LISK Top Altcoin Cryptocurrency To Buy in December Through 2018?

what’s going on everybody this is Jeff with all coin buzz today we’re going to talk about my favorite cryptocurrency so this one I just right now at this particular time I am getting really excited about lists now before I get started here this is not financial advice this is not anything other than one guy’s opinion about a cryptocurrency that I am watching and has moved up to the top of my my list okay it is list blockchain application platform okay so the future potential of the list application platform so this is a basically a mobile application so this is the etherium for mobile applications whereas the theory are more smart contract blockchain application but for developers list is going to really bring blockchain to the mobile application icos and here we go these centralized blockchain applications will be built on list from the ground up in pure JavaScript and take advantage of the powerful lifts api’s in addition every app will run in its own side chain to ensure that list itself stays safe and scalable currently in development these features will become available towards q4 of 2017 we are now in q4 of 2017 Before we jump into anything else let’s take a look at list and the price action that’s currently taking place list is approaching highs I do like Liske always below $5 however Liske is coming into that territory now where it is going to break past all-time highs at some point and really start surging okay this cryptocurrency here is one that should be on your radar and it’s got an 801 million dollar market cap it’s going to be it’s going to make waves and like I said this is not financial advice but I am very excited about the and I am I’m looking to acquire more I’m in accumulation mode right now if you’re looking to pick up lists by the way you can pick it up on bit tracks yo bit bit peg Palani X notice finance is not on here and neither is BitFenix once those once those come online that’ll that’ll open it up and as you can see it’s already on quite a few exchanges okay so list on social media has some interesting information if you’re interested in following these guys check them out on Twitter and here’s some big news that’s coming out if you can’t make it in person to the list meet up in Berlin on November 22nd you can still be part of it watch the livestream on YouTube so you can watch it on their Channel so these guys are out of Zurich Switzerland and as you know Switzerland is a is a primary catalyst for what’s going on in cryptocurrency let’s go back to their website and take a look at these guys in detail a little bit more here so they collaborate with light curve and these other companies that you can see in this you can click on each one of these and learn more about their collaboration you can sign up for their newsletter and also let’s take a look at the team so they have a they have a large team actively working on the list platform and here is their see their co-founder who’s basically leading them his name is Max kortek so if we come over here and we look at max core tech because this is what we like to do we like to learn about the people behind this the operation you can check out and max on LinkedIn so he’s a young guy he’s I said Zurich Switzerland immense ugh Switzerland I said Zerg and yeah so you can get more information on max here he doesn’t respond to his LinkedIn messages he’s a busy guy he’s also working on light curve I’m responsible for strategy and business of light curve a blockchain product development studio and consultancy with special focus on coding marketing and support most important client is list for which light curve is developing the ecosystem and is playing a key role in its future list is still a young project but I’m still very excited about Liske and it’s definitely my top cryptocurrency that I’m looking to accumulate right now now that could change over time but right now list is my top cryptocurrency that I am accumulating at these prices though I’m not necessarily accumulating too much volume as I’d like to see it pull back a little bit but that what’s the difference between 698 and $5 if you believe that this cryptocurrency is going to potentially be worth $100 one day and where do I get that information well I mean as list continues to take off you can compare it to aetherium in ways I mean you have a hundred in you have a 114 million circulating supply here and you have a 95 million circulating supply here similar applications ether name uses smart contracts list music is a mobile application developer but look at the circulating supply is similar similar I don’t see why list potentially in the short term couldn’t be a hundred dollar cryptocurrency I mean let’s just look at the price action for aetherium I mean we’re comparing similar similar cryptocurrencies right well developer applications I mean you can see the etherium had it was look at the price for aetherium right around the range where liske was for quite a while right and then took off so I’m using these these historical references let’s take a look at Neil another developer application you know look at this price action would you like to be in Neil at these prices right but you can see Neil took off and that so I don’t see why liske in 2018 couldn’t at least get to this price so buying it at $6 $7 under $5 is a great time to buy yes I do accumulate risk more aggressively when it goes below $5 and I do think it is a little bit early to jump in at these prices at an aggressive level because we’re looking at a bit of a ahead but we do like it at this price for sure so this is why liske is my top cryptocurrency to watch heading into 2018 share your thoughts below comment like this video and if you like videos like this subscribe to my channel this is Jeff with all coin buzz thanks guys

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