hello everyone this is Rob from cryptocurrency strategy YouTube channel and I hope you will do well in today’s video I want to talk about one of the lowest coin that slipping at this point and based on my prediction I’m I am sure 90% of the chance that you will be definitely getting profit from this coin but well as that it is one of the lower screen that you can invest at this point throwing thousand dollars would make you like I would say make you rich or make you break even that’s how that coin that’s how that low risk in this coin so I want to talk about this coin so stay tuned to the end of this video to find out what’s the coin why my predictions are like this and reason behind the logic and everything I’ve been sharing in this video ok so stay tuned to the end of this video but before I start jumping into that price prediction I want to ask you all make sure to supply to my channel because my channel mainly gonna be doing on strategy tips and hint tutorial investment strategy 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up to you how you want to contact me please to share my your feedback and everything so then I can improve myself but make sure to subscribe to the button well less than every video of release take a look at it give you a feedback and comments ask me a question many as you want and also click that Bell button to notify you when I’m on release video so that’s all I ask you please do that and I will be definitely start doing this giveaway I I kind of hate the way you know other people doing give a way to get more subscribers and building the channel I don’t want to go in the same path but well as that I understand you know um you know everyone doing that and properly you might expect me to do as well even I don’t like it I have to do I’m kind of enforcing now so that’s what I’m thinking about know when to do and what to do a kind of thing if you small I can easily do it but I know everyone doing like meek number I’m no afford to you know able to give that kind of big value like thousand dollars and find $1 per time so I am thinking about how to collaborate and how to do this kind of thing right so I will someday I will start doing that but till that use my channel to get the valuable data that you can find from here that’s all I can ask you for now so let’s jump into the today topic and today topic so you may ask me what the coin I’m gonna talk about most the price prediction right now I was literally researching about some of the the low cost coin in the market at this point right just to understand you know what other coin in there just go through one and I know you know I want to find a coin that less than a penny basically so then I know it can be very low risk and then you can for example if you put one BTC that means you can get like a million coins and it mean that what happened if you get it for like 20 Satoshi and that reach 200 Satoshi how that can be throat poor for how how much profit you can instantly get it and this other thing I kind of put in the number and I was thinking about what to do what kind what is the best coin to do it but then also I go through each and individual those kind of coins and find out is either coin have any value does this gonna happen and slava so of course you know red coin is one of my favorite long time ago and I had like 1.5 million coins but I literally need the cash out for in Western in a nice you and I sold it basically but I was literally boarded when it was like about 2000 Satoshi all si I can’t remember but I little Tony falls really cheap but then after owns I sold within a two week time for ice going to to since it’s no one says con two cents but like my bad luck I he was richly sold to week before and then it’s called boom and if I hold that point I easily I got either almost 2.5 BTC which is I only invest thousand pound in UK which means I could easily gain like $30,000 or more at that point but it is my bad I mean I know for the fact it will happen some point but because of I need a quick cash and I made in a long time and that kind of backed me but if I want to go and buy the same thousand pound pound I won’t have 1.5 million coins rather would have not even half so it is too late in my view but again this thread coin will go someday I think it’s around five cents or more diamonds for about 1020 cents it could go I can see that in 2018 okay but my this video is not about coin so you know even you can talk about dogecoin you know things lava there’s a lot of the coins are really cheap and you can talk about it but my main this video really I’m gonna focus on by coin okay so let’s talk about the by coin let me rank so let me refresh and bring that to the original list so if you look at by coin and the movement is ranked 3d and with a market cap of 1.5 billion dollars and I understand the total supply on this coin maximum supplies 184 billion coins and at the moment already in circulation around 183 million sort of 183 billion coins in the market last 24 I have a 6 million USD on sale you know on the trade so basically was Bitcoin sorry my coin was literally it’s like almost similar to Dutch coin red coin like half year back but now you have some attention as current start doing some changes but why is my coin is quite for you know something that do I feel it’s kind of slipping because if you imagine what spike on is it is a privacy coin one of the first coin ever haven’t made they was running more than I think from since 2012 I think 2012 yeah 2012 they are operating and successfully they still five year six year pause so they’re you know constantly running this company which that already giving really confident everyone that this coin is genuine and have some value they did have some proper in the past but even though they are constantly fixing and make sure that to do well they also chain they they basically rebrand same logo but the colors and the website although recently change as well another thing is will to mention that this coin was a father of mineral okay many noise came after comparing mineral and bite coin are basically bike on I in my V is much better but it’s it came after but some sort of influence and he’s also open source my normal and you have you know if have they kind of did quite well and they kind of focused and they had a well team for Monday for the kind of rock rocket so fast and also they have a very low supply about 15 million coins as well and that’s why they kind of became huge and they already reach to three hundred eighty four dollars per coin but by coin is the father of this they are the first one and I’m pretty sure the other one of the private decentralized cryptocurrency was came a long time ago but now because they reformed and they are working on many thing and if you keep on look at the Twitter page you can see the update like what’s going on they constantly updating things lava but