Binance Coin Price Prediction (BNB) & To The Moon in 2018, Technical Analysis, Forecast & Strategy

hello everyone this is Ron from cryptocurrency strategies YouTube channel and I hope you did well and in today’s video I want to talk about finance price prediction before I start jumping to the price prediction I just want to thank you all of you have been recently surprised to my channel supporting me to grow and I got valuable feedback from you guys to improve myself that is really amazing thank you for that I’m so pleased with currently I caught two hundred and twenty three surprise I remember like too daebak I only had Turkey one subscriber now I already got told anything it is amazing thank you for your support people support me to grow and I’m definitely yes I promise you are gonna start doing love the strategy hint tips tutorials and of course signal when I talk about signal of course I only moon the share on my Instagram page and Twitter page which is much easier for me to you know save just one image with all the information that what you need so far I have shared two signal one digi bite and then next one is civic I mean again I think maybe it’s a few day back I did it I want to do once a week and in future maybe I will be do daily for now also wake up will be doing that so follow me on instagram cryptocurrency strategy and again twitter similarly same username cryptocurrency strategies can follow me day so then you can get up-to-date about the signal and on youtube i mainly going to be focusing on giving strategy hint and tips basically and tutorial well as that doing some review and then also will definitely start doing giveaway I’m planning to do soon I will announce when I actually I’m going to be doing that so yeah and that’s it so yeah thanks again unless dive into our price prediction on by Nats coin okay and again I just want to mention that when we do price prediction on the coin normally I do some way of no explaining what is this coin about why this value will and also then I jump into the technical aspect and give you some indication like you know how much the market can rise how much it could increase and how much the price can be again it’s just a prediction most case it will happen but you know cryptocurrency is a sometime is tricky to say because people know you don’t work like the normals you know standard for forex exchange work here people come and pump the money and then dumped it afterward you know this kind of thing also happened on the postcards in world so it’s quite tricky but even though based on my technique analyst I believe this is gonna hit whatever that’s what I’m gonna be showing you in this video so let’s talk about we is finance coin at this point but the model is ranked 24th place but you care you will be seeing this moving forward to upward some point this year at the moment colonel market is current total market cap is around 2 billion recently was slightly down well it’s I mean even I saw is I was $24 or no so in 20 bit drop day but then link gonna come back again okay and talking about the total market supply supply boys 200 billion coins so 200 million coins at the moment 100 in around hundred million in supply is something cycling in there in the the cryptocurrency market at this point mainly yes it’s only you can buy from violence itself you can’t buy any other place okay current products around $20 and then it was bit yeah it was down by $4 today anyway so that’s the market cap now let’s talk about why you know why you know myself I mean a lot of people also believe y- cornices you have a real great potential on increase the price to some level but also I have a few thought why I think this is going to be one of the best cryptocurrency especially on exchange flat phone first of all they basically giving you know if you could trading on violence platform they’re giving option for the user to giving a discount price for the fee if they use finance coin so if you so the first year they’re saying that if you make an example say you are buying electron unclaimed for example I mean I know electrons 9 there in that exchange at but say say you have electrode that you’re gonna buy from – what that mean is you had to pay for that the amount that you buy you had to pay the fee we didn’t when you making a fee if you use the finance going to make the fee they will the first year they will detect they will charge you fifty percent discounted price which mean let’s say you’re paying $20 sorry yeah say you’ll be buying million coins and you paying $20 it means they don’t charge turned it on us they charge you $10 worth of violence coin so they’re gonna give you 50% discount and similarly they do every year like sucking me and they give you 20% discounted price third yeah they give you 12 percent twenty percent discount price for peer they give you six quarter discount and then the fifth year they’re gonna stop there okay and again you know for you guys this is quite good you like in the first two three year you will get some discount and you’re gonna pay less fee then you know other places so you can serve money then well let’s start off the full year you never know what’s what’s gonna happen they might be indifferent exchange or maybe it’s something and something violence will come up with because you want to keep always top of the list right and therefore they have to come up with a different plan different strategy in order to keep it up to date so therefore there will be something will be available after 