble in the past with no bubble wave fully impacting it yet as investors are hunting around as you might be looking at this okay there’s tons of money to be made but we’re the logical choice well at some point soon we’ll be look at steam and to realize that out of many of these digital currencies which have very little value other than features that can easily be copied by other currencies the main value of a currency is its community and as more investors start watching this video maybe and seeing that man you know what there’s no reason this couldn’t be ten dollars because even at ten dollars it wouldn’t even be in the top three but it has everything in the making to be a top two or even number one with the way the market is so this has had a previous value that was higher then steam was as high as four dollars and 31 cents in the past but the man the market cap actually was higher in the past than it was today this steam is one of the only currencies in the top that has previously had a market higher than it is today Steam’s market cap today is about two hundred and fifty four million as I’m doing this steam has been as high as 359 million meaning alright Jerry what’s up what are you talking about market cap so market cap is kind of the true picture of a currency it’s the price times the supply so I’ve heard some people on my channel say aetherium $2,000 for aetherium to go to $2,000 would be the same as Bitcoin being about ten or twelve thousand dollars if you look at the market cap and the reason for that is is because of the circulating supply so for aetherium there is about five times as much as Syria more so as there is Bitcoin a little bit more than that so you can see the market cap even though the price for aetherium is two hundred and $26 for one etherium the market cap is 20 billion meanwhile the price for Bitcoin is 2400 but the market cap is just less than double aetherium that means if you put the etherium price in Bitcoin terms the etherium price would be about $1200 if there were the same amount of aetherium as Bitcoin when you translate this in for ripple the ripple effectively is this is the same thing there’s so many ripples there’s 38 billion you might say well it’s only 30 cents for a ripple but really it’s only about how it’s about half the price of an aetherium and really there’s about a quarter of the market for Bitcoin so this means if the ripple price were priced in terms of Bitcoin it’d be if there were the same amount of ripple as Bitcoin it’d be about $600 for one Ripple and that’s what the market cap does the market cap captures this relationship between price and circulating supply I needed to explain that so you can understand why it’s significant that steam has actually had a much higher market cap in the past when I’ve noticed from investing in these cryptocurrencies you want to invest in things that have had a higher market cap than when you’re buying in most of these right now their market cap is higher than it’s ever been before that to me presents a bad time to buy in because as high as most of these are they’re probably going to go down even if it’s not a sudden dramatic down they just may lose a percent every day or consistently go down a little bit they might go up to I was wrong I sold my – master note at 87 dollars and it’s almost doubled since then whoops I bought it at 10 or 11 dollars though so I still made a good profit right this isn’t an exact science but these are my guesses and I’ve been right on the things I’ve put my money into Bitcoin when it was low as 170 dollars – when it was down at ten or eleven dollars now up to 142 I sold all of it at 87 and now steam I think steam has a way it hasn’t hit its power curve yet the way some of these other ones have where’s my there it is so if you look the total market capitalization nearly all of these currencies collectively hit this gigantic spike but steam has not hit that gigantic spike yet which makes it a really attractive investment and if steam it’s that gigantic spike it’s likely to go to at least $10 which would still put it in a much smaller market than aetherium or ripple currently but I think steam has a chance to be number one if not number two or three for sure because of the factors I’ll continue to list here for you so what else what other factors I did number seven first let’s do number eight holy crap Jerry I can’t make it through all these you want to make the investment of a lifetime do you want to see why I’m so excited about it this all these factors are incredibly powerful when combined together so number eight powering down prevents impulsive sales and quick exits and I know about impulsive sales and quick exits I unloaded my – masternode in a period about one hour I sold eighty-seven thousand dollars of it in an hour now steam it is setup to help me protect me from myself in that sense if you go to the wallet on Steam it you’ll see that I have what’s called steam power here and this means I don’t actually have steam I’ve put my steam into a collective pool of steam power and the only way I can get this out I have to actually power down and in order to power down I then get 13 weekly payments so after a week I get a payment with a percentage of my balance so when you have your steam in steam power you get 2 percent interest on it which is a lot better than you get in a bank but if you power it down then it takes every week you get a payment out of it back into steam so this means I can’t just unload my thirty thousand actually it’s about over thirty one thousand or so today I can’t just unload all my steam power today it would take me three months thirteen weeks or so to fully cash out all of the steam I have now this is a good thing because preventing quick exits also helps from having a massive sell off there’s a motivation if you’re in steam power to just sit back and earn interest plus what I share with you in a minute will make it even more attractive to put steam into steam power because of what you get out of it so you can’t just exit steam very quickly if you’re vested if you want to earn interesting you want to make the most out of steam you can’t just quickly exit you have to take a power down period of three months so that slows down impulsive sales and quick exits from people like me who all of a sudden flip out oh my god still sucks well I can’t just bail out on it all at once off to take at least a week do you think about it before I can even get any steam out and you can cancel power down at any point as well so what I’ve noticed is that it when you have things on one thing – hasn’t it’s really good for the same thing why I bought my masternode masternodes in – help prevent impulsive sales unless you look at the price you’re like oh my god I want I want to make seventy five thousand profit give me that out the many of these currencies that have things that lock down big parts of them as an investment tend to consistently go up over time so steam has that in place which takes us to number six TMJ are you going to finish this in an hour I hope so number six steam is an incredibly attractive as an investment for influencers and new content creators in exchange for influence I’ll show