Ethereum Classic Price Prediction, Analysis, Forecast (2017-2018)

hey what’s going on everyone Matthew from the right trader tomm here back today with another cryptocurrency price prediction analysis and forecast video this time on aetherium classic which is a cryptocurrency that isn’t talked about all that much but is getting some interesting you know price action right now and I think that this one might start getting some more and more attention now of course this is a little bit of a I don’t like to use the word outdated because I don’t know if that’s completely fair some people refer to it as an outdated cryptocurrency I just I would prefer calling it you know not exactly active right now it’s not an active cryptocurrency and I’ll get into that in just a second but as per usual you know I’m gonna be doing my price friction for the next six to twelve months out I’m also gonna be doing a little technical analysis going over you know some of the fundamentals the community size the website stuff like that but if serum plastic has been rising in price lately getting some massive volume and I’m gonna talk a little bit about this because I think that this could be a pretty interesting opportunity in the making right now so really quickly I’ll give a quick shout out to my price predictions playlist if you’re interested in seeing my other price prediction videos for various cryptocurrencies I’ll have a link to this playlist in the comments section and in the description below so if you want to get you know maybe a second opinion on a cryptocurrency that you like definitely check out this playlist and other than that let’s get right into you know here in classics so the community size let’s start off with their subreddit now over 8,000 people so that’s a pretty big size of course since it’s been around for a while now that’s understandable it isn’t the most active subreddit but you know I guess it’s the gaining some traction moving over to their website and I’ll talk a little bit about what exactly if you’re in classic is just really quickly for anybody who doesn’t know because of course it can be confusing because there are you know two versions of aetherium right there’s aetherium and aetherium classic so what’s the deal with these two well basically you know there was the main aetherium network and there was a hack on the network well that was then followed by a disagreement where you know the network split in two so there’s a cerium and a theorem classic right these cryptocurrencies are you know very similar there’s some slight differences but the main difference that’s that’s really important to understand is that a theorem classic really prides itself on being immutable right so that means that transactions on the network cannot be reversed or modified in any way right now that’s the main difference because transactions have already been modified or reversed on the etherium network so that’s something to pay attention to and you know it’s pretty important basically a theorem plastic is the true version of aetherium and of a cryptocurrency now that’s not to say that you know aetherium classic theory itself is bad not at all you know I think a theorem classic as a right now has much more going for it sorry aetherium has much more going for it than aetherium classic as of right now so a theorem classic still means you know there’s work to be to be done here but you you know it does pride itself on being true to what a cryptocurrency is supposed to be you know decentralized and everything some people say that aetherium is you know a little bit like a fiat currency and stuff like that now I don’t totally disagree with that but it’s true that if you’re in classic might be a little bit less you know controlled right and I won’t get into too many of the nitty-gritty details on it here in classic but one thing that I wanted to point out is you can see the website is a little bit outdated in need and if we take a look at their timeline yeah this is something that isn’t great to see but it hasn’t been updated really since March 2017 right so as you can see after that they just have to be continued as a theorem classic community and it’s two independent dev teams start to focus efforts on development and applications we look forward to et Cie becoming a decentralized immutable immutable public infrastructure of the future right and this definitely kind of confirms the fact that you know it’s just not an active cryptocurrency right now now I know that they’re working on some stuff but it’s definitely not at a pace or it’s it’s kind of irrelevant right now right they really need to get things back into gear fully before they can truly be you know get some better recognition and get you know at least my full stamp of approval so that’s obviously something to look forward to in the future and that could definitely happen as a right now though it’s still not there yet now they do have a there’s an ATC you know summit conference in I think November 13th so that’s something to be to pay attention to you know it it might you know spark a bit of price action we’ll see what comes out of that but definitely want to see if they’re in plastic you know maybe get more development in the future right and get some more activity going now coming over back to the numbers and and this is what really interests me is it right now for a theorem classic is you know the recent price increase that it got and that price increase has been backed by a massive massive amount of volume right 339 million dollars just in the past 24 hours and as you can see you can go up the ranking here and that’s more than aetherium itself right so that’s very very telling and there’s some pretty big money coming in to a theorem