Bytecoin to the Moon? My Predictions! Asian Market? API? Destroy Verge?

hello everyone this is spaceman Krypton oi in which we’re gonna make a short video on by coin and why I believe in this project let me say this I saw a comment from somebody who said Oh ederoar spaceman crypto has used a referral link so I put a referral link on the bottom of a video let me tell you this you guys don’t have to use if I ever use it like I’m not putting a referral link on this video probably 80% of the videos I’ve done I didn’t put a referral link for that specific project I may put a coinbase referral link but I’m gonna put that in there anyways I’m gonna put a link for coinbase I’m gonna put a link for all my social media I might as well make it a referral link if there’s a referral there now you don’t get like if you use my referral link for coinbase like you get $10 if you spend a hundred get $10 like do I need the money I don’t necessarily need it but if you’re supportive and you want to support me why not use it right so I believe that a referral link is for though not for everyone sorry but it’s for those who want to support don’t use it if you don’t like it I just want you to know that I own the marketing company as you know creative MyLab I’m building a coffee shop I don’t make my money from YouTube now if you guys want to support me I want to create an opportunity for that to happen I am a business man I am investing so if I get a referral I’m just dumping it into crypto what I’m telling you guys has nothing to do with any gain on my behalf I’m simply sharing what it’s working for me so if I’m talking about a coin that by the way that was my my agency and that’s what pays the bills and for those who follow me you’ve seen the coffee shop we’re building some massive coffee shop in downtown Fort Worth but yeah my youtube channel is away from me to share with friends what am i doing what am i invested in because I get a ton of texts every single day asking editor what do i do where do I invest so this is just a easy way to help everyone now with that being said December 30th just about a week ago I said hello everyone right now I’m feeling hopeful about by coin it’s super cheap less than once I think you could potentially follow Burgess footsteps with a sudden rise by coin is the only original is that is the original privacy corner ice tucked up on it just in case it takes off bubble over and if we look at bike coin today this is seven days ago I predicted that today already has had a hundred and twenty eight percent growth a hundred and twenty eight percent growth in one day and I told everybody in the private Facebook go get my coin now I’ve been watching biko and I have talked to the team there’s two things I want to show you I have really really believe in one thing I really believe that if I’m gonna invest in any coins right now I want to invest in coins that has some affiliate affiliation to the Asian market now I’m not gonna invest only in Asian coins but if a coin has some affiliation to the Asian market or is marketing to the Asian market or it’s being developed and used in the Asian market I just feel better about it so a big part of my portfolio is going towards projects like Tron and out by coin that are marketing to that Asian consumer why because Asian consumers already do everything on their smartphones some of my friends that are from China different places they said that they don’t even use cash like an old person person does not use cash everything is on their phone WeChat that’s how you pay for everything from a freaking application on your phone therefore I truly truly believe that that the Asian market has a massive adoption a quicker adoption and we can look at that market in order to see what we know what the future looks like in the technology space oftentimes so in the by coin 2018 roadmap we can see here that in the first quarter of 2018 that they’re targeting the Asian market okay so they’re targeting the Asian market then the Middle East market those are two places that I truly believe in specially the Asian market because of the fast and quick adoption in that space and then I read through their comment and I found a comment by Carlos who’s one of the members and he said to make this currency more relevant we are working on the creation of an API that allows developers to create a decentralized applications that are you useful to the real world solving everyday problems so not only are they making that they marketing it to the Asian market they’re working on the API that will allow companies to utilize by coin because with by coin you get so much there’s so much benefits and using it it’s a safer if there’s a safer platform that protects from from attacks and it protects the blockchain the way they develop the cryptographic algorithm it’s extremely safe instant international zero free money transfers which is huge I think that it also protects data because because it’s a complete completely private coin I think that a lot of businesses could benefit from an API to being developed for the by coin it’s so cheap and it’s a pretty stable coin I mean the price stays pretty stable it doesn’t really go down it really goes to the side and now we’re happy that is shut up ok and and so right now is at 0.15 cents if we go here to the history when I told everyone to buy which was on the December 30th at took a December 24 that’s around the time I bought I think or maybe a little bit before that if we look here for by coin you will see that it was anywhere between point zero zero two and point zero zero four when I told everyone to buy let’s see see it was right here point zero zero five on the 30 under 30 thirty first was point zero zero five so by the time I actually talked about it was that point zero zero five so it’s half than a penny so right now we’ve seen a massive massive growth as you saw there it’s at it’s gonna up just 117 percent just today I believe that it’s still going up and that laughs let me tell you why it’s gonna keep going up and how it’s gonna keep going up and as I do that I am to reach for my charger because I forgot to plug it in so with ripple ripple is a high-volume point neither one time all right we got power so ripple is a high-volume coin what do I mean by that ripple has a hundred billion coins in Mex apply or about Tron has a hundred billion coin ripple was under a sense for a long long time once ripple broke that hunt hunter sent floor he had a a resistance at less than a cent I’m sorry less than a cent it was at point zero zero two once he went to point zero one once he went to a 1 USD one sense all of a sudden it showed that it revealed to everyone that it’s possible for high a high max supply coin to go to that now it brought ripple to be worth as far as the market cap goes just below Bitcoin above etherium and all these other coins and there is a chance that if ripple goes to $10 in $15 and if by coin doesn’t grow fast enough he will surpass by coin so that that could easily happen to other coins right he could break that’s that that resistance which just happened with by coin it broke that resistance of less than a sense now it’s worth a cent now can we see ten cents can we see twenty and thirty cents you know it we can I think we definitely can I think as ripple ghosts of ten dollars or eight dollars nine dollars and the max supply in the market cap goes to you know like 400 billion I can easily see the market cap for by coin rise into maybe twenty billion maybe a hundred billion if it catches some use some some real-life views so anyways will it go higher than four point one one cent I think it’s gonna for sure I think it’s gonna follow Ripple’s footsteps we saw what happened to Virg Virg is a privacy coin and I never understood why people got so excited about Virg he went from being worth literally nothing like nothing point zero zero six less than a cent just like by coin to being worth 18 cents so if if by coin follows Virg and in let’s say he goes to 18 cents doe Virg has a smallest mech a smaller max supply but let’s say by coin goes to 18 or 20 or 30 cents that’s a 30 times on your investment so you put $10,000 in you get $300,000 wait hold on let’s make sure so well let’s ten-thousands way too much I mean how I sure wanted to do it five that you put $5,000 n times 30 you get a 150,000 to me that’s a good investment I could definitely see by coins surpassing Virg because they’re by coin have fixed all the little issues they had I mean every coin has issues but by coin they have a pretty good team of just a good community all around the world they’re just working hard on this coin so will it go up I believe so I believe by coin could be a good coin to jump in the biggest thing guys is that I let you guys know I hope you guys are listening I hope you guys are subscribed please by the way to subscribe is simple search for Space Pen crypto but if you’re watching this on youtube don’t when you subscribe them your favorite don’t just subscribe I want you to also click on the literature when you subscribe to that subscribe here click on this little thing this notification simple this Bell and what that will do is this that’s going to allow you to be notified when I leave when I talk about a coin like right now if you’re watching this if you’re notified the the by coin is still cheap I would still recommend you to jump in anyways guys I hope this helps I hope these videos are being helpful leave a comment below let me know your thoughts and what would you like us to cover in the future alright thank you guys

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