Bytecoin/BurstCoin/Reddcoin/Siacoin – CRYPTO PRICE ANALYSIS (January 10th 2018)

hey there everyone this is Joe in general your resident reason and evidence enthusiastic 10th of January 2018 and I’m continuing my mega mini analysis where I take a look at a whole bunch of different crypto as I’ve promised to do a few videos in quick succession looking at a whole bunch of kryptos maybe four in each video because we’re at the start of the new year and this is my first bunch of videos back for the year and we’ve seen a lot of action in the cryptocurrencies since the start of the year so two days ago I did the big three plus one I did Bitcoin litecoin etherium and EOS check that one out right there I was gonna do a video yesterday but then my internet was down so it’s it’s back up today’s my first chance to do another one so you get another one today probably a video number two of at least three I would suggest so probably another video coming after this one in the next maybe 24-48 hours but today’s Kryptos I happen to be looking at ah bite coin burst coin read coin and finally see a coin now if at any time you do want to skip ahead to your favorite coin I would put a link to the time codes in the info section of the YouTube page and as part of the pinned comment of course my new subscribers welcome to my newbies total now over seven thousand eight hundred and eighty-five hit the big red subscribe button right there okay so quickly before I move on to the analyses I want to talk about the three reasons why I’m talking about these four coins three reasons why I’m talking about the four coins so reason number one is I’ve talked about all four of these coins before now in in crypto land these coins would be considered I guess maybe middle-aged maybe baby boomer generation because they’ve been around for quite a while now at least in crypto land that is it’s kind of like dog years so I’ve talked about see a coin like eight months ago right here talked about bite coin right here seven months ago by coin NC a coin I’ve talked about burst coin or where is that right here that was seven months ago and what else a coin as I mentioned yes I’ve talked about all these coins before so they are having a repeat analysis again you know a number of months down the track that’s not the main reason here’s the other two reasons and these happen to be the main reasons do you notice anything in common with these four particular charts do you notice anything in common with these four particular charts now some astute of my substitute people watching this video right here my subscribers and people watching my video for the first time you may notice two specific things so let’s talk about the first thing right here each of these coins have finished a full market cycle what the hell am I talking about well I’m talking about this market cycle right here if you go to Google and Google Images type in Wall Street cheat sheet I’m sure this will come up and this is the Wall Street cheat sheet psychology of a market cycle so notice something there what we come through here we go through this optimism phase right here the belief the thrill and finally the euphoria right up here and if you can read that right here this euphoria says I’m a genius we’re all going to be rich and then generally what happens from there is a pretty sharp sell-off then we do see a bit of a rise and we think oh no it’s coming back it’s coming back no it’s not and then we go through this market cycle of human emotion where we go through anxiety denial panic anger and finally this sort of depression range right here where the price just bottoms out and doesn’t look like it’s ever coming back ever again and so that’s a full market cycle so we’ve done it here in Bitcoin we did it here we did kind of match the same high here but we did it here in a burst coin you can see that consolidation through time at a very low level in price this is in relation to Bitcoin by the way we did it in red coin here you go right up here here’s the euphoria the sell etc and there so that depression phase right there and we did it in a seer coin as well so not exactly following the market cycle but you can you know not pip for pip but you can see it’s that general pattern okay so that’s reason number two but the main reason for doing analyses of these four coins again it wouldn’t make any sense for me to a do analysis of them if they just finished their michael market cycle and they were staying down there well what you might notice right here is look at them all four of them looks like two it looks like they have started a new market cycle here it is in second you certainly can see it here in red coin in fact we’ve broken through the all-time high from here and we’ve touched the all-time high to new all-time high twice and we’ll talk about that in a second burst coin right here we’ve broken out of its old mica market cycle creating a new market cycle what it looks like to be and back again with Bitcoin so those are the three reasons I’ve talked about the coins before they’ve all had a full market cycle completed and they’re back baby it seems like they’re back now of course this is not financial advice do your own research have a look into what these coins are what they do what their use case is etc but you may find and I could be wrong here but you may find that these coins may join a lot of the other cryptocurrencies as they all rise almost all of them rise there’s