Lisk | Will this crypto ecosystem topple Ethereum? Detailed review with SWOT analysis

hey there guys my name is beau and welcome to my youtube channel cryptocurrency Australia in this video we’re going to be doing a detailed review of risk when we do something called a SWOT review where we look at the strengths the weaknesses the opportunities and the threats facing risk so firstly guys what is Liske and what is it all about well this is a unique blockchain ecosystem that will allow decentralized applications or adapts for short to be built on the platform and liske itself has been in development since around early 2016 liske uses the JavaScript programming language with each decentralized application having its own side chain link to the blockchain this is actually going to allow scalability and flexibility similar to other ecosystems such as aetherium risk is going to allow decentralized applications to create their own crypto currencies from the liske blockchain now this is going to operate on a public blockchain similar to Bitcoin similar to theorem or even litecoin these block explorers allow anyone in the world to view transactions and other information occurring on the network at any time and also provides a full history of all the transactions that have occurred on the network since the first block okay so that’s the basics of the list platform out of the way let’s now move on to the SWAT review and start with the strengths so the first major strengths of liske is an ecosystem so the strength of the platform or the strength of the ecosystem will grow over time as more decentralized applications are built on it now let’s unique blockchain architecture will allow developers to basically fully customize their own block chains or side chains unlike aetherium where decentralized applications have to use the main etherion block tone now this unique architecture will actually allow risk to be more scalable and flexible in the future as more decentralized applications are built on it this has been in development for over two years which encrypted currencies is actually quite a long time by using javascript as a main programming language list can tap into JavaScript developers located all around the world basically allowing these developers to quickly become familiar with the list platform and use the software development kit when it’s released as mentioned previously Liske uses the delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism now this mechanism is a low energy and low resource method of confirming transactions unlike the more traditional proof of work systems that Bitcoin aetherium and many other cryptocurrencies use Liske uses something called a tional signature based scheme now this is said to allow faster more secure transactions potentially even allowing up to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second the list Nano wallet is quite simple it’s clean and it’s easy to use I actually transferred some released tokens to the wallet and it only took around one to two minutes which is very quick now list runs on something called a permissionless blockchain meaning that is public so all the transactions and the information contained within those transactions and those blocks is publicly available for anyone in the world to view at any time and there’s also a complete record of transaction history liske has a strong team of 28 staff many of which are developers engineers and strategists the team also has country ambassadors ready to deploy to help promote liske in foreign countries which is another big positive the list team to date have been quite transparent with issues encountered during the beta stage with regular blog posts fully communicating the issues to the community and investors now liske has an extremely strong community of a hundred and seventy-seven thousand followers on Twitter and around twenty three thousand followers on reddit with the general sentiment in the community being very positive the lease tokens are currently circulating at around a hundred and fifteen point six million tokens which is actually quite low when compared to many other platforms so the creation or the supply of tokens will actually decrease over time via the block rewards following a linearly decreasing down over the lifetime of the network providing an economic incentive for participants to operate a node now the current reward for confirming blocks is five lists tokens per confirmed block now the decreasing scale is going to follow is around every three million blocks or approximately around everyone here this block reward will decrease by one less token this equates to around a fifteen point seven percent inflation rate for the first year of operation now liske is also open source meaning anyone in the world can view the code and contribute at any time lease has had a github account since February 2016 when they made their source code open source and public there’s also regular comets from a number of developers on their github account the token economic model with Liske is strong as the tokens missiles are required by developers who wish to build decentralized applications on the network the tokens are also used for transaction fees giving a reasonable expectation of token appreciation over time as the list ecosystem grows and lastly the feel I get from lease is the team has been really focused on developing the platform before starting a major marketing campaign and it’s actually a major rebranded nth scheduled for the 20th of January ok so that’s it for the strengths let’s move on to the weaknesses now the first weaknesses list has been slow to the market in terms of delivering a working product when compared to other decentralized application ecosystems such as aetherium or neo after two years of development a software development kit or SDK is still not available so decentralized applications can’t be built just yet there has been some community and investor issues with the slow release of the software development kit as the timeframes for release have been pushed out a couple of times because it was actually due for release in late 2017 and lastly the fees for sending risk seem to be fixed at point one LSK tokens say the thing is at current market rates that’s around $2 60 which isn’t all that cheap for a try action all right so that’s the weaknesses what about the opportunities for risk well lease has some major opportunities one being the opportunity to penetrate the existing decentralized application ecosystem by leveraging its JavaScript programming language and the side ten feature in addition to the delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism risk has the opportunity to become one of the top tier decentralized application ecosystems getting a high probability for token appreciation over time as the ecosystem grows and becomes more and more successful so they’re the major opportunities for risk what about the threats well given a software development kit isn’t yet available there is the risk that community and investor confidence will reduce the longer it takes to release that sdk there is a threat that least gets our competed with other decentralized application ecosystems such as neo which also offer Java as a programming language a given list is a newer blockchain model there is a threat that a system error or a fault may occur when the system is up and running and applications have been built on it now the last threat facing risk is that it just gets outperformed by the other decentralized application ecosystems such as aetherium neo eos or even card a node so guys that is it for this SWAT review of risk if you liked it lights are always really appreciated if you haven’t subscribed then consider doing so if you want to see future content if you’re new to cryptocurrencies or just want to increase your knowledge then you can come and alone with me on udemy in my fully online delivered course which is currently rated four point seven three out of five stars with over 300 independent reviews the course contains over sixty lectures runs for four hours and contains a number of quizzes through the course to really increase your knowledge about cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency investment if you’re interested in the course there will be a link in the description as with all my reviews guys links to all the research iron talk while completing this review is contained in the description below under the heading links so again guys I just want to say thanks so much for watching my name’s boat I’ll see you guys in the next one Cheers

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