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you’ve got to be kidding me 1200 crypto currencies I don’t know how I’m gonna keep up with this people on the data – channel want to see coin coverage videos but I can’t even keep up with the 10 to 15 new coins or tokens that are being created on a daily basis some new flashing proof-of-work cryptocurrency that’s claiming to be the next Bitcoin some proof of state cryptocurrency that’s coming out and giving a higher sneak reward than the last which was paying 25% of a month some flashy I see oh that’s proposing to put I don’t know potatoes on the blockchain it’s all too much I just I don’t know how I’m gonna cover it all there’s gotta be a way I’ve got it that’s it all I have to do is take it one quite at a time from the top one corner token no way of sands or butts no trendy or flashy I cos no coin requests just from the top one coin at a time one step at a time I’m gonna do it that way how can let’s do it pull yourself together Nick Zen mode let’s do this well Bitcoin I’ve already covered beforehand no need to recap on that I covered in every single video aetherium yeah I’ve already talked about it theorem a lot everyone knows about it theorems Bitcoin cash well yeah I talked about that a lot my channel too and I’ve already done a video on it Ripple yeah I have that have been doing that too everyone knows about it and heck I even got a showing a request from Ben Bernanke so I’m definitely not doing it like coin me and Charlie Lee are grabbing lunch tomorrow and I’ve already talked about my kind of there’s gotta be somebody else having wait a minute – what what’s this me me no this is got to be some kind of error so everybody $269 two billion dollars in valuation me yes yes finally a day to – coin day – – finally on the blockchain – straw [Music] what’s going on everyone my name is Nicolas Merton here at data – in today’s November 2nd of 2017 well folks today we’re finally doing it we’re finally covering the sixth largest cryptocurrency on the market a cryptocurrency that I’ve gotten a multitude of requests to cover and that I have pushed off for way too long yes folks today we are finally covering – now hold on let’s all take a moment to realize the absolute irony yes that my name is dated ash on YouTube that I’m one of the larger channels in the space and I still have yet to cover the six largest cryptocurrency name – okay now that we’ve let the irony settle in let me explain myself because I don’t want there to be any confusion in regards to that I am NOT then I’m not negative on – and maybe sense I’m actually quite positive as you’ll see throughout the video as I continue to talk about – however the reason I haven’t covered is because I’ve had a lot to cover in the space and along with it – has a lot of exciting things going on and I knew that if I was going to cover it I want to do a good job of it just like how I do with any of my coin coverage videos I want to make sure that I put enough quality into it so you actually learn about it so and now pushing it off any longer I’m going to be talking about what – is all about the technological innovations that they’re currently putting in we’re gonna talk about the decentralized autonomous organization that’s tied to Dow and then also how it markets itself based a man to be Johnson and a few other things as well so let’s go ahead and start off as always with the numbers so – itself is the sixth largest cryptocurrency it’s currently valued at two billion dollars any single – is trading around $270 pretty impressive now this of course comes due to its limited supply the limited supplies 18.9 million lower than Bitcoin itself however the circulating supply right now is sitting at 7.6 million not even halfway there not something to really worry about though so long as – does well long term that long term perspective of the current circulating supply – Macke supply isn’t really much of a worry so as we can see here on the technical side it has been performing very well since 2017 has kicked in now of course we all know most all points have been up generally but this has gone through a 20 times multiple of what it started at at the beginning of 2017 so – has been killing it and to get to the scale and size that it is is quite respectable not to mention even with you know the Bitcoin comparative pullback that it’s seen recently it has been holding up its valuation quite well compared to most other altcoins especially with how well it’s done so we’re gonna be talking at about you know how dash has been able to sustain this you know why is it valued so much well I’ll tell you right off the bat – itself is very well worth two billion dollars in my opinion if there’s going to be a cryptocurrency out there that should be valued at this range I think – is one of those candidates and I’ll explain why so diving into the website – what does it stand for well if you didn’t pick it up early or if you haven’t heard it in the crypto community – it stands for digital cash now – wasn’t always – it had a few different rebrandings and there’s also been some other crypto currencies that have forked off of Dash’s core technology however – itself wants to be the digital cash solution for blockchain it wants to be what Bitcoin really I my opinion will never be as a form of currency on the blockchain whereas Bitcoin has been filling the need of as a digital gold almost almost a investable form of gold online and on the blockchain we now have – which is going to be more of an actual payment solution so it’s interesting to see this and see that someone’s actually going more towards the currency side of things as we’ll cover more throughout the video so they basically want to be digital cash you could spend anywhere they want to support instant transactions private tracking transactions which we’ll talk a lot about because there’s been some controversy as to whether or not it’s private I’m leaning more towards the actual privacy side this is it’s a pretty good system and along with that they won’t have a secure of and source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world and this is gonna least a talking about master notes later on so first off I have to bat as we go down through the website they’ve got a lot of partners we’ll look at later on don’t really want to talk about this first cuz I