going to be some scam coins etc but most of the coins are going to see a rise in their prices in 2018 as more and more people more and more the percentage of the population get into the crypto currencies that’s only getting more and more that was like I should say more and more people are getting involved in it and it’s only getting higher it’s not tapering off it’s it’s increasing seems to be exponentially but it’s only um maybe at 1/2 2% of the population at the moment wait until it’s 3% 4% 7% 13% and then higher from there so as cliff high says if you guys are familiar with cliff high rising tides raise all ships so you may see as you know Bitcoin and aetherium and the big boys and litecoin etc have their big rises you may find that the little guys like bite coin and burst coin red coin say coin may join with them and in fact I do think some of these coins have really good at use cases but we’ll talk about those in a second so those are the three reasons but let’s get let’s get straight on to the analysis so let’s take a look at white coin now white coin is the first private untraceable cryptocurrency so go to white coin org and do your research of course I’m not going to spend a whole bunch of time talking about what it is what it does you’ve got the internet you can look it up yourself but let’s talk about the price so as you can see here that full market cycle has completed and it is most definitely to me look like it started a new market cycle now doesn’t mean that’s going to go straight up from here no of course not we may see it come up and then come back down through a little bit but I think over 2018 and I think in all four of these coins is going to be the same case again my opinion only I think they’re all going to break their previous all-time highs and make new highs before completing another full market cycle if that makes sense again download The Wall Street cheat sheet if you can find it so we came off a top here and again this is priced in Bitcoin this is the Polonia ‘kx website price exchange price we came up to a top of 280 Satoshi and that’s coming off where a hand down here at five I bought originally bought some Bitcoin back here when I was talking about by coin all the way back here I got in at about five right down there and then I was doing some spying and some selling etc and I didn’t miss the top though so this is actually one of the coins where I do still have some from down here when I bought at five I didn’t sell out when it hit the top because I thought it might have gotten higher but so I learned my lesson there and actually bought a bunch at around about 1:40 thinking that it’s you know might possibly go even higher and I knew less about the market cycle back then than I do now so you know we we’re constantly learning I know more about trading now than I did do you know then I did seven to eight months ago but I actually have some that I still have and I rode that wave all the way down through the depression phase and I thought oh no oh no I’ve lost it all it’s all gone all that jazz and it’s like I’ll just put a sell order here around about one forty and maybe one day it’ll hit there and I’ll just recoup my cost right get my you know break-even but I’ve since removed that sell order from Polonius it’s not there anymore it’s not in this Auto book because knowing what I know now I’m a little bit better a trader than I was eight months ago I do think as I said just before we’re gonna break all-time highs and make a new high so I’ve gotten rid of that sell order but I’ve yet to break even with my Buy in around about 140 but I do have still have some back here from five etc and kind of around this area here anyway I digress high of 280 low of 14 and I did happen to notice the breakout here the volume was spiking and we did break above we got to about thirty thirty-one and I ended up buying some more here at thirty-one so I’m back in the game I added to my position a bite coin even though I have some up here at one forty I could I really really have a good feeling it’s gonna hit one forty and further up definitely in 2018 my opinion of course not financial advice more here at thirty-one we came up to a high of 66 back down to this very key support level right here you can see that it was a level of resistance than a key level of supports another leg higher up to the thirty eight point two Fibonacci line the Fibonacci point which again is calculated from the very all-time high up to a the low of 14 came up too close to that Fibonacci mark of thirty eight point two and back down to this kind of area the twenty three point six and we’re hovering now around about seventy nine may be a good opportunity and of course and this is not financial advice but I do have a feeling we may be making new all-time highs coming in 2018 and we’re having seeing a retreat ‘men trite now might be an opportunity to maybe diversify your portfolio and maybe get in a roundabout now of course that is up to you I am not telling you what to do so moving up from here the next levels of resistance where would they be where could you potentially see another you know burst up and then Avery trace meant down what you’d be wanting to look at the Fibonacci lines that’s the kind of the major levels you want to be looking at the next level here is the 50% at around about 150 so you could see it come back there and then come back down to the 38.2 level at about 115 roughly I have a