Is Raiblocks XRB The New IOTA? Rumors Confirmed of a Binance / Kucoin Listing

welcome to another episode of crypto right the show that takes a magic and mystery out of cryptocurrencies and amateur investing I’m your host David Haye and in today’s episode we’re going to take a look at the world’s 17th largest cryptocurrency it already has a market cap of over 4 billion dollars and it’s been getting all sorts of love all over social media now what makes this interesting is that this actually isn’t a typical blockchain technology some people have been comparing it to iota but iota is vastly different from rail blocks iota uses a tangle whereas rail blocks uses a blockchain lattice which is a very different implementation with really similar outcomes so in today’s video I’m actually going to show you how I was able to buy some ray blocks I’ll do a few transactions that obviously won’t cost anything and I’ll go into a little bit more detail about the technology and make some price predictions for the future so stay tuned we’ll be right back if you watch my channel you’ll know at the end of each video I give away point one etherium now for those of you that are new to this channel all you need to do for your chance to win point one aetherium which it stays value is around $100 is simply comment and in the comment below make sure you also include your aetherium address at the end of the video I’ll randomly pick a winner send that point one aetherium and I think that’s a great way to give some of the advertising revenue I make off this channel back to the crypto community now today I’m going to be talking about raid blocks and raid blocks reminds me so much of iota I was covering iota 5 or 6 months ago and I was really impressed with the potential of the technology now I owed her over the last few months has gotten a huge amount of recognition when I was covering them they were trading at 20 cents and now recently they’ve been trading over $4 and what I find interesting is that ray blocks has very similar concepts they’re definitely not a copy of each other there’s no way that the two are similar when you come down to the actual technical level but on the surface you have these two crypto currencies that are promising instantaneous transactions at no cost and the reason that raid blocks is so different is that typically on the Bitcoin network you a block time of every 10 minutes and you only have a certain amount of information that can be included in each of those blocks so basically you have this auction type system where you need to be to higher and higher so the more you bid for the auction the faster your transaction is going to get processed and that further up it is on the list so this has worked well I mean it’s working well enough but if you’ve used the Bitcoin network you’ll know that it’s sort of slow and you can’t really ever imagine without a big change in technology that it’s going to replace Visa card or MasterCard now because rate blocks is decentralized and because because each of the nodes has its own blockchain so you have this centralized ledger but instead of recording every transaction what happens is the central repository really just includes links to all of the other block chains so you are actually holding your own blockchain and really what’s happening is when you’re doing transactions it’s being maintained on your private blockchain and then the the ledger is just linking into your private blockchain so that’s sort of a little bit of in Reverse to the way that Bitcoin works and that’s also part of the reason that this network is so fast when you actually send the transaction you need to use a little bit of computational power on your computer so this means that there’s not no work required to complete the transaction so instead of needing miners or instead of needing Iota system for example in iota system you do two transactions to process one and that’s how they’re able to get the scalability whereas in ray box what’s really happening is in order to not flood the network and in order to provide valid transactions your PC would actually go ahead and do a small calculation so if you were to just try to spam the network with fees you would need a lot more resources it wouldn’t just be as simple as just spamming a network like from an email system where you can just almost send out a limited unlimited numbers of emails provided you have the bandwidth so one of the big advantages of this system is that there has been a growing concern over the mining systems for Bitcoin because obviously as the difficulty level increases and more and more powers being consumed to basically solve each problem for the opportunity to win the next block there are some questions now about really how efficient this system is so when you have ray box come in you basically are able to remove the miners and you do a little bit of processing power on your machine that doesn’t slow it down enough to actually interfere with the transaction speed but still allows for this basic protection of the network now you have really a next-generation cryptocurrency that’s in my opinion a lot more efficient is I have a balance of 35 I think that’s about $1,200 right now and what’s cool is it’s not nearly as complicated as attaching to the tangle and sending so when we go into the transactions here you’ll see that I’ve completed three transactions in this first transaction here I sent I was sent one rate block then I sent it back and then now once I receive it back the third time this time somebody sent me 35 instead of one you can see that I’ve actually lost absolutely no value in any of these transactions and when I executed these since they were instant like Visa and MasterCard as soon as I press the button this money was sent the other party confirmed it we were on the phone it was just that fast so data dash has done a great video