Bitshares BTS Does 2,000% in 60 days. Chance for a bounce with up to 50%

hello again everybody we’re gonna take a look at DTS its share because it was requested Quinn market cap wise let’s see what they’re ranked right now coins market cap vgs they are ranked oh we can’t tell huh they’ve done about 1.4 billion I think quite pretty good 1.4 billion dollar market cap right now with pretty decent trading volume 65 million a day that’s a very respectable rank 34 it’s not a big downtrend right now during a consolidation phase but there’s a big potential to to make some very very nice gains on it right now okay but first of all before we understand before we go tackle this I’m always going to introduce some theory at the beginning of every single video because that is important to understand okay I want to talk to you guys about the mechanics of the Head and Shoulders pattern that we’re all familiar with right Head and Shoulders pattern goes like this it goes like this right goes just like that and people call this a neckline as you guys might have heard that term before the neckline what this does is it cuts across right there and by the way guys if you guys like these videos that I make for refer everybody and hopefully they help with the kampala kaswell I also have a blog version of this on steamin as well and you are welcome to check it out there if you wanted to skim through some key points and you know not watch a one-hour video for example and I’d appreciate up around there as well and like subscribe share and whole nine yards for YouTube and Twitter where I also tweet a bunch of awesome stuff guys you guys know I tweet a bunch of awesome stuff on there sometimes some of the calls are pretty point on a lot of people make some really nice profit so it’s I don’t know maybe maybe check it out maybe you guys will like the material that you see maybe not and also have a I have cryptocurrency piggy bank for my dog Luna there because welcome to donate to that as well she’s kind of an alcoholic like I tell everybody you know huh so um so maybe maybe nothing too and again cuz we don’t want her to get some Patrol or something cuz you know she’s a big tequila theme right so so we’re gonna go through the mechanics guys of heavy shoulders pattern now but we’re gonna talk about it from a technical perspective with wave I love that we leave you guys alone Eliot lame I decided for my tutorial that I’m about to me it’s gonna it’s gonna take a while but it will be done so people look for this neckline right this is called a neckline the blue one there and people short if it breaks and people you know if it bounces awesome people go long on it right so it could do one or the other now the reason why it does this okay they do this is because they don’t know if this if it bounces they’re awesome we get a wedge right we can get a wedge we can get a symmetric triangle like that or an ascending triangle that would be an ideal pattern to play right because then you know we once we figure out where B is okay once we figure out what can the reason why if it bounces off of B is or sorry sorry once we figure out where B is right once it bounces off of a and B we now have the this line right there that automatically makes a neckline right from very relevant point whether it’s here like brings up on this chart whether it’s something like that or whether it’s it’s something like that right you know you do get a neckline I started out like that will see better on a different time frame but you guys will see the neckline there so so now if it breaks down right after thee then what we end up getting is media since egg pattern right okay zig-zag pattern like that maybe if we got a double talk like that chances are C will will not will not be a zigzag all the way down bear like I just can’t see that happening too often it happens once in a while but double top like it barely happens like that because then you get a very irregular kind of shape right so and then the C has even more force to go down but usually if B has so much force to go make a double top like that right and that means C would not have a lot of strength to come down so this is why we had they’re getting patterns like that so if we ended up getting like a be like dad right and then a/c came down like here for example and it broke through here for example it broke through there then what we would end up possibly getting is a shape like this that you guys have all seen and now it breaks the neckline okay it breaks the neckline of the head and shoulders and that’s why people have a different target they have a different target like this okay if this is the target right there like then the vertical height of the neck like that okay or sort of the head they take the center point like that and it they’ll use it as a target upon the breakout to even target something like that does that make sense guys that that’s usually how it’s done so they take the neckline there of the ledge for the head and then when it breaks down that’s the target that they use okay these are important concepts and that’s assuming that’s assuming that that first of all first of all you won’t break down right away it’ll it won’t break down right away it’ll form some sort of pattern like this eventually where I’ll make a D and an e touch like a descending triangle that you see right and it breaks down and then guys once it it possibly breaks down to those targets that I mentioned right we get something like a flag pattern that you guys see and these how this is how they’re they’re they’re made you get like a