you shorty I can take you there while I don’t think we needed that right now I guess we did we can go all right if you look at all these currencies here and think about your investments I’m going to take a drink of my much a ground-up black tea here and let’s think about think about what you get when you invest somewhere I’ve invested in a lot of places no you haven’t I put money into the stock market I bought Google and Facebook and Berkshire Hathaway at Walmart and maybe another stock or two you know what I got for putting tens of thousands it don’t make it sound picture art eleven thousand dollars total I put in into a self-employed IRA or something like that with TD Ameritrade it worked really well and it was easy to cash out you know what I got almost nothing do you think Google and Facebook gave to insert your choice of exploitive here about my investment no they did not did I get some influence at Facebook for giving them several thousand dollars or whatever I gave them no dad anything at Google no when I had 60 Bitcoin in my wallet after selling my – masternode did I get anything nope no one cares you don’t get anything for having it’s just money a theorem you do just get money for holding it now some of these do have like I believe new economy movement you can set up a super node if you have three million of it or whatever it is probably not since there’s eight billion probably is three million some of these have things you can set up like – as a master node you can set up if you have a thousand – you can set that up and it actually pays you dividends while that was a good reward I want something great I want something absolutely amazing and steam gives you something absolutely amazing so let me show would you let me show you about this real quick and I might need to out of go out of f/11 and open this up to make this make sense f11 puts it in full screen so let’s take a look at this now I’ve got thirty thousand steam power oh my god I have thirty thousand steam power right now which I’m very grateful for now what that actually gives me something as you can see on my post over here I said it’s attractive as an investment for influencers and new content creators in exchange for influence and you’re like WTF does that mean well that means when I actually have money and steam I get something really really really useful out of it I get influence on the website now I’ll go over here and show you this this is my steam decom so it’s just steam it instead of steam it it steam decom and then it’s the same URL so what this has on here this shows all my stats and this shows my voting power over here so when you vote stuff up on Steam if you look over and you’re like okay Jerry how did you make so much money when I’ve had some people ask me okay how did you make so much money on these posts you do a little photo diary get like 15 bucks it’s not even that good you how did you get all this money on all these posts one of the main reasons is that when you make a post you automatically vote host up so this little button shows that I’ve automatically voted on my own post now with my investment in steams I get voting power and every account gets voting power however the more steam you have in steam power so the bigger your steam power number is Roger you’re going to fix your tabbing of Windows this video sucks so the more steam power you have the more your vote counts how much more does it count let me show you that too so if you go to distribution on steam decom you can look at the users now if I show you all the users there are currently and I zoom in a little bit you can see it better and now I’m gonna have to move my face again do it a little dance over here okay now I’m going to just shrink it over here how about that so there are one hundred and seventy one thousand accounts on cement calm right now I am right here between the hero and the superhero level meaning I’m in the top half percent of influential accounts on steam it this means that my vote is very influential when I vote on something look I’ll show you it in real time what I can do and this is what makes team so cool so I’m just going to look I’m going to look at reply so these are comments people have made on my post so watch this so I’ll show you here jeer you should have put this in the beginning well I’m rewarding you here for being 32 minutes into this look check this out now I’m going to add up oh now watch this is a half voting power this is only half of my voting power because I voted I’ve done this so many times now check this out I hit both now look at that I just gave this person 24 cents for making a comment on my posts and I can do that all day look I can go do this one what I’ve been doing I just vote up all the comments on my post look give this commenter 24 cents and you have this commenter 24 cents you have this one 24 cents give this one 24 cents look I can just sit now it’s down to 23 because I just voted several times and if I go back over here and look at my voting power at that back button does that reload it nope I need a or does that f5 to reload all right I don’t remember ctrl R okay when did that change so my voting power just dropped down to 49% meanwhile I just gave out over a dollar of theme just by voting on stuff now if you sign up for a new account and you don’t power up your steam at all what you’ll notice if you go to vote on stuff you’ll see well I voted on a comment and I didn’t get anything now that’s the amazing part of team put all this together for a minute when you invest in steam power you get a more influential vote on the social media network now if you struggle like me on Facebook I’ve been on Facebook for 12 years and you know my like is worth as much as anyone elses someone who joins and posts beautiful pictures of themselves in bathing suits and they’re going to get way more attention than me even though I’ve been a user for 12 years even though I’ve spent a hundred thousand on Facebook ads someone can just join and immediately be more popular now on I’m steam I invest thirty thousand in steam I’ve got a top half percent vote that means out of every 1,000 users there’s only five users who have a more influential vote than I do now that is an amazing return on your investment so you in turn because look at this now this is just ridiculous so watch I’m going to go down here now I don’t I vote up all right I vote up like a half my comments now watch I made a comment this is my comment I’m going to pay myself right now there we go I just gave myself 24 cents look I forgot to like this one here let me vote that up there’s 24 cents I can give myself with this oh look this comment I didn’t vote this one up there’s 24 more cents I there I didn’t vote that comment up there that one I voted that up there look I’ll vote this one up there that’s 25 more cents I just gave myself a dollar or a couple dollars let me scroll down here look at all these comments I’ve liked my own comment if you add this up that’s like a dollar two three four five six I’ve given myself for honor I can give myself 20-something cents on average every single time I make a comment not only that but the comments are ranked by the amount of money on them