Ethereum Classic Review

hi I’m Bitcoin Benny welcome to your daily fix of Bitcoin news I’m a trader a long-term holder and I’m here to make you a lot of money [Music] welcome back for another episode of between Benny you’ll have to excuse the sound quality we are coming at you live from Hong Kong I’ve been here for the last few days to attend the ethereal classic conference which is the first global conference of its type and I came here as an investor wondering whether or not my investment was a good idea whether I should be minimizing that investment increasing that and just to have a look at whether there was a solid roadmap for a Furion classic as you know aetherium classic is essentially the original chain of the theory so not having done ico means that you’ve raised money which for me was a concern because I was thinking how are they going to keep developing etherium classic and how are they going to keep it relevant so the good news is the etherium classic is taking an extremely different pathway than etherium and the way I see is they compete more with Bitcoin than they are with aetherium and they’re looking to be more of a store of value so that automatically means the proposition is very different as you’ll notice they don’t go out and actively seek to add icos to their platform the etherion platform users has had hundreds of CEOs launch on it this year whereas aetherium classics taking a very different route I am going to be taking a different route so I was very pleased to hear from the developers and to hear that they are actually doing some amazing stuff and they’re using the technologies from multiple sources so the good thing is that it is a very decentralized team in most crypto car these few people control where it goes how it looks and what decisions are made not so with a theorem classic it is actually controlled by many groups of people it has much input from different from different groups of people working on different technologies and also working on the direction of the company which gives it a much more in my mind a much more stable future because you can’t just two or three people sit down at the table and decide what happens you’ve actually got to run it for it multiple groups of people and you’ve got to make sure that it’s something the community wants and likes how’s my drawing excellent so let’s get to have they gonna fund that so what they’re looking at doing is running a treasury type system where they would actually take a percentage of the actual etherion classic mind and what they would do is use that money to help with the roadmap and help with the delivery of technology which is a very good idea and it means that even though they didn’t ICO and they did an airdrop and even though they didn’t raise money they will be continuing to collect money which would see this survive long term maybe duct the other thing which I really liked is great scale investments if you don’t know who they are I would suggest you google them they are predominantly setting up a fund ooh I have set up a fund for some time now where they’ve invested in a theory and classic now that’s the first of its type what this means is that institutional investors so people outside of the traditional crypto world are able to now invest in a theory and classy now this is significant for two reasons one greyscale have got a lot of money on the line more than fifty million dollars but what’s important in the second reason that makes it more important is they not only have 50 million dollars involved in this project they actually have reputation at stake but I wouldn’t do that unless they thought during class he had a huge future if you look at it has been the storing value and you look at the fact that he does not have an uncapped supply so here IAM does aetherium classic is very much capped it means that the there is that element of scarcity involved so I would expect this coin to appreciate considerably in value over the next year this year we’ve already seen it go well it’s really above ten times its original value it is not with on beyond the realms of possibility that this will do another tax by the end of next year but if you have a look at who was there at the conference that was the most significant thing for me it was represented by miners it was represented by investment groups and was represented by developers so for me it was fantastic to see these three groups of people come together talk about the future be excited about the future and a lot of people have come a long long way to do this so I think it was thoroughly worthwhile as I say I’m walking on the fury of classic now than I ever have been and I will be adding to my stocks for sure soon I will be featuring in an interview I was lucky enough to sit down with Charles Hoskinson and talk about the theory and classic and its future and where it’s going and there’s some pretty exciting stuff in that interview as well so stay tuned for that make sure that you like and subscribe thank you very much for supporting we do appreciate I will do more and more of this type of thing for you guys as per your requests I’ve also been asked to now check out a few of the Chinese Queens so I may go to China and do that for you as well so just a big thank you for everybody that has liked and subscribed it does show that the videos and we will continue to make them and a big shout out to Dane who is a the child of one of the people in my community that is 10 years old and deeply into crypto and it’s good to see that the next generation is already up and about so again thanks very much for watching appreciate it if you want more information on theorem classic I have put links below thank you for watching and see you for the next episode of Bitcoin be [Music] you

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