flagpole something like that right these types of patterns or possibly a wedge right but there’s so there’s only so many shapes it can make you know what I mean it can be an expanding flat like that but there’s only so many shapes and circles and different things that they can come in right and then it attempts to break out right here it attempts to break out into a possible uptrend leave but if that fails and then that becomes a w XY crap their pattern right here like that okay and then this one ends up making an extended ABC okay do you guys know how flag patterns are actually formed I’m gonna show you guys how a flag pattern is actually formed okay a-okay so wave a flag pattern is formed like this and a B C and a WX y so it actually has a B C X W and the Y like this like that one two three four this is how I didn’t stay this is how it is right here this is why now watch guys this I’m gonna dry with with a different color with like purple this is touch one this is touch – this is touch three this is touched four and this is touch five times right you guys always see a flying pattern like this right you see a blank pattern and then everybody says this right everybody says says you make five touches I’m just going to use one two three four five for simplicity two three four five and then it breaks up to the upside which is technically true as well it makes five touches but this is the technical way it is done a flag pattern is done because it makes a triple Elliott Wave combo right and I think they do happen right they happen often so so yeah so that sound like a flag pattern is officially formed it makes like an ABC like this right and originally it’ll make this shape here like that right we’re in a wedge I’ll break out of it you know when John didn’t break out of it but later it eventually makes some sort of shape like like this that holds true B could possibly touch here but this is the touch one two three four and five okay we’re getting we’re getting really really really into theory now aren’t we guys but these are the point of my videos the point whether you guys trade my coins or these coins that I’m I’m um I’m doing or knife it’s irrelevant right because I’m you might learn something from it as well I can’t load up the bits share one for some reason so what I’m using right now is um it’s um it is using tether equivalent like dollar equivalent from Colonials now I want to make note that we have five waves out here on a daily chart right here okay right we’re on a daily chart it’s been it’s been around for a while you know around for a while it has spiked up here okay this is some sort of corrected pattern but what we do see is that there is basically right like that right now and there’s going to be another wave up this one made a pretty good extension I would imagine probably two six one eight one six one eight perfect guys that is a perfect extension that it could have possibly made so what people would do is they would target first of all here as target one here as target two right so it’s making some pretty nice waves right now and and on a daily chart right we just see easily subwave one you know people don’t really catch that one often okay they don’t they don’t catch it often that’s right it’s probably like right there and then here is three okay this is the one that they catch and here is five so we’re somewhere up there okay people don’t really catch this one often but they know that it is out of uptrend well what a lot of people will do okay once they see this on a tear going on an uptrend right and we have now confirmed that there’s some sort of relevant support on this uptrend here on a daily everything else prior to that they were all small waves like they’re all you know we can consider this the new part of the primary cycle which makes one two three four and five having a little party of my folks today it’s pretty cool if there’s gonna be a lot of company I frickin hate seeing people to be quite honest they were having company from like Vancouver support and I got out like have lunch and dinner and breakfast and stuff to film so I’m here already data at 8:00 you’re loading and I don’t like seeing people I get I get really nervous around people like I’m around computers all day and stuff like that so you know so my monitors are my best friends and that’s all now so about sometimes she sees at the folks know and yeah it’s some people so it’s been a while since I’ve had to do stuff around people I’ve been like 3 weeks now I think I think I go through periods like months of not even seeing people it’s not like grocery stores or my folks and that’s kind of it so anyways just in case you’re hearing a lot of sound the backwards we a lot of people here today um yeah so these were by zones right we’re gonna go 1 2 3 4 & 5 up here and that makes a lot of sense right with the one to one retracement in there so I think that’s what we were talking about so now now we say to ourselves how much did we 1 retrace a lot or a little and we noticed that you retrace a lot therefore it can we assume because that when we trace the 786 region that this one right here can be traced less yeah we can assume that right so we just assume that anywhere around here would be a really hot myzel right what did that doesn’t that look like a hot basil and now there are some sub rules like this one right here we for at a high timeframe cannot retrace into the territory of wave 1 right I’m gonna I’m gonna Google this just to show you guys what I’m talking about here don’t ask me how you know how to find it so fast I tell you