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hello Markey dragon also knows Marcus Eikenberry in real life and we’re gonna talk about mining GPU mining how to make money from your video game machines video cards and basically become super rich and pay for all your video games yeah something like that coming right up [Music] [Applause] alright so welcome welcome we’re gonna talk about GPU mining and what I am currently doing to make money how much money I’m making how I am doing it I’m gonna share with you exact my exact setup and you’ll be able to replicate this except you’ll put in your own information if you put in mine it’ll go to my mining account which will be totally awesome and I you know I won’t care but I don’t recommend it so anyway we’re gonna talk about power consumption how to figure out whether or not you are spending too much on power and not making any money and how you cash out so join us here it will take a little bit of time to talk about all of this but you know I think that I think that if you have a gaming machine you have a gaming video card in it whether it’s AMD or Nvidia either one of them can mine for you and can make you money and this is where you run an application that will actually use your video cards GPU to do transactions on the cryptocurrency network and you will get paid for processing those transactions now you can mine all on your own and/or you can – part of a pool I’m gonna show you pool mining today because I tried it all on my own and here’s the problem I could not get enough stuff mind to make any money I right this with the theorem and I mind for multiple days with my GPUs and got paid nothing and I got paid nothing because it just wasn’t fast enough to catch up other people were mining out this stuff before I could get it done and so I wasn’t that lucky on it but in a pool you contract a whole bunch of people together and you work as a group and then depending on how much effort your machines put into this is how much you get paid out when the pool gets paid all right so I am currently let me show you so these are some mining things I’ve got going on and we’re gonna look at that in a minute here I am mining on fly pool and I’m mining Z cash flows either you’re watching life there is a link in the description that will get you to this page there’s nothing concerning about what you’re seeing here as to being something that is my private account to what not these are all public so you can see here that I am currently mining and it shows you my hash right here that shows you an average you got to go run for like 24 hours before I start showing you the average you can see here it dropped down it dropped down because I am using my stream machine for recording now recording this what I’m talking to you right here instead of instead of mining I have my gaming machines here and I have them mine when I’m not using them so currently I am making according to this way I’ll see it’s on the last 24 hours it was 210 dollars earlier today but it bases this number off the last 24 hours and so let’s just say that off of Z cash I’m mining in this pool here and that it’s 174 dollars a month well the power cost that I have for mining this stuff is around $1 a day or less I am paying currently 14 cents per kilowatt-hour you can look on your power bill to see how much you are paying your power bill should show you this and then as long as you’re not over 40 cents per kilowatt-hour you should be okay you should be able to just kind of go okay I think this is okay now part of that has to do with how much power you’re actually drawing and what what kind of cards that you’re actually mining with so I’m going to show you something here real quick which is part of figuring out exactly how much how much your power is costing you how much you’re drawing from your computer this right here is called a kilowatt I’ve had this for a long time it’s a little bit dirty but basically you plug this in and then you plug your computer into this it’ll light up here on the screen and you’re going to be able to look at how much power is being drawn it’ll tell you how much you’re doing per kilowatt hour and then you can look at your power bill and and see you know how much time has gone by so like if you’re using one kilowatt hour per I don’t know hour or day or whatever then you can do the math and you can figure out exactly how much this is how much your power is costing you so that’s kind of the first little tip this I’ll link to it you get a link on Amazon they sell them they’re cheap and so you can get one and yeah so all right now I might consider my power to be about a dollar a day and I think that’s actually a little bit high I think it actually cost less than that at the campaign about twenty bucks a month for my two computers here and that’s really not very bad at all so if I’m let’s just say it’s a dollar a day and I take off the thirty dollars for a month then that leaves me with you know 144 bucks leftover that’s awesome okay so this is per month forty dollars per week whatever per day and if I were to keep them mining all the time I would have more payouts I’d actually get three of these payouts per day if I have them mining all the time but given that I use these computers I’m not I’m not getting I’m getting an one or two payout today I use these computers a lot for other stuff so all right now let me let me tell you about the the hardware that I have here and and what I am actually