feeling I I don’t know why I have this thing but I and I could be completely wrong of course but I think the next major level is right here at the sixty one point eight eight having around about 180 technically it’s 178 but you probably see I reckon some sell orders or some massive sell orders at around about your one eighty mark so let’s just go to the Polonius website see what kind of cell walls we have at 180 you’ve got 42 actually 175 right there that’s where your big sell order is at 97 Bitcoin worth at 175 so you’d consider putting a sell order in at before 175 so kind of 173 172 something like that if you think that is there going to be the next area before we see a retracement so for whatever reason I don’t think we’re gonna I think we may sorry possibly not sail through but sort of push through 150 and come up to this a 180 level here as you can see back here it’s where we had that a dead cat bounce that should burn the fake-out that’s where we faked out right about there so I think that’s a key level of resistance I think that’s the next level and moving higher from there of course you got the seventy eight point six level here at about two hundred and twenty three and of course the all-time high at 280 moving up from here where could we go to I mean the sky’s the limit it seems to be four to 2018 but let’s look at some key Fibonacci levels again based on the old high right here the previous all-time high want the all-time high and the low here of 14 we got the 1.618 at four four four you can call that 450 comfortably the 2.72 at 6:18 and the two point six one eight at 710 you could I guess call that 700 as a psychological value and moving up from here you’ve got the four point two three six level at 1 1 4 1 let me get rid of that I think the psychological barrier of 1000 would get in the way there so potentially what you may see and again this I may be possibly low-balling this you never know but let’s just spit ball it for now the next market cycle may not finish it may not hit the euphoria phase until possibly I think around about that thousand mark now of course we may come up and have you know some retracements etc but the big blow off top may happen at around about that thousand mark that’s not a I’m not giving you a huge guarantee of that could go way higher could be lower but just basing it on you know percentage gains it looks like you know coming up to here before we have a giant market cycle completion where it comes all the way back down that doesn’t seem logical to me I think we would need to be in this kind of general area right here for it to warrant it being you know majorly majorly oversold we thought before we then come back and do like we do here where we have a complete market cycle so that’s my opinion on Bitcoin I will leave you to do your own research head over to Bitcoin dot org all right moving on to burst coin talked about burst coin previously about seven months ago roughly this one right here best coin doing the same thing had a high of 978 Satoshi again this is on the polonius website completed its market cycle and came all the way back down to around about sixty Satoshi roughly and since we’ve seen a new market cycle occurring so we’ve that was a really really big burst it burst had a big burst from it slow here at about 86 and we sailed all the way through the twenty three point six the thirty eight point two and the 50 percent and came closer to the 61.8% but we had a top out out right here we topped out at about 594 roughly since then about a 50 percent retracement roughly so far and then a higher high at about 725 and then we’ve retraced down to this downtrend line what you’ll notice right here so this downtrend line is going through the all-time high right here and that high it may just there so you’re just drawing a trend line right there and lo and behold after we broke up through that trend line we’ve since come back down to visit that trend line that’s that’s a bit of a pattern that occurs and if we look at this is interesting if we look at the maybe the two hour looks like here right there you can see it bounced right off it right there interesting okay so moving higher from here where could we go let’s go back down to the one day time frame let’s talk about moving lower we should talk about moving lower in case it does of course well excuse me you’ve got these Fibonacci levels maybe around about 400 it could gum come down to or of course it could come back down to the 23.6 here to 77 you guys I guess you could comfortably call it a 300 level so it’s matching this low right here but I think the bias is to the upside particularly for the whole of 2018 so moving higher we would need to obviously break through and I think the next level would be breaking the all-time high here of 978 I don’t think this level right here of the seventy eight point six at 781 Satoshi it’s only a tiny little bit above this previous high so I think we would sail through this Fibonacci mark right here and when we come to us knocking on the door of the previous all-time high at nine seven eight roughly and moving higher from here where can we go to we’ve got the 1.618 Fibonacci level right there let me do that there we go one point six one eight at fifteen hundred and forty four Satoshi right there on that blue line moving higher from here we’ve got the two point seven two at a 2144 Satoshi and quite a usually quite a key Fibonacci level extension point that