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welcome back to cribs our koi news today we are gonna be talking about how you can earn free cryptocurrency and make yourself some passive income by staking some of the cryptocurrencies you may be holding in your wallet but before we get into this video today guys do not forget to subscribe and turn on post notifications if you’re new to this channel we do three to five cryptocurrency news videos a day so if your cryptocurrency investor or you’re just interested in the cryptocurrency space subscribing is definitely not a bad idea and let’s start a conversation down below in the comments section are you holding any crypto so that you are currently staking and how have your returns been let me know down below but okay guys the cryptocurrency I recently bought that I’m looking to start staking is actually neo so neo if you haven’t heard it’s like Asian etherium it’s a smart contract blockchain token or coin I should say that uses a smart contract system basically like aetherium but anything that the Asian market adopts I’m quick to try to adopt as well because the Asian market place seems a lot more accepting to the new technology they adopt things a lot faster over there than we do here in the United States so those countries are usually quicker adopters of tech and are willing to give a lot of different technical things a chance so I see neo definitely becoming worth as much as a theorem is currently right now by the end of the year so I could definitely see this market place 10x itself and have over a billion dollar market cap and over a $1,200 price point that’s why I went in about seven thousand dollars in the Neo I want to do a little bit more but I did get seven thousand of this around one hundred and twenty four dollars or so it seems some weird price action in the last week it’s gone as high as almost $200 and now I’m sitting at 127 but it’s been fluctuating a lot today into the 130s the 120s so this coin is definitely going to go up in the long term though and that’s why I’m staking it if you don’t know what staking is I’ll explain all that in just a second but as you can see with a small market cap like this I know it’s not relatively that small but with the technology and everything that’s behind it and the countries that are backing it and the people that are purchasing it I know this is going to be an eighty billion dollar market one day 349 million in trade volume the scrip does jumped up so much if you look back here okay this is 2017 in June what’s worth a dollar eighty one it saw its first peaked over $40 and then it kind of came down consolidated then we saw another peak not too long ago in December to 73 that’s when I wish I would have gotten in in December because it was on my radar then but we’ve seen a go if you go to the one month we’ve seen it go as high as 190 I want to say 188 194 so 194 almost $200 Neil’s been at price point so I know when the market bounces back and we get a lot of that Lunar New Year money coming back into the market this currency might jump to to 250 I think that’s gonna be a quick 2x for me but I’m holding this coin long term and here’s why I want to show you the currency you earn so when you stake in the O basically you put Neil in a wallet or you can keep it on the finance exchange but I don’t like to do that with any of my Kryptos but if you keep it in the by Nance exchange or you bring it to a neo approved wallet you can actually stake it by leaving it in the wallet and you earn gas tokens okay or gascoigne let me show you what gas is okay so if you’re willing to stake neo they’ll give you gas for free so gas is Neos gas it’s it’s the gas that runs neo like aetherium just uses itself to run itself but gas is what runs the smart contract Network on you know it like it fuels it okay and gas token is training for $50.00 a token right now and it’s seen an all-time high I want to say I’m like why was it $80 let’s zoom into the last month so gas just in the last couple of weeks actually about six days ago was $95 a token so this is definitely gonna go up with the price in DL I wouldn’t be surprised do you guys look at this only 400 million dollar market cap I would C be surprised see this at a five billion dollar market cap by the end of the year 10x and value worth $500 especially if me I was worth a thousand this is really keeping up with Neil’s price it’s always about half of what neo is worth that’s what it seems like in its lifetime and neo is worth roughly you know one hundred and twenty seven dollars right now so $50 price points pretty good so you get this coin for free or this token for free just by staking your neo so let me do a calculator guys okay so here’s a calculate you can calculate your neo gas rewards here so I bought 49 neo okay so 49 you know so let’s calculate my returns per year so this is a theoretical calculation this is the actual actual current calculation but let’s go with the theoretical one so I will earn 8.2 gas tokens just by leaving my neo in my wallet for the next 12 months so that is extremely interesting that intrigues me a lot every month I’m almost earning one gas in point seven I want to increase this to UM I think I only need seventy to earn one a month yeah so seventy I’m gonna earn one a month twelve a year that’s what I want to get to because at twelve a year if they’re worth five hundred dollars you know I’ve made $6,000 just from leaving my Neil in my wallet but let’s go over my real numbers okay so I’m 49 right now I’m looking to definitely strengthen my position and kneel before the Lunar New Year but look at this 49 okay about seven thousand dollars worth than me Oh 6,200 but eight point two of these a year or five with the actual rate right now off about four percent returns so you’re getting basically if you go between four and six point five you’re getting above four point seven five two five percent you’re get actually five point two five percent roughly interest on your knee oh so it’s like a neo savings account and you’re getting dividends in gasps token which is a very valuable currency it was once worth a hundred dollars and now it’s worth fifty but I’m gonna be getting about this amount I’ll probably say safely I’ll