guys we for does not enter the territory wave 1 this rule holds for non leverage the cash market right then of course we know that everything could be leveraged right in cryptocurrency okay all right even so overlapping is usually confined to daily and interim price fluctuations and even then is sub wave 3 is specifically an impulse right so what they’re seeing is that it can overlap right but only by a hair so now we’re gonna use our horizontal Ray here as a section as a guideline of where it cannot retrace into it unless someone can give me a better argument I would love to hear it this is wave one territory right here and what are we seeing we’re seeing slowly leveling off right now now do you guys know the characteristics of an ABC wave of 80b see I’ll show you the characteristics of an ABC wave hi Luna how are you she’s so scared she came upstairs to visit me here come here oh sorry guys I don’t see my dog that often anymore so we’re gonna come down like that three four or five and then this one here makes an a B C like that and we five or wave C always does a zigzag down in some matter it could even be a diagonal like this right you can even be something like that where that creates a a wedge shape so those are possibilities for the C but what we’re trying to first of all do is count the we can also come in a three wave only right if there’s not sufficient downward force to create a fifth wave so if that one made a three wave and this one made three and this one made five we call this up to me three five sub structure okay and then if this would be five for the a there that that one right there would have been five three five now we’ve got a count very closely what we see we have to acknowledge how much it has retraced thus far so first of all we acknowledge that it has retraced a very respectable amount right now it has retraced so right here whereas first of all our one to one target right where we extrapolated from wave one saw it level off people would have missed that right but they knew this was target one this is target to you and guess what guys both targets were hit if I were to have been playing this they’re very easy how many times have you guys seen just use very basic Fibonacci extension right just use super basic Fibonacci extension and I just did this yep there’s um you know here’s Fibonacci extension on here’s the bottom here’s the top here’s the next bottom I’m gonna guess right now that it’s going to hit love to what extension and I’m gonna guess it’s gonna hit one six one point eight extension seems like I’m doing that every single time right every single time and just guess what guys once we find that you know where it began once we we find out where the top is and once we find out where it levels off we can predict where it’s gonna go it’s that easy like so I’m just trying to show you guys you know yeah sure people will say oh in hindsight you knew that it was gonna do this it like now that you see it hitting here of course you’re gonna say it’s a one-to-one no guys that is to practice for every time we just take one-to-one extensions okay and we also assume a few different rules we assume that wave 3 is often the longest but never the shortest right that’s why we will always take an extension higher than one to one slightly higher than it okay we take an extension slightly slightly slightly higher than it because if you assume it’s gonna hit I’ll be the reason to be longer than wait one right that’s what we assume and then we assume that because it’s gonna be much longer it can also be a possible target of 161 point eight and a very likely case is that wave three ends up hitting one to one and wave five ends up hitting the one sixty one point eight as demonstrated perfectly here so let’s just see you guys saw this lovely off right now and you said to yourself okay what is it retrace right now this one is retrace not more than one so this counts as a valid impulse wave and a correction and you guys just you know you see it you see it wedge it with your eyes you see it wedging when Julie it’s kind of in that shape right there right the ledge officially starts right here because that’s the see when you’re coming down okay that is the sea wave coming actually even right here that’s where it’ll fish Lee starts that’s the sea wave you can see something like that one two three four and five see remember my last video I was mentioning that a Ledge can occur like this in the C wave right to the C wave and all this is ABC somewhere here it actually made a beautiful ABCDE a see the E and then it broke down right here we also see three five waves as well I’m just going in crazy detail for you guys around this is actually three four five like that so I’m just going to detail of how that one was making really really easy to predict typical ABC zigzag combo this is what it made guys it made an eighty B and a C correction combo like that and then after that it’s attempting to break out people started to come over to my folks know that’s what you guys probably hear Luna going crazy it’s okay well we’ve got a lot of different rules in place right we have a rule that this one we trace a lot almost 276 around 76 regions so we assume that this one we traced is less and because we have this in place we have the wave one right territory range leasing Elliot wave theory we now know that this is a really good support that it’s acting as and all of these things are coming true guys okay isn’t it beautiful to find these things connecting guys I’m so excited to show you guys what can be done in this year