50 year okay so we don’t need to worry that for next three year again you know there’s a less current price so that’s one good thing about them and the other thing the only one there is a few disadvantage or downtime in in the end up in the flatworm but one of them is a you know it’s common involved in finance for sure because is centralized it’s not decentralized platform at this point and there are may be talking thinking about about decentralized by the moment is centralized which means you government have an influence and they won’t be able to look into a customer portfolio what they have and what they sell and things like the history they already they can you know they can approach my nice to do that because it is centralized so it’s a it’s a potential issue which means you know again you know government can come any point and say you know what I want this client portfolio blah blah we’ll see they can even say we would like to suck your whole entire company down and in that they they were able they can do that by you know because common can have influence right so they can do that so that’s the big threat and it’s a potential issue but again having said that he unlikely will happen but definitely you know if the government or someone won’t do see any anything like a name because money lonely is a big a problem so they want to do that they could easily because of centralized so doesn’t keeping keep eye on but other than that yeah the competition also another bigger problem which is you know there’s a lot exchanged out there doing similarly exact same about – – there is a law unique aspect in finance but even though a lot of people are kind of copying each others and so on so on and therefore you know competition is a big threat because you know some are gonna come up with the in a fresh and new concept in the platform therefore properly people gonna quickly jump into that and therefore they might lose the user base and then the user base if they lost or even buy an ounce core technically probably how they infrastructure they have or technical voice if that didn’t work well and you know keep on crashing and things like that and so then the competitor gotta be finding that because they might be better you know what kind of think we may still in the wall recently a coin called Cooper Cooper or call you know something I let me find the name is quite hard to say COO coin who coined share if you look at them I mean if you look at a let me quickly open that show you how similar they look like come back to the finance okay so the reason why I won’t is I’m saying that they kinda quite similarly copied like you know finance came before so look finance website – look at the layout and giving some you know before a programming they give you a give a lot of the give away they do like in a giving cause Lamborghini cars and BMWs Ferraris and then you know they do giving some coins and since a lot similarly cuckoo in doing you know they giving even look at this yeah slightly different actually not even slightly they only got a big banner on top other than that is almost identical they’re doing a quite similar but again there is a topic going on cool coin also owned by violence I don’t know the I don’t I can’t really confirm that because it’s maybe a fake news but yeah it’s look identical right so and they are coming after bonanza which mean they both going to be a competition each others and so you know that kind of thread is still there so that’s another problem I can see the other thing now you know if you think about what are the other most popular exchanger thing you know things like BitFenix Beatrix heat sorry kid BTC and the cool coin is another one this one and then you have bit costs costs as well they doing take course also are kind of like in a way because they are is kind of slipping coin which at the moment so $1 and something used to be like to about month backs about 26 cents now it’s went to nearly two dollars and 46 cents and it come back down again 146 but it is a silicon corner I think it’s going to be also got a big potential and they doing a quite similar thing like you know they do have the own token they do have exchange they do running low I see you also there’s some make sure they’re working on crowdfunding platform which is almost similar like ICO you know people able to pitch their business idea P then they get the fund and then things lava so it’s like ICS textile they do working on bat they haven’t released it and they do payment gateway and other thing they’re doing so you kind of in a kid it could be a big one as well keep eye on that but anyway let’s go back to the finance now I will covering the costs in in another video for now let’s focus on finance the other thing is a good thing about my analysis that they won’t burn the talk and you know what I what I mean by that is every quarter like full time in a year the what really they want to do is they wander from the profit by making and they will do at least they want to try to buy twenty percent back from from the circle supply and then they want to destroy that basically so if examples say 20 person around 25 sort of 2.5 million coins they want to buy that and they want to destroy which mean it’s not owned by no one so it’s basically gone debt and they will keep on doing till like so they basically be the total supply what they have are things around how much let’s quickly go and check as well so they have a 20 million coins and they they won’t burn around 100 million coin