Binance to List Raiblocks Soon – Why I Signed-Up for Kucoin and Bought some Raiblocks

what is going on guys thank you for tuning into rules for rebels and in today’s video I wanted to talk about the COO coin exchange K you see oin dot-com I’ll also link to it down in the description box below full disclosure it is an affiliate link but obviously you know if you’re gonna sign up for this exchange anyways not going to Constantine thanks for use my link I would appreciate it if you appreciate the the content that I provide you guys here the reason you might want to consider checking out this exchange and signing up as we’ve seen before right I told everybody sign up for bit tracks whether you’re ready to trade or not if you’re even on the fence contemplating getting the crypto sign up for a bit trucks account they’re gonna close their doors sure enough they closed their doors then bye Nan’s popped up right by Nance quickly became the number one exchange just recently they crossed 5 million users it was only about a week ago that they surpassed all the other exchanges and became the largest exchange with 3 million users I just noticed on there actually we can take a look there yeah actually it’s not gonna show it at the top but anyhow they just cross five five million users told everybody to sign up for by Nance and then by Nance close its doors to new customers they are on a daily basis for a few minutes to a few hours opening up registrations to new users but it’s really really tough to get in so you know nothing you know day by day more exchanges are closing their doors cex i/o isn’t accepting new people COO coin is from what I can tell a legitimate exchange I signed up for an account there I only got a couple hundred bucks in here I literally just signed up for it like a day ago and I’ll tell you guys why I signed up for coupon exchange so they have a couple coins that a lot of other exchanges don’t have so if we go to coin market Capcom and here’s kind of one interesting thing when you when you start dabbling with all different types of crypto is like like the bigger coins you’re gonna find on pretty much every exchange but when you start getting into some other coins not every exchange has them so I mean you know if we type in something like Liske we’ll hit list there we’ll go down to markets and you know Polonia x has it by Nantz has it yo bit hit BTC bit ray Gate I know you know you have all these different exchanges that deal with it however if we were gonna go to crypto like electro Neum for example we’ll hit markets you literally have one market you can buy electroni Ahmet and it’s it’s crypto Pia another interesting one and I’ve been wanting to buy ray blocks for a long time but it’s like you know it kind of gets overwhelming having to sign up for all these different exchanges and I really wanted to get rate box despite how popular it is I’m kind of surprised that nor nor bit tracks nor by Nance has ray black so if we go look at what markets rain blacks it is is trading on you got cool coin which is when I just mentioned you know they’re on a bunch of exchanges but it’s a lot of kind of like smaller more obscure ones anyhow two coins that I’ve been wanting to buy lately mainly is ray blocks another kind of more high risk but speculative one is this one right here red pulse I’m hearing a lot of people talk about red pulse as more of a longshot that’s kind of one that interest me so anyhow I’ve been wanting to buy ray blocks for a while I noticed the other day Finance has a community coin of the month and what it is I believe that every all the members of Finance can vote on what coin they’d like to see come on to finance and whichever one wins winds up being brought onto by Nancy and they don’t have to pay a listing charge typically the way this works not not with all exchanges but with a lot of exchanges if you want to get on your exchange or if you want to get your coin in our exchange in addition to kind of being accepted and being a safe and acceptable coin you also oftentimes need to pay them so Finance says hello by Nancy ins the fifth session of community coin per month has completed once again it was a success in an exhilarating experience for all of us we have weighed all factors in the voting process and voted out oddities we would like to congratulate the winner ray blacks which is xrb as promised xrb will be awarded a free listing placement on Finance the exact listing time will be announced separately thank you for your patience and support and this is as of January 9th so two days ago so I don’t know whether it’ll take them a couple days to get on or a couple weeks but one thing that we often see in kryptos is when a coin hits a new extreme it gets a big bump right it tends to get a rise because now it’s available to that many more people now even more so it’s it’s one thing if a coin is I’m like a bit tracks and then it hits a by Nance like bit tracks is a pretty big exchange they have a pretty big audience however when coins really time to get a bump is when around kind of more smaller more obscure exchanges and then they hit like a bit tracks of buying ants Apollonius or cracking that’s when they really tend to get a nice bump so one of the reasons I like electro neum my boy on Steam it Brian Phobos is a big electroni he kind of got me turned on to it but part of the reason I’ve invested in electro neom is because a lot of people don’t have crypto PIA accounts so I know if electro Neum hits you know one of the big three exchanges it’s gonna get a huge surge in price and rate blocks has already been moving up the charts and go over here if we go look at Ray blacks I mean you know look at this route if we look at the past say we look at the past seven days kind of flat the past seven days but even the past thirty days you know it’s had quite a run up it was at you know what trading on like a dollar eighty I think it probably peaked at what 34 bucks or whatever what are we sitting on now right now we’re sitting at 24 or 36 or 183 thousand and some change to Toshi’s anyhow as we saw here ray blocks you know they’re trading on a decent number of exchanges but like not any of the top three top five exchanges in my opinion and as soon as ray blocks hits finance in January I’m sure some of this is probably already priced in a little