by the time we thought you guys are gonna be like oh sorry mr. Fibonacci for mr. Freeman you cheat I’m making like 90 gazillion dollars a year right now or I’m gonna be like super happy for you guys to have the rub you don’t people come up to me they’re like man dude I have learned so much from you right now and yeah I’ve like multiplied my portfolio by like 50 already just by learning some basic technical indicators and skills so this is all not voodoo you guys just to be clear now a lot of people some people might even argue you know we have to we have to isolate these right what if people would if that was wave 1 that that was a way to balance wave 3 melt this could it be because before now is way into the territory of it right now if all of this right here was wave 3 remember the theory that I talked about earlier guys right so we’re gonna count here how many waves do we count we count 1 waves that’s 2 we count three that’s four and it’s almost making a fine wave like that yeah this one is more so like that and this makes 5 wait I say it started there 1 2 3 just my hair 4 & 5 right which makes wave 3 so it’s 1 2 3 4 & 5 is competing soon guys 5 is completing soon ok what that means what 5 completes is this guys check this out are you guys seeing this first of all we’re gonna soon wave 4 is around here somewhere okay we’re just gonna take a general average area and now we’re gonna draw this see this one here we’re gonna try to draw it as best as we can okay just around these areas see around these areas right here now we’re gonna highlight it we’re gonna highlight it to give you guys a good view right so am I taking a general area average of this area there absolutely I am right guys absolutely where where is the odd where’s the horizontal line derived from its derived from the high points of one so guys what I’m seeing is that this is getting close to a buy zone because mirror now at the point five Fibonacci level of this particular wave and we might even slightly slightly break below to the six one eight region but I bet you the indicators are rounding off right now yeah see they’re very low it reached ultra-low zones already daily it’s probably coming down still a lot about to curve maybe right so there’s something up tick down a tiny bit this one’s probably really low already it’s getting it’s getting into very dangerously oversold zones right so it’s not quite done this wave yet it’s probably going to go to somewhere between I’m just guessing guys like a best-case scenario you’re just guessing and hold on try to highlight this box I don’t know between 42 and under 50 around there okay so now what we notice is that if that is almost a and we count 5 sub waves then is this possibility here as well if that is is that a left shoulder is this a head and is there going to be like that something like that where we’re gonna play the neckline so this right now is already an apex point that seems to be holding that seems to be holding right now the next point is where this critical area comes to play after it bounces down the road okay so let me show you guys something with Bitcoin for example all right we’re gonna take the most the biggest coin out there do you guys notice something right here right this one had a really weird wave three right super weird I’ll wave three I shouldn’t go to daily coz it arced a little bit more right this one’s wave three was a little slightly over here right where weight one was somewhere down there we’re back that’s three right that’s four five okay do you guys notice the head and shoulders that it’s making it a very very peculiar way here actually looks like it’s better if nevermind that one was a bad example guys bounds a horrible example let’s see we can see it on any others see Iona right okay so he gets to that no this one’s not a good example as well we can’t really see him that line on a wave three now bags apples sorry guys I can’t find any examples and top of my head I thought that there would be some my mistake wasn’t that funny guys trying to make a big statement that no statement was made at all I just wasted ten seconds of your life guys and I’m not giving it back but this one right here it does look like it’s creating a neckline in this visible area here and it does look like it might want to bounce soon right I mean all the indicators are pointing to a very very oversold zone this MACD looks like it’s about to have curved upwards like that on probably positively ticking upwards a little bit right now it’s just making a temp volume is definitely picking up now do you guys see this in the past 15 minutes right during the downturn like that this really steady volume but now the MACD we’ve or nothing that even looping average for the volume is picking up a lot right not in the past four hours but if you look at the volume in the past like on an hourly or 45 30 15 especially on the 5 we picked up a little bit there and now it’s the plan again so we’re not quite done the downtrend yep so what I would recommend doing for myself that is is I would draw I would definitely get your charts open guys get your charts open right now and just draw this line that you see you know like draw a fairly fair line and to see if this could possibly be an apex point if it jumps up okay so after it makes an a like any other coin for example I’ll just go to Bitcoin because I know this one is a not to waste your time this time guys after it makes an 8-point it makes its way to an end point right right and you know it couldn’t be traced a healthy amount as all coins usually do this one