want to get down to the more core technology and again like we saw at the beginning they’ve got instant insta send which is their way of sending instant transactions in less than a second which is unheard of in the crypto community so again very interesting to see that along with that private transactions where they use a method of mixing and we’ll talk about that as we go through the video as well and then also security they have a very respectable network running right now it’s very highly secure III hope that is a seal of approval with the the amount of tear hasha step and being powered by over 4,500 servers hosted around the world quite impressive for a cryptocurrency so again basically what – is aiming to be is the next-gen peer-to-peer network for digital cash payments – has a lot of things that really make it stand out the biggest out of anything is its masternode system and if you don’t know what a master node is in the case of – master nodes help process transactions on the network much like a normal node would however master nodes have a certain standard they need to me they need to hold over a thousand – so to be a master node and get the master node reward for processing transactions you have to stake a large amount of – now keep in mind a thousand – $269 / – do the math that’s quite impressive if someone’s holding that much – so again you have people who are having economic incentive to keep trustworthy with processing transactions and if you do not if you if you breach that violation of trust you can get your – taken away from you so it encourages an incentive to process trustworthy transactions and build trust on the network so again throughout getting rid of that that worry about network attacks is very important it is the first self-governing self-funding protocol so we’re going to be talking about the Dow or the decentralized autonomous organization for – – has its own Dow if some of you know what a Dow is basically at its core a Dow is a way that the community can almost self govern itself on the decentralized network where people have an economic incentive to build the best for – later down the road and we’ll see that they’re making some very interesting improvements for – which I’m very optimistic about as we’ll go through and then we can see here as well the master nodes on the network it’s been remaining relatively flat and consistent since 2017 and that’s impressive to see seeing as – this value has gone up and you would expect a lot of people as you can probably see here some people probably cashed in and sold some of their – but it’s still impressive to see that they’re holding about 4,000 very very good for the long-term stability of it and it’ll be interesting to see if more people become notes for the network it will be increasingly hard though because of the price rise next up we have also the fact that they’re going towards mobile payments thinking doing a very big something that is not seen enough in cryptocurrency if they really want to be the digital currency you know of the future for payment solutions they need to do this and this is all coming through the digital currency evolution or – evolution which is going to be one of the next phases for – where they’re moving forward and actually trying to make – go mainstream going into 2018 so again we’ll cover a lot of this there’s a lot to talk about with – but going through I really want to talk about its governance system so as we were talking about with the master notes this is extremely important master notes or act as a sense of governance over the network and the reason being is because they didn’t want you know – to be this centralized company running and operating everything in the rule sets nor do they want to leave in a traditional you know systems such as Bitcoin is masternodes get a certain amount of votes and within the system there is a decentralized government budget okay now when there is rewards coming in I’m gonna try to explain this kind of in a streamlined way in the case of how – rewards the community there is a 45 percent mining reward so for those who are mining – they get 45 percent of the block reward forty five percent goes to the masternode reward for proof of service so they’re you know processing transactions and then you also have the ten percent of the reward that goes to the decentralized government budget now what is this sound scary right a government budget oh we’ve is this our way of paying taxes there are block rewards know what this is is a system that allows – to have a pool of capital or funds that they can use as a community to improve – network and improve on the technologies related to – so we can get more people adopting it and make it easier for people on all different fronts whether it be mining the master knows the users to benefit the overall community and bring the value of – up long-term so it’s a sense of self-governance and and it actually encourages people to look in the better interest of it because you can only support or be a part of this government and deciding on the budget on how that budget is going to be spent if you have a master note and each master note gets a vote in the community so it encourages you to run more master notes and to be a part of the community actually care about the value of – long term rather than just forking the currency over and over heads again you can probably tell I’m quite excited about this idea of you know dows and you know trying to pull money together from the community and some of the rewards that we work towards and actually making the currency viable not just mining it like crazy so again they had a proposal from the start that talks about a few budgeted items they wanted to have a core developer team which will take a little bit of a look at later on they have a proposal for marketing as well to get the name out there will look a little more into that later on as we talk about it may to be Johnson and then also the decentralized exchange now I have not been able to figure out much on this and I think this is something much more in the future but the idea of a new platform for trading cryptocurrency is on a masternode network sounds very interesting to me but again I couldn’t find too much on it so outside of that there is a few different things you can find through the paper here but that’s the main