Lisk And Vechain Will Dominate The Month Of February! Price Predictions

let’s talk some lists let’s talk some V chain I believe Liske and V chain will dominate the cryptocurrency market in the beautiful month of February now Who am I what credibility do I have now listen to me a lot of people are telling me well the whole cryptocurrency market has grown well you’re not incorrect but you’re incomplete because here’s the thing a lot of bulls are making money a lot of bears are making money but you know what there’s a lot of pigs getting slaughtered so you’re coming about all the whole cryptocurrency market has grown yeah it has but who’s really making money a lot of people are losing money and a lot of people are not making what they should be making in this crypto currency market believe me I know some people that should be millionaires right now there should be millionaires but because they’re not going into the right cryptocurrencies at the right time they’re not getting the full potential and some of them are in the red or they’re just evening out so the whole cryptocurrency market has grown yes but what coins are you getting into and at what time for example I got into Ripple the first time right then I have to I have to talk about this because I have to defend my credibility so when I make these calls all right you understand because I can just be anybody you know just talking about something and you’ll be like who the hell is this guy I mean why am I gonna listen and listen to me I don’t tell you to buy that’s another thing let me just clarify some things okay before I get into V chain and risk I do not tell you to buy I tell you to research all right I will never tell anybody to buy but believe me when I tell you to research go research that core now here’s the thing three weeks before Ripple did that ripple pump I was telling everybody look at the signals look at the signals people were laughing at me people were mocking me hahaha this is nothing it’s nothing’s gonna happen I’m telling you look at the signals look at the signals BAM it happened then I got a uh a lot of people will tell me look at this corn look at that corn and I do and if it doesn’t fit my criteria I’m not gonna get in it but I had a gentleman by the name of Danny Avila and he told me look at NXT all right and it’s tea token I saw it he told me it was gonna be a tougher one with the Ignis and I was like wow okay so it’s gonna happen on December 25th around there and I think rules like Lake November and it pumped already to like those I got 10 cents and it pumped at 20 cents and I’m like you know what I believe this thing has a lot more room to grow at least to double your money so I made a video on that all right I made a video on that and I said listen guys if you want to double your money at least double your money you got a great play here I had people tell me all know it already pumped and you’re gonna understand how I segue this into Liske + V chain alright so just just bear with me so there are people telling me oh no it already pumped you missed the boat I go no I know what I’m doing alright if you don’t want to do it that’s fine I got in I doubled my money I could have stayed in more I just wanted to double my money it went from 20 cents to two dollars within a month and it happened about a week after I made that video a week alright it just kept on going and going a lot of people made life-changing money in a month in a month right so when I make a video and a lot of people just want a question oh yeah he’s chilling listen stop with that challenge crap listen I’m I’m the guy you come to listen to when it comes to and investing right and again let me clarify this I never tell you to buy anything I just give you my investment perspective all right and I believe I’m a great investor all right I do options I’ve been in options I know what to get into the market I know what to hell to get out of the market when I talk about a cryptocurrency go and research it and go research it a.s.a.p I’m not the guy to come to so for me to break down or what this cryptocurrency does that’s not what I do I give you the investment perspective okay and I tell you look at the partnerships I believe I’ve been blessed okay and I mean that without humility all right I just have you have to understand this and a lot of my subscribers can testify to this that they’re making money all right and I don’t want any of that money I want them to be blessed and I love doing this because I believe I’m blessing people so again my angle my videos what they’re meant to do is for you to say okay is this confirmation if Mac is looking at this and he’s getting involved I should be at least researching it let me go take the time to research and if it fits my criteria and I want to get in then you go and get in I never ever tell you to buy okay but if you’ve been researching the coins that I’ve been telling you to research then you are doing really really well like I’m doing right now though I just wanted to clarify that incomplete comment yes the market has grown but tell me who has really really made life-changing money there’s a lot of people who are when they see red they get nervous they sell then they buy back when it’s green and then they sell and then you just like there are up 30,000 now there they’re down 2,000 they don’t know what to do they don’t know when to because first of all first of all if you’re in a shit coin you have great reason to be in a state of trepidation you’ll never hear me talk about shit coins have I made some mistakes yes but even with those mistakes if you held on to them for example let’s talk about patient or not guys please bear with me all right we’re gonna get into list and we’re gonna get into V chain but when I got in and I spoke about patient ory I got into patient ory at around 28 cents 27 cents it shot up to 54 cents so you could have doubled your money I held on because I believed I thought it was going to go further then we found out that they lied about something that thing came down to like 30 cents 29 cents I said you know what I’m gonna get the hell out of this all right and I told people to get out it dropped out to like 14 cents but then it came back to 20 it actually came back to 50 cents so I didn’t lose money I believe a lot of my subscribers didn’t lose money on that that was just a freaky freaky surprise that’s the way I’m gonna call it when they pulled out the hey they lied about what happened and did something I forgot what it was and it dropped the market of course and I