Ivan on tech also has done a great video it’s definitely worth checking out we all know the crypto markets especially altcoin markets have been really on fire lately and everybody always looks to coinbase for which coin they’re going to add and that normally gets a pretty decent bump and if you’ve watched my videos you’ll know that by Nantz is really coming up to be the world’s largest exchange and it’s signed up I think three million users in December it’s got so many more users signing up but it’s what’s interesting is if you come here they’re doing this competition and in order to vote you have to spend point one being B tokens now you can see that already they have 12,000 votes for rail blocks and the next cryptocurrencies experience points that has a six thousand five hundred seventy eight so there’s a pretty good chance that this cryptocurrency is going to be added to by Nance and that’s really I think the biggest barrier to entry because I know a lot of people that want to buy this cryptocurrency they just don’t want to go through the hassle or have to go and trust another exchange especially Brit Grail since it’s not nearly as well known so I would expect if this coin gets listed on by nerds we’re gonna see a significant jump in price so what’s interesting also is COO coin which was another similar crypto platform that I covered last week had also announced that they ran a competition now the competetive o ting has closed for this but rail blocks won this voting competition too so it’s very foreseeable that for say in the next week or two this cryptocurrency is going to get added to finance it’s going to get out of to ku coin and then we’re gonna see a massive explosion in volume which could translate to a you know a huge increase in price so normally when I talk about crypto currencies I don’t talk about the short term as much as I like to talk about the technology in the long term but this is a really unique scenario in that this cryptocurrencies already ranked the 17th largest in the world and when you go to buy it it’s actually quite difficult so you know all these people that are already involved in this project all these people that have already jumped on they’ve had to jump through a lot of Hoops and everybody online and everybody that’s using this platform seems to be really happy with it so it’s my prediction that when this crypto gets added to by Nance and ku coins we’re going to see just a huge increase in volume and then maybe it could come maybe then it could threaten iota as the biggest free to use crypto currency so iota here has a market cap of 11 billion and even if rail blocks was to get somewhere in the range of iota which in my opinion it functionally as far as working and as far as a working wallet and as far as being able to send tokens I feel much more comfortable sending rail blocks than I do iota that’s not to say that the technology is necessarily better than one to the other I’m just saying in the past when I’ve sent iota it hasn’t been nearly as easy as the first time when I’ve used rail blocks so if we see that same type of increase once it gets added I mean it could be a 3x or even a 4x cryptocurrency and that’s just the way the markets been till next the last couple weeks this post basically goes over a rebranding campaign to change ray blocks into nano and I was doing videos on ant shares before it became neo and one of the things that I really disliked about ant shares at the time was its name so the fact that Rae blocks has maybe a slightly difficult name to remember one that’s not nearly as easy to remember as Nano in the next month let’s just pretend that they rebrand let’s say they do a partnership with Daddy and let’s say they get listed on two major exchanges well these are all things that are pretty unique in the their currency space they already have market share they already have their dev team so it’s for this reason and I don’t like to speculate too much on rumors because that’s ultimately what these are so if I give this rumor anyway then I’ll think about ku coin adding it to the exchange platform followed by by name I started to think that Rae box has a strong growth potential especially over the next 30 to 60 days where the price could easily go up by 50 even a hundred percent so for transparency reasons you can see here that I personally hold 35 xib it wasn’t really that easy to purchase because I had to sign up to the new exchange I may think about purchasing more as it becomes available on KU coins it like I said with my altcoin strategy for this year it’s really defined good technologies and place small bits in a lot of them so I bought some finance coins from the video that I made the other day Bobby coin has been another old coin that’s been really really good some money my concepts here to basically go through use the technology make sure I actually understand it and then the projects that I like just purchase a thousand two thousand dollars worth of crypto and just sit over them sit on them for the next um for the next year so one thing we have to do before we finish this video is find out who the lucky winner of the point 1 of theorem is so the last video we made was about Kubb coin shares and costs which are two different exchange platforms that have recently popped up and are really starting to give bit tricks a run for their money now we had 1187 comments the winner is Radu Stefan he’s got his aetherium address here so perfect order as soon as I’m finished making this video I’ll send you point 1 etherium following me every time somebody like one of my videos I water these plants every time somebody subscribes to my channel I give them the tree every time somebody shares a video on Facebook so if you like gardening dogs America or cryptocurrency you should support this channel [Applause] [Music]

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