guess who’s back back again iota is back so tell your friends welcome back everybody to my channel Krypto Alice and in this video I will be talking to you about – and why I believe – is gonna have an incredible 2018 also at the end of the video I’m gonna give you my 2018 price prediction for – I’m just gonna let you in now it’s a big price prediction as always thought was – like a subscriber if you’re open steam and eats you up though and follow and as always hit that Bell notification so you’re always first to view content like this and as you can see it’s an amazing day cuz iota is now at $2 I told you to keep buying iota when it was on it tip around 30 to 40 cents telling you whatever money you woulda put in at that point will double maybe triple and as you can see right now it’s at $2 my advice would iota if you want to get in now is wait for the dip because it’s at 40% on the day so let’s talk about – in the main reason that you’ve clicked on this video so the market cap for that is now at 6 billion the 24 hour volume is 175 million the circulating supply is seven point seven million and it’s got small maximum supply of 18.9 million – and it’s currently at 781 dollars – has had an incredible 2017 it started the year off around ten to twelve dollars and if you would have bought then you would have made a massive profit right now because like I said it’s a seven hundred and eighty one dollars which is incredible so where can you buy – so you can currently buy on hit BTC buy Nantz and all of these other exchanges so there’s so many exchanges where you can buy – so it’s got a lot of variety for you to use so – 2018 – right now is it undervalued is it overvalued in my opinion I believe – right now is still undervalued just because of how far it still got to grow and because of how far I believe it’s going to grow in the year 2018 so I’m going to tell you a few reasons why I believe it’s going to go up in the year thousand 18 so with more people coming into cryptocurrency and the people that are already in cryptocurrency they are using Bitcoin and with Bitcoin being too slow and the fees been too high a lot of people are going to look for alternative cryptocurrencies so the etherium the light coins the dashes so this is where – is going to start getting a lot of value with people taking their money out Bitcoin to send it in places to keep it private which I’ll talk a bit more about in a minute so that’s one the reasons – is easily gonna go up in 2018 and with more newbies coming into cryptocurrency so cryptocurrency newbies they’re the people that don’t really know a bit much about cryptocurrency they’ll put their money into Bitcoin because they know bitcoin is the king they know bitcoin is the king of crypto countries and then once they see the real Bitcoin and they see that bitcoin is too slow and the transaction fees are through the roof which I’ll show you right now as you can see right here paying $15 to send $25 of Bitcoin has got a lot of people rethinking if they want to be in Bitcoin or not so then again people look into – a lot more and take their money over to – which is incredible so the biggest reason that – is gonna go up in the year 2018 in my opinion is masternodes so you don’t know what a dust master node is basically it’s a better version of proof of stake but where they actually help out the network a lot more so you actually need to pour a thousand – aside to actually become a master node holder so let’s go over to their website so as you can see right here they’ve got four thousand seven hundred forty one must nodes currently active so that means if you times that by 1,000 dr. around 4.7 million – in master nodes and look at the circulating supply the circulating supply is seven point seven million so four point seven million taken taken away from that circulating supply meaning if you are coming into – and you actually holding – and not in a master node you can basically determine the price of – because of supply and demand more than half of – is in masternodes right now which is incredible to think of it like that meaning your – token can go up in value pre also the really high bowlers so these are the whales now that I’m talking about they might look at – and think wow we can actually get a second income off using the – masternode so these are like the big whales because to get dutton masternode right now it’s gonna cost around I believe seven hundred and eighty thousand seven hundred and eighty thousand dollars so that is just incredible to think of it like that so supply demand is going to increase the value of the – token so what does the masternode actually do so I’ve made a full video on what – is over here so I’ll link over here but basically with the – masternode they have two tiers and on the second tier that’s the tier that the masternodes look after and on the masternodes tier you can actually do primus end and you can also do instant send so with more people coming into cryptocurrency and people are already in cryptocurrency they in the future they’re gonna be looking towards a cryptocurrency that has got private send an instant sent for the reasons being that a lot of the government’s are now trying to regulate cryptocurrency so if you want to keep your cryptocurrency away from all the government’s and keep it how Satoshi created it so that’s the creator of Bitcoin where it’s meant to be private it’s meant to be quick and simple and all this stuff then basically a lot of people will look into – and they’ll be like wow we can actually put it into – and if we need to send anything we can just send it via the masternodes pay a bit of an extra fee and and do it like that because that’s good means it’s going to all be private and all this juicy stuff and it’s going to be really really quick to send your transactions so – is also doing this right here – evolution this is going to shoot the price of – in 2018 I can’t express enough how big this is for – going into 2018 and fruit fascinating so as you can see right here evolutions mission is to make digital