Gnosis vs Augur comparison (REP tokens, GNO tokens)

good day everyone this is crip the portfolio project and my name is them right now we have two projects which are going to exploit one of the biggest markets which are based on smart contracts of this year Omega system recently we notice need news selling its coins using strange as your own mechanism do you want to know how its competitor over so this coins in 2015 do you want to know what are the main differences in economic terms and in terms of functionality between the platforms I do so let’s check this out what were the IPO results for auger and prognosis this is going to be the first question I will answer in my video as you know nonces collected 250,000 differs but the auger at the time of ICO collected more than 1 million averse seed diet we are in for a hell of a ride here auger collected not only ethers but also bitcoins and they got 18,000 bitcoins wild gnosis accepted on the AFER’s now you can see use the equivalents of the coins the project’s collected of course the exchange rate is as of today the augur has 11 million redcorn’s and there is going to be no inflation nonces team has created 10 million and we are very close to the most interesting numbers amount of coins which are possessed by investors over sold eight million eight hundred thousand rep tokens from 11 million tokens while the gnosis using their cool new ICO mechanism sold four hundred sixteen thousand six hundred sixty-six no tokens from ten million euros which will be in existence what about percentage augur investors hold 80% of tokens while gnosis investors have four percent of all tokens I will tell you the reason why later the capitalization of ogre on the market is about 141 million dollars and the catalyzation of meiosis if we use the price in durin ICO and divide numbers appropriately is 300 million dollars let that sink in and I have to remind you that there’s still no trading of no tokens ogres SEO was quite standard usual five-day bonus than the decrease of the bonus and so on the investors received 80% of tokens during the crowd sale while kenosis made things more complicated the gnosis has adopted the so called to modify Dutch auction model this ICO mechanism makes it very expensive to buy tokens in the first day of the crowd sale and super very expensive in the first hour and guess what everything was bought out in the first 15 minutes basically the longer their show takes time the more tokens investors will get for a less price but investors were crazy about this project so due to this nonsense valuation of gnosis right now is 300 million USD I also believe one of the benefits of being an early buyer in the Grouch’s I saw was that you could go to consensus and have them slap you in the face while they take your money let’s continue I just want to summarize the economic differences between the projects before they continue to the functionality part augur is a holder of about 19 million USD can you believe that with that the capitalisation of 140 million USD it seems that the so called premium for over that has capitalization – money back they have is 50 million USD wild gnosis has now 14 million USD universe in my opinion both moneybags will grow even more in the future but auger has diversification and bitcoin they Co terms of forg gnosis were quite misleading to be honest I didn’t understand them on their side so I had to read their slag to comprehend the modified Dutch auction model so I am kind of sorry for the investors I can relate to them over is 140 million used in capitalization but doesn’t forget that their money back is 90 million USD which leaves 60 million USD as the real capitalization and there’s official capitulation of Knossos is 300 million USD now we have gone to the part with the actual functional differences between the projects I will not cover it in great detail but if you want more details check the medium post by Alexia who knows this table is based on his work so both team have a couple of years in experience they have been researching and creating prediction market for quite a while the teams are really strong and professional venosus is also helped by consensus company the platforms will have three types of events binary which is yes or no categorical where there are multiple outcomes finally scalar where there is going to be an upper boundary and lower boundary defined for an event augur will use if as a collateral during that while grossest will allow our tokens to be used as a collateral outcome tokens on augur will be limited to the platform while the gnosis will allow to trade those outcome tokens elsewhere they will be air-sea 20 compliant during the creation of a new market users in ogre ecosystem can set up the prices while venosus users are going to use services of a market maker contract this contract will choose the price automatically logarithmic price scaling is experimented with but the usage is uncertain on both platforms and both competitors will integrate stage channels and approve the speed of transactions and hopefully it happens before the group of state-transition Oracle backstop is basically the ability to resolve the outcomes which are challenged by users over has the wrapped holders who will be the final fortress against manipulation while no TSA’s has East based system in place thanks for watching my video if you enjoy my content please like it subscribe to my channel leave because soon I will post even more of a great content and by until the next time [Music] [Music] [Music]

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