thing I wanted to cover they do have an approach to scaling as well a lot of people have been curiously not like about blockchain and also seeing how bitcoin is struggling with scaling they’re scaling solution is increasing the block size basically speaking so they want to do basically Bitcoin cash is done continuing to increase the block size and they’re finding ways to compensate that through the decentralized governance system where they’re going to take that pool of funds and they’re going to try to build solutions for the network so interesting stuff but first we’ve got to go on now that we haven’t under standing up – we’ve got to talk about a man to be Johnson I bet you could take one of the faces from the developer team and put it next to Amanda and you would still recognize Amanda more than you would the developer of the team now the reason being is because a man to be Johnson was an original youtuber in the space she did the daily decrypt which was one of the larger I think YouTube channels in the space and now she’s the lead marketer for – so complete congrats to her she’s done a great job so far I’ve been watching through the videos learning about – and I gotta say if we didn’t have someone like Amanda on the team you know explaining things it would be extremely hard to understand how the privacy payments are made on the – network what – is as a whole what are some of the long-term objectives of – what makes it stand out and she really has done a great job I know she’s become kind of a kind of meme in relation to – because she is the face of marketing for it and she’s been around the crypto community for a while but she’s been absolutely phenomenal and has done a great job marketing for – I think it was a great pic on – as part to get her on the team so we’ll be seeing her more as we go through but she is the face of – and she does a lot of great explanation videos talking about – if you want to learn more about it so let’s go ahead here and talk about the – evolution this is something I’m relatively exciting to talk about know if you all affirming in the past talk about cryptocurrency and then one thing I always say that crypto currencies need is a sense of adoption if you don’t get adoption valuation cannot be found and because of that – is going to be a candidate that might be ripe for adoption and might be right for a continued growth in valuation and why do I think this well if you go through the whole objective of – evolution is to make digital cash easy to use and access for all users okay so they’re trying to take the complexities out of traditional blockchain out of traditional crypto currencies out of the traditional system of making transactions and they’re doing this through light wallets they’re doing this through – pay this is what they’re working on currently to make making transactions much more personable much more like an application that you’d find on your phone or computer not something that looks like a cutie wallet which I think we’re all about tired of right now seriously I mean it’s there’s so many Kryptos out there that still build wallets that look like this and because of that seeing as they’re restricted to computers and they’re outdated and they just look downright disgusting for a wallet in the sense of a user experience perspective this is coming into fruition to be a very optimal solution for people now of course the dash cam wallet is still currently I think going through testing I think they launched an alpha at least on their timeline it was stated that they launched one in September however they’re still working on this entire evolution update and it should be done sometime and 2018 s we’ll look at on their github roadmap however – is aiming to be consumer friendly very good thing as well as merchant friendly as well it’s not only important to build something that’s easy for consumers to use as a form of payment but along with that make it easy for merchants to onboard onto the platform and open up new markets for them that was the reason people moved over to Bitcoin originally it was this whole other market of capital that they could you know something’s doing this is why Amazon is finally like getting on board with it but again you cannot see that they’re working towards building they have a decentralized API that you can connect to in minutes and start actually taking – payments for your products with services so this is pretty cool and we’ll see that they have a pretty large amount of both companies organizations and their network for a variety of different services as we were seeing on the homepage earlier so evolution alpha will be released towards the end of 2017 we’ll start to really get a feel for this and really see what – is moving towards in the future and I’m glad to see this it shows that the the Dow is actually working that they’re actually making upgrades on – for the long term and I think that that’s important and again here’s a more kind of blown-up video here you’ll be able to have a variety of different things you can go up here you can see your funds you can go to apps and you can also go to friends as well this is important to have a friend system to send transactions to people who you want to connect with and make you know transactions to know that you can see the apps that you can pay for through – they have a lot of VPN services we’ll see you later on Virtual Private servers and then also some things like games and gambling and stuff like that kind of gimmicky things that you would expect and a very early on digital currency revolution like this so again looking much better than that cutie while we were looking at earlier and much more interactive as well I’m just building a little ecosystem for – to be used so I like that definitely and as the list of merchants continues to expand this is going to become more powerful and more necessary they already have a few different debit card services where you can actually go out and use your – like shake pay for example which has a debit card system that’s powered by Visa where you can make transactions and convert your cryptocurrency so that’s huge for – and they’ve got a few other ones as well they have they’re working towards getting email providers closed mail it’s not really large from what I know but again you’ll go through and you’ll see that they have a