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what’s going on guys my name is Nicolas Merton here at data – today it’s August 1st of 2017 so guys as you all know if you watch my videos I love getting feedback in the comments below about what point I should cover next and guys it seems like over the past half of July there’s been nothing but requests for this coin it is no other than populist you guys have asked a lot about this on my channel and I’d love to cover it especially because of one reason guys when I was doing about researching this coin on YouTube on its website and just generally on the general web and the Internet of Things I couldn’t find much info on it really you would think you’d find a good YouTube video on it you would think that their website does a pretty decent job or you know they’d have a video that kind of markets the product no there’s there’s literally practically nothing if it if there was something it was extremely drawn-out and it did do a good job of summarizing the major concept of populous for the average individual which I think a lot of cryptocurrency investors might have a hard time understanding not being insulting to you guys it is just literally not marketed that well so I want to do as best as I can no it will not be perfect and no I will not be able to cover everything I want to try to do the best I can in a short period of time to cover it so let’s not wait too long guys let’s go through the numbers real quick the market cap is sitting around 132 million definitely a nice well develop market cap edging towards a mid cap so we’ve got good volume here almost sitting at a million over the past 24 hours and I love the circulating to max supply numbers guys not only are we closer towards the max supply in but that max max supply number Oh perfect I like that limited supply 53 million so as we can see here when the ICO came out mid July that’s why a lot of people were requesting it we had a big spike up and valuation and it sunk down and we’ve been having a slow increase over time our debt watch I would say slow definitely a nice steady increase over the past few weeks of July so what is building this optimism behind it what’s the target market that’s going for does it have a good depth team we’ll talk about all that guys so the other website right here and if you go in fabulousness website not only not have a really kind of beautiful design to I’m just going to say it looks kind of old the backgrounds very pixelated that being said what design isn’t everything guys the biggest flaw here is that it says right at the start sell your invoices online and take control of your cash flow okay I’m going to be honest and saying this and this is why I was talking about like general crypto investors earlier I said that 90% you don’t even understand what that means and that’s not an insult to you that’s because I’m saying I’m saying that because unless you’re a small business owner or someone who works in the finance sector you really shouldn’t know about what this means and that being said they really did not do a good job marketing that’s my biggest critique of populous as much as I’m going to tell you guys a why I’m optimistic on the technology and everything they did not do a good job of branding it that’s a very important job and getting their cryptocurrency out there so anyways guys sorry that’s my just opinion I have to get across more it’s usually positive on coins however I will be negative when it’s necessary let’s go ahead and look at the white paper because there is really much good resources out there where I can go into detail and explain this to you guys so we’re here on the populist white paper you can go on the website they have it in the top tab you guys want to follow along so the abstract does a great job of talking about the general target that’s going for so guys basically in the business world of things whether you’re here in the United States or across the world each business usually has GAAP periods from when they get payments from consumers usually taking somewhere between 30 to 60 days and sometimes taking much longer than that like 90 or 180 days usually big evens like that they give customers whether it be business to business or business to consumer either way there’s going to be that gap period a lot of times where they they give people and their consumer basis time to pay back expenses for the company so let’s say for example my I have a small business and I sold you a thousand pieces of lumber on the lumber company and I told you a thousand logs well that’s a big purchase and you might not have all the money upfront so I’m going to give you some time to pay it down and that gap period between might hurt my cash flow now what does that mean well basically speaking let’s say for example I just got a huge customer order for 50,000 logs a lot of people are liking my brand so far and I’ve got a seldom those logs however I don’t have the cash to buy the equipment to cut down all those things I’m waiting for my customer to give me the money I need to buy that equipment well what I can do is I can reach out towards a lender or a short-term lender more specifically who can give me that money so I can go about doing my business as usual and then I’ll pay them back when I get to cash my customer makes sense right and it’s just to keep things flowing to keep the blood going in the economy to keep the money money flowing it’s a very smart and necessary part of any functioning economy or business so that being said there’s a big issue here guys with small and medium enterprises this is becoming more and more dependable day by day okay and with large transaction periods waiting for the consumers to pay out this has become a three trillion dollar industry a massive market guys however it’s been controlled by a very select few companies and a few select entities in the corporate world and because of that rates aren’t the best that it really should be they’re not competitive and if not embracing a new type of lending that has really been taking over the general finance scene known as peer to peer lending now what’s the difference between peer to peer lending