Is STEEM Ready To Take Off?

what’s up everyone Brian Phobos here and today I’m gonna talk about steam and why I think it’s gonna appreciate in value in the next couple of weeks and then into the new year so with steam if you haven’t seen the main way to connect to the steam blockchain is steam it calm basically it’s a blogging platform think of Reddit meets medium but you actually get paid so here’s some of my payouts I don’t look like much payouts have been kind of low but the thing is the steam back dollar which half of our earnings come in the steam back dollar which is supposed to be pegged to the two one u.s. dollar has been going for twelve times that much on bit Rick’s right now it’s kind of a mystery as to of why it shot up part of it had to do with the tether hack well I’ll have our theories about what happened with it but this is ultimately gonna drive demand so if we look at the steam back dollar here on bit ryx and 1091 right now but let’s look at the chart it’s supposed to be pegged to the u.s. dollar here all along it was primarily pegged to the u.s. dollar then boom we got this burst when tether got hacked for 30 million I think a lot of people gravitated to this and then for some reason someone or people keep buying it where bots keep buying it and we think what happened is that BOTS they don’t know the fundamentals that this supposed to be pegged to the u.s. dollar and that the people on Steam it and the other ways to connect to the Steam blockchain that they’re gonna get paid out in steam back dollars and then they’re gonna go and put all kinds of sell pressure on this we think that once the bots maybe recognize this breakout it started buying it up kind of recognizing that it was going parabolic and it was it was having this breakout so we don’t know how long it’s going to continue but everybody who understands what’s going on on Steam it is gonna come over here and we’re selling our steam back dollars and a lot of people are converting that to steam whether on the internal market or out on bit tricks so if you see here this is the internal market where you can trade your steam back dollars for steam or vice versa and then you can take that and gain more influence in the system and power that up now here’s what I mean by that if you’re not familiar with this if we go to the wallet I have this steam power locked up in the system and if I want to take this out then I’ll do a power down cycle where I can get one 13th of my payout each week so it’ll take three months to do the power down but each week I’ll get a distribution and they’ll go into liquid steam here and then I can sell that liquid steam for something else or I can keep it as liquid steam sitting there in case let’s say the price of steam shoots up and I want to sell some of it you know and then maybe buying back in later you know whatever I want to do with it but anyway count value right now you know it’s 2122 I’ve never put any money in the steam from like fiat money I have always just you know blogged and earned money and you know powered some of that steam up but I’ve never taken money from the outside and put it in there now I’m not saying it would be a bad idea to do that because you know if you’re gonna be blogging already you can gain a ton more influence by doing so so you see that and then we can see someone with more power sweet s SS J she’s from China and obviously her payouts are a lot higher and if you notice in her wallet her account is worth a hundred and eighty five thousand plus she’s been delegated all this power six hundred ninety one thousand of steam power has been delegated to her so when she uploads herself it probably at least gives her 80 bucks to a hundred bucks just voting herself and then she has a large following 17,000 followers and you see that the engagement is high a lot of up votes a lot of comments I mean she just did this an hour ago and she has 61 comments so she does mainly travel blogs and that’s kind of her niche so you can see why having power is gonna get you more influenced and if let’s say you go to the training page here then here’s her her latest post it was an hour ago so it’s in the upper fold and so more people that let’s say get on Steam it and then they see it and then they check out her post it just has a lot more visibility so you can understand the reason for having more steam power now as far as the steam dollar is concerned a lot of people since they’re getting so much more on the payout they’re using this as an opportunity to then buy steam which is creating by pressure on steam so that they can go ahead and they can you know they can power up and gain more visibility and and move forward because success builds upon itself really in life but on here as well so that’s the first reason people the steam dollar situation where it should be pegged to the u.s. dollar to one u.s. dollar but then it is shot up for some unknown reason everybody has their theory why this has happened I mean this crypto market is insane so there’s all kinds of strange things going on and this is one of them but this opportunities being used for people to power up so that’s the first situation that there’s going to be by pressure on steam the second one which I don’t really go all for this that much but this is a technical pattern here with this bowl here and then you got this handle and