cash so that’s pretty much – easy to use and access anywhere in the world and for any users even the ones that are really updated with technology anybody will be able to set up an account on the blockchain add contacts and pay them by their name so it’s going to be pretty much like a mobile version kind of thing will go down in a minute and show you a bit about that also you’ll be able to do purchases from websites or mobile apps and it’s going to be very simple and gonna be able to do it with one click so if you want to learn a bit more about – come on to their website and actually watch this video about what the prototype of the video is as you can see here evolution will introduce a new type of light wallet which will have s P of V security and browser capability this wallet will connect directly to their peer-to-peer network with over 4,000 nodes so the master nodes are going to be playing a big part on – evolution working and as you can see here it’s going to be consumer friendly so you can actually have it on your mobile or you can have it on your laptop so you can literally have it with you anywhere it’s also going to be friendly for the people that are wanting to accept – in the future in their stores basically meaning you can take your mobile wallet you’ll be able to do these purchases really really quickly and it’s gonna be very very user friendly and as you can see right here now that that’s 12.1 has been released their next step is to release the evolution alpha and release evolution as you can see they’re going towards the end of 2017 and then fully getting it live in 2018 and beyond so this in my opinion for – is gonna be really really big and this is the main driving force of my prediction that I’m going to make at the end of this video so obviously my prediction is going to be based on everything – is going in going to be doing in 2018 their maximum supply the circulating supply which is really really low where – can go with the market cap after my prediction is made and all of this juice stuff also going into the future – is gonna start getting accepted by a lot more places so I mean by that is like hotels and places like grocery stores and all these places are going to start accepting – and with the – evolution that is also going to help – get accepted in a lot more stores therefore meaning the – price is going to go up in value because more people are gonna want to use – to make their payments so supply and demand is gonna help that go up a lot and with the Bitcoin being too slow and the transaction fee has been too high a lot of stores might want to maybe get rid of Bitcoin and then actually start using – or like coin or a fear IAM so all of these cryptocurrencies in my mind are going to go up and closer we come to mass adoption the closer all the cryptocurrencies that you see today are gonna go up as long as they survive in two to three years when we hit mass adoption so the – is the theorems the light coins that I Otis the Bitcoin says all these cryptocurrencies now you might see them on a odd day go down by 10% but these are going to be going crazy in the year 2018 which is incredible and going into 2018 and Beyond a lot of governments are going to start trying to clamp down on cryptocurrency they’re already in the process of doing it that’s where – will come in with its privacy private send and instant sender and all this juicy stuff meaning a lot of people will start to look at – in other privacy coins meaning the price of – can go up with that happening so my price prediction for – so like I said it’s gonna be based on their market supply sorry maximum supply circulating supply market cap and all this stuff and what they’re going to be doing going into the future and in 2018 I believe is start it’s gonna start getting a lot more mass adoption – in general and the cryptocurrency space in general also so my price prediction for – like I said it is a big one and my price prediction for – in the year 2018 is $6,000 $6,000 so as you can see there I got the circulating spire that we currently have with – times $6,000 and that would leave it I forty six point three billion dollar market cup so let’s just think about that now this time next year the market cap could potentially be a trillion dollar market cap it’s currently at 349 billion right now if it’s not a trillion dollar mark out this time next year it’s going to be close to somewhere like six hundred billion in my personal opinion meaning when – hits 46 billion these two cryptocurrencies are here Bitcoin a feeling they’re going to be easily freedom could easily be a 60 billion seventy billion maybe higher and a Bitcoin easily over two hundred billion two hundred and fifty billion around that so – having forty six billion of the market cap is not going to be anything compared to the big picture and as you can see down here right now before we do go iota is now currently coming down from two dollars to one dollar ninety two so this is a great time to buy on the debt and it’s going to start coming down a bit lower I believe I believe it could go back down to around 160 because it went up so high so that was my – video and like I said my – prediction was six thousand dollars so what do you guys think do you think – is undervalued overvalued are you invested in – are you going to invest in – in 2016 or going into 2016 $6,000 that’s my personal opinion and not financial advisor so always do your own research I would love to know what your predictions are for – in the year 2080 comment them down below and if you’ve got any questions or you want a cryptocurrency looking in to comment that down below and I’ll try and get that done as always don’t get some like ascribe or probe and steam it and eat you up don’t follow and as always hit that Bell notification so you always first view content like this and you haven’t already gone follow me on all my other social media platforms that’s where you’ll get up-to-date cryptocurrency news have a great day and have a great week

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