what is going on guys can take here welcome back to the cryptocurrency video today I have some really exciting news about some cryptocurrency here um like I’ve been looking through and I won’t want to see some new all coins for me to buy and review about to you guys if I find them good and I think I found some jackpots guys we have over here a probably one that you guys know because most people are familiar because it’s of high rank on the on the micro market cap and such a cheap price but a high market cap over here with with it just hit 1 billion dollars but it’s only half a cent people have their eyes on it and I’m gonna explain it to you guys and why this can make you a millionaire in the future guys so as you can see when bike coins started used to be basically nothing like used to be one of those like really like a small alt coins I used to be like like pack coins and stuff like this like almost nothing and it stayed there for like like what if it started in 2014 stayed there for 3 years at the same level and then all of a sudden how to jump and now it’s have a set half a cent sorry half a cent guys now the circulating supply before this is a hundred and 183 billion by coin in the circulating supply which is not the best but if you guys look at the growth that I had to definitely have potential in the future in my opinion now this in my opinion will reach a couple of dollars like soon in 2018 and I think because its neighbor I hear called steem number 33 also has a 1 billion dollar market cap has a bit of a higher volume which lets a have a higher price but has more of a circulating supply which shows that bike coin can definitely beat steam like if this is four dollars it has a higher trickling supply I think in the and I think in the future since like basically like 100 maybe like if we look at it to a sixty billion dollars sixty billion sorry at sixty billion in circulating supply there’s difference so if this one can reach four dollars and 25 cents I think this one can easily reach six and seven dollars guys like this this is my opinion on steam over here had a really large growth if we look at the charts here it used to be same thing like almost nothing like over here if we look used to be like 30 cents 20 cents if we look this is also I’m not sure exactly but then I had a jump here almost couple of dollars and it’s it’s like it’s a crazy like the total supply 260 billion serbian supply of 240 billion like I’m not saying that steam is a bag but like compared to bike when I think bike Kona like a has a really large like potential growth because well two reasons first of all it’s one of the cheapest ones on like the top 50 and it’s named bike coin so it’s it’s a named after a Bitcoin people people get lured to that you guys gotta see what people get lured to its has it has a 1 billion dollar market cap it’s half a cent which everyone can afford 183 billion which is which is 60 billion less than the one right that’s right behind it and this one cost $4 and they’re both one hunter but I think this one will definitely have more much larger potential this guy this guy’s can birch burst any minute and I think a definitely thing and I got invested into it today as you can see I have twenty six thousand eight hundred bit big like bike coin this cost me $200 guys like this is really cheap stuff so if we go here to the calculator and we see let’s say did this become it did become half a cent we put twenty six thousand seven hundred and ninety nine times point zero zero five I can make 130 dollars just from that from from two hundred dollars so if you guys so if you guys want let’s say I want to put right now into half a cent so if we take this number and then you guys let’s say put okay I’ll just put point zero zero zero five times 1000 dollars oh should I put 1000 divided by point zero zero five you guys can get two hundred thousand bike coin guys that’s that’s some crazy stuff for a thousand dollars like you guys can be a bike boy millionaire for a couple of thousand dollars which is pretty crazy um so you guys should definitely take a look at this I think in my opinion it will reach a couple of dollars maybe not this year but maybe in the next year but I think has a large growth potential if this becomes a couple of dollars I make a couple hundred thousand dollars out of a two hundred dollar investment guys you guys should always look at this it’s high on the rankings it has it has a billion dollar market cap has not that bad of a circulating supply for what it is and I think what it’s trying to do is really great and for its starting price I think a lot of people are gonna be taking a look at it look out of it because when people get into cryptocurrency they’re gonna go down the list and be like okay bitcoin no two dollars maybe Ripple they keep going down keep going down see what the else is cheaper Tron they might look at and then they keep going down there like by coin half a cent 30 32 on the market one billion dollar market cap people obviously buy a couple hundred dollars and then just just get a couple like 3040 thousand of these for a couple hundred dollars and then they’ll be like though like because the more they get for the price the people people just it’s just a natural kind of thing people will be like oh I get twenty thousand dollars for $100 but I get point zero zero zero 1 of a Bitcoin four hundred dollars like people just look at it that way even though that’s not how it is price is not like effective but this is just how people like work most people like people that just try to get into cryptocurrency and don’t do much um research which is there’s a lot of people like that so you guys should always take a look at that this is why things by coin will definitely reach a couple of dollars in the near future and I think it will definitely hit the top 15 on the market cap and I and I like urge you guys to like first of all do your own research of course and then if you guys really like the coin I urge you guys to buy it invest in it again I’m not a financial adviser just my personal advice but I definitely think this has a future guys and that’s all for today don’t forget to Like subscribe and if you guys want to join crypto I’ll have a link down in description first hundred dollars you guys you buy you have free ten dollars and I will get a free ten dollars but again if you guys don’t want to use that link just get into crypto I’m happy for you guys and yeah see you have crypt of him

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