Investing in SIAcoin? What YOU NEED to KNOW! + Antminer A3 + Obelisk SC1 ASIC Miner

hey what’s going on guys it’s fast i’m here with tales of the box coin youtube channel and today we’re gonna talk to you about sign my main goal of this video is to discuss investing in the side coin if it’s a good project and really just the whole drama surrounding side corn right now so with that first I want to cover just the basis of exactly what is side coin basically it’s the centralized peer-to-peer digital cloud storage cycle one’s a very promising project in the aspect of it fulfill is a need in the world that will always be needed in the future which is basically data storage and this is gonna be based on the cloud and it totes itself as being private so you have that security that encryption which is just so vital in today’s age and its uses redundancy so it’s if it was might say a file of my identity it would take just a total rough example split it into ten pieces set those pieces to ten different basically nodes on their network and then whenever that was needed it would draw those pieces together there’s also redundancy so if those went down they’re also stored in other places thus creating a very fast and secure network you segues me into my next topic of this video which is there hashing algorithm and how it has been basically ambushed by big bad bit main before I dive off the deep end into the whole debacle taking place with that I do want to say that I am a supporter of the mission that sine Cohen is trying to accomplish I support them because they’re the ones working on it and I see the absolute need for this there are some other projects that are basically aiming to do something similar but I think most people would say that sighs coin is the most well developed one that’s available in the market year right now so to kick it off bit main has just released their latest and greatest ASIC minor an ASIC minor is the cryptocurrency miner basically it works on the blockchain solves the algorithms and creates currency essentially digital money printing if you want to simplify it okay and they released it for the Blake to be a hashing algorithm which only Massiah coin is line let’s talk to specs real quick 800 Giga hash second at about 1300 watts consume that’s pretty big power usage and if you run it on the profitability calculator on such as what to mine right now you’re gonna get somewhere between like 300 and 600 dollars a day and please understand this will not do that when you receive it’s at all like don’t go pay a ridiculous price for this people get duped with that stuff all the time I’d be surprised if you’re seeing 30 bucks a day by the time you get this with all the miners that are coming out for it however there will be great profitability to be had here especially before the other miners hit the market that are being developed and have been in development by Avila spec which is a project that has been created and ran by the side coin developers and I hate to be that guy but I mean you know you talk about conflicts of interest this is truly one and while it’s cool to see them so invested in their own project that you willing to take on something additional like this and as a cryptocurrency miner I absolutely think it is so cool to see mining advancements being made granted I will say I’m not the biggest fan of ASIC mining and I have had a sick – I have an ASIC miner right now and I will have more ASIC miners in the future who owns all the miners that mine Bitcoin essentially bit made what about one of the other top multiple coins like coin bit made what about – bit made so just keep those things in mind so I just grab my computer and I’m gonna throw these up on the screen as I read some of them and basically just laid out but there is a ton of drama surrounding this ultimately beside coin one of their own monopoly on their ASIC miners which is okay if they you know don’t abuse that power but is that really a power that you want to give up to begin with and they talk about decentralization is centralizing the mining hardware producer decentralization not at all not even a little bit they have built basically a backup kill switch into their miners not to kill their miners but that they can invalidate bit man’s heart where if they should so choose with a soft fork which is very interesting and why was that built-in if they didn’t already know about bit mains development of this minor and there’s just a lot of questions that you’ll wonder like that you know did bit may just happen to wake up today and they’re like oh I am oh dude John I totally know how to make the blade to be minor now check mark check out my office later tonight I’ll have a prototype like no freaking James did not say that to John that’s not how it happened what seriously let’s get to it so some random dude on reddit posted basically in response to why SIA should soft pork to kick out the bit may minors I’ve never heard of this guy before but he doesn’t have a lot of common Karma either but he said if SIA didn’t want this to happen they should have opened Pandora’s box that is a sick mining if they were a GPU my double coin and state is one and they fought to maintain GPU my ability I imagine that most miners would have rejoiced and cheer form there at least I would have so I was creating their own ASIC mining monopoly that we would have to entrust they operate there I have something still left in humanity so I believe in that and then however if you switched to a six you can’t be mad when big bad Bittman crashes your party just his two cents never heard of this guy honestly I totally agree with them this basically leaves two sides of the community the ones who support crushing bit man’s recent hardware launch and the other side which says hey we just got a run with this slash I probably bought an 83 minor so I bought a three minor in full disclosure so I would technically be put on that side however I absolutely want to buy this c1 liner when it comes out you’re like well then why didn’t you just pre-order it