then oftentimes the technicians will say well at that point then you’re gonna see this increase you know and let’s just pretend let’s say you know it goes up to 250 or something like that I mean it’s very reasonable that it would do it breakout to that but I look at it as more of a fundamental thing that it’s the people selling steam back dollar and buying steam to gain more influence and that’s why the price going up not that it that it created this this is sort of a result of all this other stuff happened in my mind but anyway take that as it is if you want to believe in the chart technicians analysis okay so smart media tokens this is gonna be coming out in the new year and smart media tokens is basically going to allow icos to be performed on the steam blockchain so imagine a website that wants to monetize itself like steam it let’s pretend like minds calm I post some of my stuff here just to kind of like put it out there see if I gain any kind of visibility out here but let’s say instead of having this thumbs up here you know they they have a thumbs up and that when you do it that it would pay the person who created this post they could do that with the steam smart media token they could make a meet token called mines and then it would bride on the steam blockchain and it would it be an additional way that people could could get paid on here which i think would be a great idea for mines and it would be a great idea for a lot of different web sites so that’s the that’s the you know that’s the second reason is that it is gonna drive demand when you look at a coin it’s like what is gonna drive demand for someone to purchase the coin well with steam there’s actually four or five main reasons for one it has three second block times so transactions are super fast not all this waiting around like you get with these other coins it’s pretty much instantaneous also the you know basically the platform is able to have these smart contracts and is gonna be rolling out these smart media tokens which if people want to engage and do a smart media token they’re gonna have to let’s say that people who are gonna buy into the smart media token are gonna have to buy steam to buy into it just like with the icos that are ERC 20 tokens they have to buy a theory um to buy into the ico so it drove demand for aetherium and in the same way steam is gonna be able to drive money to that and this is a lot better use case than a lot of these ERC 20 tokens like they just have an idea and they’re saying well we’re going to do this and it’s like well how does the token really benefit the person you’re looking for capital appreciation but imagine if you bought into a smartmedia token and on some kind of a platform let’s say for instance like mines suddenly you were able to gain additional influence you’re also going to be able to do these on subreddits and then here is one of the use cases Gerry Banfield was pointing this out that this vise dot org or whatever was basically going to have this smartmedia token you know on the Steam blockchain and that there would be there would be porn sites basically that would people could you know get paid to be watching porn or vote the content creators or whatever so I don’t know exactly we’re kind of they’re gonna do with that but there’s all types of use cases that they bill do that now after all these steam smart media tokens are out there there’s gonna be a market like this but it’s gonna have like all these different tokens so that way somebody who holds some token it was maybe let’s say on mines comm and they got paid in that they would then be able to go to this market and then trade it back for steam and then if they wanted to sell it you know on dittrick’s or something like that they would be able to so this ecosystems going to get a lot more advanced and it already is super advanced okay let’s look at block tivity let’s refresh this here so typically bitshares and steam which are both graphene block chains usually blow everything else out of the water as far as transactions now today evidently aetherium has more activity on their chain but look at this here guys of course this whole thing is pegged to the max that network cannot handle any more it’s a hundred percent blockchain capacity fourteen thousand unconfirmed transactions how pathetic and you see the needle over here for steam it’s not even hasn’t even flinched Bitcoin completely terrible completely pegged I mean look at the you know we’ve seen the situation with the whole you know cause per transaction here look at this just getting the you can’t even move Bitcoin at this point every block is filled up I had to pay sixteen dollars to move some Bitcoin today it’s terrible you can’t even use it so but we’re still invested in it and it just keeps going out because people get on coinbase they’re gonna buy a Bitcoin first and then maybe some aetherium some white coin but that’s part of the reason why there was so much demand for light coin I feel like in the last few days is because both Bitcoin and aetherium are completely maxed out they need to scale they needed to scale a long time ago and both of them are not doing it so we’ll see what happens I guess in the future but anyway steam is up here trucking along not even not even moving the needle bitshares moving along not even moving the needle like coin doing okay moving