Ethereum Classic Upgrade & New Coin And Poloniex Forced Liquidation – 216

hello everyone welcome back for another video I hope you are doing well and that you’re all having a great day first up a theory on classic is actually in the news today which is very rare it appears that the developers behind E theory ‘im classic are developing a new scaling solution for aetherium classic in the form of a new side chain that will be called kalisto CA ll I sto the developers have noted that during the the last few months both aetherium normal aetherium and Bitcoin have been experiencing scaling issues and that they want to make sure that this isn’t the case for a theory implies ech going down the road so from what we know now the side chain will be used to they say research and gather information for future changes in the network to develop an on chain governance system as well as introduce a transparent system with a built-in funding mechanism as kalisto will be a side chain it will actually help both chain speed up transactions and the developers say as of now they believe that it could allow for cross chain improvements and possibly being able to write smart contracts on to kalisto or aetherium classic and they make able to swap them back and forth or being read between both of them so it appears that even though kalisto will be a scaling solution at heart it will be a block chain all on its own and will feature its own coin known as clothed that is CLO which will have a max cap of coins and it seems it’ll also be a staking coin meaning you’ll be rewarded for having this coin in your wallet and your coins will earn interest as well without the need of running a network node like other coins have you do furthermore this is a huge update ciello will actually be available once aetherium classics blockchain hits the number of five five zero zero zero zero and at that time a snapshot of the etherium classic blockchain will occur and every ëthere ium classic holder will then receive one clove for every aetherium classic that they own so I’m sure that will make a lot of aetherium classic holders very happy next up the crypto exchange known as Polonia X is in the news yet again at this time as a number of clients have expressed concerns multiple concerns on social media that their accounts are displaying incorrect balances many people have noted that they have deposited coins without them peirong and other people who had funds previously no longer do now one of the constant complaints it seems by a number of people has been that when orders are opened and then canceled accounts are no longer credited with the funds from the cancelled transaction another issue at the moment appears to be accounts are showing alerts of forced liquidation with no way to actually cancel them or even to know what this implies for their account to add on to all of this after all of the growing pains all of the exchanges have experienced users of Polonia X have stated that has been around three or more months since they’ve heard back from customer support Polonia X has actually responded on social media and has stated that they are they are aware of these issues and that the website will be fixed as soon as possible we’ve had problems with them for over about a year now so I hope everyone’s funds are secure alrighty everyone that is definitely going to do it for this video as always hope you guys enjoyed hope you guys are having a great day wherever you are wherever you might be and yeah I will talk to you all soon see you

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