what’s up guys crypto club here and today i’m talking about stellar lumens also known as Excel M also known as stellar also known as lumens and it currently sits at number eight spot on coin market Capcom and it currently sits at a market cap around eleven billion dollars and a price of around 63 cents it’s currently been a very hot topic recently because it has been very highly you know regarded as a crypto currency and has had a lot of growth as a result and basically the last seven days has had a huge amount of growth hit its all-time high I’ll go through that in a second but basically the video today I want to make is basically what stellar lumens is why I predict for in the future what’s good about it what’s bad about it things like that and sort of why I think it could hit around $100 price point because I saw an article today they said it will hit around $100 they estimate in mid-2000 19 and I did not see that has been an impossible task but I did want to go through the points I think it could happen and some points why I think it can’t happen so I’ll get into that in a second but first of all I’m gonna go through what stellar lumens is and the current trend has had so as I said it hit an all-time high of around 93 cents during the last seven days and sort of consolidated since as its had a sort of price correction now sits around 63 cents which is not too bad let’s see it falling below 55 cents if I’m honest and I do see it having a price increase in the next coming days and I’ll give you a few reasons why theme s so I’ll go through what’s 10 lumens is first of all so basically what it is is an open source structured based cryptocurrency with distributed payments the infrastructure is very lightweight and is great scalability as the transaction is take two to five seconds on average and also cost a fraction of the penny their website boasts this themselves as you can see fractions of a penny for the transactions and also if you scroll down it says transactions on the decentralized seller network resolve in two to five seconds which is great considering crypto currencies like Bitcoin are on the fire at the moment because they have no scalability because they can’t handle the current load is to experience him and as a result the the transactions are taking hours upon hours and then costing you know unbelievable amount just to send a bit of Bitcoin here and there and it’s getting really stupid and it allows things like stellar and other cryptocurrency I like to sort of take over the top spots and sort of initiate itself into cryptocurrency stardom also almost because people look at Bitcoin and see it as a great cryptocurrency it gets him into cryptocurrency and they look for the next best thing stellar lumens is probably one of those next best things and people are recognizing it and that’s why it’s had a really big price increase recently and probably well in the future so the next point I have it also is that it’s built to connect payment systems and banks which basically connects everyone it’s basically covers every single person around the world because everyone’s connected to a payment system or bank in some way like PayPal or banks like Santander for example you know it really has a large target audience and allows it to cover a wide variety of people and it basically has a huge demographic to base itself around and can allow itself to be one of the big players and cryptocurrencies because it doesn’t now itself down it’s a good thing and bad thing in this whole extent because some people would argue is better to know yourself down but I guess you could argue that they narrow themselves down to banks and payment systems in some way but that is a good thing to know yourself down into if you want to cover a wide demographic so that is it for what crypto sterile luminance is basically I’m going to just going to go through the article quickly the I saw and to explain to you what their predictions were space.we their predicted $1 by the end of January 2018 which I completely see I don’t see any problem with their and the basically said $5 by the end of March 2018 I think that’s a slight stretch just when it starts to get kind of unlikely and they have a graph here about $100 in August 2019 and they have some sort of steep curve from 2018 June 2018 to 2019 which they haven’t really explained to me well they sort of unexplained it and then just left it looks like a guesstimate almost and it’s very interesting they have some information I’ll leave the article in the description below but some of it I think is unsubstantiated they say they tend on the mark by 2018 June 2018 they say the hundred dollar mark by mid 2019 around August time I think this is very interesting I do not think 2018 $10 but June 2018 is impossible I think it’s quite likely almost but I think hundred dollars is very unlikely in 2019 or just in general you know at least for a few years from now I’ll give you a few reasons why I think some of it’s possible but the whole reason I’m gonna get through at the bottom is basically the circulating supply I don’t think we’ll handle the market cap will be way too high and I’ll get into that in a second but anyway the reason I thinks they’re lumens is great and why has potential to hit some of those price points is that it’s already adopted by some current companies and is active in their day-to-day you know uses is partnered with people like IBM and Deloitte and it started to be integrated into their banking systems things like that the tax systems and they started to have real world experience and will weld applications which is great because it can sort of adapt itself to better adjust for it because there’s nothing better than experience I know she’s a crypto currency is difficult to say it has experience but developers again experience because they get to see how their cryptocurrency will fare in certain situations in real life another thing to say is that has no issues with current laws and regulations by the way of his bill it was built to not really clash with any current laws and regulations like the current ones in China as bitcoins on the fire at the moment because of the regulations and things like that and Stella lumens completely disassociates himself with any problems associated with this and tries to say a neutral cryptocurrency oh she’s very important they won’t have any problems in the future that affect is price and I allow it to steadily increase in price and have no problems doing so the main thing I like about Stella looms as a cryptocurrency is that action isn’t a state that can be transferred into any currency fear included like if you don’t want fiat currencies is basically US dollars GBP you know Canadian dollars things like that in the major