BEST COIN 2018! ICON MAINNET NEWS! ICON Fundamental Analysis

[Music] hey guys hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays certainly it’s exciting to see the crypto market rebounding and going strong into 2018 so let’s discuss my pick for the best cryptocurrency investment going into 2018 Icahn is a very ambitious project which is absolutely a good thing here because they’ve got the personnel to meet the challenges I’ve been waiting to make this video because we’ve been anticipating the main net announcement and while it’s not coming in 2017 like they originally slated in their roadmap it’s been announced for January 24th launch so that’s a good sign that there wasn’t much of a delay and they’re clearly confident given that the presenting about it at their first annual summit a week later so let’s sum up why we are giving this a buy recommendation based off our fundamental analysis if you don’t want to watch the rest of the video discussing the finer points of this crypto currency so Icahn is Korea’s first major IC o—- and public blockchain it’s got connections throughout the south korean tech industry universities hospitals banks and businesses I’ve seen it written that if you are in South Korea and use an electronic device it is likely connected to Ikon by only one to two degrees of separation South Korea is ranked the number five country and ICT or information and communication technologies and is the 11th largest economy in the world South Koreans also have an immense interest in the crypto space or daily trading accounts for twenty to forty percent of total global volume it will be interesting to see the Korean reaction once icon is listed on Korean exchanges particularly coin one and bit thumb this is another strong reason we recommend a buy on icon at these prices because once Koreans are able to trade it and the main net releases we could likely see icon breached $25 by the end of q1 2018 and cement itself as a top ten coin sometime next year so let’s discuss what Ikon is and what it aims to do Ikon is sometimes referred to as the etherium of Korea just like how neo is referred to as the etherium of China but just like how neo has different motivations and objectives than a theory icon stands alone due to just the scope of its roadmap so it’s a bit disingenuous but it gives you a good perspective as to what icon is a platform based cryptocurrency based in Korea but let’s expand on that the icon project is building one of the largest decentralized networks in the world as their catchphrase states they want to hyper connect the world icon is a massive scale blockchain platform that allows a few things first decentralize applications or dams so this is where the neo slash aetherium comparison comes in soon you will see ICO is happening on the icon platform for different depths second it uses an interchain called Nexus which allows interoperability with different block chains connecting to one another through their protocol icon is fully compatible with block chains like Bitcoin in etherium and will bridge other major cryptocurrencies in the future this is where people make the comparison to other interchain cryptocurrencies like arc I think this is critical for major adoption of a decentralized platform because there’s going to be things that a theory ‘m is going to do better or quantum or neo and no platform is going to get a hundred percent market share so building this in from the beginning is important to ensure that future success outside of Korea third speaking of block chain icon has developed its own blockchain protocol called LFT or loop fault tolerance LFT is a continuation to a series of Byzantine fault tolerant solutions resulting in one of the most secure high-performance and scalable blockchain consensus algorithms today it promotes faster consensus and allows the finality of the consensus without the possibility of Forks within the network fourth it uses artificial intelligence or AI Icahn uses AI to ensure all nodes are contributing to the icon platform are rewarded fairly and not to have certain powers over distribution policies AI will continue to learn a variety of variables to determine optimal distribution policies and achieve complete decentralisation they’ve actually got an entire team devoted to building this aspect out so this is really interesting because we haven’t seen too much of machine learning built into the blockchain just yet so having this even if it’s used for just optimal distribution policies is pretty cool v decentralized exchange referred to as dex icon will integrate different Dex protocols on their platform to facilitate the exchange of ic X and other future icon platform currencies the Bancorp protocol will be their first Dex protocol when the main net launches in January and others will follow such as khyber this is going to be a very big topic in 2018 decentralize exchanges will be one of the hot areas of crypto and there’s somewhat of an arms race to be first to market and best of show so we’ll see how they build this out and with some rumors of a Kyber partnership that’s a pretty big deal because Khyber is in the running for being the best one so I want to make one final point about the team normally on this channel we don’t place too much emphasis on the size of the team and because you know that’s not really something you can directly translate into quality or results but it can certainly help so icons team is packed with nearly 30 engineers all working to make this happen and their company is an experienced player in this space so this isn’t really necessarily a bootstrap startup there’s some investment and direction and management going on these guys really want to rule the world and I think that’s awesome they are highly communicative they’ve got a great Twitter and telegram account I like their branding and they don’t really suffer from communication barriers it’s a really professional team in project in summary icon is a very ambitious project aiming to become one of the biggest block chains in the world with proven track records and existing connections with top tiered industry leaders it is already providing services and has been around for a couple years I think 2018 will be very exciting year for Ikon and we give it a strong recommendation it’s a very promising project that you should definitely pay attention to the world that we see is based on a country basis [Music] every social organization and elements including currency belongs inside the country’s boundaries with the development of various technologies we’re now able to cross national boundaries blockchain has facilitated the world to reorganize on a community basis however each community is still isolated and people had to build and rely on exchanges to connect with each other this led to another concentration of power icon was created to solve these problems icon is a decentralized network where anyone can participate and connect to any block chain through icon communities that were isolated can now connect and share various services through their network here’s how the communities are actually connected communities use blockchain IDs for payment and exchange currencies of different communities through Dex wallets and access various networks and services for example here is a person who had a doctor’s appointment in a hospital this man had insurance in advance after the treatment the hospital authenticates their blockchain ID and delivers the medical data to the insurance company on the icon network the insurer who received the data compares the medical and insurance history calculates the insurance payment and sends it immediately [Music] the insurance benefits can be used anywhere inside the icon Network such as buying stocks paying college tuitions using them for e-commerce or to buy ethers these ideas can be expanded unlimitedly and your idea can be realized in the icon network as well a new world where everyone builds and connects their own communities that’s the world that icon will create so thank you very much for watching I hope this video was helpful and made you think a little bit if you enjoy the video I’d be honored if you gave it a like and if you’re new here and want to continue to see high-quality crypto analysis but all means hit that subscribe button and definitely check out my other videos too also hit that bell next to the subscribe button to be notified when I put out new videos which should be coming out more frequently alright see you guys the next one peace [Music] you

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