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what’s going on if you’re one my name is Nicholas Martin here at day two – today is August 23rd of 2017 so as you all know if you watch my channel you probably understand mine now that I love getting feedback in the comments below in my videos and in my live streams about what kwinter tokin I should cover next and I have got an extensive requests from every single platform that I used to communicate with you all on about a specific cryptocurrency that’s jumped up the leaderboards and taken the headlines and it is no other than the Chinese based cryptocurrency and Chinese exchange of Finance so what is finance coins specifically and what does it have to do with the bond it’s exchange that has recently come up practically out of nowhere it’s been honestly an interesting jump and I think that there’s a lot of reason as to why that’s happened on a fundamental sense so I can see that there’s some relative optimism behind it that being said before we can jump into the tech taking a look at the exchange and looking at some of the benefits of the buy Nance coin we’ve got to start off as always on this channel looking at the numbers so let’s jump right into it folks as we go into the numbers here I want to make true to my promise I promised myself when I would cover it that I would show the market cap growth on this folks we were just a few weeks ago looking at my notes but right at the beginning of August so just about 20 days ago this was viewed as a 10 million dollar cryptocurrency and within less than a month it is exploded to over 262 million dollars in valuation that is nothing to laugh about that’s no pump-and-dump this is real I mean this is really incredible stuff and I think that it’s been an absolutely smart and you know intriguing way for people to be brought on to the finance exchange to say the least whether or not you think is sustainable or not you will learn as to why there’s so much optimism behind it I can understand why people are buying it up while was relatively cheap but I mean you said even with the market cap we can see that there is volume backing this out this is as I said know kind of you know a kind of FOMO or papadum there’s some serious buying coming on in here around 66 million dollars in volume in the past 24 hours so definitely something to keep your eye on we can see that the circulating supply is sending out a hundred million by Nance coin out of the total supply of 200 million now before I can speak on anything I want to make sure that you all know that the total supply is the max supply there will never be any more by Nance than 200 million however a lot of you might be concerned about the 100 million financed out of the 200 million that are so totally in supply and we’re going to talk a little bit more about that later on and I’m gonna explain it and talk about how it was distributed during the ICL so we’ll try to you know kind of watch the rest of the spheres and you’ll learn how they actually are planning to take the finance coin in the future so that all being said now that we have talked about the basics of the numbers on buy Nets coin I think it’s time we go look at the buy Nance exchange so if you all are going on Finance comm for your first time you’re probably gonna see something that looks like this because it’s a Chinese exchange now they’re hoping to be an international exchange in the long term and you can actually go out and start participating and however it’s based in China and they’re really trying to fix a core issue at hand right now in China there’s a lot of issues in the sense of buying cryptocurrency right now and China due to government intervention and what they’re trying to do is build an exchange that is completely off on the market of traditional fiat currency and is more towards cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange so there is no fiat currency or in this case in China the yuan Chinese you want being used as a means of exchange so it’s completely cryptocurrency you’ve got to use either Bitcoin or aetherium to transact with the finance coin or bring that aetherium or Bitcoin or other you know cryptocurrencies that they take onto the exchange to utilize as a means of exchange for other assets so kind of interesting but at the same time I think it’s awesome that they’re trying to get around that because I hate how government has been intervening in the works of cryptocurrency and I think that the the more we can get around this censorship and this intervention and what is the next step of technology and the web I really think that this going to be a game-changer if it can do that so I also want to bring it back to English here because there’s a big misconception that a lot of people have about by nits which I still don’t like other kind of advertising it’s a little misleading as you can see down here a lot of people been talking about the high speed zero trading fee now that sounds all great and right now yes you do not pay any training fee on Finance however that is ending on August 26 of 2017 which is in three days nonetheless though that’s not making me want to shy away from finance I think it’s a little misleading though I just wanted to clear the smoke on it however there is a lot of benefits to using the by Nance coin on this exchange and how you can pay much lower fees not to mention finance itself has lower fees than most exchanges like bid tricks that I commonly use so we’re gonna dive into that and look into all kinds of things however I think it’s best then we go ahead and jump into the exchange we don’t even need to create an account we can go here click on the exchange icon at the top and it takes us instantly towards the finance exchange now as you all can probably see it’s nothing excessively fancy and I think that that’s good because if you’re trying to make an international exchange you need to make it something that can run on any device in any country and I think especially in developing countries like India and China that are just getting into crypto currencies I might be limited on some tech I think that this is a wonderful look honestly for an exchange it’s clear it’s functioning and it seems like it’s running securely the one thing I do have a concern about is just security in general I want