Only 2 Million Bitcoin Left, NEO DevCon And South Korean Banks Allow Crypto – 213

hello everybody welcome back for another video hope you’re all doing well and now you’re all having a great day first up we have officially hit yet another major milestone in the crypto world 80% of all the bitcoins that will ever be created has officially been mined that comes out to just over a 16 million 800,000 Bitcoin which is a lot which means that we have just about 4.2 million coins to go and this has all happened over the course of a nine year period it is about two years time maybe a bit less at this point the next minor reward housing is on its way because at the moment the block reward I believe is now 12.5 BTC so within the next two years this would be cut in half to just six point two five Bitcoin created per block which means what’s hard to come by now already will be even more difficult to acquire which is part of the reason why so many analysts have predicted bitcoins price to be well into the six digits by the time 2020 rolls around as scarcity will drive up market demand next up neo is in the news which is kind of weird cuz they’re never in the news because in just about two weeks or so they’ll be throwing their very first developer conference and I believe San Francisco there’s never a lot of news about this project you’ll find stuff randomly sometimes online so it seems like this would be a very good time for them to release any possible upcoming news and/or updates about the project so the noted speakers at this event will be the cofounders of neo a number of the core developers and uh it appears there will be a live performance of the neo anthem I think neo is the only coin that actually has their own anthem the team has noted that at the conference they will be discussing what they call bulletproof and confidential transactions governance within the neo community as well as neo X I know that recently the price of neo has shot up dramatically it was $30 just a few weeks ago so let’s see exactly what they have in store for the conference last up in the most important news of the day South Korea has once again dropped themselves into the news but this time we have news that South Korean banks were totally not to deal with any account linked to any cryptocurrency investors the same as we’ve seen in other countries or with smaller banks who have blocked crypto transactions or have block people from trying to purchase any cryptocurrency however the news of the day is it appears after a large number of people protested and the government apparently decided to rediscover told that it is okay to reinstate these accounts to allow cryptocurrency purchases but it appears that people will be obligated to use their real name on their accounts I’m not exactly sure how that even wasn’t mandatory before but yeah this is the case now as well as give real information in order to prevent money laundering which and just about every other case for every other country has been the deal I don’t think these countries care so much about what is going on as much as they care about getting their own piece of the pie and now it looks like that a number of banks are actually allowing this again but a number of them will reinstate accounts properly once new guidelines on how to avoid money-laundering have been released an absolute fiasco this has been less honestly hope I mean I honestly hope that this is the last time that we hear from South Korea in the news for a very long time but it appears that everything has been smooth without nothing there is banned everything is reinstated so fingers crossed right alrighty guys that is definitely going to do it for this video as always I hope you guys enjoyed I hope you guys are having a great day wherever you are whatever you might be and yeah I will talk to you all soon see you

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