also they recently create the bike coin foundation Twitter page in which that basically give you some sort of indication around what’s going on what’s the price prediction and where this going and so on so on so let me find that find the Twitter page it’s called some by coin foundation and yeah that’s it so this is a one other thing I’m gonna highlight some something they recently released as well okay so I’m gonna I’m gonna come back to that later but I just want to let I won’t open this in case if I’m gonna forget about it so you know they just reformed and they did refresh the whole thing and they are called team-working they make sure that him is getting you know they are good team they have and I’m pretty sure they are going them that right direction which mean 2018 gonna be huge for this coin when I say huge you know the price gonna be increment to you know the different number and I’m gonna reveal that in a short time but only problem is is the supply you know 184 million sir billion eight hundred eighty form a billion coin me even its reach to like an assembly $1 I mean 184 billion market cap in total right that mean that camp you know you had to remember this what is the total market cap going to be in 2018 and if this already took around 184 billion that this kind of gonna be a devaluation gonna be that much if that happen on me I believe 184 billion mean it was coin need to be increased like really huge and that mean 2.5 trillion my my prediction for 2018 for the total market tab won’t be a crack valuation I think if that even go to 10 not as well yeah between a 7 to 10 trillion we are talking about but in one year I don’t know if that possible I don’t think that’s gonna happen surely it’s gonna be between somewhere between 2.5 trillion to 5 trillion that is possible so so based on that term I are keeping myself 2018 cryptocurrency world was only gonna reach up to 2.5 trillion that’s it so that’s what my total market supply for that right so keep that in mind now I’m gonna do a price prediction for this bike or in what would be and and again I’m surely know this is kind of really competitor compete competitor for many role many real coin which is again if you go you know equally that the technology and everything behind is amazing they already mean if you look at the current where they are what they’re doing a source on the page here which they give us indication around or vdr who they’re partnering with and things like that like a condom a movie a thing okay folks out here is here ecosystem yeah ecosystem so if you go here you can see already they already doing the merchandise with number of people here like pintura kappa compromises sorry so you can see this here right so they already start doing with a number of places they already much nice then using the coin to do it and again you know came even from gambling they already using in the gambling as well that’s a huge market and again the exchange why they already listed in hit me see Palani and so on so nothing is its own switch to some level that definitely come in bit tricks fella by you know by lands and so on soon soon the hate the price couldn’t go high as well so that’s i can see that’s happening so based on that so let’s talk about this before i predict my prediction I won’t saw this post post by by Cohen foundation which is kind of personally I don’t believe that could happen but it’s really interesting to see how these people thinking there’s a person who kind of tweeted saying by coin would be $1 I I kind of don’t agree that but other than that in even this is I’m not agreeing but then these three I kind I agree that could happen right but I don’t who’s this person kind of seem like he’s one of the developer or don’t know because he keep on tweeting on on this page anyway let’s think of that but let’s quickly go to the post on talking about which was few day back on this no they talking directly to this matrix the chance is high they might be gonna see and they had a chance to enlist it today as well it will definitely gonna happen some point in 2018 got a big community behind as well you know if you look at all the Twitter page Facebook page everybody go law community behind and supporting them so good to see that you know someone said this is one of the nice photo I saw in the China the Twitter page we’re here by coin against meth Munira so you know it’s like a spider-man again sign man because kind of almost same technology but in my view by coin is much better and also it’s kind of slipping at this point that’s what I would say anyway let’s go okay this is the pose I’m talking about price prediction of by coin for 2018 if all dynamic of world of crypto currency system remaining unchanged then the price of PC and will be exactly this let’s go forth let’s hope for the it and walk on this direction okay so what actually they showing and generally eighteen which is this year January they predicting the price gonna go by pence okay actually that happened it was reached to one point zero one five cents in January he did reached one so they are right on the suspect okay so that happened now they saying in February is gonna reach three cents much nine cents followed by an following on following on and at the end of December the predicting seven point five eight cents I don’t know where they’re getting this number how they predicted in this valuation but having said that if you imagine if what happened seven point five eight cents per coin cause why the way this coin gonna sit that’s my question I came so basically you have a 180 I think one or eighty four thousand K this is like a current supply but even though let’s keep it is like in a copy this number I just want to do some quick calculation so if it’s fast time by seven point five eight per coin that gives us one point three trillion you know the white coin gonna be the total capital going to be one point three trillion your that possible well definitely is not possible in my view in that what happened then we are talking about Bitcoin – you know Adrienne you know what about other coins are like electro Liam – like 2 trillion you know Cardona ought to be like I don’t know so if you talking about it’s so every going to be like rocket hell basically so I don’t think that will ever happen 1.5 trillion maybe 15 years time maybe but 2008 in no way that will never can happen in my view again I respect you know if everyone have their own opinion I don’t discrimination it but I think yeah I respect the suggestion their prediction be even though in my personal view is never gonna happen but surely I will the price can it be little Ingrid increasing some point in even end of the year will be different so that’s the number I’m gonna show in my view what this happen okay so let’s go and do some numbers in my view so as I said me I mentioned before my prediction for the 2018 as a total market