saw it so 40 cents ER and when I saw it I’m like you know what let me just get the hell out so I didn’t even lose money I kind of made a little bit of money on that some of the subscribers broke even some probably lost a little bit but it was a mosquito bite at the very worst all right so I was telling you about whisk at $2 look what Liske is at and I believe listen should be in the month of February at $50 so if you were listening to me a lot of people were laughing at me let’s get two dollars oh my god list gives a shit corn let’s Kansas I’m like no let’s kiss nah let’s keys asleep in monster and liske will wake up in 2018 I’m telling you it will happen all right go and research it go and research which risk risk rebranding is happening February 20th and then I’m telling you again I know I sound redundant but the big deal listen to listen not giving you financial advice but just listen to this piece of information okay rebranding is a big deal it’s gonna draw up a lot of attention the relaunch is a lot of things happening the big deal the real money is gonna come in listen to me q2 q3 of 2018 for liske you will see another massive pump for Liske okay this is not financial advice I have to say this this is just my humble opinion okay but around that time this is what I believe we will see Liske at at least $100 we could see lists by the end of 2018 at $200 that’s what I actually could see that right some people see $500 I could see from 150 to 200 at the end of 28th team for Liske now we’re talking about risk at $25 for a lot of you that’s like wow I’m getting it at all-time eyes it’s fluctuating for 25 22 but when you see the big picture that’s why you have to have that vision that I tell you as an investor you have to see the long-term gold a long-term vision I see it at a hundred fifty two hundred dollars at the very minimum I can see it from 100 150 even to 200 again these people predicting five hundred I could see it at 150 to 200 dollars and we’re talking about risk at $22 all right guys so I was talking about let’s get $2 V chain V chain I got into V chain at $3 I said oh my God reaching this monster look at the partnerships just like when I was telling people about ripple at 20 cents I’m like what is going on here did you do not do people not see what I see and I was telling people about the ripple announcements they’re gonna happen and people were laughing ago announcements are coming announcements are coming and I was telling them and people were laughing and I said listen to me this is an absolute steal right now go and research ripple go I don’t know if people just are lazy they don’t want to make money but it mean it’s right in front of your face and ripple you know what ripple still still amazing by ivor not talking about ripple but it went from 20 cents to 3 dollars within a month I mean that’s life-changing money life-changing money so when I talk about it coin go and research it alright risk at $22 it’s a great deal v chain I got it to be 10 in $3 reaching right now is fluctuating from 7 to 8 we’ll be testing $10 pretty soon I believe v chain is gonna go up the whole month of February of course you’ll see a little call people price Corrections little little bumps where people are taking profits I’m gonna ride this beast this is a long term long term old for me will I take some profits depends but I’m not taking all of it because here’s another thing about V change just like Neil with gas the same thing will happen with V change just by staking V change by holding B chain you will be getting the Thor token passive income so yes I want to hold on to my B chain I’m gonna hold on for long term I like passive income Omi’s ego i like passive income list with the voting they’re gonna get that I like passive income I mean this is beautiful guys this is beautiful going research going research so again my call V chain I wouldn’t be surprised maybe chain hits $20 by February wouldn’t be surprised would not be surprised if it goes $30 will not be surprised all right you got to understand the rebranding are and I believe listen to me and everybody knows how much I love Liske I everybody knows how much I love Liz but I think the rebranding for feeching is gonna be a little bit more not impressive but more powerful because of the Thor token so you’re gonna see a massive run-up for V chain you’re gonna see a great run for it for Liske Liske rebranding is a big deal again let me clarify this but the big deal for Liske is gonna be coming q2 q3 why cuz the SDK the full completion of the list platform this thing is a monster I’ve been calling it at $2 people laughs that means you spec they last about the ripple just like they last about the NXT call just think they laughed when I talked about pivots at $1 just I mean people are making freaking money well I’m making money I know if you’re researching and following through with what you’re researching you’re doing really well you’re doing really well and and I and I feel bad for some people that are kind of close to me and they should have been listening to me but I don’t know they think they didn’t research it should be millionaires right now and for those of you who are doing well blessings out I’m so happy for you and for those of you who are not doing well the way you should be get your head up it’s okay the crypto currency mark is not going anywhere now it’s time to fix your mistakes and start being a mature investor stop freaking out running when you see red when you see red you should be excited it should get you excited like Oh this is time to get in this is where I make my money this is when people really good investors make their money like V chains at $3 are you kidding me are you kidding me so risk I believe again this is just my humble opinion this is not financial advice risk right now for me is a great buy that’s why I’ve took an even more of a position on risk I’ve acquired because I know what’s gonna happen with the rebranding we will see I’ll run up in the month of February and V chain and $3 I stacked up on that I saw the partnerships rebrandings coming to February 26 for V change so let’s rebrand 20th of February feet chain rebrand 26 and February it’s a wrap guys like my video subscribe to my channel I want to wish everybody in abundance of success peace and prosperity even to you haters who don’t even understand my ways I forgive you because you don’t even know you don’t even know blessings blessings blessings to everyone all right guys P class you

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