Populous (PPT) Review | What Is It? | Should You Invest?

what is populous and should you invest in today’s extensive review we’re going to be covering every aspect of the project that you need to know to answer that question for yourself we’ll be discussing what populous is why they have to tokens or look at the team the road map talk about some major selling points some reasons they could actually struggle in the future and then we’ll finish it off with our conclusion of whether we would invest ourselves hi I’m Tom from crypto gurus calm and if you want to learn more keep watching as always before you begin I’m going to quickly run you guys through the content so you know exactly what is coming up in this video the first thing we’re going to talk about is a project overview of populist followed by a discussion of whether the token prices will actually increase in value over time or not then we’re gonna move on to talk about the team the road map some selling points some barriers to success where you can buy and store your populist tokens and we’ll finish up with our conclusion and then we’ll finally move on to whether it’s a good time to buy populist tokens or not it’s better to say this is gonna be an extensive review that we put a lot of work into so we really hope that you guys enjoy the video very quickly guys just before we get into the content we want to show you the article that we’ve written to go along with this video we always write an article first before we make the video as we feel like it gives us a better basis if you guys want to read the article as wellas or instead of watching the video please feel free to do so it’s all very nicely laid out for you guys there’s also quite a few other articles on there too you guys might want to check out such as the top 50 Kryptos made simple article where we summarized the top 50 cryptos in one location you guys can read through and learn everything you want to know about each of the top fifty cryptos if this article as well as any of the other articles and the website interest you please feel free to click through the link in the description and it will take you straight there right without the way let’s begin with the content and the first thing to talk about is what is populous when our words populous is a project that aims to allow peer-to-peer invoice trading hosted on the etherion blockchain essentially populous want to create a global marketplace to connect invoice buyers and invoice sellers globally the easiest way to think about this is basically eBay for invoices in other words invoice buyers list their invoices and invoice sellers bid on them in an auction style system now probably lost a few of you at this point and you’re probably already wondering what invoice trading actually is some of you may already know it so feel free to skip ahead but if you don’t I’m just going to explain it very briefly to everyone now the first thing to say is the invoice trading is an existing marketplace that has been around well before crypto currencies it’s also a very large global marketplace with a valuation of roughly 3 trillion dollars per year now I’m going to try and explain it to you guys with a quick example so let’s imagine that you’re running a small to medium size business your company may carry out a job and in return for that job you’ll receive payment right well actually you won’t receive payment immediately what you receive is an invoice and this is essentially a document guaranteeing that they will pay you for the work you did some time in the future the problem is that these payments aren’t you immediately you could be waiting months for it to arrive in the meantime though you may need immediate cash let’s say for example you’ve run out of stock in your business and you need to buy more in order to carry on operating you can’t simply sit there and wait for your money to come in and it’s because of this problem the invoice trading was invented it’s basically go there but what if you could sell your invoice for 90% of its value and you receive payment immediately if you were able to do that you might lose 10% of the money that you should have earned through the job but you’re able to keep your business running immediately which is far more important than receiving the extra 10% so for you guys now understand what invoice trading is and why is an industry that’s been around for many many years now throughout this video we’re basically going to be talking about how populous fits into this industry but first we’re actually going to describe how populous works it’s very important for you guys to understand this before we move on to the more complex details we’ll in the most basic level the platform relies on two categories of people invoice buyers and invoice sellers invoice sellers will list their invoices on the populist platform similar to how you list stuff on eBay and invoice buyers will bid on these just like on eBay once again the bidding process will last for 24 hours and then the invoice seller will make their choice of which bid that they want to accept this is really just invoice trading 101 nothing really special here what is different from traditional invoice trading is the fact that populous is a cryptocurrency and therefore it has associated tokens in fact it has two tokens and from everything we’ve read online this appears to have confused a lot of people so we’re gonna try and break this down as simply as we possibly can to explain our understanding of the two tokens from the research that we’ve carried out so the two tokens