so if I go into a new trending post here and this thing is like will aetherium fail so I’ll scroll down here and see at the bottom and you can see all the comments while we need to hit page down so these comments are all ranked by how much sense so here the top comments gotten like $28 on here so there’s not much point in going in on that right now but I can go in on a post and essentially make a comment and vote my comment up to the very top so I’ll show you I’ll go to my home beat I won’t use the new feed because there might be a not-safe-for-work in there and then that would be unfortunate for I’d have to edit the video at god I don’t want to edit the video so here watch I mean I’ll just here look though whoever the first one is great is not used so the body so look let me go look up here there’s a lovely picture there and this looks like his daughter with a medicinal plant beautiful just perfect a nice definition beautiful flower pictures in here way better photographers and I’ll ever be in my whole life so now watch this I’ll like his post so I just put it post up to a dollar now I can then go in grab his username right here I’m following input thank you very much for posting this I just used your posts in my new video tutorial now look I post this and then look I like my own comment so I just gave him 20 30 cents because of how the voting works long story short a game about 30 cents and then look I just fold my comment up to the top so if anyone else comes along my comment essentially will be stuck up at the top until someone else gets one voted more ahead of me you might think oh god you’re just a Jackie and just vote all your own comments up and throw your weight around your Steam and account look you actually get something for your investment and that is what makes Steam so amazing when I invest in steam I get a say in the community proportional to my investment now that’s something I don’t get putting my investment in some kind of boring retirement account I might at best get some extra email for being a shareholder that invites me to some useless board meeting that I don’t want to go to and even if I did go to and was really excited and participate it will probably make almost no difference when I invest that money I literally pulled my money out of all my stocks so that I could invest it into steam and now I get something not only that gives me a say in the community but I can sit there and pay myself and pay my friends yes I can sit there and pay myself and pay my friends every week if you want to really have some fun this beat is sick I want to take a road just digress in the Lady Gaga for a minute don’t think too much just all right so I’m going to move this over here check this out I can give myself right now easily easily ten dollars a day you saw I just gave myself at least a couple dollars in just a few minutes and the voting power I can easily give myself let’s say twenty dollars a day to be ultra conservative and be including ten dollars on my own comments which when I vote my own comments up more it’s very easy to get more money from others so twenty dollars a day absolute minimum let’s just times that by 365 point to five since there’s leap year I can literally pay myself out just in liking my own comment that the current theme price seven thousand three hundred and five dollars a year assuming the price does not go up assuming I just sit there and like my own comment not assuming that I even make any good content I can literally post it ever I want like my own comments and pay myself about seven thousand dollars a year now let’s divide that by thirty thousand no Giri you should’ve I did it first but just let’s just round it to seventy five hundred times for now I needed to inverse that so that’s about a twenty five percent interest rate a year that I can literally sit there and put up whatever I want like my own comment now assuming I actually do a good job with it which I’ve been trying to do I’ve been trying to do a good job with it so let’s go show you this over here let’s go show you what I’ve actually made doing this in the first week and this probably goes into some other points so this is how much I’ve actually earned in my first these are just from my first couple of posts here and I’m learning the zoom on air table so if like the highlight both of these I’ve earned and I move my head I’ve earned $1400 in the first two days of posts I made on Steam and that’s in the dollars as they were redeemed and up I actually sold the semen I have to pay capital gains so let’s just keep it simple one thousand four hundred actual dollars I’ve got long story short I converted team dollars so anyway you don’t care about all those details you’re already forty minutes in here in like God would you speed this up just a very first to post after I actually sold the theme and the steam dollars I’ve gotten more you can learn about how that works but after I actually sold those one thousand four hundred and seven dollars that’s what I’ve actually got so realistically if I whip the calculator out again realistically I should easily over time be able to average about fifty dollars a day easily over time multiplies that multiplied by three sixty five point two five I should easily be able to earn in today’s theme dollars $18,000 a year posting on Steam that is courtesy of the investment I’ve made the ability to vote my own posts up higher because of my theme investment allows me to essentially guarantee I make decent – good – maybe even great money on some posts where else can you invest and get that kind of a return you put thirty thousand dollars and you have a very simple chance of getting eighteen thousand out directly in steam now that is not counting the price going up so what I’ve told you does not count the price going up if the price goes up the amount I earn is proportional because these rewards that I’ve shown you are paid out in Steam dollars and steam so they are translated into an approximate dollar value however the rewards are the same regardless of the actual dollar value of steam so steam had a bit of a downturn for a while which you can see in the alexa rankings i showed above it had a bit of a downturn because as the steam price plummeted with their inflation policy it also made posting on the site less attractive which if you look at the steam activity about 10 months ago there were a ton of people all excited posting all kinds of things and a lot of that is dropped off but google search and just new user signing up kept it from bottoming out and now that the price is back up and it’s going to blow up we’re looking at a power curve we’re posting on steam becomes an incredibly valuable activity if if the steam price if the steam price actually was here you gotta close some of these windows alright i already told you how to buy it on bitch camp and coinbase and bit wrecks so we don’t need any of those open anymore great if I had actually earned it at ten dollars how much do you think I would have received if the Steam price had been ten dollars instead of a dollar I still would have got the same amount of steam and steam dollars paid actually I might have got more steam dollars I’m not