you know currencies that used currently in the real world worldwide and it’s basically an asset Stella lumens is an asset that could be transferred into any of those currencies and also other cryptocurrencies instantly and for free so it sort of works exchange system which is very important because it allows the flexibility that cryptocurrency likes they’ll it should have where it’s a cheaper price point has a lot more of the coins and should be flexible to be interchangeable and exchangeable and it will really have more world well weld real wealth real world application if it does allow itself to be flexible and interchangeable like it is so if I go through the partners list as well that’s another reason I think it’s a great critic currency because a lot of currency companies do believe in it like you have the anchors here which are the investors on it basically and the companies are also invested in the big names really here are IBM the NOI stripe IBM themselves being a technology company and Deloitte being consulting taxis you know they’re worldwide and you also have Asian companies here Ukrainian companies western Africa European companies really trying to cover all the continents and sort of branch itself out to be a dominant cryptocurrency in the future which is very very good and is what you want for a cryptocurrency that you want to see to hit hundred dollars in the future there’s great technology and it’s being put to the test now another thing to say is it’s getting a lot of media attention at the moment as CNBC has said as I have the exact article here which I’ll leave in the description below we pause that quickly there you girls a bit annoying but they’ve stated to be the hottest cryptocurrency of 2018 so far even though this article is six days old still kind of relevant that they said something like that I know you know 2018 was only two days in but that still goes very far that you know media outlet like CNBC would do an article as such and also other media outlets have done articles as a result so it has had a great effect on the cryptocurrency it had helped his price at the time when it was experienced such high growth so let’s look at the other points I have here sorry for coughing as well I’m still kind of sick but the demand was so high it caused the network it caused Network issues basically this was a problem that Stella kind of experienced a few days ago by Annette’s basically suspended that withdrawals because it was experiencing network issues because of the higher demand and time but basically those network issues have been solved and this is very important because it shows that developers have some credibility to work towards as if they can solve problems that quickly as it just got lifted today so it only was out you know it was only had network issues for a few days and it was only you know an unsustainable demand for a few days so it shows you know developers have some credibility as it proves that their network network issues has been solved as the by announced basically lifted the suspension on them of jaws of Stella and it gives them credibility to work towards what they promised in and really gives people the trust that your needs and equipped are currency like investors they want to be able to trust the developers trust the people in you know the pipelines making it work and also consumers also like to know they have a trustworthy team behind their cryptocurrency when they’re investing in such the last thing I want to mention about why it has a good future and especially in the now in a few days hopefully they should be publicly announcing their roadmap which again gives credibility to the team to show all their work in schools especially if they meet their targets they’re definitely gonna get rewards from that the price is definitely going to increase as a result because it shows that developers can meet deadlines which is very important as we see more cryptocurrencies like versions where people lost faith in them because they’ve failed to meet deadlines it’s very important that they do such instead I have such a great team behind them that they will make it work and it will boost the price I’m telling you now whoever will get to $100 by 2019 midway through 2019 I really don’t know the reason I’m really strongly objecting to was is $100 idea is basically because I calculated through here by dividing $100 basically by the current price they give you a sort of scale factor a way we need to do it so basically for the current price to get to around $100 it would need to go up 160 times basically it would need to increase by itself 160 times this basically means a 16,000 percent increase which sounds like a lot but other cryptocurrencies have done it in the past like verge and things like that so it’s something we have not not seen before scale I mean the problem I have with this though a few times the market cap by a hundred and sixty you come to a number like this which is 1.8 trillion there abouts and that is currently nearly three times the amount of the actual market cap of cryptocurrency as a whole so to think in a year and a half that Stella lumens one single cryptocurrency will be worth more than cryptocurrency as a whole in 2018 it start 2018 is kind of hard to believe it’s not impossible I’m not saying that it’s impossible I’m just saying it’s hard to believe and that’s why I think it’s unlikely I think something more like you know ten dollars which would be a hundred and eighty billion dollars in the market cap would be something more reasonable because it would still be less than Bitcoin currently stands out and just a bit of what theory and currently stands there and in a year and a half’s time even a year’s time that seems completely reasonable we’ve seen Ripple guy over the 100 billion dollar market cap point we’ll probably see a few other cryptocurrencies do it very soon so I don’t think Stella is gonna be that you know it is not gonna make you I really do think you can make it and that is basically the whole reason why I think Stella lumens could hit at least IVA $10 $100 I’m not so sure but I’m not ruling it out completely well I have to see in the future how it performs in the next year or so and then we can make our judgment then anyway it’s been crypto Club I hope you enjoyed the video if you did like the video if you have anything to say about crypts are um about Stella lumens please leave in the comments section below and I’d love to answer any questions you have or talk to you about the topic if you like my concert subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell notification icon to be notified when I next upload this ring crypto club and I’ll see in the next one

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