Monero Price Prediction, Analysis and Forecast (2017-2022)

hey what’s going on I’ve run Matthew from the right trader come here today I’m gonna be doing a little price prediction slash analysis and forecast almond arrow and I’m gonna give you my thoughts on where I think it’ll head in the next five years but I’m also going to mention sort of the price action that I expect to see within the next couple months two years out and then and finally like I said where the coin should be at around five years time right so the first thing that I like to bring your attention to is the fact that Manero is actually in the top ten currencies based on market cap okay it’s actually at the tenth spot right and it has a market cap of 1.3 well almost 1.4 billion dollars okay so that’s actually really positive in my opinion right it’s in the top ten it shows that it has good growth and adoption and you know I think it’s it’s gonna be in the top ten now basically I think it’s here to stay which is really good I don’t see it really going down more I think it’ll only see growth right the question is how much but I think it’ll be in between the the top ten and top five and sort of slowly climb the ranks maybe towards five within the next five years okay so let’s take a look at the price action that Manero has been has been experiencing so if we move back to UM to a max chart we can see that Manero sort of started off three years ago which is nice to see that it it’s a coin that does have some experience I guess you could say right it’s been around for a while it was pretty flat and it finally started seeing some adoption in you know August of 2016 slowly climbed up and then it really just took off right and right now it said $91 but it peaked its last peak was around one hundred forty-four dollars okay so I think that a Manero will definitely reach that that all-time high again pretty soon you know if you look back at the previous price action it’s pretty common from an arrow to have these spikes and then back down right and you know the latest the one of the ones that was pretty similar to what what’s going on right now with the pullback is this one right here right where we had our spike sharp pull back but then big rise right and I think this should be pretty similar so I could definitely see monaro in the next definitely within the next two years right getting back above $150 probably being somewhere around you know to $300 by then right two years out for sure I think in the next couple months already it’ll climb back to the 150 dollar range right and of course this is sort of dependent on you know the cryptocurrency space being healthy and doing well right you know you always want to see Bitcoin up trending if if Bitcoin loses uptrend right it probably means that something pretty bad has happened you know some some drama regulatory drama or something in the crypto space which would make you know the whole crypto world it would put it in a pretty bad place with that being said though the good thing with Manero is that I think it is a little bit of a hedge against a lot of crypto currencies right since it’s a little bit more of um an underground crypto currency I don’t even know if that word is is really like the correct way to describe it but it definitely serves a different market and it should continue to see transactions going on even if there’s some drama in other coins right so I think that it is a good hedge coin and it might drop less than other coins if there’s some drama which is really good as well another couple things that I’d like to mention about my arrow is first of all it has a really nice low supply right and you know I’ve made price predictions on litecoin Bitcoin if they’re ium you ask me oh and check those out I’ll put a link in the description but I I do believe that having a low circulating supply is really important whether you’re investing in stocks or in crypto currencies it’s a big plus and Manero is at fifteen million right that’s less than Bitcoin I think that’s one of the reasons why it had such a price increase right when the the quantity is tight you really see some some nice growth it’s just sort of how the market works okay there’s scarcity so the price just Rises right away so that’s like I said a really nice advantage of Manero so as far as moving up to oh and one other thing that I should mention is if you look at the past 24 hours William obviously this is just for the past 24 hours so I’m not sure of what the average volume is but supposing that it is around this amount 27 million dollars transacted in the past 24 hours that’s really good to see right because if you look in the top 10 there’s some other coins that aren’t really on par with Manero right Iowa is only around 9 million in the past 24 hours nem only 4 million and you know it’s sort of around a similar amount to – right which is that the number six bond so I think that’s something to pay attention to a good amount transacted you know this is positive to see but what I wanted to mention was where do I think the market cap will be within five years time right and I think that it’s fair to say based on how other coins are moving and where other coins might be heading that Manero is definitely gonna see you know a couple hundred percent increase in the next five years I can see Manero I think it’ll be under a ten million dollar market cap in five years time but you know it might be definitely around five billion dollars in market cap can be a bit more could be a bit less but probably around five billion dollars if if the the general cryptocurrency growth remains constant would be a reasonable amount I think for from an arrow right and that would put the the coin you know into the it would be worth a couple hundred dollars right so you know in five years time it could be around you know five hundred dollars give or take right might be a bit less but I think that like I said based on all the good things that Manero has and that has that it has working for it I think that it’s definitely a one of the better coins out there especially when it comes to al Cowen’s and stuff right and it’s also fundamentally pretty different – to Bitcoin and stuff so it’s a little bit of a hedge a little bit of um you know a different coin you know I think it’s fair to say and I think it plays to its advantage and yeah so that’s uh those are just my thoughts on where I think manera will be heading in the next couple years like I said five years out and I’ll be interested to hear where you guys think manera will be heading what sort of are your your thoughts on the coin and yeah if you guys like this video make sure to leave a like make sure to subscribe for more trading and investing cryptocurrency videos and thanks for watching everyone have a good one

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