exactly sure how that works because it splits it between steam and steam dollars I believe I would have received $14,000 in my first two days on steam if the price was ten times higher because steam pays out steam and steam dollars it pays the fixed percentage out all the time so it doesn’t base it on how much the price is on the market therefore if the price blows up on the market all the sudden it will be worth way more even to post on steaming are you starting to see how all these things I’m talking about come together they come together in this ridiculous grand slam that is absolutely glorious so I’m really excited this is attractive as an investment for an influencer on content creator because if you actually put a few hundred dollars in and if you put several thousand in you can essentially buy yourself an influential place on the website and in exchange you will be able to help other users out so you might think well that’s great you buying you can pay yourself out the main thing I do with my influences pay other people following me out because I realized sure I could sit there and pay myself 10 20 30 dollars a day liking my own posts and comments but what I’ve been doing and I just got a little bit behind but if you look these are comments people have posted now this look how much money people of post got just add all this up all these are comments on my posts I like people’s posts I like people’s comments on my posts because I want it to pay to interact to comment to follow to be an enthusiastic follower because then that guarantees more uploads more goodwill so what I’m actually doing with my influence is using it to pay out followers as much as I can liking as many comments all these blue comments mean I voted the post up so if you follow me and interact you pretty much know that as long as I for example I haven’t been able to check my comments before this for a few hours but all I’ve so far I voted and paid out every single comment that came on mine averaging probably 20 plus cents on every comment so hundreds of comments have come on my posts already earning the people who posted them anywhere in the last week alone from 50 to 100 plus dollars now that is an amazing value and if you’re an influencer I think there’s a huge opportunity to give back to your following by investing on steamin and I’m not the only one who’s doing this there seems to be lots of other people are starting to catch on to this and realizing all of these things I’m bringing in you here together now as I present these things there’s likely going to be more and more people that start joining in which brings us to number five oh my god Gary it’s 47 minutes and you just got to number five I made this for you the one-percenters because I’ve set up to be a one percenter on team ik and I’ve made this for you the one percenter the one you’ve actually got to this point 99% of the other people have dropped off by this point in the video but you’re here and there’s a reason you’re here today because you’re probably looking for an investment like this you’re probably looking to reach the next level and it just takes little steps like this little leaps of faith like this to reach the next level if you want it and indication that the steam price is going up I think one of the best well of course you do because you have a massive ego is that I’m going to promote this like crazy what I’m going to do with this actual video is I’m going to make another post on steamin and what I’m going to do is use the money that I’m given to spend it on a Facebook ad and then the beautiful thing is I can do that again and again and again and again what that means I can say let’s say this emic community says here’s $100 for this ad on Facebook and YouTube which is great for all of us it’s great because the ad promotes steamin for me it’s great because then it promotes me as well as steam it so everyone wins in this situation so let’s say it seems totally reasonable I could get maybe $100 to promote this as a Facebook and YouTube ad well I guess what then after I’ve spent a hundred dollars I’ll have dated a show and say look with this hundred dollars you gave me I was able to advertise this I should be able to get $0.10 CPM meaning I should be able to show this to a thousand thousand I should be able to not for a hundred dollars well I’m getting a little inflated okay should be able to show this two fifty to a hundred thousand people based on my previous experience with Facebook guys I should be able to show it two fifty to a hundred thousand people for $100 when I come back and make another post showing that then I’m likely to and then ask for more like whatever you give me on this post I’ll contribute that to the ad that’ll probably get maybe $200 more to the ad that goes back into this as an ad and then I can present that say look this $200 got that I might get another $200 goes back into the ad you see steam it presents a really smooth way to fundraise on its own behalf I can essentially asked the community to allocate the rewards to me in small part consistently and then I can use that money to advertise both steam it and myself I essentially beginning kind of like sponsored then and that is a beautiful symbiotic relationship that as you see me doing it well why couldn’t I do that maybe someone would give me at least maybe ten or twenty dollars I bet they would give you ten or twenty dollars at least I will certainly vote up your post if you suggest the same thing if you make a video and send it to steamin I’m sure there’s people on semen who will vote it up and give you money to advertise on the same way I am so I’m going to promote this like crazy because this presents me a great way to fundraise and then to essentially get I would spend at whatever is given so for example on this I would have committed like like 1200 in facebook ads budget and then even though from a financial standpoint I’m not benefitting because I’m just taking the money and putting it out there from a promotional standpoint it’s helping advertise me and helping me build a bigger influence as well as advertising steamin making a nice symbiotic relationship so I’m going to promote this like crazy what I did I promoted – like crazy as well I showed ads and videos to over 700,000 people online most of which were interested in crypto currencies Bitcoin coinbase etc the – price was about eleven dollars when I bought it when I started promoting it it was about twenty dollars and even today even though I’ve sold my masternode I still end up talking about it – price up to one hundred and forty dollars now I’ve just gotten involved with theme I just made a course on the University of Jerry which explains why I think steam is such a great investment opportunity today it has it in more of a focused approach so if you like a more focused approach this has kind of been all over the place so my course has a bit more of a focused approach so I’m just getting in on promoting steam I think steam presents a perfect symbiotic relationship for me to just promote and get more and promote and get more and essentially help the community help itself to grow so I think this is one of the huge reasons I think steam