using to do this mining so I currently in my systems have a Titan XP I have a gtx 980ti and a gtx 980 the titan XP was a 1300 hour video card the nine 80s I believe I paid around $700 each for them and there’s a little bit older but all together is I’m using all three cards for mining so this application that I’m using here actually will use multiple cards this machine that it’s on right now has multiple cards in it and it’s doing things like it’s telling me how much it’s actually mining and what the temperatures are on them they’re a little bit higher than I would like them to be they’d be more efficient if I get them cooler and I’m actually spending some of that money on on upgrading my case so that I can have a really high airflow case the problem with high air flow is noise so there is there is that issue okay so now with that in there let me show you let me show you more about fly pool so a flight pool is where I’ve chosen there’s a link in the description for flight pool I don’t get any sort of Commission off of this or or anything like that that’s not an affiliate link this is not that type of place if you use Mike Wayne base link to buy some Bitcoin or whatnot you’ll get an extra ten dollars worth Bitcoin and I get ten dollars with a Bitcoin if you buy own it always worth but beyond that this one there’s no there’s nothing like that so let’s look at their home page now their home page here they they show how much their hash rate is are currently doing and everything and then and then they show how to connect so I’m going to share with you my exact exact batch file that I’ve done on this you basically you download the application and then you figure out which one it is here so now this is for this is for CPU mining we’re going to talk about that in another video what we want here is we want Windows Nvidia or Windows AMD if you are if you are doing video card based and that’s and I don’t recommend CPU especially for this stuff we’ll talk more about CPU in another video but for for this stuff that’s a GPU based coin I think it’s a really bad idea to mine it with a CPU so they have different configurations here you can download this I’m using nice hash nice hash is I believe created by the same people who got hacked recently and lost a whole bunch of Bitcoin but that was nice hash the service this is nice hash the application and I don’t believe the application had anything to do with the hacking otherwise it would have gone across many other services other than just them so there is a batch file you all know what a batch file is it ends in dot bat you have it in one of your folders and basically it’s saying here it says here’s the miner here’s the server here is my name my username now you see this right here is the same thing as on here this miner right here which is also up in the address so in my scripts this is the miner that I put in there and then you have the password the port number and then CUDA devices which the CUDA devices you can tell it to only use certain video cards or all of them if you don’t specify it’ll use all of them so let me show you here my example of the see here yeah so here’s a pastebin link and this right here is this has my account it this is what test I did on my laptop and the password is nothing there’s nothing in the password there so there is no password used on on this particular on flight pool there are on some others and that’s why that option is there so and I’m using a US server here and that’s my port let’s see here so this then equals I mean I just started up literally I just edit the batch file I save it and then I double click it and it starts mining so it’s really really ok so when you think about mining you like I don’t understand home and do this I can’t figure it all out it’s ok just these couple of steps and you’re up and running so you just gotta remember to edit that line in there yet at this line in here this is the most important one that line right there with your address you got to sign up for a flight pool account and everything but then you’re assigned an address and then and then this right here you can name this anything you want to name it after your machine if you have multiple machines it doesn’t matter but that’s how you that’s how you do that now when I mind this I have fly pool set to deliver it to me at at bit tricks so bit tricks is another service that I use and I been using it for a while I enjoy it so now right here you can see Z cache and so in here I have let’s see it’ll come up here in just a second no second there we go alright so we have down here some orders that I have and you can see that I sold some yesterday and I wanted to get some Bitcoin stuff while the Bitcoin market was going crazy I saw opportunity and I decided to sell some but let’s see here so listen let’s just see what I sold out yesterday let’s see here how much should I sell well let’s let’s look at let’s look at how much I’m selling per day or I’m mining per day off of this and let’s see I have a day’s worth available right here okay so I have some for sale here this number the this 51 number is way off from the 23 number here and it’s because I believe that in the future it’s going to shoot way up and so I have some high numbers in there what is it yes very nice of her so okay now if I put this in at the max and then I sell at price right now which is whatever is the ask price then I can sell this right now and so that’s about that’s it on average with using