Dash 2018 price prediction – The everyday usage cryptocurrency

hey guys what’s going on this is Quinton and thanks for tuning in here again at a young and investing so in today’s video I want to talk about – and more in particular I want to give you guys my price prediction about – for the end of 2018 so a little pitch about what – is and what I think they will be worth by the end of 2018 as you followed my channel for the last two weeks you know that I already did some price predictions for Bitcoin for ripple for litecoin for a Yoda from them for neo as well and for substratum and I also want to do one for cordon Oh probably etherium as well at probably us so probably going to do for this one’s a price prediction as well so if you want to watch those and I would suggest you guys to subscribe or stay tuned anyway so today’s video – so what is – and what I think it will be words let’s first have a look at what – did this year so – the beginning of January – was worth only $11 and right now it’s over $1100 so little calculations bring you to a awesome number of times 100 that’s pretty crazy actually in terms of what the cryptocurrencies did but – yet it came from very far and actually I never had the feeling for – that it was really high it always went up actually very slowly if you compare it to the growth of other cryptocurrencies which sometimes wind up with 6070 sometimes 100 % I think about Ripple what these increases this year were crazy for rebels for example for – it was always as you see very steady actually so we went up very slowly and then it topped right here and then it actually didn’t do a lot anymore for a few months and then it suddenly went up right here from 300 to 1000 or 100 so actually in the last month and a half – went up times four but nobody was actually talking about – even though it had this crazy price increase but as I said it was because it didn’t have these crazy numbers it always had a number like this like 7% and that’s why all these 7% made it go up like this so – it’s didn’t really had a hive the last one and a half months if you compare it to other cryptocurrencies but still a very very quality cryptocurrency so what is actually – – is basically – wants to become the new kind of bait ball it wants to become a real bayon system online payment system so if you have PayPal right now and – wants to create something very similar but with its own cryptocurrency with – I’m probably also Bitcoin is going to be integrated and their platform will be called the – evolution platform and there’s still a lot of speculation about – evolution platform because it really can be in my opinion the very first platform which brings right like real adoption to the market and why do I think that if we compare the other cryptocurrencies I don’t know any cryptocurrency that is focusing so much on becoming a payment platform then – all the other ones wants to become some kind of payment system but they actually don’t manage to do it but – is doing this so – evolution platform once it will be released and open for everyone I think we will see a lot of partnerships as well because what you need to know about – in the beginning actually the beginning of this year did it’s very good marketing for themselves and that should then wind up a lot but actually since that moment I think that – didn’t really have a lot of marketing anymore because as I said the hype was not really there never so yeah not a lot of marketing but that’s very good because what what – did was they focused on the so they were really focusing on building this – evolution platform making a lot of partnerships etc and we don’t know a lot of bit of these partnerships but I think personally that some of these partnerships that will be in 2018 that this will be really huge and I talk about really the biggest stores actually online stores in the world I think a few of those should work as a partnership so that will make use of this – evolution platforms just as they accept paypal so – very very bright future for 2018 as well as I said the very first cryptocurrency and the best one the one in pole position to become actually a real everyday usage cryptocurrency and that is what – wants to become as well so I really like this one so my price prediction for – for the end of 2018 I think – we will we will see it go x 7 so that will be just under $8,000 and if we do a market cap x 7 9 million times 7 is 63 billion market cap so that’s really reasonable I think yeah that’s what I think that – will be worth by the end of 2018 actually only because of their evolution platform as I said once again this really really revolutionary in the cryptocurrency industry we don’t know it yet something like this and I really really speculating on the fact that – spent the all these months of silence just to focus on making new partnerships and getting everything ready so once this – evolution platform will take off in 2018 with some great partnerships I think – will also take off as well so we will see what happens but this is what I personally think about – still one of my favorite cryptocurrency is especially in terms of everyday usage and bringing cryptocurrencies to the people so I really like in that case I really like – to be honest so guys thank you guys for watching have a great day Cheers

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