is likely to hit $10 give me 10 months to promote it with ads and I’m certain the price will be at least double if not five or ten times what it is today now you scroll down and that pulls directly into number four word-of-mouth marketing power why did you go sign up on a network like Facebook or Instagram or Twitter for the very first time I signed up on Facebook because I was hoping to find a couple of girls that I knew from high school I was in college and I was hoping to find them on Facebook that’s the real reason I signed up but how did I get convinced to do that my friends in college were trying to sell me on signing up for Facebook because they wanted to have more friends on Facebook to interact with they wanted to be able to share things with me on Facebook now today you might not roll your eyes like got another social network now steam it presents an outstanding opportunity today because of this when you look at these uploads and the money on here now getting hundreds of uploads that’s how you get lots of money out of your steam posts so there’s a clear incentive here to do word-of-mouth marketing for every single users which is why this team a number of steam accounts is consistently went up and up and up just so when I started looking at and investing in steam a couple weeks ago the accounts thousands of new accounts have been created and are active since then one Isis and there’s a 4500 people active every 12 hours and about 6000 people that go on every single day on Steam and that presents a really strong motivation to do word-of-mouth marketing because if you join steam it let’s say you watch this and you’re like alright I’ve loved steam at Jerry’s right I’m going to buy in and I’m going to start using it then guess what the next thing you’re going to need to do you’re going to want to tell your friends you’re going to want to bring in your best friend your girlfriend or your boyfriend you’re going to want to bring in other people your brother your sister you might even want to bring in your mom and dad because maybe mom and dad can afford to put in a few thousand dollars and have an influential vote to vote your posts up and you could sell them look mom if you put a couple thousand in the steam Jerry says it’s going to go up it might be worth twenty thousand in just a few months and then you can bolt my pulse up mom man I’m wanting to sell my own mother on this night actually been starting on sawing my mother on this but so my look mom you put in some money in the steam you make an account and then look you just bolt my posts up mom and then I get more money you see there’s a very strong incentive to do word-of-mouth marketing for this because of the money aspect now some people have made this horrible deal out like oh my god there’s money involved people are how can you trust people because they’re liking posts and paying how can you trust anyone I transact with people all the time I trust the people I’m doing business with and giving money to I don’t want to be interacting with people who I don’t trust to do and money is no shameful thing to me anymore I feel good when I give a good tip first service consistently I feel good to have the chance to give others money that’s why I love steaming because I’m able through steam it to give back to you that are following me when you comment you’re very likely to get me to like your comment that’s why I love steam so there’s a huge word-of-mouth marketing incentives to just make your own money to bring your friends here why because Facebook if you get your friends to like something you don’t get any money Twitter you don’t get any money Instagram sure likes are nice now think about this if you’re an attractive person who wants to post pictures of yourself going to the beach and working out and your bathing suit and bending over and various positions or whatever the nice attractive person posts isn’t it really lucrative to start telling your girlfriends or your boyfriends to come over to steam it because even if you might think well $12 $14 Syria that just sucks yeah all I I got $14 to post a pitch some pictures of myself at the beach with my and I’m no great photographer these are taken from my iPhone because my camera ran out of battery whoops now is it more attractive to go post photos on Facebook and try and get a hundred likes there or to post them on Steam it and to bring all your girlfriends and your boyfriend’s along and then you could actually maybe easily get 5 10 15 dollars you look a hundred people like 93 uploads like this if you get a hundred likes on something on steamy you should be able to earn 5 10 15 20 dollars off of it just to post photos and selfies now that word-of-mouth marketing built-in there is extremely attractive I don’t know what buttons I just have so the more people bring people on the steam it the more the word-of-mouth marketing will continue to pick up now some people sell jury I just can’t get my friends to sign up for steam it don’t worry you can then just send them to my profile you can have them watch my videos if you want to because I am working on getting as many people as I can to sign up for seamen I’ve already gotten 5 or 10 of my close friends and clients to sign up for steam it and then hundreds of followers already seen those signed up for steam it I am going to perfect the steam it pitch and get ya cuz this hour-long video you clearly haven’t got it down very concise I’m going to make some videos that are very short and concisely explain exactly why steam it’s awesome and then when you want to get your friends to sign up you can basically take the exact same page that’s proven to work for me to my friends through their objections and look I’ll have it posted on semen as well I will keep making posts about this is what actually works to get my friends to sign up so as you we all collectively learn on steam it and love it and believe it it continues to be easier and easier to get our friends to sign up my friends pitched me for months on Facebook before I signed up for it while your ex-girlfriend might not be your boyfriend might not be on Steam it the money factor to me is that key viral element that when people look and see man this guy’s making thousands just doing blog posts on steamin if he can make thousands with his crappy blog posts I bet I can make millions that will convert word-of-mouth marketing so steam it has this viral element built into it that most currencies do not have that kind of a huge viral word-of-mouth marketing power built into them now there’s lots of with good pyramid schemes and referral codes and gimmick systems but this to me is true value with an outstanding viral marketing element built right into it and it’s about to blow and why because then combine this so right now over the last few months steam has been going up I’m not like just some prophet or something I mean I’ve looked at the data it’s been going up so it was down as low I think it bottomed out at about seven cents in March so that’s just three months ago it bottomed out at seven cents and since this entire altcoin Bitcoin boom it is now it went up from 22 cents and of course I bought into it when it was like a dollar 30 