is of the two point six one eight and that is at two thousand four hundred and sixty two and moving higher from here you’ve got the four point two three six at three thousand four hundred and three thousand nine hundred and forty six you could call that 39:52 four thousand maybe and maybe even anywhere between thirty nine hundred to four thousand Satoshi and again I think it would need to get to that kind of area before we see you know a completion you know a euphoria point within a the new market cycle before we see a massive drop up so I think this kind of general area now what you might notice is this trend line right here so could that even be the point you never know through these two highs right here this high and this hire just drew that in so could potentially come up to here before finishing a mark before the euphoria phase hits and then we have a full market cycle from there now you never know though this could I could be as I said before with the bike coin analysis I could be really low balling it we could in through the whole of 2018 this could be just an absolute drop in the bucket and we could see much much much higher prices you can’t even see them there so just bear that in mind okay just bear that in mind that usually we tend to underestimate tops they tend to go a lot higher than where we think they are going to go so do not take what I’m saying as your financial advice of course but I think you know when we get to this kind of area it will start looking to be a bit oversold that’s my opinion of course but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the complete market cycle top so that is a burst coin and you should also head over to burst – coin org check out what the coin is what it does it’s an interesting one in the way that it is mined I think you guys might actually find this really interesting it’s mined via your hard drive space it’s got nothing to do with solving you know a particular algorithm or anything like that it’s all to do with hard drive space so the more hard drive space that you have the more bite coin you the more burst coin that you can earn so here’s someone’s burst coin mining rig and it’s especially a whole bunch of hard drives here all connected together so that’s the way you mine burst coin so check that one out and check out their their deal with a proof of capacity so that is by our burst coin that is and let’s move straight on to red coin my old friend red coin I’ve spoken about red coin a few times I regaled all of you with a massive excellent story in one of these ones I don’t remember which one it was about the fact that I found red coin like I found a hundred bucks in an old pair of jeans I’d forgotten I’d had red coin and I actually know what sorry that’s not no this is what happened I’d lost now this is what happened I lost a whole bunch of crypto on a now-defunct exchange called cripsy and for some reason I don’t know why I didn’t realize this at the time but I transferred my red coin over to another exchange and I thought you know our crip see all my stuff’s gone but then I logged into this exchange which I thought I’d never logged into before I thought I was signing up for a new account lo and behold I already had an account and I found red coin in this account and then it had a massive rise in the price this is this price here and then I kind of sold out around about here and I made a good little profit but then I then started buying back in and then I again like these two here I rode the wave down recently but we have seen a massive rise in the price definitely new market cycle in red coin so I am currently up on my position where I you know got back in kind of a roundabout here thinking it might go back up but then no it the market cycle had not completed and I wasn’t again I wasn’t fully fully aware of the market cycle back you know seven eight months ago but I know much more about this now than I did back then so I rode that wave down but now I’m certainly arriving riding that wave back up seen some great gains in red coin topping out now at 197 huge retracement back down and all the way back up again don’t know if that’s a double top situation which that we shall see hopefully it’s not a double top when we come all the way back down again but as I said before rising tides raise all ships so I think red coin has got some you know a long way to go higher into in 18 my opinion head over to red coin comm check out what it is it’s actually a payment system for social media sort of social websites red coin achieves us by integrating a digital currency platform seamlessly with all major social networks to make the process of sending and receiving money fun and rewarding for everyone so that’s their I guess their mission statement that’s what they do and they’ve got a pretty solid loyal following so let me go back here to red coin so let’s check out some Fibonacci let’s do that based on let’s do it I think now we might need to do it based on I would do it on the the old high and the old low just for now since we’ll we did that before let’s check out to see whether that matches with anything let’s see right here as you can see here when we broke up through the all-time high we press that new old timer and then we came back down to the 50% level roughly again from this old high and this old low maybe this one isn’t going to be the most beneficial so we’ll remove that and actually no my apologies I’m doing this