comparative to normal lenders well where as X Y Z bank a large gigantic corporation might lend out these kind of short-term loans at whatever weight they feel fit peer to peer lending is relatively competitive ynx diversified meaning that you and I let’s say for example we had somebody with a small business and they they sell clothing they sell shirts and they have $500 in that kind of gap time period meaning they they have $500 they’re waiting for a consumer to pay back or one of their distributors to pay back to the company what we can do is we can give them that short-term loan you and I why don’t we both give $250 to equal that 500 and cover that temporarily and then we’ll make a you know obviously you know a little nice little interest rate on it probably much less than the bank and this is where peer to peer lending usually wins and why a lot of companies are going towards it so where’s this all tie into populist guys I’m sorry I had to really describe the conceptual basis it’s just stand it because it is something that’s not what every individual could probably understand right up front that being said guys there is a lot of companies that are requiring this and what basically what populace is trying to do is trying to take that industry and bring it on the blockchain and bring it to a decentralized status where we as individuals can participate in helping to invest in these companies with our populace or the actual coin itself so it’s a really interesting concept and I think it’s going to attract a lot of companies now what’s really cool about populous is it has a lot of automated processes I’m measuring you know what companies that are safe to do this for whether said to invest in and it’s basically in a category of financial financial measures under what’s known as XBRL okay in XP RL has become a growing way to actually analyze company information and financial statements so what are some of those ways well there’s a really cool formula they use called the Altman z-score and this is a way to measure the potential levels of bankruptcy for company so this is automatically built in the system their systems that read this and measure companies to make sure that you’re not going to be investing in any high-risk clients and people who are consistent have good financials and are known to pay back on time and actually are serious actual clients that even exist in the first place so it tries to cut out fraud in terms of the sort and then an XBRL when companies input their information it’s all very clear and transparent to read this video right here is really good if you’re still not really getting an idea I have this big it down there this is a great video to go check out guys if you don’t know what XBRL means it’s pretty much a certain sense of tags or a language that companies input the matching information into so it’s easily processed pushed in and it can be analyzed very quickly so and they also add one more thing that they used on during the white paper they also use clustering which is a form of data science and machine learning and measuring out while you can just actually technically consider any lengths well but it’s basically measuring out what would be a good client to work with what so they have a lot of checks and balances in the system which is really cool and it’s bringing it all to a peer-to-peer system on a decentralized blockchain where we can participate again so really interesting concept now let’s cool down here I’m trying to find there’s one last thing I wanted to look at does it see if they’re all doing this through smart contracts as well this is what I want to talk about so smart contracts establish the rules much like any traditional smart contract on how to execute things not much populace we probably be given to someone etc and it’s really cool I think that this has a lot of potential guys the biggest thing that I have now that I’ve kind of generally talked about the concept I hope you guys get in and if you still don’t get it please feel free to leave a comment below I’ll try to explain a little bit better I want to go back to the website here as I stated before the biggest problem with this coin is that as much as there might be a select few people who really get what this coin is going after and might be really putting some big money behind it average everyday investors are going to be worried about investing in this in my opinion there’s not much detail to it I can’t blame them though they have a relatively small team a populace which also is kind of a warning thing as well but nonetheless they’ve got a good team of people they’ve got developers they got financial consultants and they’ve got someone who does risk consulting as well which is really important to have people who have that experience in the consulting world and in general finance overall so nonetheless do I think the populous can be one of the big coins yes hi guys I really do think this is interesting I think that it’s going for a multitrillion-dollar market meaning that it was a very good selling point as is and if they’re even just slightly successful that’s billions of dollars in annual revenue that they’d be taking away from that traditional industry so guys I’m very optimistic about it however I will say the last thing to critique and I’ve said it before they need to market this coin a little bit better and I’d love to actually be happy to get some recommendations and if you guys have any more questions about the coin feel free to let me know in the comments below I’m trying to describe as best that I can but the best resource I can recommend is the white paper and make sure to read through it if you’re going to be making any large forms of investment so you really understand how it all works very brief description of it in this video guys and that’s kind of what my videos are meant to do so anyways that’s it guys for the video I hope you all enjoyed it if you guys have any comments or questions down below leave them in the comments along with any other coins that you guys would like me to cover but anyways I will see you all in the next video stay tuned guys

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