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hey guys Fiat Anna wrote here and today is November 9th 2017 and today there’s a lot of confusion like I said before not a lot of people know about populace okay I’m getting crazy messages on what does it do what you know that actually they’re seeing the price rise you know the the price is starting to really go where we thought it would go which is up but a lot of people don’t know about populous this video today is going to explain what populous actually does because the confusion is off the charts people have no idea all right so in this example all right actually you’re looking at the platform right now this I’m logged in alright I’m actually logged into the platform obviously there’s no data this is still alpha stage so this isn’t you know I have no there’s no invoice in here for me to buy or anything like that but this is kind of what the look and feel is and you can see the wallet balance GBP PT so this is the Great British Pound this is I’ll explain that in a second basically what populous is it’s an invoice factoring machine really and if you don’t know what invoice factoring is currently how it stands banks all over the world make money off invoice factoring so just pretend like you you may or may not like say you own a small to medium-sized enterprise or business right and you perform services or physical labor no matter what it is you perform services for people and they owe you money in the form of invoices because that’s how business works you don’t always get paid right away you do the work and invoices generated you send the invoice out and they have 30 days 60 days 90 days to pay that invoice alright so how the banks make money off that is the small to medium-sized enterprise you the small business owner go to the bank and say I have this invoice okay and I need the money up front rather than waiting that 30 60 or 90 days because I even employees to pay or I’m trying to grow this business and I need money quickly to do it the bank says fine your invoice is say $50,000 the $50,000 invoice the bank will charge you fees for lending you money it will not be the amount of what the invoice is let’s just say the bank gives you 40,000 you know say the bank gives you 40,000 upfront or 45 thousand right so the bank takes ownership of the invoice so when the invoice actually gets settled and paid they get the full amount so the bank gives you say forty to forty five thousand upfront are basically loaning you the money then when the invoice gets settled that’s that invoice goes to them so they just made you know whatever the agreement was whatever the end the contract was so maybe it’s 10 grand maybe it’s five grand who knows but the bank’s all over the world this is 30 to 35 percent of their revenue stream this is how banks make money okay so what populace is doing is they’re cutting they’re disrupting this this field you know they’re they’re I’ll call it space they’re disruptive disrupting the invoice factoring space so they’re basically using blockchain technology still in this business from the banks but they’re doing it at a fraction of the cost see what happens is when a bank does business with you the small business owner in regards to invoices they’re charging you on the front end the back end in the middle they’re getting fees that are unbelievable okay keep in mind this is a 30 to 35 percent of all banking business this is how they make the money that’s huge okay and this is a this is trillions of dollars this market where populace comes in is on their platform on this platform that I’m showing you you a PPT holder and you don’t necessarily need PPT tokens to buy invoices on this platform you can use other things you can use fiat money you can but there’s a great advantage to holding these populist tokens right a huge advantage you you know so if you’re an investor you want to hold the tokens rather than just using fiat or some kind of means to buy these invoices but how populous works is you you’re the small business owner you’re gonna put your invoices you’re going to enter your invoices in this platform and then me the investor I get to look at your invoices and if I’m interested in them I can make a bid this is a bidding process guys you have to bid on this you don’t just select it and it’s yours the actual owner of the invoice the small business has to accept your offer basically your bid alright so just for ease of use here we’re gonna say that I own or you own 1000 PPT tokens okay and those tokens are worth $100 a token on the exchanges right let’s just pretend for you know for for argument’s sake that each populus token is worth $100 that gives you a 1000 PPT holder a the value of $100,000 so your tokens are worth $100,000 on this platform what will happen is you will look at your portfolio hero or you’ll go into the platform and you’ll look for invoices and let’s just say you know you find an invoice that’s actually a hundred thousand dollars right so you have a hundred thousand dollars but you’re not gonna buy you’re gonna put a bid you’re gonna say fine I will give you $95,000 that’s your bid ninety five thousand dollars for that $100,000 invoice which means what it means you’re gonna make five thousand dollars off that invoice and how it works is your tokens that you have in the system that are worth a hundred thousand dollars okay so when you put your PPT tokens into the platform they it actually purchases or transfers to poke ins okay you may not know what poke ins are when it transfers to a pokken pokken is the pokken czar what actually the system so you enter your PPT tokens into the system they in turn turn into pocum’s right and the reason why that is is the pokken is leveraged against a great british pound and that’s why you see GBP PT here great british pound and it’s ingenious and i’ll tell you why think of it this way the ppt tokens are traded on an exchange right there’s volatility so today your tokens might be worth $100 and your value is $100,000 for your 1000 tokens like your PPT tokens but tomorrow there could be a 20% drop for whatever reason just that’s how the markets work right so to avoid that your PPT tokens go into the system the platform they take converted to poke ins which go against the Great British Pound that negates the volatility in the original token and this is how business is done so when the invoice is settled and satisfied you’re not getting paid in u.s. dollars or you’re actually getting paid in pokken x’ which in turn are really great British pounds because this company is in Britain right so that’s how it works now you can transfer those tokens the the poconos I’m sorry back to PPT tokens you could you know leave them on the platform and just keep doing the invoices over and over you can pull pull tokens out so there’s so many things that you know you’re in control right so this is how the pot goes pack platform works for those of you who are new to cryptos and don’t understand what populous is or the revenue stream and the passive income stream you can get for starters I want you to go out there I want you to Google invoice factoring right and then learn learn how the current banks today how the system works how they make their money right then after you understand what invoice factoring is then you can go start researching populous ok and then you can understand