get six and a half of these at least and that’s extremely intriguing to me because one I plan on holding neo anyways because I think Neil will be a $1,200 currency by the end of the year I think gas will be a 500 dollar currency so my fifty Nia will be worth 150 thousand like sixty five thousand off a six thousand dollar investment and then my gas tokens will be worth another six thousand dollars you know if I can get to eight of these which will be extremely interesting and that’s why I think staking is so interesting because some company or some coins or currencies use mining to prove work it’s like proof of work model okay so mining is like a proof-of-work model that’s how they get new coins that’s how everything gets into the system staking is how you mint new coins if you don’t have a mining system so staking is like proving the concept and minting a new coin that I guess that’s like the easiest way to explain it without getting too technical so your minting new coins by staking so a new Neil are put into the marketplace and they’re rewarding you in gas okay so that’s why I think this is extremely interesting when I started doing research on staking and seen the benefits any coin you plan on holding long term that allows staking I think it’s a no-brainer I get another cryptocurrency in my portfolio called gas and I’m gonna get right now per day about point zero two gas per week 1.15 and per month almost 1 total gas a month so if gas is worth $200 I’m running 200 dollars a month and passive income just to kind of sit here and let my Neos it I only have 49 right now and I definitely want to strengthen this portfolio I wanted to throw $100,000 at this right now and just starts taking and I want to show you guys what that would look like so hundred thousand dollars would be about a thousand obviously bi 127 thousand dollars but here’s how many I would Hearn a year a hundred and sixty-eight gas so 168 gas if they’re worth five hundred dollars because I do think Neil will be worth twelve hundred which would make this 1.2 million dollars off on one hundred and twenty six thousand dollar investment and this would turn into let’s get out a calculator let me search calculator really quick just so I don’t have to do tough math in my head okay so say neo or gas is worth half of what Neos worth so let’s say six hundred dollars times 168 just for setting my Neil in a wallet I’m gonna run a hundred thousand eight hundred dollars so I get my initial investment back in from my neo just from my gas tokens then I have one point two million in profit from neo if it does hit that twelve hundred dollar price point which I really do think it will I’m actually waiting for my Tron to double or triple and then I’m gonna just throw everything on neo because I think neo is a great long-term play I’m looking for more long-term play something I can sit in a wallet in steak for a year and I think to get a hundred and sixty eight of these at 600 even if 168 of these is only worth three hundred you know I’m still earning fifty thousand dollars from my gas and I definitely see gas being worth three hundred dollars by the end of the year so this is definitely something that I am doing and if you guys are wondering what other top currencies can you stake and do this with and what are the returns well here on this website it goes over seven profitable proof of stake Kryptos okay so number one is dash dash is pretty expensive if you want to get into – I think the price point for dash is $700 I’ve correct me if I’m wrong I think it’s $700 right now or $800 – though you get 7.5% return that is the highest annual return I’ve ever seen in a proof of state crypto so – might be worth getting a few of I’m sure we can pull it up a – calculator obviously to get one – it’s a lot more expensive than getting one neo right now neo right here’s number two so you get free gas it’s five point five percent return roughly and that’s what we did the math about five point two five five point five which is amazing so I really want to upgrade my portfolio and get more and more gas tokens then we have pivots is number three with about 4.8% return and then okay cash at 10% annual return so that’s a pretty big I might have to look into okay cash that’s a pretty big stake in return I don’t know what coin you’re getting now know if you’re getting more okay cash or if you’re getting a different crypto I think you’re just getting more okay cash the nav cone a lot of you guys have heard about that 5% Stratis is at only 0.5 to 1 percent so not really worth it for Stratis and then right coin is 5 percent I know a lot of you guys hold red coin so starts taking your red coin so these are interesting kryptos to stake like you can see here I would love to get my portfolio to 126,000 Antonio and start earning potentially $100,000 a year just from getting free gas 14 gas a month you know it’s like a paycheck even at this current price 14 that’s $700 a month that’s amazing so I’m definitely down to get more neo and more coins that I can stake and I think that is gonna be the future because you can learn earn a lot of passive income from something like neo and getting this gas token but guys let me know what you guys think about staking coins and which coins you’re staking and if you think it’s a smart investment in the long term it’s kind of like mining without using the power and all the equipment yes it’s not as profitable as mining but it’s a good alternative if you don’t have the equipment or the computing power or you’re not on hash flame you don’t have the money to invest but you want to invest in crypto so maybe neo is a good option for you guys but thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed this video I’d really appreciate a like on it likes going a long way I know it doesn’t seem like a lot to do but hitting the like button does help the channel a lot and also leave a comment down below let me know if you’re sticking any kryptos right now and if there’s any crypto as any cover that are stay Keable I know there’s a lot but any that are profitable that you’ve seen big returns on thing you guys so much for watching and telling the next video happy trading and good bye

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