are number one PPT tokens and number two pocum’s so PPT tokens are the ones which are available on the exchange they’re also the ones that were sold in the ICO so if you’re looking to buy any populists tokens you’re gonna be buying the PPT tokens not the pocus and essentially these PPT tokens are access tokens in other words if you want to use the populist platform you have to first buy them you aren’t able to get on the platform without first purchasing these from the exchanges poke ins on the other hand are the tokens which are not for sale so you won’t be able to buy these at any point from any exchanges and they always used to transfer value between buyers and sellers they are pegs to the value of the Great British Pound in other words one pokken will always equal one pound tokens can be exchanged with regular currencies such as the pound or also well established crypto currencies such as Bitcoin now I understand that this description is probably being slightly unclear of how these two tokens actually interact so the easiest thing to do is to run through an example and hopefully it’s more clear there so let’s say you were trying to buy an invoice on the platform what would be the process that you would have to go through in order to do that number one you’d have to go to an exchange and you’d have to buy the PPT tokens as these are access tokens you’d now be able to use the populist is platform and on there you’d convert your PPT tokens for pocum’s because remember the pope guns are the currency which is used in the platform now that you’ve got your poke ins you can bid on an invoice it’s an auction so obviously the higher you bid the more likely you’ll win if you win the auction you’ll then pay your poke ins to the invoice seller so obviously they can then at this point the invoice seller will be able to cash out their pokers for other cryptocurrencies or regular currencies as the invoice buyer you’ve paid out your pocum’s to the invoice seller and now you have to wait for the invoice to comment once the invoice does come in you receive your money and that will be the end of the process hopefully you guys now understand the process you understand what the two tokens are used for on the platform and now we can move on to a very important point in fact it’s often overlooked to the cryptocurrencies it’s the question of whether populace are solving real market problems remember their business only exists to solve a market problem if it isn’t doing this it has no real reason to be made in the first place and will have a very little chance of success so in the case of populist we have found four problems that we think populist are aiming to solve some of these have been given by populist themselves and the others we’ve thought up through critical analysis the first one that we’re going to begin with is the pay with regular invoice trading markets the pay tends to be around about 90 percent of the invoice value populist hoping to improve on this due to the fact that they’re going to create a global market rather than a domestic market which should mean buyers from all around the world with so many more buyers there should be higher competition on invoices which should theoretically leads to higher prices we can see some validity in this but we would like to highlight that there will also be a significantly increased number of invoice sellers so we don’t know whether this will really apply or not number two is the question of globalization currently the global trading market is mostly limited to the boundaries of your own country or at least your conten now this isn’t always the case or what we mean by this is that the majority of invoice trading involves buyers and sellers from the same country in other words if you lived in Africa you wouldn’t be able to buy invoices from American sellers so what’s populous is solution well one populous will begin in the UK over the long term they will be creating a global marketplace to allow buyers and sellers from all around the world therefore if you live in a country with more economic uncertainty where companies regularly default populous are aiming to provide a solution where you will instead be able to buy much safer invoices from more economically established countries essentially the globalization of this market should allow residents of less economically established countries to buy it much safer assets in layman’s terms if you live in a third world country for example and you to invest in assets in much safer countries such as the US or the UK it’s currently relatively hard to do so populist aiming to provide a global marketplace so everyone from around the world can equally compete on the same invoices number three we have the problem of traceable data so with large companies it’s not uncommon for clerical errors to occur which can lead to the failures to forward an invoice or it can even lead to duplication of invoices in other words human error can cause big problems within the industry so what’s populous is solution to this well number one the blockchain is fully visible so anything that goes in a blockchain is very easy to see so issues such as duplication shouldn’t really be a concern the other thing is this smart contracts will automate many of the processes and this should really eliminate a lot of human error on top of this smart contracts are also far more efficient than people so it should eliminate some costs as well number four we have the issue of accredited investors only so we actually tried to sign up for a few regular peer to peer invoice trading