the needle a little bit so that’s a little bit look at that so there’s there’s plenty of potential to grow and have way way more transactions on the network for steam and for bitshares as well so that’s that’s one reason it just blows pretty much everything else out of the water performance wise it’s out there now and then you’re gonna have the third iteration of this lineage the bitshares steam and then you’re gonna be oh s— which are all created and designed by dan Larimer so see big things for that in the future as well so there’s so many different platforms who have built on steam so let’s take a look at this and a lot of you guys might not know this but d tube this is a decentralized youtube that you can upload your videos on and it’s on top of the steam blockchain and you know this person earns seventy two dollars for their video this person earned thirty three dollars but basically you have to have a steam account an account on the steam blockchain and then you can connect and with this same thing with steep shot this is an Instagram clone so imagine being on Instagram and be able to upload a photo or other people uploading it and then you earn money off of it that’s pretty awesome so here’s the web version or whatever but they have it for you know Android and iOS but I mean look you know somebody posted a picture of some Frost and earn thirty two bucks so congratulations pretty awesome let’s see here what else was I gonna show you so busy or gives another way that connects to the steam blockchain this is supposed to look a little bit more like Facebook but you get your your post here and you have your like but sell all these all these ways connect to the steam blockchain here’s another way to interpret the data on this team blockchain this is everything that’s kind of going on all my up votes you know all this more information over here what my voting power is all this kind of stuff all the stuff interprets all these different ways to connect to it as well there’s a lot of development that can happen there’s all these different tools for the steam blockchain I mean this is a real-world use case you know that’s going on here with this I mean nobody can tell me that this isn’t worth anything that oh well why would you want you know free decentralized you know freedom of speech you don’t have to pay it you don’t have to pay to be on the steam blockchain you know so there’s a lot of answers I mean this person says $200 on my first post I invited my whole channel to join steam it you know a lot of youtubers are coming over makes a lot of sense they should be posting on YouTube and on Steam it so you know it’s a great thing there a lot of visibility will be created and ultimately to kind of sum it up I mean really it’s I just feel like there’s this weird situation with the steam back dollars there’s a ton of utility and the steam blockchain and whether people realize that or not completely I mean we’ve got so many like aetherium fanboys and guys don’t don’t think I’m talking smack about a theory I’m just talking the truth I’m invested in aetherium I mean the thing is people get all coin bays and then all the stuff is all aetherium is gonna save the whales and aetherium is gonna cure world hunger and it’s gonna cure cancer and we’re gonna solve everything you know a theorem has been purported to be able to do everything but do you see any kind of social network that’s built as a decentralized app on ethereum no because it can’t crypto kitty’s has just a little simple application like crypto Kitty’s just taken it down I mean that’s just this theory ins been billed as being a world computer I’m just not impressed if that’s you know what the goal is but ultimately will the price keep going up yeah because they’ve driven demand from people buying these ERC 20 tokens for these I cos 95 percent of which are scams but it is drove and demand for it and then they were able to effectively get on coin base and all that and so it’s got a ton of visibility so I think that steam can kind of pick up a lot on that that not only do people want to power up to gain more visibility on steam it on busy on D to bond those but also these other communities that might want to build like what this vise is doing they’re gonna have the thing to where people can can get paid to engage and watch and content creators can get paid so there’s gonna be all types of interesting things happening with the steam blockchain kind of going forward but in the near term I think this is your biggest reason of why this is gonna pull along steam and again don’t get mixed up steam dollars is different than steam guys steam is ranked 34th steam dollars was just supposed to really be a utility for people to have a $1 peg that’s what that was for but anyway I see bright things in the future guys right now I’m gonna continue to blog and get my earnings and stuff like that and I always try to maintain a position in on the steam blockchain because it has amazing potential but anyway hopefully that helped you guys let me know if you have any questions below and also follow me on all social media app Brian Phobos please subscribe to my channel I’m trying to get to a thousand subscribers and follow me on Instagram Twitter and everywhere else at Brian Phobos so you guys have a great night see ya

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