with my thirty thousand you’re welcome and then it dropped down to 85 cents I think the run is just about to start based on the data but what happened and so if I showed you that graph you showed us a lot Jerry how can I remember all this well watch the video like eight times no don’t but just sign up on Steam it know do whatever you want to I don’t care what happened over here is the steam price plummeted it also got less and less attractive to post on steam steam it Jerry steam it steam it steaming it got less attractive to post on steaming because when the price plummeted right here when the price was down to seven cents all the post rewards were a lot lower as well even though the same amount of steam was paid out the post rewards in dollars were a lot less so if you look at this I got paid out these rewards at about a dollar now if you look at it but was ten cents if these rewards were ten cents I could have got a lot more steam and had to just like a half-million already if I my friend told me to sign up when it was like 20 cents and I waited for a month I waited for a month to sign up and then I bought in a dollar 30 so you can see based on my own experience now if I had posted this when it was ten cents instead of a dollar I would have got 44 dollars out of this which was one of the top posts on the website and same thing with this one I would have got 74 dollars instead of 700 same with this 17 for this one I would have got a dollar instead of 14 now take that up another level it’s at $1 right now most of it just off of trading the more people sign up and start investing in this if the price goes up when the price goes up to $10 it will continue to MIT will make posting on theme ridiculously profitable like I shared on my spare table spreadsheet I actually made $1,400 worth of steam on my first two posts and the related activity like comments etc now the theme price had been 10 cents I would have made a hundred and forty dollars if the steam price goes down to 10 cents I’m going to buy a bunch of it I wanted all the way down to 87 cents and if it goes down farther I’m buying more and when it goes back up I’ll have even that much more so either way there’s benefits for me now if the steam price goes up to $10 I would have earned 14,000 off of this and what I’m saying out of this there’s a very key element here there’s a whole crowd of people online like me does they make we are they make money online crowd we chase stuff that makes money we look around we find things and the higher earnings recently on Steam not just me look I’ll just click right up in the trending look these posts 1204 this one 4800 for this one 800 for this one 600 for this one it’s not just me there’s all kinds of people most of these are all different authors this is my Joseph role tim official fuzzy good karma Furion motocross there’s another one by Furion at king’s crown Kevin most of these are by different authors there are a bunch of authors on sement right now making hundreds of dollars a week just making posts even and several of my friends I’ll show you I’ll show you my actual followers so I’ll go to my blog I’ll click on I’ll show you examples from a few few people I’m following so I’ll show you Albert here Albert has 55 followers and look I’m going to upload Albert’s post and 23 cents there so Albert made sixteen dollars on his intro post and Albert right now is making anywhere from like I just single-handedly of my votes Albert is looking between two posts to get about a dollar for pretty much anything he posts now if Albert tried to post this on a blog on his own website he would not make close to that off of any other way of making money with Adsense we’re trying to get some other method of making money Albert would have no shot to make around a dollar for two posts just getting started I’ve made 500 posts on my website it’s very hard to get people to find out now the awesome thing albert has the chance by making a post like this to get up in the Google organic search and to actually get people from Google to start finding him but Albert is just one person here let’s show you I’ll show you another one of my friends who signed up so I’ll show you this is me shadows rod he’s his introduction post got him 16 dollars and his next tutorial him $0.76 so far now he’s done a lot of blogging a lot of work online and from what I gather he’s very happy to be almost at $20 already on his first few days on steam it if I go over I’ll show you another one here I say here Thomas George I’ll show you Thomas over here he has 8 followers and he’s got 50 cents off his intro post with 7 uploads now Thomas is one of my business partners and Ben Thomas has just made one post and he’s got 50 cents of it now last time I checked I don’t get 50 cents on Facebook you might say well that’s worthless that’s crap who cares about 50 cents and someone if I search if I go over here one of one of the guys I brought in from my group I don’t maybe a supple man there we go one of the guys in my group his intro post went wild he got over a hundred dollars on his intro post so one of the guys I brought in on his very first intro post got $100 and here I’ll vote this post up too and you’ll see that actually earned him a dollar for me voting up so on his first two posts on SEMA he’s made a hundred and forty dollars on his very first two posts now if you put all this together it’s just amazing sure not everyone is going to just come on and crush it with steam it right away and earn a bunch of money but here’s the thing you don’t get anything for posting on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter the biggest difference in the world is from zero free to one cent just even getting one cent in the mind is way different way different from getting nothing now these higher earnings and just seeing all this is likely to continue to attract a lot more of them make money online crowd globally people all over the world who want to make money online who work line or blogging or trying things to make money are going to continue signing up for steam it and taking a shot at making money by doing blog posts on steam it by showing photos and making videos when the price is more much lower the price the amount of payout was so small even at the top is hard to lure people in but we look at these trending posts when you come to the website for the first time and you see that people are making hundreds if not thousands of dollars on posts that is going to continue to pull more people like in me in who want to make money online here’s a screenshot I took of the trending posts the week before and you can see same thing lots of posts making hundreds if not thousands of dollars some of these very simple things you could do that you’re already doing it and even if you don’t even if you make 50 posts those 50 posts you make and they only make you like 50 cents that’s $25 you wouldn’t have made somewhere else you’ll be in the position then to get one of those viral posts one of those trending posts and you only need like a few hundred votes to get up there and make thousands of dollars this is the easiest way I’ve ever seen to start making those first few cents online by far