Monero: The Sleeping Giant of Cryptocurrency

hey what’s going on YouTube it’s Martin bringing you guys the latest Krypton news and investments today I want to talk to you guys a little bit about my Nero and why I think it’s in a very unique position for the next year or so as an investment and and definitely a long-term past that as well I think Monroe’s in a very unique position to really become the next big cryptocurrency in my opinion this is one of the biggest sleeping giants of the market had just $140 I’ll get into a few reasons why I think that it is very cheap but at this point but if you don’t know what material is I’ll do my best to explain it first of all material is the same as Bitcoin in that it is digital cash but in my opinion material has some very solid upgrades that make it better than Bitcoin first of all it’s a secure system so manera does not have the centralized mining problem that Bitcoin does with China second of all it has dynamic block sizes so that’s a big debate in Bitcoin right now whether one megabyte 2 megabyte or 8 is the way they go for Bitcoin so with dynamic block sizes it also allows Mineiro to scale very well when miners can choose to take a bigger smaller block depending on how many transactions are going through the network and finally minor is completely private so with Bitcoin you can see exactly who is sending who’s receiving and how many coins mineiro you cannot do any of that all transactions are completely private you can’t see any of that data and there’s also no rich list that is Meniere’s the only cryptocurrency that I know that does not have a rich list because it’s actually not possible to make one and finally or actually just has an extra thing this is also a pretty big thing going on with Bitcoin right now it’s the hard Forks Mannino actually has very solid developer consensus where they want to take mineiro so Manero does hard fork about every six months and the common misconception is that hard Forks are a bad thing when actually they’re just software updates so they’re they’re only bad there’s a chain split and that only happens when developers disagree on where they want to take it so there was really a big contender to Bitcoin in my opinion and I think that the privacy use case is really not talked about as much as I think it will be as important as it will be in the next coming months with government regulation coming into the space privacy is definitely going to be something that people look towards and say for example if I was in an institutional investor I would be looking at Manero as as a fantastic investment because first of all the circulating supply of Manero is smaller than bitcoins so what that means is that the price for example ripples never gonna hit $100 because there’s a huge supply of it that’s why the price is so low but the market cap is still very high Munir o actually has smaller amount of than Bitcoin so that means that this price $140 could potentially go as high or more than Bitcoin if the market cap or if the market deems that it should be worth that much so in my opinion the privacy use case for the market is very underestimated right now I’ll get into a few other things in a second one thing that I definitely look at in terms of trading and investing so this is getting into a match strategy a little bit is first of all when you whenever you make a trade or investment the two things that you should always be looking at is the risk reward ratio as well as the probability these are two things that you should always be looking at because first of all the risk reward ratio you should always have three to one or at least two to one so for example if you’re planning on making 20% on the trade the most you should be risking or biggest potential loss you should be willing to take is 10% and that’s what makes a good trade as well as the probability that either one is going to happen so that also kind of plays into your risk reward ratio how likely it is to go up as well as how like you likely it is to go down and usually you can kind of factor that in with some of the updates and how the markets gonna take them obviously there’s a lot of stuff that you can’t predict or you just Black Swan events stuff like that but the probability with Manero to go up I think is actually pretty likely considering some of the updates that are coming out and that usually does very well with the market so first of all there’s an iOS wallet coming out very soon I believe is completely done they’re just working on getting it on the App Store they need their Apple Developer license so once they have that that should be out so I would expect that to be done within the next month or two obviously I don’t want to talk for them on their team if you are looking for updates on this stuff head over to their subreddit because they’re always very good about answering questions like that second of all is the open hardware wallet that will be released and by the way this was an interview with one of the Monaro developers and third of all this is actually no sorry third of all is the cover II update and this is actually one of the biggest updates for Mineiro in terms of making it completely private because right now the only way for monaro to be censored or detected I guess is through IP addresses and Manero is a solution to this that is going to completely hide the fact that you’re using Manero or that your IP address can get leaked so this is really gonna top off material as as as the king of privacy in my opinion right now it’s in its pre-alpha I’m not sure how often this gets updated but yeah I think we can expect this within the next few months and the developers will obviously be putting more updates on this in the near future so and also I like to show this as well because this is something that is really kind of a slogan within the Monaro community it just goes to show how solid it is the FBI has come out and said that Manero is is very hard to track and they’re not very confident in themselves to be able to do it this was when the darknet markets were taken down they were able to expose that X amount of Bitcoin however much aetherium 3,600 C cash and then unknown amount of material was found so it really just goes to show that there’s really some solid developers working for material they do have a very solid development team and yeah I think that Menino is just crazy undervalued right now and the dollar amount if we actually take a look at the chart it is creeping up towards this all-time high actually let me scroll a little bit here the all-time high of Manero is about 150 US dollars so we’re really creeping up towards that right now at 140 so that’s part of the reasons well I think that we are about to make a leg up finally I just want to say that this is the global secret project this is how Mineiro gets its funding for projects there’s all completely community funded so I think that just goes to show that whenever a community is really getting behind a coin that it’s it’s really it really goes to show how that people believe in it and it has a lot of potential but to get into what the global project is globe is a a payment processing handle evert for many businesses and they they obviously can’t release too much about it right now there’s a lot of details that they can’t release due to they’re worried about another project getting in on it but basically they want to integrate Manero only through point-of-sale systems that would have would allow people to go out and pay in Manero so that obviously that plus the audio s wallet are going to make material really a more of a currency so I think the timelines yeah they did say that the timeline they’re trying to get this ready for the December holidays so I’m really excited to see who they’re working with and write current like currently it’s November 21st so we can expect this with obviously within the next month and like I said I’m very excited to see who they’re working with I think that this news could really drive a lot of hype around Munir oh really started people to get people on board and see the real potential of madeira finally this is something that I think we should be looking at long term this is something I would be looking at as an institutional investor looking at Manero because if you don’t know what the Panama papers are a they are leaked documents of financial data of people who use offshore bank accounts so this is people who are trying to avoid paying taxes on their money so this is a big deal because this is this is serious money like this is they obviously there’s no market cap for some of the offshore bank accounts because they’re obviously pretty hidden but like this is serious money that is an offshore bank account so one guy had a net worth of six billion and this is important because as digital currencies begin to gain popularity I mean we we’re already starting to see it 2018-2019 it’s gonna be very big for digital currencies I would be predicting that if some of that money came into Manero versus offshore bank accounts that would be huge for Manero because right now the market cap is 2 billion so if say a billion dollars came into madero from offshore bank accounts the market cap would not go from 2 to 3 billion but since that is so big percentage of the market cap we could expect to see market cap the market cap of Mineiro go up anywhere from like five to ten x what it is only having a billion dollars come in only saying saying only a billion but I’m just throwing our arbitrary numbers here to get you guys to think about the fact that as digital currencies grow without the rich list a Manero could be a go-to for people that for example are using offshore bank accounts so that’s serious money that’s just something long-term that I think we need to be considering just something for you guys to think about and like I said 140 versus Bitcoin that 8100 right now with even less supply I think that this is kind of a no-brainer even the updates so short-term as well as long-term I think when there is a great investment at this point this should not be considered financial advice you should always do your own research on all this stuff but yeah guys I hope this was educational for you and I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving I’m out for now later guys

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