off-the-cuff here so we’ll put it back in because we’ll look at the extension Fibonacci extension points actually because what you’ll see is that we did come back and we’re kind of hovering around the all-time the previous all-time high right there so we will use this currently as our Fibonacci extension points right there so for all the ads going this is uh this is live baby and I’m not gonna record it again I don’t like to start and stop I just like to kind of push it through preferably so here we go we have the 1.618 at two one nine we have the two point seven two at three hundred roughly 305 technically the two point six one eight extension at 351 and the four point two 36 at five six two four also going to go a little bit higher with this one because I want you to look at this trend line right here which is going through these previous old highs this one and this one let’s see where this heads up to it’s not this line right here actually I’ll get rid of that one right there this line follow that line right there all the way up see where it gets up to and we’re heading up to right up there and what is that at that’s around about you’re 900 mark and let’s do that right there I think in my opinion for 2018 and it could go much higher than this it could go much much higher than this but I think we are at least going to see in red coin again my opinion not financial advice we’re going to at least see it reach this the this long term trend line right here and maybe see that that level right there that that point right there we may hit this line at some point before we see a large retracement so could we come up to a kind of roundabout you’re sort of thousand-dollar again like burst coin you’re thousand thousand dollar you’re thousand satoshi mark before we see the full market cycle complete oh I mean start it’s down leg from the euphoria phase off they’re down to complacency anxiety all that stuff down there I think that is quite a likelihood that we will at least see in my opinion for 2018 in red coin a mark of about 1000 Satoshi again please understand I could be absolutely wrong it may not do that at all in or it may in fact just blast straight through it at some point in 2018 but I think the minimum point is we are going to see this line be tested at some point this yeah that’s my opinion with red coin I’m going to leave it at that with red coin I don’t think there’s much else to say about that one so we’re going to move straight on to my old friend again another one see a coin I love my see a coin check out this one over here this is a decentralized cloud network okay so completely private SIA splits apart encrypts and distributes your files across a decentralized network admin since you hold the keys you own your own data no outside company can access or control your files unlike traditional cloud storage providers I think they have a very good use case and it’s been around for quite a while now comes in and out of fashion as you can see it has its market cycle completed its blow off top and then it’s you know all these different human emotion phases right down here but again we’ve seen a new market cycle occur so let’s take it a quick look at where we could head up to from here because I think as I said rising tides raise all ships we will see higher prices for 2018 so now might be a good opportunity to get some of some get you some see a coin it is really nearly midnight and I need my sleep so we’ve come down from the high here of 837 roughly and all the way back down to the low of 44 excuse me and we broke out again then we started a new market cycle around about the start of December this is kind of when they started similarly happening you can see here sort of middle of December for red coin burst coin right here in middle of December look at that isn’t that so interesting kind of happened all around the same time and right here as well in Bitcoin again around the middle of September that is so interesting all of these four coins started breaking out around about the same time again but would see a coin we came up from that lower 44 high of 268 so then we then drew in this trend line right here connecting the old high and this new high a new high in the new market cycle that is and since then a nice rise up too close to the 50 percent Fibonacci mark of 441 but we didn’t hit that quiet we’ve got there at 4:18 and now like I mentioned before a lot of these coins in the last 24 hours to 48 hours in a sea of red at the moment so a lot of them are retracing and just see it coin happens to be one of them so I don’t think this is out of the ordinary it’s not like it’s going in my opinion not gonna not like it’s gonna head back all the way down again as I said before I think it’s going to in my opinion join the cryptocurrency herd in 2018 and see new all-time highs in its price just like almost all crypto currencies will this year except for the really scamming coins but you guys are smart enough to pick up on what those ones are bit connect us I tech excuse me so I had a frog in my throat so maybe we could come back to possibly we may need to visit it this downtrend line or at least maybe this old high right here which is now an old tie so you could come back down a little further and retrace to about 266 but I guess the question is if you’re looking at getting in to see a coin for the first time after watching this video and if you are confident enough like I am that we will be