lot of VPN services hosting and virtual private server systems and then also weapon graphic design where you can pay graphic designers in – all right gift card services games online casinos web stores again I can go through each individual one with it would just be a waste of time you can see though I’m in the mess I’ve got precious metals and bill payments as well however going back to the top here and really just getting a consensus there’s no large names right now however with the ease of access into onboarding your store on – – and as – will continue to evolve I think we’re gonna see what we’ve seen with Vic 1 a lot of places didn’t accept Bitcoin at the beginning of this year now Amazon’s in at least rumor talks of accepting Bitcoin and that’s big news as e-commerce becomes bigger taking on these smaller companies at the start and then building up that network will be important and it will show signs that – is here to stay but of course we have to see if that will continue now on to the topic that I think a lot of people in the community if I’ve ever heard people talking about – in my community and stuff in the sense of data – I have heard a lot of people debate over the topic of the private transactions that – makes and again we’re back to Amanda Peet Johnson our lovely our lovely Tudor on – teaching us how everything works and she has done a great job in this video talking about private cent one of the features inside of incentive – so basically what private send is all about and how it works within – is it uses a form of what’s known as mixing and it uses those people we’ve been talking a lot about inside the video the masternodes so of course I can’t explain everything step by step as you can see she spends eleven minutes just talking about it it’s a pretty big topic to cover and she did a great job of it so I think eleven minutes is enough to show you that I can’t describe the entire thing I will leave a link in the description know to go watch this if you’d like to learn about it but ever also as I’ve learned more and more about it and learning about the process of mixing through the masternodes and how the morning mix the more you know private your transaction can become look the masternodes being built into the infrastructure and making this a reality I think this could be one of the leading ways to make private transactions again not the most perfect way I’ve seen I think I’ve seen things like zero knowledge proof there’s a lot of other things in the space like what for example my Nana is doing as well that have you know competed with this but at the same time they already have the infrastructure for it you can already make private transactions and the way I’m doing is pretty interesting as well so I recommend going to watch it and learn about this whole process of mixing transactions and the more he makes it of course the more secure becomes so very interesting she does a great job of covering it so definitely check it out so on to the – roadmap this is important to look at if you really want to look at this as a long-term investment rather than a trading opportunity as we’ll talk about later on – pay and a lot of the other upgrades that are coming on the roadmap are quite impressive looking as you all know as I’ve mentioning in September they supposedly released a wallet alpha I would assume they’ve updated this if it didn’t have the Alpha however I just couldn’t find anything on it right now in the – pay while on offer again I usually don’t download the wallets as well for the Crypt does that cover unless I’m really passionate about along with that we have – pay ablution while it tests not so there they’re working towards the evolution wallet which is going to be allowing you to use – on mobile platforms and other places off of just your assembly or PC which is important this is how you’re going to the mainstream adoption you have two billion people in the world who have mobile phones you need to reach that market again that is where you’re going to really tackle being able to make that kind of communication with people next up we have a few other things going into 2018 – pay evolution wallet liven up release this is where people will actually get to use it getting off of Tesla and then they’ve got a lot of other big expansions they want to again use a lot of the funds to spawn new hiring waves to help develop add to the core development team as well as market as well so they’ve got a they’ve got lots of stuff coming in the roadmap and again a lot of the scaling issues with increasing the block size where the network is going to get much much heavier again – is working towards fixing that and they’re going to be building a specialized Hardware last time I checked to help with the masternodes and the sense of processing all this transactions so again interesting to see that they’re like yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna do what a lot of people have been arguing against Bitcoin however we’re going to do it right and we’re gonna be actually building the hardware infrastructure to process all of this so again very interesting now on the sense of transactions if this is really claiming to be the digital cash comparative to Bitcoin which is the almost seen as the digital goal of the digital and digital investment in this case you know what is the transaction cost of – well it’s very much aligned with a currency it’s sitting right now around 18 cents per transaction not crazy at all really with how fast you can send transactions on – no courses can’t probably change if you’re making the instant transactions or if you’re making the private transactions however – is sitting on 18 cents of transaction not that whatsoever especially comparative to Bitcoin now I’m not gonna use its current transaction cost because we’re going through a fork so there’s a lot more transactions than usual Brian I mean on average Bitcoin can sit anywhere from two to three dollars a transaction definitely a cut down on transactions I’ll have to see if that can continue to stay low so long as dash gets adopted but again right now it’s more of an optimal solution for transactions so good on dashes part so the dash team the dash team is definitely as seeing as dash has been around for quite some time the core team itself who are part of the Dow and managing the Dow they