to make sure that that’s at the forefront but nonetheless as time I know time will be the teller of that as to whether or not they’re secure and they’ve got a good security team working for now everything’s functioning fine there hasn’t been any major flaws in the exchange and people can make transactions it’s not some hopeful ICO that we’re gonna raise a lot of money and then launch the exchange no it’s actually operating right now so you can go out and purchase finance token on the exchange and start using that to benefit in paying for fees on your trades that’s the big selling point about finances coin and we’re gonna dive a little more into that later on but we can say that the platform looks nice you know the the very average chart they have here’s for kind of the average Joe this is a very simple kind of way for people to interact with cryptocurrency and get news like an average individual would kind of like for stock exchanges like Yahoo Finance or Google Finance something simple like that that all being said traders are not left behind on the by Nance exchange they wanted to build it from the start with traders in mind as well so if you go here and click on the pro feature which let me remind you is completely free shocker I know a very nice professional trading platform that you can use with the Finance exchange it’s completely free and it allows you to use pretty much all the technical indicators you use do you have your different time zones here you’ve got tools and you get your indicators we’ve got a lot that we’ve covered on my channel the Bollinger Bands the RSI MACD so a lot of interesting indicators that you can use to really get in-depth analysis on this you’ve got full screen as well and I think right now we’re looking at neo you know what I’m gonna do right now and you can see that it has everything that you need in exchange practically so definitely looks professional me it looks like it’s functioning and it’s cool to see that they have you know a final product like this step for someone who’s more of an actual trader who needs that extra bit of you know technical analysis they’ve got the tools for you so no one’s being left out here by Nantz has really thought about making an international exchange for everyone and I think that’s really nice so the last thing I want to cover on the exchange real quick as we go back here to the website is there’s one category I didn’t talk about as we all know I CEOs are the craze and crypto currencies right now and by Nantz is trying to launch a lot of blockchain ico projects and build exclusive launches for them on the platform yet another reason why you’d want to use the by Nance platform they’re working with a lot of Chinese crypto currencies and are trying to alleviate a lot of the stress of launching the ICO and bring it to their platform the two that they’re launching right now are Tron and llt I’ll be honest I don’t know too much on these projects but it seems like they’re they’re definitely trying to raise a decent amount of money and they seem like they’re relatively serious projects and that’s cool to see but it’s so early on getting these i CEOs coming on the exchange and helping them raise capital get on to the exchange so it’s it’s an interesting concept to me and I think that that’s good to see baiance is developing at every single forefront and is making sure that it literally can expand its growth as quick as possible because adoption is key if we really want to see the by Nancy point continue to grow so now that we’ve talked about by Nance I think it’s actually a good time to segue into the topic of the finance coin and talk a little bit about them before we go on to talk about some benefits of the exchange so as we look at the by Nance coin here a lot of you were probably curious earlier on about what we were talking about with the supply and how it was allocated during the ico well of course 50% and the circulating supply were distributed through the ICO and the participants who were a part of it so 100 million were circulated out and then 80 million of them 40% were put towards the founding team now I know that might sound like a lot but not only have we seen this with large candidates like neo there’s a good reason why the founding team has this right now we can also see that 10% were allocated towards angel investors which is understandable they’ve got a fully functioning trading platform running up so they probably had a solid initial investment from Chinese investors as they built the exchange so here’s the major thing that you can do with finance coin it’s directly tied with using the finance platform so it keeps you all in the platform that’s the big kind of selling point but at the same time you get a benefit in the sense of paying fees fees as we all know especially if you’re someone who’s a day trader or swing trader we can all understand that it eats up our profits for example on bit tricks I know that I uh any kind of trade that I make or investment or purchase that I make I have to pay point 25% on whatever I’m paying you know on that trade or investment so as an investment it’s not a big deal but as a trader or someone who does algorithmic investing where I’m doing a lot of micro trades with my own go bot III wouldn’t want to use bit tricks it would be hard for me to make those micro profits whereas if I have the finance coin and I’m using finances exchange I not only pay already lower fees on the finance exchange compared of debit tricks but if I use the finance coin I can prep a have to pay practically net zero fees on trades and that goes for exchange fees withdraws fees listing fees any other fee on the platform so that is a huge selling point I think that I’ve told you all for a while I’ll go traders are used by a lot or lot of the algorithmic trading techniques are used by the big players and I think they’re gonna start circulating a lot of their money over in using this platform if they could really benefit from the low fees now what does it look like in the sense of discount rate well it’s nice they have a very structured here you can see over from one to four years it slowly decreases but you straw for the 50% go to a 25% a 12.5% 6.75% and then on the fifth year no discount now you can see however they have what’s known as the repurchasing