supply for the whole entire cryptocurrency world it’s gonna be 2.5 trillion okay which is like five times bigger than what we are now and so I want to put that number so so five-time 0.01 which is that’s what all knows because he came to one cents and then go down by anywhere so keep it in one sense which mean the by coin price more likely more likely gonna go to either between five to five to ten cents that’s my view but it is the best case I even think it could go to 20 cents okay per coin could go to 20 cents so that’s my prediction so somewhere between five to ten minutes surely can happen but it’s the best scenario it could even go to 20 cents so that’s all would happen even in this 20 cents per coin it mean the current market kinda on 2018 that market cap would be put 20 cents that’s give us a 36 billion so we are talking about 36 billion market cap for Bitcoin it does reasonable eating well it could it could reasonable I taught the students 19 would be like a 40 billion market for my coin even though is possible okay so let’s keep it that way so either between fight a tennis issuer but between anything 20 cents I mean borders that could happen as well okay that’s my prediction so even though I want to quickly run another calculation just to give you some idea okay now imagine this much coin is what we have for by coin okay now we know the competitor the who are doing exactly same but they kind of come you know the kind of copy I wouldn’t say Cardinal copy or not but they kind of influenced by by coin which is many all right they have a market cap of 15 million coins which is a low supply and the current price is 384 dollars right so let’s divide it by the total by total by column by total mineral mineral meaning balrog that gives us 11 thousand seven hundred and fifty four times bigger okay so by coin eleven thousand seven fifty four times bigger than mineral okay now if that’s the case you know current price of mineral is tournament eighty-four dollars / 11754 that the bigger that’s how big total supply of my coins if you / that give us zero poem basically about three three cents right so it sound like to me almost you know five cents mark which my original prediction kind of no connecting in some turn so what is telling you so again as I said you know my prediction is going to be between five to twenty cents the work best-case twenty cents or else somewhere between five to ten that’s my price bleaching for by coin I hope you will agree on me because I don’t make some you know silly prediction on any kind because I use my Terry some critic and underneath take on on the coin you know based on the logical way I kind of give him maybe I’m right maybe I’m wrong but that’s me okay so I hope that helpful to you but again the question for you guys the question rather I mean you may ask me like is the right time to buy this coin well surely I think so the reason why because it’s lower risk at this point if you lose what could happen 61 Satoshi so if you I mean I I’m thinking about pudding but I mean I caught BTC seven three fives you know this much BTC I have fathoms point I have a question myself where can I put can I put it on my coin or Tron or maybe words or you trust or know all this kind of thing I have in my mind but then I realize what would happen if I put on my coin all of this because the worst case I would maybe lose top 10 BTC if the worst case then I still got money right Oh they’ve everything goes smooth and it’s something good happened then I could like tribute or like I could made it a huge amount of money so put the symbol math based on my prediction okay so what would happen if I buy with this sorry let’s do this again simple math seven gosh what’s going on with my time 7 3 Rd left start again so zero point seven three five zero two threes that’s what I have so divided by what dot sixty one touch Satoshi like so that’s four 661 Satoshi which that give me one point two million around around that much coin right and what would happen if I let me quickly look at the Chateau she was so I starting BTC I want to convert this fence into chateau XI so I was thinking about say the best case if I caught 20 cents which mean I would have 1,000 fountain 71 Satoshi okay so let’s put some number here so time boy I said 1571 Satoshi that gives me 18 BTC that’s like at the moment how much eighteen 18.9 to write like 18.9 to BTC to USD that’s gave me two hundred and forty-one thousand dollars around that see so basically you can easily triple your money by any amount that you’re putting in in 2018 because it’s not gonna be I’m pretty sure by KO another gonna go less than a penny after in 2018 Shirley is gonna go either the minimum is gonna go five cents you mean even if it’s the worst case worsen you say I’m gonna bring back to the original one how much was the Satoshi so one five okay so if I call this much coin as a bike coin the worst case if I got four say five cents okay so that’s how much Satoshi would be 0.05 about three hundred and ninety three Satoshi so time by 393 Satoshi that’s kept me for point seven three BTC for point seven three four point seven three BTC that get me around $60,000 so at the moment if I put in zero point seven three that’s like nine thousand so you basically getting about fifty one thousand dollars are some profit in one year time so you have to think about you know what you can add a base again having said that I’m not your finance advisor I’m not asking you to do the same thing what I’m doing this is all purely for my education purposes the think that I’m doing I’m sharing with you guys that’s all I moms can say so don’t follow what I say don’t do what I am doing do your research before you even do it because cryptocurrency is all about high risk you know if you’re investing on anything can be critical to your real state or any startup always is high risk but the bright amount of course and right amount of correct decision who making you win so it’s your call it’s up to you you want to make your call to invest on this coin or not but personally I’m gonna invest and and if so it’s your your chance to make your own decision where you gonna do it so yeah I hope you like this video if you do so please to like my video comment and share with others as well well as that make sure to subcribe to my channel if you haven’t done so if you have already separated please click that notification button so then every time I upload the video you will get as well but also overall big thank to you all of you who watching who haven’t surprised and who supporting me because without your help I can’t do anything your help which make me to motivate me to make more useful video and I will definitely continue to do that so your support always you know speechless thank you again and I see you in my next video on till then you take care good bye

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