classic right now so this could actually be a bit of a reversal in the making take a look at the just the past you know a couple days here the the volume has been ramping up and just keeps today was them you know the most volume in a while here so that’s a pretty powerful sign right there and and something that I really like to see now you know the current market cap is one point almost 1.3 billion dollars circulating supply of 97 million coins now as you can see you know a theorem classic started off in June 2016 I think it actually may have have network may have been created even before that but basically what you have to pay attention to is it’s been down turning right it made an all-time high of you know around $23 started daunt and down turning for a while now after that that was back in June 2017 so down down trend in you know it had a bit of a spike but that didn’t hold it all so that was kind of irrelevant and now finally we kind of broke out of this downtrend right and I’ll get to this in technical analysis we also have a bit of a double formation here so you know the chart is looking good the price action was looking good the volume is looking good and for a cryptocurrency that’s you know called outdated and sort of dead this is definitely kind of contradictory and like I said could mean that there’s maybe a little bit of a revival in the making right now for a theorem classic possibly a really good buying opportunity you know it depends but I will be giving my price prediction for the next six to twelve months once I do the technical analysis what you have to pay attention to though is you know it’s now in the top ten and very competitive area very hard to you know move up in and it’s you know we’ll see what it does but I think you can definitely start climbing up maybe towards litecoin levels if this is really you know a reversal right now so I’ll get into that but yeah you have to be aware you know could it like overcome aetherium probably not at least not right now with what it has going for it I don’t think so but you know at this at the end of the day there are very similar crypto currencies so we can definitely see some growth here if things come come back to life now getting to the technical analysis for a theorem plastic you know I drawn this downtrend line at a couple days ago as you can see it broke out in the short-term and can even extend this a little bit you know to back over here so you get the full scale of the downtrend and the breakout now another important thing that I wanted to point it out is this sort of you know triple bottom almost now where we you know after coming down we hit this let’s see the low over here of eight dollars and fifty seven cents bounced off that came back tested that again bounced off that and then a third time so this is a triple bottom and now we’re moving back up right there so that’s actually a very bullish sign now let me just go ahead and draw one of the resistance levels here that I can see see if we’re already sort of moving back above that and you know we already broke above this $13 area which is very good that’ll be nice um some new added support now of course we’re gonna face some resistance a bit higher here near this this you know $14 area I guess maybe a little bit lower than that but right now the things to pay attention to is it’s obviously looking good right indicators are looking good moving back up and everything RS I still not even in the overbought area so still has a bunch of room to go and this move right here could really mean that if you’re in plastic to give you my price prediction finally could could really move up and and you know make tests at least it’s its previous all-time high and potentially even start making new all-time highs by the end of 2018 right so that would be about a hundred percent increase from from where we are right now and that would push it up you know like I said near maybe like coins current market cap so it probably definitely move up the top 10 ranking and you know that would be pretty big that could really spark some growth in etherium as a theorem classic as a whole now of course there’s gonna be some resistance levels and you know it’s gonna have to climb all the way back up break through these resistances and everything and what I don’t want to see though with this breakout over here is you know that it’s it’s gonna be like a false false alarm right we’re over here we have you know a breakout of the V down trend it didn’t hold it all it was just a fluke and it came crashing back down right if that happens over here you know I’ll really kind of lose my bullishness on a theorem classic and you know I’ll consider it maybe pretty much dead at that point but right now you know it’s looking pretty good in my opinion and definitely multiple bullish signs I think this one will move back up in the short-term so something to pay attention to especially with the amount of money that it’s coming into it it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be you know just a dead cat bounce in and a false alarm as a right now so I’ll definitely keep you updated on a theorem plastic it’ll be interesting to see if this one can really come back to its previous glory I guess you can say but let me know what you think of a theorem classic do you like it do you think it can you know we see some some growth and you know rise back up to where it was before I’d be interested to hear your thoughts but other than that I really appreciate you watching this video if you enjoyed it please make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more cryptocurrency videos other than that have a great day and thanks for watching

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