this will continue to pull the make money online crowd in and then make money online crowd like me we bring all our friends all our family along because we want to make more money so you put that together with these next two and you’ve really got an absolute launch into space number two celebrities will be attracted to show off and monetize their following which will bring in waves of new user signups when celebrities post stuff on Twitter right now all it is good for is likes and retweets they don’t get anything these are people with well maybe you’re a celebrity maybe or not I don’t know people with millions of followers okay I guess I meet that criteria well not your spam fake ad followers alright people like celebrities who have huge day is worldwide all it will take is maybe one of them so there’s lots of celebrities globally not just in the US or Hollywood or actors but take all the celebrities globally people are a huge deal in India South Korea Durham Mexico Canada UK people that you may have never heard of in your country but they’re a huge deal in their country or even politicians whatever it is it’ll only take a couple maybe one or two to sign up after they see man these people who don’t even hardly have a following online are pulling down thousands of dollars just to make a blog post you see lots of celebrities are hustling just like you and me so often celebrities if you’ve seen their Facebook pages they’re desperately posting all these affiliate links all these crappy posts to try and make money several celebrities I followed I stopped following in them on Facebook because one affiliate link by this new t-shirt but I’ll read this blog post just one crappy update after another all trying to sit there and monetize their following it will only take a celebrity to to look at this and be like my god I could just talk about whatever I want and if I bring all my own followers I can easily this is a celebrity mind that I can easily pull ten thousand of my followers to come sign up and follow me on Steam it easy if a celebrity pulled ten thousand followers to come sign up for steam it they could virtually guarantee five hundred to a thousand dollars per post now I know how affiliate marketing works I’m betting even if you have millions of fans on Facebook in your celebrity and you’re sharing some Amazon affiliate link you’re lucky to make fifty or a hundred dollars off that post now yes doing two to four of those a day is a decent income if you’re currently between shows and you’ve already maxed out your house payment using your existing royalty and your affiliate posts on your social media are helping you make an extra buck looking over at this will become extremely attractive especially if something bad happens like on Twitter with the celebrity may get all pissed off and they look over and they’re like maybe I’ll start something new now and may see this holy cow I could bring my followers over to this and just get paid I don’t have to have any one sponsor me celebrities even start to see look I can release a new album I can put out pictures of myself even you can even have a celebrity put out pictures if I try there’s automatic transcription so just use your imagination not-safe-for-work pictures somebody can put all not-safe-for-work pictures and probably earn ten plus thousand dollars to put those pictures out on steamin there’s huge potential for celebrities to use this and guess what as soon as one or two celebrities come in that the news like to talk about I don’t know if they’d be a rapper and actress or a TV star whatever it is they go in and try this out and all the sudden tons of news stories this celebrity earned $1,000 on their first post this celebrity earned $10,000 on steamin and then you’re looking at just gigantic growth for better and worse you now a single so everything I’ve listed put all of these together the celebrity the word-of-mouth marketing the money me promoting this bringing them make money crowd in you can invest and have a say on the website which is great if you’ve got a lot of money but no social following there’s a bubble that hasn’t fully came through powering down prevents quick impulsive exits you have a lower inflation rate the traders many of which probably not aware of this still plus the Google organic search traffic and you’re looking at an absolute explosion of growth for this website and now’s the time to get in and the number one reasonable thanks to your after hour and 15 minutes that’s seventy five minutes you’ve got to this number one reason I think ten dollars for steam price we as a community will earn this price by making it an amazing website that’s loving positive and supportive all the creative work by artists just like you and me I have never in my life got this much positive feedback look at the comments on here just that’s a good line and seeing that one six all nice I can still give this person money Oh either it’s too late I guess I might have to refresh I need to go back and watch this on acid this is the most loving and positive and supportive community I’ve ever seen online no one has ever been nearly this nice to me when I went in and invested with another cryptocurrency and I was all excited about it oh okay so it’s seven it just changed to 78 okay so you can only vote within seven days of a you can only vote within seven days of a comment I’ve never seen a community it’s been so nice so many nice comments so many kind at words so many nice things that have been said I’m amazed I’ve never seen somewhere I’ve never been welcomed somewhere that’s been so generous as the steam community I’ve been booed and kicked out of a lot of places in my life banned from a web site where I had a hundred and seventy thousand students banned from the web site even though there was a lot of positive feedback I’ve never seen a community so loving and positive and supporting as steaming and that to me that’s the sticky element of it that’s why you’ve got you have so many active users every day for example if you look at the active within the last 12 hours the people who are most invested in theme are also the most active so I’m between the hero and the superhero I’m aiming to hit that superhero level 30,000 out of 50,000 invested to get there and you can see out of the even though these represent a smaller percentage of accounts they are much higher percentage active on the website so even though there’s 228 superhero accounts on the website about half of them are active every week even though there’s a thousand 88 hero accounts which is the level I’m at there’s almost 40% of them are active every week this is and this is twitting the last 12 hours if you go down it’s even higher for within the last 24 hours this is a community of people who are active who are loving who are extremely positive and supportive and you might think sure because you get paid to basically be nice and encourages people to be nice well whatever the incentive is isn’t it nice to have some intelligent user design where you actually do get paid more to treat people with love and dignity and respect to me that’s the biggest selling point you figure that element in I mean wow this is just virtually