basically the moment hundred million is in sector but what they want to do is they only want to keep a hundred million assessed total supplies so they want to destroy a hundred million by why they want to do that by doing only they can create a bigger demand for the coin at the moment say 200 million coin the price is almost twenty dollars but if you got 100 million today which mean it could be a $40 basically you know I mean just say I’m sure I’m just giving an example so they just want to create the more demand for the coin by doing this they can do that and this is the only Queen that doing and of course do the everything most likely doing more similar but then they’re not gonna you know burning a talk but they’re giving you interest daily based on if you own the coin I think I had about 10,000 coins because and they every month they paying me some interest and which is quite good you know it’s not like a vending thing it’s just basically keeping in a wallet and they give you like it’s taking you know here probably my other purse taking something like that if you don’t stake but they give you some coin back to you that’s good but again they’re doing law the new extras other stuff anyway let’s come back to the line as I keep on talking about costs because I do like the coin that’s why anyway so again you know that’s quite good a token boring thing but also miners do have ice you launching program which is a launchpad what that mean is like if someone won’t do create their own in ICO they can basically create you know you can create your own I see you and you can run it which means you can you know basically you can get a fund example like recently only two company who have been who have been successfully run the ICO using lunch part called bread and gift OH so yeah they successfully collect the coin the only issue is that you don’t able to run this ICO using bitcoins or idiom and so on so other idiom can be achievable but I think still they don’t do that so what actually they’re doing was you have to you can create your own own coin for example say my name Rob so if I can good I can create Rama’s a coin okay but when as I said when I collect I need to collect as a balanced coin I think Jana’s being smart doing this because by doing what’s gonna happen now the people who won’t invest or supporting these people they need to buy an ounce coin and then they need upon the ICU so by doing that you know it’s a win-win situation for both really and that’s what they’re trying to do here and only so far only two company who haven’t run this ICU and this actually down and then I don’t know what happened they haven’t run further down but future you can see something more when actually keep on happening it’s a value add on by Nance and and finance coin belly will go up as well okay and then let’s talk about the thing that you need to be mainly yeah I mean as a surgeon is there one other beginning to keep in mind you know if that keep on happening you will get the value gonna go up so it’s a good good definitely as a good thing for the coin um now let’s talk about the current price is $20 so $20 at the moment you but again they will you know like in out of 99 billion coin they sorry 99 I’m keep on saying billion I know why it’s a 99 million coins they won’t do they will definitely burn a 5 million coins buy them in 2018 so yeah so there’s that that’s what happened now now I think you know that information enough for you to understand why this coin is probably one of the good coin I mean why this could be a bigger one and also one thing I really want to highlight we I run a quick check on Alice Alexa probably you might heard about it you can use this site to rank you can check the rank off the website okay see how big traffic coming to the website so when I try to run it and I found out this so Finance you know though in the entire global website is ranked 333 it’s not far away the Google is of us and then you know this site is 331 in global level but the America just when I look at the America is it’s ranked 70 so Google might be for us and this site is a 7 did so which is quite amazing like you know I find really you know how they are almost year old company and then how quickly they they just you know grow I think you lie so many early launch and I know within like six seven months they already rang up here so I kind of look in the fuel side like a bit tricks you know bit drink is one of the bigger one I normally used and trained in the force now I move to balance as well and they they are really old company and then again they rang 130 so how big how quickly they become a big but in a global level they are 303 which is big we are popular than finance but still by an American level they are hundred thirty cou coin they also like recently came you know July is a minor scale coup coin came in some way around September end of September but they already reached someone remediated America level the global of a nest so they will be catching up as well okay and then look a hit busy this is one of the bigger one I know melis I heard always hearing from people that is still look it’s almost nine thousand nine hundred and ninety two and know about 1835 in global run again you know a bit Phoenix it’s actually a bigger one and they are like over thousand rank and look a cause it’s I mean cost yeah I mean this new it’s not me it’s about last year so by eight nine month old but I can understand that you know that is acceptable well when you comparing with kit VCC BitFenix