Bitshares (BTS) Revised Targets: $3.12 or Higher!!

okay here is an update on bitches I wanted to see if I can generate some forest based pricing versus the trees quite often this kind of higher degree of trend note how I’m not saying longer time frame I’m saying higher degree of trend and I don’t try even to project time and I wrote an essay on that on my blog as to why but primarily is because time is not a reflection of sentiment which is what prices so there are apples to oranges and trying to use the same methods and techniques to try and project time degrades price accuracy in my opinion so heel bitch is put in earlier 1 2 3 4 5 to me that’s a high degree wave one did an ABC collection wave 2 and that ABC correction was very deep I’d say around 870 86.6% it is 0.866 is square root of 0.785 Bonacci so 1 2 and then you have 3 4 5 I make 3 approximately 1 2 3 point 6 1 8 of 1 usually it is one point six one eighty two point six one eighth of one but I believe this is uber bullish and therefore I’ve extended it by one more and that is something that is very befitting of Krypton’s a lot of the traditional classical stock based allocations will laugh at that ask me if I care I’ve been counting and studying crypto since 2011 and I’ve been doing technical analysis since 1997 and based on my experience I believe this is very bullish we will get your correction there is a correction coming for bitches but this correction is very healthy and most likely it’ll be a triangle in ABCDE triangle if that’s the case the subways of this wave 3 would be one two three four five one is very long so I think I need to even extend this little high but I won’t for now until I get prop more price data all of these targets are moot points because the farther you go out into the degree of trend of higher degree of trend the less accurate you become most accurate so accuracy can be seen just before however this big picture allows you to see where the trend is directing towards and I think the trend is very bullish and I think that’s very very attractive for bitches therefore if that’s the case then this sub wave one two three four five could have it so the wave three could give us maybe need to change that you three twelve I’m now updating prior targets this will be 257 I like to usually target out my wave threes and wave five to neither wave three is one of the most profitable waves and I always say the best time to buy is one at the end of an ABC correction so here’s one to look at this ABC this is where I recommend it right here at the end of this ABC and I was following this at four and a half cents to five cents I recommended bitches people were saying yeah sure do you know that bitches just delisted bitches are you crazy why are you buying this dead coin and again that tells you the difference between fundamental analysis and technical analysis fundamental and news and events do not move the place twice moves the news and events too many that’s a bit of an upside-down thinking but that is a one of the primary basis of might of my methods many my methods I combine any wave analysis and chart pattern recognition in a dose of 20 plus years of experience as well and for those of you who are new to Doody tube and new to my blogs you’re more than welcome to come and check me out on my vlogs they’re all listed here on steam slash forward slash at hedging at the end of each of one of my vlogs there are free tutorials of Elle on Elliot waves one two and three three videos and I would strongly recommend you view the laddering video when to buy once yourself setups how I do it and a real time at that time when I recorded it an example of an EOS laddering tutorial on the use of Fibonacci and a Lee waves design more specifically for Kryptos scripters are not the same as Starks they have a different personality and for that reason they need different nuances there’s slightly different ratios so back to pitchers one two three four five three of three you should give us 257 three higher degree of trend she give us three twelve I think there’s a submenu wait a minuet level and wave five should bring that to 361 here now is the chart for bitches to be TSP oh and look at this beautiful just gorgeous rounding bottom and usually you want symmetry side to side so I’ve now revised my pictures targets for the BTC pale at Wave three we should see 13,000 523 Satoshi’s at Wave five we should see 17,000 648 Satoshi’s huge just gorgeous and beautiful you can see this tuna triangles about to break out and continue the wave three and there was a very nice vintage classic three we have five waves up impulse and look how extended this fifth wave was if there’s anything you should know has a take home whenever you see an extended fifth wave like this you sell everything you don’t walk but one away the reason is because whenever you see an extended fifth it’s a warning sign that the correction well we’ve quite quite horrific in this case it was down to wave two so extended fifths often go down and retrace to Playa wave to and this was an eighty six point six percent of each face you do not want to stick around for this okay I hope this has been helpful I enjoy now more and more using D tube and I recommend it to many others as well and if you have any questions please come to my blog comment on it and let me know thank you have a great day

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