plan what’s the objective on the team is hoping to take 20% of profits each and every quarter from the actual company that they you know that’s doing the exchange on the exchange from their revenues that they generate they’re gonna take 20% of quarterly profits each quarter and go back and buy finance and they’re going to hopefully just destroy 50% of the supply in total so they’re not just you know hoarding it and you know keeping it for themselves they’re actually destroying it as the discount rate goes down over time leaving only a hundred million in circulation now you might wonder it’s again long I can’t get a discount with it why would I want a hundred million it all goes towards the future of its ambitions of being a decentralized exchange we’ve been hearing a lot about bitshares and all these other concepts of billing and decentralized exchange finance wants to be a decentralized exchange in the future and they’re hoping to use it as one of the key base assets to use as gas to manage transactions on the exchange in the future when it becomes decentralized so that’s the purpose of the remaining finance for those of you who would want to hold it in the long term and if Finance generally gets adopted and then they eventually go towards a decentralized exchange I think it’s just gonna become worth more at that time now can they deliver on all this I don’t know you know we have to understand this is a centralized exchange it’s a company we’ll have to see if they can really deliver on this promise not to mention can they really be that number one exchange to where this coin will be valued only time will tell in that sense folks continuing on I really wanted to talk about those and my fellow neo bugs in the community this is something that a lot of people have been talking about and trying to you know get me interested in on finance in the sense that I want to start generating gas on my new investment finance is the only exchange and it hurts me to say this because I love exchanges like bit tricks I’ve been looking at other exchanges as well that have really proposed some really interesting features but no exchange out there other than by Nantz has been able to provide a very simple request to give the gas that is generated from neo to its rightful holders and Finance delivers thank the Lord there is an exchange out there that gets people want to hold their neo and get the gas then gratefully deserve I don’t know maybe maybe there’s something I’m missing that makes it difficult but the fact that they’re delivering on that is a very high quality standard and a sense of Finance and I give my applause whether I end up using their exchange an absolute applause that they’re the first exchange to do this and gosh has it taken some time to deliver on that for other exchanges no one’s really meeting that so you definitely read through it here it’s a really interesting feature of by Nance so if your neo bug if you want to trade a lot of Chinese crypto currencies mean this is just another benefit to participating in the Neo craze on the finance exchange so the last thing I want to talk about too is that with these I SEOs another benefit that a lot of people don’t know about the buy Nance token is that you will get discounts on the recent ice cubes that launched on the platform using the finance token as a means of exchange a lot of people don’t know this about finance you can get them at much fairer rates using finance during the the ico session so when you’re filing on the IC o—- if you use buying in its comparative to the theorem as it means a payment you will get better rates on these icos and that’s another premium kind of feature of using the cryptocurrency itself giving it yet more value so it they can really get people onto the platform people interested the value of this cryptocurrency and the features that come with it is going to probably make this a billion dollar cryptocurrency that all being said it is a very ambitious project I have to be critical in essence it is very ambitious however if they can maintain the fee structure and the company itself the company itself can maintain a profit and they can continue to buy back the cryptocurrency and deliver on their promises of destroying it over time that to me really shows that this is going to have a decent lifespan as not only as an exchange but as a cryptocurrency over the next year or so at least so definitely interesting I’m glad I got to look into it and learn a little bit more about it like I said I was a little bit late to the Train on it however I will tell you I remember the last thing I will say is I remember watching bunny ass down here these levels I didn’t obviously call for it to skyrocket like this because they didn’t know what it was I just remember looking at the little logo for it and I was like this is kind of cool it’s a little training a little bit today well and what is it about I never really looked into it because I went to the website and it was instantly in Chinese and I was like oh gosh I didn’t I didn’t think to even just click on the little English subtitles and I missed out on a very big opportunity but you never know you can’t we can all play captain hindsight on these but definitely an interesting game changer here folks it’s interesting to see a centralized company and exchange trying to build such an incentive program and to see such adoption in such a short period of time I’m really blown away and I gotta say I got to give it to the team there they’ve done a fantastic job of it so that all being said and then remembered on a little bit about the exchange and the coin and its benefits I’d love to hear what you all think about it do you all think this is gonna last in the long term do you think that finance will be one of the largest international exchanges in the next few years and do you think it’ll help fix the issues in China in the sense of exchanging crypto currencies I’d also love to hear if you’ve got a corner token that I haven’t covered on my channel if you can go ahead and check and see if I have covered in the past I appreciate it but if I have it please leave it down below and I’ll try to get to it as soon as possible but until then everyone I will see you all in the next video stay tuned

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