well why would I pre-order anything that is like I think they’re pretty order was at least six months away six months away six months away no long that is that’s half a year you probably knew that but do you know how long that is in crypto it could be an eternity a lifetime crypto changes at a crazy speed these pre-orders have gotten out of hand and I just I don’t really agree with them I think if you really want funding then you should be able to provide the prototype first I understand funding research and I’m support over that in advancements but there was a lot of time and money wasted to make a sick miners when the need for mining was already satisfied with GPU mine it granted I’m biased because I have a majority GPU mining farm so you could take my credibility away there but you know at the end of the day I like to think that I would represent the majority of the mining community because I would like to believe the majority of the mining community are GPU miners and you know I understand the appeal of a six and how you can just spend money plug them in and it’s pretty simple and you’re mining but you know do you really have the power there are you the one in control or are you just using a little plug-and-play computer from bit main that one day will be absolutely worthless because every part in a GPU mining rig has value every part can an ASIC mining rig basically has no value when those miners go obsolete you’re best off just thrown them in trash so this is the kicker and this is why I saved it for the end this was posted on their reddit it’s confirmed to essentially be true there’s no reason to discredit it was taken of the contributors channel in from the SIA side coin discord and in there take ta ek who is known to be one of the cycloid developers and the most vocal about the bit main opposition here he posted at everyone we beat our heads against the prom enough and that there’s not enough consensus in the community for invalidating the surprise hardware so you know scroll down keeps going a lot of talk basically one of their members who has parentheses FTS Nick H I’m going to PM you about the details of the hard work I can make it essentially they’re conspiring to hard for coin and essentially they mate jump ships say hey this is Sai coin this is you know sorry coin to whatever they want let’s say that’s the true side coin and the current channel become side point classic or something but they’re essentially truly conspiring too hard for get there so that’s something to keep in mind this is gonna create crazy volatility in the price and ultimately I think this is gonna really really drive the price down so if you notice my point earlier while I absolutely like and support what psych 1 is doing that does not mean that I said then to invest in it then and if you didn’t watch the whole video maybe you made a bad move there and I’m not a professional and I don’t have like all the professional investment advice vs full disclaimer if there is just this much of a divide in the community of developers which translates to the huge rift in the community this is gonna shake up it’s gonna shake up bad you know if he is this mad about this he’s not gonna work on the project the same he’s not gonna put that same amount of dedication into it that he’s already had grinning you know this is just my opinion of speculation but if this was your baby and you felt like someone just basically stole your baby are you gonna raise what’s their baby now or you’re like well I guess somebody’s well gonna have another baby because that’s now a bit Maine’s baby you know Thomas may be a little far-fetched but uh I think that’s a realistic way of maybe looking at this and that’s how it feels and if if your team is losing faith in their own project because of these events that are transpiring then that’s a very alarming and there’s gonna come a couple things or they’re gonna take the power back themselves which you know puts at risk of will they just hard work the coin every time don’t like so that something happens with it what if a new minor comes out and they heart forked again they say oh no no this is just for our miners to mine that’s not the centralization that’s not exactly fair but then again what fit Maine does is never really fair and look what they did with the deep three you guys know it’s kind of vocal on the 13 X 11 line and again I really have absolutely zero interest in next eleven mining because everything that transpired with that ultimately we’re at a pretty interesting spot here in the community so I’d like to ask you and please comment in the video below because I want to see the response from the community I want to hear the community and even if you don’t subscribe to channel we should drop a comment below and tell me what you support and if you don’t feel like typing out a long response just type these responses so we can get a real idea of where the community is that which would be SC one type st one which is also the name of obelisks minor is if you support just running with everything that’s going on no hard fork bit man they came out they they jump the gun and they’re miners are here to stay and the obelisk miners are also gonna mind on that same algorithm drop SC to if you support side coins hard-working their coin and with that they would you know invalidate bit mains hardware make it absolutely worthless which one constantly a couple of grand which you’re totally suck and validate their hardware on the blockchain so just there miners are good and who knows what’s gonna happen next or you know this one’s a little out there this is my personal i would pick this one personally SC three the coin is forked right okay fourth debacle and debate whatever sport it remains GPU my table come on power of the GPU miners baby but then again I’m biased so with that thanks for watching guys please make sure to like share and subscribe and again comment below let me know what you’re thinking and I will see y’all next time [Music] [Music]

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