was six one eight it retraced okay so we ask ourselves is it possible for it to retrace their before making its way to a steep session and the answer is absolutely yes the answer is yes it is possible to reach some sort of short-term position like let’s see let’s see it went down and it just bounced right off of the line here okay like I don’t know I’m just gonna guess I’m gonna guess a bounce up to like up to 40 about 42 for sure I think I think about 42 cuz this is becoming a buy zone right heavy heavy heavy heavy buys Oh usually ends up retracing to the wave for territory like right around here because that’s where there is most resistance before which now becomes a support right and not only that this horizontal line with the ride from wave 1 is pretty strong as well and we’re also almost counting 5 waves right pretty much 5 waves for might be really short because wave 3 was very very strong ready and on a different time frame we’re counting we’re counting 4 waves right now and a fifth one still forming so it might be very very soon it might break through here a tiny bit but I would keep my aisle between like like above above you know 42 for sure and above this line like above between say like okay under 50 it’s kind of like a danger zone I think right under 50 so I would even be looking between like 50 and now just to see if it bounces keep a close eye on it guys it hasn’t exactly bouncy okay like I mean on a higher time frame we really count basically one two three and there’s still gonna be a four or five somewhere they’re on a two-hour week and kind of actually we can kind of see one two three four and almost five one two or this might even be one two three four almost five forming it’s at 52 cents now Rick see it’s at 52 so keep an eye under 50 especially but around the 50 cent range it’d be pretty cool to keep an eye on this guy so let’s see what else can we do here let’s say we took Fibonacci like this let’s see if we took Fibonacci like this right here and we guessed that it would retrace to even conservatively conservatively if we guess that it would go to you know point five who knows how long it will take I don’t know about time maybe up there maybe here so I’m gonna keep an eye on here right this this region right here is between these like 70 and 75 it could very well retrace something there for a very long-term target right because it needs to make the ABC it needs to make the a right and you don’t this is somewhere B we’re sorry and then be somewhere up there like that hey guys I’m back so I was not like five minutes there yeah so I’m gonna look between 70 and 75 and I’m gonna keep a close eye like under 50 especially K under 50 expecially I’m not recommending for you guys to buy or anything don’t take me wrong like I’m no financial adviser okay but like under 0.5 to is kind of a signal already for me to say that I’m saying if I were to trade it and then under 50 I would be even more interested because then we would be getting close to like breaking some rules such as the wave one territory such as the like not actually it’s kind of in gonna break into the break below this by zone here right if we do break below we might even fall to lower ranges there so I’m I would be looking for a bounce guy it’s like above 40 especially and above this particular line right now where we’re finding support before and this congestion so if guys I’m gonna state clearly that if there’s a balance there’s a chance for a very nice gain here right if there’s a balance to see I’m just going to put my like forty eight forty eight cents there I’m gonna put my mouse there okay if there’s a bounce there there’s a chance to gain like fifty percent or so gave minimum fifty percent maximum fifty-five percent or so and you can set a stop loss for like wherever you guys think is reasonable for yourself so you got chance to win big there so I don’t know stop-loss if I were if I were playing this trade here I’d probably be setting my stop loss on four point four about four point four provided that it bounces confirmed right then I might be lathering my buys and taking small profits here there I’m at the top there and then just you know kind of quote unquote hedge there yeah so that those are some key things to watch for if there’s a bounce we are in a buy zone right now pretty much okay and if there’s a balance in a chance of up to 70 or even seventy five keep an eye on there fifty cents especially but right around this $0.50 mark who knows how long it’s going to take to get there like I’m not gonna predict the time but this is definitely a longer-term hold position as well we’re getting kind of lucky to catch this particular bottom here at a before it makes its way up to be I then we’ll talk about it further so if you guys enjoyed this stuff there’s also blog version as well on Steam it yeah guys check it out there’s a blog version on Steam in which I’d appreciate an up oh yeah I think with my personality I have um I can get away with thumb saying weird things like that right by almost sounding demanding but not quite demanding you know so because it’s just joking around and um yeah like like subscribe share if you guys enjoy my content on YouTube and Twitter and I also have a cryptocurrency for Lunas piggy bank which you guys are welcome to buy her a drink anytime she prefers vodka and tequila have ourselves a great day and I’ll be back later so as requested this was for you guys whoever requested this chair good luck with it if you guys are interested in this bounce

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