guaranteed when you figure that element in that the whole system the user design is intended to promote loving kind supportive behaviors that to me is just absolutely amazing now sure there’s lots of things that can go wrong that can be annoying to me this looks like the investment of a lifetime which is why I’ve made the investment of a lifetime in steam and this is the single biggest investment I’ve ever made by far over thirty thousand dollars in steam and I’m very grateful to have today and I’m grateful for the chance to be of service on steam my question on theme is not what can I get but what can I give back the key reason I bought in this theme is because I saw this will give me a very good way to give back to everyone following me online when I’m liking people’s comments on Facebook what does that do sure if someone might smile for a moment but I can actually pay my followers out on cement I can actually give you when you make a comment on semen I can actually give you a little bit of steam and theme dollars just for liking your comment that’s amazing that is intelligent design and that is the number one reason that’s an absolutely amazing loving supportive community the comments I’ve read I’ve never seen so many positive kind comments on my posts and that’s why I’m all-in with diamond instead of I took everything out of everywhere else except for keeping enough to make some tutorials I’ve pulled more than 10 something like 15 Bitcoin over into steam and I’m all-in with steam today would you join me on steam for these reasons I’ve listed would you buy some steam if you just want to make money and you watch this whole hour and 20 minute video would you buy some steam today just grab some and get in on the action I am absolutely confident the odds of this being $10 I would say in 10 months or a hundred times the odds of it being 10 cents the odds of this going up I would say are way way way more than the odds of it going down and even if it does go down I’m going to buy more and more because even if it does go down in the short term as it went down to 80 something cents and I bought more steam and loaded up I had 25,000 steam I bought and loaded up thousands more steam on bit Rex and I cashed all my post rewards back into steam it I’m loading up on this even if it goes down further I’m especially loading up on it because I’m promoting it and I’m going to share this with millions of people around the world online who are currently already interested in crypto currencies I have made this today with the hope that I’ve given you the chance to get in on something of a lifetime because look if you watch this long and that that’s wonderful if I show you something that’s working for me and you sit there and put a thousand in and you turn 10,000 a year see I know you’ll be really grateful you’ll remember me you’ll have this desire to help me out – if I help you make an amazing investment I know good karma so I’ve shared this because I want you to be able to buy in while the price is good if the price goes up to $10.00 it may not be a good buy at that point I don’t know it might go to fifty to a hundred I think it has the potential to easily hit fifty or a hundred someday this has massive value and it has all the things I’ve suggested here start coming into play I’m speaking them into existence as I’m doing this as these things all collectively add up and multiply together I want you to have the chance to have an investment of a lifetime I look and read these guys in their books like Tim Ferriss and tools of Titan’s talks about well I was one of the first investors in Facebook like yeah I was broke as hell in college I had no way to be one of the first investors in Facebook all I did sign up on Facebook and proceeded to help them make a whole lot of money for the next 12 years the reason Facebook’s want to top websites in the world because people like me we’re one of the first users and pulled in hundreds if not thousands more users now I want you to have the chance to get in on something like Facebook I think this will eventually knock out other social networks because most social networks are just things like Facebook or Instagram they don’t have that power to easily make you income this does even if it’s just your friends liking your posts you can easily help each other make 5 10 bucks a week at least off of this that’s like 300 a month in a lot of areas in the world that’s enough to buy your groceries or to live on in many for most of us that’s at least enough to be a significant part of our income in our lives I think $10 steam it is reasonable I think I’ve invested because I think someday the 30 thousand I have will be worth three plus million dollars I’m aiming to be a oh one of these superhero or legend accounts someday and currently you can be a superhero for $50,000 at $1 Steam now the theme price goes up to $2 it will cost a hundred thousand to get to that superhero account I am 60 out of a hundred to the superhero account right now if you want a legendary account that’s top whatever this is that’s what there’s only 45 accounts with that or so you can buy in for 500,000 and have an account way more powerful than mine the steam price goes up to $2 it cost a million to get an account that valuable steam price goes up to $10 an account will become worth 5 million dollars even if you put in $500 that gets you in a super user level where you’ll have one of the top accounts on the entire website for $500 you put in 5,000 you’re in the top 1% you put in 50,000 you’re in the top tenth of a percent or so and whenever I’d be interested when you look at this is the steam decom slash distribution and these links will be in my posts when you look at this I wonder what it looks like I’ll tell you on the theme price went up to 130 and this number went up to 60,000 I wish I’ve been able to buy more so I’m grateful it dropped so I could buy more I think you have the chance to make an investment of a lifetime today would you do that would you buy a little bit of steam would you tell someone about this video whatever you have your power to do would you join us on steam today if you’d like to go even into more detail on this investment I have a course on my website I have several cryptocurrency courses on my website I’ll show you exactly how to buy currencies and get started I’ll give you three more hours or several more hours of video about steam that will be focused that will show you more about the numbers that will show you more about data I’ve got several more hours of video that might be really helpful for you if you’re really excited about this on my website thank you very much for watching this today I love you you’re awesome if you would like to join steam would you please follow me on steam and then comment a bone comment on my posts to give me the opportunity to give back to you to give me the chance to vote your post-op to vote your comments up like this would you give me a chance to help you make your first money online with steam it thank you hope you have a wonderful day today and I hope to see you again soon in another video or in another post on steam end

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