the disruption the change in business model here this is revolutionary this is awesome stuff guys so and the reason why populous can pretty much steal the business from the banks is because of the cost of doing business is a lot cheaper on the blockchain the fees associated that populace is going to make off this are a fraction of what the banks would make you understand so this is just amazing stuff so just to recap I don’t want to make a really long crazy video but what you do is if you are a populous holder and you own 1,000 PPT tokens and the price of those tokens is 100 dollars on the exchanges you have a value of $100,000 you enter those tokens into the platform you get poke ins you get $100,000 worth of poke ins with great British crown really ok and then you can bid on invoices they don’t have to be a hundred thousand dollars they could be ten thousand dollars thirty thousand 50 thousand whatever but you have the money to bid on those invoices and the name of the game is you’re lending with your tokens a small to medium-sized business you’re giving them upfront money that they normally wouldn’t get for 30 60 or 90 days whatever it is okay so they’re making out because they’re getting money early at a price they’re willing to pay the price to get the money early then they do it with the banks you understand so just think of it this way you’re a business owner you need the money upfront you can’t wait 30 60 or 90 days you need it now right so you’re willing to say I have a fifty thousand dollar invoice I’m willing to part I’m willing to sell it for forty five thousand you know so that’s where the smart contracts come in that’s where all this is done on the platform so the beauty of this populist platform is if you are a PPT holder a token holder you never ever ever ever lose one token not one okay so you use those same tokens over and over and over again on the platform to keep making a passive income the catch to it is right you have to bid on the invoices so you know expect some competition you got to be creative I guess I mean this is a bidding war it’s what it turns out to be but either way either way you know no matter how you look at it you’re making passive income and all you did was bought tokens and you have a steady revenue stream coming in for as long as this business less and I’m gonna say forever I mean where where where’s this uh this business isn’t going away small to small to medium-sized enterprises can’t afford to wait 90 days 60 days two months to get money that they need now they have to pay employees they have to grow their business this is been going on since the beginning of banking and it’s not going away ever so great opportunity guys so for those of you who are newbies in this in this space don’t get intimidated don’t get scared these type companies like populace will crop up you know in 2018 you’re gonna see more populace is like a first-time mover just groundbreaking revolutionary type stuff so I’m a proud holder a populist I always talk good about populist and there’s a reason why look what we’re dealing with here I just explained to you the passive income that I and others are gonna make just because we bought into populist because we understood the value of this token now like I said that’s why I’m making this video not many people have even the slightest clue of what populist is or what they do they haven’t marketed anything that will come soon there are beta launches coming out soon so believe me right now populist is maybe getting a little bit of play because that the token shot up you know just two days ago it was three dollars it’s now eight you know or pushing eight I saw it over eight today so it’s getting a little bit of play and people are saying oh what is this what’s going on that’s nothing that’s nothing compared to when this platform goes live and you know yeah people understand that there’s people out there making money a passive income for doing absolutely nothing there’s a small bit of work involved you have to go into the platform you have to bid on the invoice ok nothing right it’s not hard work but you’re making a passive income it’s an amazing business model guys absolutely amazing and I suspect that may not in this space in the invoice factoring but in other spaces I you know it may be the insurance business industry other other industries will tackle this business model and they will use it and you can be rest assured that my ass will be in on those passive income opportunities so I’m just waiting I’m sitting on the sidelines doing my homework and just waiting for the day when I see these new I SEOs coming out and someone has a business model like a populist you know and it’s it but it’s in a different space you know I’m jumping all over it and so should you because this is the wave of the future this is so this is ground breaking ground floor level stuff that no one even know this isn’t even mainstream yet so now you know the power of populace and how excited I am and others are who actually did their homework and understand what this thing does alright so my strategy and in my opinion and like I say do your own research take what I say process it and do your own research but these are the type companies in the future that I will be looking for that I pray on these companies this is what I look for right you need to be like a predator and do your homework and always stay on top of the technology because when another company comes out that has a passive income screen like a populace does I’m all over it all over it right you’re gonna make an easy life for yourself if you just understand these type business models and you gravitate towards them so now that you have an understanding of what populace does there’s a lot more guys this isn’t the end of populist right this isn’t okay it’s the invoice factoring in blah blah blah No platform is going to branch off into other things right so being a PPT holder is actually you know I don’t even think people realize the scope and the value of what you hold because populist will make other business ventures based off their platform and tie things into it and uh-huh guys it’s gonna be amazing right so the next couple years the next three years populist holders you have not a worry in the world not one so I hope you found this video informative if you are not a subscriber to my channel you need to click on that subscribe button right now because you are not gonna get better information out of anything on YouTube then you get from me I get groundbreaking breaking news as it comes out you guys get that on my videos you’ll get a a keen understanding of what these tokens do like a populist and assault it’s another good one salt you want to research that as well this is the future guys we are at ground level or not even at ground level or below level this hasn’t even risen to mainstream not even a little bit or not even once this goes mainstream and people understand what these these tokens do populist and salt believe me we are just in it we’re in the infancy of crypto currencies and what the what they can do for your for your life they’ll change your life so I hope this was informative click that like click that subscribe button guys have a great day watch out for my upcoming videos I got more common today thanks for watching hey guys fiat

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