have been a part of the dash project for quite some time and because of that you have one of those kind of hard core tech junkie teams that I love seeing the crypto community where is there’s been so many ICO teams coming out and say all yeah I worked you know so-and-so company oh you know trust me with your money you know give me your ether like yeah that’s like you have one of these very core teams and of course you can go to the forums see how they interact they have a core team of developers it just seems like a group of people coming together and truly believing in something like blockchain again not some crazy team that just came out of nowhere a real team of people who were really passionate about what’s going on with – they’ve also got a nice team of testing and support as well which I like seeing as they have a lot of bold ambitions with the – network so again can’t do too much in depth analysis these guys are not the guys who have the LinkedIn pages as the ICO teams do but again at the end of the day it looks like they have a nice scalable team that’s behind the – project that can justify the valuation that it’s at so we’ve been talking a lot about – there’s a lot of things that I can’t even cover in this video because they have so many ambitious things going on and – however we can see that they are taking a lot of the necessary steps to become the digital cash that they claim they want to be and with a lot of other forked versions of the currency it seems like even with that their sting have the curb in the sense of private transactions instant transactions user experience and adoption marketing – just seems relatively good and it’s understandable as to why it’s the sixth largest cryptocurrency so to give you a consensus on the long term I think – could be a good player of course it’s just simply my pin not investment advice but I’m definitely considering having – be one of my long-term plays I haven’t really bought any – yet as I said if I haven’t covered something or taking the time to actually do the read if I haven’t taken the time to do the research I’m not only not going to buy it but I’m also not going to cover it in this channel and I finally got to the point where I could cover it and I wish I wanted to push it off so long because I see the potential of – I really do so let’s go ahead now that you all understand that I’m a relatively positive on it long term let’s go ahead and look at a training opportunity so – I had been watching on a technical sense for quite some time about a month and a half I’ve been watching this one and I’ve been watching it for this this more of this widening channel in the sense of its technical price action now if you all know technical analysis this isn’t something you commonly see you see channels a lot of times but you don’t see expanding channels and something like crypto where there’s a little more volatility you will find this and in this case an expanding channel is a bearish signal now again I told you all I’m optimistic on the law I’m optimistic in the long term however at the same time in the short term I’m actually quite optimistic alone – because keep in mind it broke through the bottom of the channel but it’s also I had a discount price for the first time in the past few months this is a absolute stellar price if you believe in it both long-term or for a trade now do I think it’s gonna come back up here anytime soon no I don’t think so not in the next few weeks and really I understand just don’t think it could unless you got some really big buys here where you got some South Korean volume etc what I think it’s gonna see is you’re gonna see it come back into this channel and it’s definitely gonna get back up to a much more fair valuation with the kind of altcoin sell-off that we’ve seen I think the – has been a little bit oversold but along with that its market cap just makes it appear as if it’s having a pull back as we can see here this looks very healthy and notice looks like it’s kind of wedging out a little bit in price action as we shrink in here so again I think – looks relatively healthy whereas this chart might not look like the best again it’s had some very fast run ups in the past had some quick sell offs and of course as you all watch my channel you know that there’s a lot of exuberance of the market up and down again I think that on a training sense at these levels this looks pretty good we’ve seen past support here and here as well and I don’t think you’re going down here anytime soon in my personal opinion again you’ve got to do your own technical analysis you’ve got to assess it and really see where – is however looks pretty good to me right now the moving average is not exactly not exactly great again it broke through the 200-day a while back so you know what we’re not looking to see if it’s finding support it’s been obviously clearly broken against the moving averages but again it held up here for a while held very well comparative to Bitcoin and as Bitcoin was going up to astronomical values as well so the digital cash can it eventually come up and compete with Bitcoin again I don’t think it’s gonna get up to there just yet they’ve got a lot of improvements to meet on however at the same time this looks good for trade in my opinion as well as a long term investment so again my opinion definitely keeping it on my eye as a long-term holding and I think that you should definitely consider looking into it and research it on – reaching out to the community as well I know that they have a good subreddit I know that they have a just a general great community of people who answer questions and of course menapii Johnson has some great videos where she’s explained everything with – so you can get a full perspective on the cryptocurrency before you make your investment but anyways everyone that’s it for the video thank you all so much for watching I got asked are you all optimistic on – or not I think personally it’s gonna be a great long-term play but we’ll have to see if it can continue to benefit as much as it has from the decentralized autonomous organization that it has been using to make upgrades on the network but anyways everyone that’s it for the video thank you all so much for watching and I will see you all in the next video stay tuned [Music]

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