bit to an extent but I’m fairly confident that when Ray blocks hits finance it’s going to experience a surge in price because finance is the most popular exchange out there it’s going to get exposure to a lot more people when Finance adds a new coin they typically are gonna say something along the lines of you know we’ve added XYZ coin you know finance list vibe so it’s just gonna tend to get a lot of attention and I have a feeling it’s going to experience a rise in price now as you can see here I only got a couple hundred bucks in cool coin I pretty much just moved one light coin over here just to kind of get a feel for it I’m gonna move a little bit more money over here I want to buy a little bit of red pulse and I want to load up on a bit more of Ray blacks now I’m not a huge fan of this exchange I’ll be honest like when when you’re looking at like an overview of coins you hold I don’t really see a way to where I can like sir you know normally there’d be a search box here and I can type in LTC if I want to see LTC like here if I want to see what coins I’m holding I literally have to scroll all the way through and see I think there is a way up here where you can kind of sort like from high balances to zero balances so I mean I can see everything I hold here but you know normally I’d like to be able to like search the ticker symbol or the name of a coin and pull it up not a huge fan of like there markets and the wages part of it is whenever I start using something new whether it be like a new layout for YouTube a new trading account a new whatever I always hate everything when it’s new and I get used to it I have heard a lot of people you know sing the praises of COO coin they say oh it’s a really smooth interface I really like it maybe it’s that I’m used to bit tracks and finance in general I’m not a huge fan of like the interface or the user experience of the site but I really really wanted to buy ray blacks and I’m thinking about getting into red pulse as well this is one of the few exchanges that has those currencies and I’ve heard a lot of people talking positive about it one other thing that I may wind up investing in on here so you guys know about how on Finance we have the BnB token or the Finance token so normally if you don’t have BnB tokens and you buy I will say a hundred shares of ripple they’re gonna take out of like one share as a fear it might even be like 1.1 shares and then you wind up with what’s called dust you have little you know partial shares of coins and you’re not able to sell those you have to sell in full ink unlike bit tracks where you can sell partial shares or partial pieces of a coin on Finance you can’t so you wind up with all what we call dust and you can’t trade them you can’t send them off the exchange etc so by trading with a BnB token not only are you trading for less than half the cost but you also when trading with the B&B just spend your B&B tokens on fees and you don’t wind up with dust so from my understanding I haven’t looked into it that much but – coin has her own coin I believe it’s the kcs coin but I’ve heard a lot of people talking positive that if this exchange winds up becoming more popular and taking off their coin like the bye Nance coin may rise in value I mean the bye Nance coin like two weeks ago was that like three dollars and it went to like eight bucks I think it hit eighteen it pulled back a little bit but I want to say it’s back up near 20 by Nance coins is one of my main Holdings I kind of liked their coin it’s appreciating in value and I think as more people start using Vian switch it’s looking to be the most popular exchange I see that coin continuing to grow in value so anyhow just to kind of wrap up if you don’t have a buy Nance account and if you don’t have a bit Trek’s account you’ve kind of missed out on the two best ones you may want to check out COO coin you know with Cee xio and a lot of these other exchanges going down this may be one of the better exchanges in the interim until you can sign up for my Nance keep tracking finance throughout the day they are opening up and accepting more people but in regards to the COO coin you know they do have a couple interesting coins I like I said I already picked up some ray blocks just a little bit but I’m gonna be picking up some more and I think I’m gonna throw a little bit of money into red pulse and a COO coin as well so again I’ll drop a link to this exchange in the description box below if you guys want to sign up you know I don’t know how soon finance is gonna be getting rave Lots but I’m I would say with like 85% certainty it’s going to experience a surge in price when it hits buying in so that’s my word for today guys I hope you enjoyed the video if so give it a thumbs up if you’re not subscribed hit that subscribe button below and I’ll catch you guys on the next video one more thing I am trying to kind of keep an eye on buying in so if I happen know you know let me let me take you guys over here one second here I wanted to kind of make an announcement about this so YouTube’s got rid of the discussion tab right there used to be like the discussion tab where you could like leave a discussion on the channel they’re getting rid of that they’re going to something called the community manager I think it’s called actually I don’t know if it’s gonna show me see-oh community saying maybe know anyhow you know if you look at somebody’s YouTube channel there used to be the area where you know you can click their channel and there was a discussion kind of change that to a community area where you can put up like polls surveys short video clips etc if I’m somehow tied up and not able to make a video saying like finances open guys get on there right now at the very least I’ll try to drop something in the community section so that let’s take a quick look here before I let you guys go okay so here it is so here’s a community tab I put up a shoe on my head the other day oh well we hadn’t realized we got this many comments but yeah this is where I’ll let you guys know that bye Nance is open and accepting more people if for some reason I’m unable to make a video right at that moment but that’s all I got for you guys I’ll catch I’ll catch you later and I’ll check you out in the next video later guys

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