matrix finance is number I’m out of all of the s balance is the first one rank one in terms of how much traffic they getting in the 38 percent from America 7.5 from Japan 4.8 from genetic Kingdom where I’m from and then again look at they already reached you five million users of actively I think oh yeah five million what other ones in fire five hundred fire they McCain had a million five million basically now suppose like 1 million like two month ago now five million so it’s huge it’s getting crazy so that’s why I’m saying we have a big potential and I got the price gonna be rocket up so let’s quickly do some numbers do some calculation to show you why how much the price going to be by end of 2018 okay so now I already mentioned them every my video saying that in 2018 I done some research some calculation I come up with an evaluation of the total market cap going to be two point two point five trillion it’s more than 2.5 2.5 trillion but just only keep it baseline as a two point five trillion is that the total market cap okay and currently is some 102 billion market cap so it mean it is so let’s see how much difference going to be okay two five zero zeros you know you know you know that is 2.5 billion sorry 2.5 trillion today I’m I don’t know what happened I keep on saying wrong numbers with 2.5 trillion maybe I think I am tired of my work I just came from welcome so tired anyway so divided by current market cap which is seven hundred and two three two two four six four and then three that is seven hundred and two billion that gives us it’s around three point five five times so let’s round it up as a fool okay the market kept going to be that the total are going to be full time bigger than now in 2018 which mean now time by so nine times four time 19.99 that gives us about roughly around $80 so I think it’s going to be $80 by the end of the year in 2018 is around is going to be between 50 to 80 dollars I think eight dollars is a high and the $50 is a very basic base so between anyway 50 to 80 will be surely going to be that that that is what my protection the the worst case it will be 50 the best case is going to be 80 so you can Hakeem some way in the middle and my view is we will be reaching 280 because the reason behind on the circle supply enemy Shirley’s gonna be burned and so demand will be high and again my Nance is like comparing to all these website all our exchange is quite four planets this roller ranked ranked it one out of these and again the total use are already around five million and it’s growing and even that capacity of traffic they site always work smoothly I never seem down time slow oh you know I never felt like you know scratch anything like that comparing to other place like even bid tricks and I find sometime it’s kind of slow no kind of it’s not buggy but it can you can see is forcing anything’s lava so comparing them okay they are huge and in comparing with them this is this finance is doing pretty great so okay so yeah so that’s what I’m saying sigh again having said that one thing I want to make sure with you guys I am doing this I’m not your finance advice and asking you to invest on mine and so any coin I do a price prediction the only reason I’m doing this just for for my own purpose and giving some sharing my fault and what I would like to do myself which means I’m not advising you to you know throw your money into something you if you don’t do any research and if you don’t believe on anything you shouldn’t be invest at all because end of the day investment always high-risk and only you should be putting any money the money that you are about to lose but having said that you know it’s up to you do you wanna invest or not I’m not asking you to do that so don’t follow what I am doing do your own research before even putting any of your money is your money you’re the only person can make any decision on that okay just don’t the clear clear clear clear with you guys so yeah and that’s it really so I think I hope you liked the video if you do like slowly you know like make your comment such as me anything I could improve well as that keep on hit that like button here people click the red button big button to subscribe my channel I will be definitely sharing a lot of valuable information with you guys and also I would if you haven’t got a finance the link if you haven’t got the balance account use the link I’m putting in my description box to racer because you know they are huge and also you can easily you know by lot different tokens as well I’m when I start doing my giveaway I’m surely gonna be using my balance account of transfer the coin so if you got the same account which is quite easy for me to doing even if you don’t has fine you can shade your wallet and I will be doing that it’s good to have an account with mine and so if you don’t have one surely you smiling in my description box to create one but then that yeah if you have any question please leave that in the comment section below or even if you want me to do any type of you know price prediction video anything like that definitely you can contact me by putting in the comment section below Oh even you can reach me by my email here so if you go to about page and then you can find my email they email to me I will get back to you as soon as possible other than that yeah I hope you liked this video and and thank you for watching again and I see you in my next video until then you take care and good bye

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