my machines this is how much I’m mining per day so we’re gonna go and look at the value now of of this and let’s see here Z so we’re gonna see what this is worth on average all of these sites are having a hard time recently because there’s just such an explosion of people getting involved with this a little bit of load times plus I’m still mining on this machine right now so all right so a current value of Bitcoin put this in okay so this is this is how much Bitcoin this equals and then we got to do the same thing here of BTC 2 USD or actually do they have a oh they have a sec 2 USD there we go right let’s just put that in then actually didn’t know they had that so you got to copy that first zero in it’s actually really important so these sites don’t like it when you don’t alright so current value on that so six dollars and fifty seven cents okay so the so right now if I sold it right now at the going rate right now I’m making six dollars and fifty seven cents a day I believe that it’s costing me less than a dollar a day but I’m gonna count it as a dollar so let’s call it five dollars and fifty cents per day off of this so five dollars and fifty cents per day for a month is one hundred and sixty-five dollars okay so not too bad but I actually think that I can earn more let me tell you how I’m doing that and I’m not talking about the CPU mining that’s going on right now as well talking about that this right here okay so I’ve got the maximum in here the current rate on the ask is you know that price and this is gonna be that much but in reality if I look at if I look at this I really believe that we’re gonna get up into the thirty five forty and higher range again and so if I wanted to earn say ten percent more I instead of earning 556 a little over six dollars a day then I can take the number that’s in here right now and I can increase it by ten percent and it will you know with market volatility it’ll probably sell within the next couple of days then I’ve made more so I don’t have to sell it right at the current price that it is although bit ryx does have something interesting they can cash stuff out to USD with the automated thing that they have to where it says any deposit that comes in of this currency immediately sell it it’s a nice feature especially for businesses so okay so we’ve got this right here to 22 well you know what I really want this to get me about thirty percent more so I’m going to change this to three and then this just is up in value so I’m gonna get 30% more so I’m gonna make about about $8 on the sell so I’m gonna put it up for sale here and there we go so what’s going on to the market and then I have a market order here for this amount to sell when it hits point zero three two and currently it is at point zero to two and we’ll hit that today probably not will hit with the next week most likely so Z cash has been on a good trend and in fact one of the reasons why I like Z cash is because of their philosophy and what their goals are and everything and the amount of development work that they put into into the coin there’s some coins out there where they just don’t do much extra they just put it out there and like oh hey everybody we’re making money but Z cash actually they actually have a full program for for furthering Z cash and it’s thing this is a privacy coin and so actually I can get paid with this and the government wouldn’t know if I if I hid it so well this is a terrible trend yes it’s against BTC and you’ve seen how BTC has gone up so much recently well it’s because it the you know Bitcoin shooting way up which forces this down it’s an altcoin against it so anyway it’s all okay this is this is normal so alright there is how I’m doing it and I am typically waiting to sell these higher unless I see an opportunity of something I can flip and make make money right away which I did sell a bunch yesterday and and I did do another transaction yesterday which ended up with more more earnings and I was able to take advantage of that right away so that is that is how I’m doing it so feel free to ask questions in in the comments here and everything there are links in the description to fly pool to how to set this up and to the kilowatt here which is really cheap you can get them on Amazon and so if you can figure out your cost of power and everything and may as well take your your extra you know your machines that you’re not using when you’re not using them especially if you have these high-end video cards and do this now one other thing heat so if you if you you know the heat right here this measurements are actually okay you can get up high enough to where your video card will slow down and it will actually start throttling itself and then you won’t make money so you do need to make sure you have good ventilation and it can create a lot of heat in your in your room my office here I typically have to run the AC when I am working in here it gets a little bit warmer than than what I would like it to be so it creates it creates a lot of heat and there is wear and tear on your equipment although I will say that currently Nvidia pretty much across the board gives you three year warranties on the video cards and in three years from now you’ll have upgraded to new video cards anyway so there you go okay that is that is it for this again comments in the description ask your questions I’ll be happy to answer I’m marki dragon take care

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