breaking all-time highs and seeing new highs coming in 2018 do you wait for you know the perfect opportunity to get it here or do you just get in get a core position for the first time well I think you know mark what my answer would be on that one but I’ll leave that up to you to make up your own mind let’s see where we need to break through or key levels of resistance so a key level looks like right here for just looking just eyeballing it looks like this level right here seems to be a level of resistance it looks likes to be you can see right here a level of support another level of support right there could be a level of resistance around about your 485 mark I guess you could call it psychological value or 500 and moving up from here you’ve maybe got this seventy eight point six level of 667 and breaking up from there of course your all-time high so doesn’t mean we’re gonna go straight up to the all-time high we may you know come up to the seventy eight point six and then back down again visit a previous Fibonacci level that’s tends to happen more often times than not but breaking through the all-time high which I absolutely think again I can’t stress this enough and I know I repeat myself and I apologize but this is my opinion of course and it’s not financial advice but breaking these all-time high which I think we will do this year for sure where can we head up to from here okay so let’s have a look at a couple of places so we’ve got a few trend lines here one of the trend lines is from the old high and this is back in where are we G this is back in June of 2016 where we posted a high here about about 186 so it’s through this high here and this high here you can see that trend line right there so that could be a level of resistance right here hitting that line I think that would definitely be wherever it hits doesn’t mean it’s going to hit it here doesn’t mean it could hit it up here but wherever it hits I think that will become a level of resistance or you know a bit of a resistance point we’ll have to sort of knock on that door a couple of times before we break through it because we’ve got a significant high here and a significant a high here so that trendline definitely seems to be in play in my opinion I’m gonna get a rid of that one I think I don’t like that and so breaking up from here you’ve got the 1.618 level of thirteen hundred and twenty eight you got the two point seven two here at eighteen forty seven satoshi again this is priced against bitcoin it’s the Polonia acts exchange and you’ve got the two point six one eight at 21-21 and you’ve got the four point two three six at 3,400 Satoshi could it go much higher than that yes it could but I just like to mention those key ones the one point six one eight two point seven two two point six one and 4.2 36 they’re kind of the main ones for now and then we’ll adjust the Fibonacci High Point and low point once we start making new highs I think we’ll have to readjust at some point so those are the main levels which I think we’ll hit before we see a you know significant retracement as I said before I think this trend line right here wherever that hits it depends where it hits but I think you will see a level of resistance at some point right there but again in the medium term you would need to get through again this $500 $500 barrier right here roughly and maybe this seventy eight point six level of course we’re going to knock on the door of the all old all-time high of eight thirty seven what tends to happen is the all-time high doesn’t become a massive level of resistance it tends to go to knock on the door a little bit and then eventually tends to quickly break through it now I could be wrong on that but that’s what tends to happen in a bull market and I do think that see a coin red coin burst coin and bite coin are now back baby they are back in full force in my opinion not financial advice they are in the beginnings of new bull markets as I’ve said at the start of this video I will end it with the same thing I think they are all going to break through their all-time highs this year in 2018 as all kryptos rise I think they will follow they will join the herd rising tides raise oh Sh raises all ships and I think they will see all-time highs and moving higher from here where that is I don’t know exactly but I’ve given some some kind of indication of targets possibly for all four coins I think that’s it gang I did that all in one take thank you for being patient with my sniffles and and all that stuff I like to kind of do it in one take rather than sort of chopping and changing and editing and all that jazz so I will do another video in the next 24 to 48 hours of for more cryptocurrencies I’m probably looking at maybe to give you a coming soon I’m probably definitely going to look at substratum I’ve had a couple of people who want me to look at substratum so I’ll probably do that I might look at neo there’s a couple of others there if you have any requests for the next video if you really want to see a particular coin analyzed let me know in the comment section of the video you are watching right now and of course if you want to stay stay informed about what’s going on in the cryptocurrencies hit the big red subscribe button right there and join my family all right that is it gang that’s it’s over midnight and I’m gonna go to bed stay safe stay informed speak soon you

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