platforms and all of them asked us whether we were accredited investors now this time accredited investors gets thrown around a lot so I’m gonna quickly describe what it is for you guys and it’s kind of ridiculous to be honest if you look up the definition it varies from country to country but they’re all pretty much the same essentially it’s rich people it’s people who have a salary over a certain amount or they have savings over a certain amount they’re allowed to invest in special things that regular people aren’t allowed to invest in reason given by the government is that they think regular people shouldn’t be allowed to take on so much risk with their money in case they lose it because they don’t have as much money personally we think this is absolutely ridiculous it’s our money we should be able to do whatever we want with it it’s essentially a benefit the rich people get over regular people now you can probably tell us I’ve gone on little bit of a run but I’m quite passionate about this I think the idea is absolutely ridiculous so what’s populace is solution well populace won’t implement such restrictions in other words every investor regardless of whether they’re accredited or not will be able to invest we think this is a fantastic idea and should level the playing field between the rich and the regular however you do have to ask the question of will government regulations allow it in the future currently this is a very unregulated market but that will always be the case once government regulations are drawn up we may see similar restrictions such as only allowing accredited investors that we’ve seen in other industries in the past so it’s a great idea and we sincerely hope that populace are able to carry this out but investors should be aware that it might not be possible for them right next up we’re gonna be talking about will the populace token price increase by the way let me know what you guys think about this new presentation style just kind of try it out in today’s video I think it was way about in the old ones personally but yeah there I’ll comment down below and let me know if you guys like it but back to the Crypt doors so what is this incredibly important point that many people seem to overlook well it basically comes down to the fact that investing in cryptocurrencies is not the same as traditional investing when you buy shares in a company that’s traditional investing you’re essentially buying ownership if the company is very successful they’ll make more profits the share price will rise over time and you’ll be able to sell it for a greater price in the future essentially the success of a company is linked to its share price but with the majority of cryptocurrencies you’re not buying shares you’re buying tokens and because if that is perfectly possible for the company to be successful in other words the CEO the employees get rich and yet the token prices may actually fall if they are sufficiently linked to the platform usage so when you’re investing in tokens please always make sure that you understand if the token price is sufficiently linked to the platform usage if it’s not the platform may be brilliant but your tokens may be massively devalued over time and as investor the one thing you’re really looking for is your token price to increase so at this point you’re probably wondering what actually determines token price and it’s very basic economics it’s all about the supply and the demand on the exchanges after all this is where the price of the tokens is determined so it makes sense that it’s all about the supply and demand there but what factors actually affect the supply in the demand or when it comes to the demand there’s one very important question you have to ask will there be demand for tokens on the exchanges in the case of populist you can’t access the platform without first buying PPT tokens from the exchanges therefore as more people choose to use populist more people have to go to exchanges there a higher demand on the exchanges and prices should rise in other words if populist are successful the demand for tokens should increase on the exchanges in this sense populist have passed this element of the test how about the supplier well remember that we’re talking about a crypto currency so the big question is what will the inflation rate roughly be if you’re facing an inflation rate of 300% every single year your tokens are most likely going to be devalued over time unless the platform grows at an absolutely incredible rate I certainly wouldn’t make that bet on just about any platform hopefully this point is kind of obvious after all it’s the same as regular currencies Google Zimbabwe dollars if you want an example where their inflation rate when absolutely crazy and their dollars got massively devalued over time and this is the same thing that can happen if you buy a token with a crazy high inflation rate as well so make sure you do always consider this right rent out the way let’s talk specifically about the supply of populist tokens well populist have created a fixed supply of tokens meaning a zero inflation rate however this doesn’t necessarily mean that new tokens won’t into the market and find their way onto the exchanges because of this we have to consider how many tokens are yet to hit the exchanges and where they specifically are with this in mind 67% of tokens have already been given out to investors this is a relatively high number and already is a good sign for populist but let’s look at the other number still well 22.5% has been given to the team and these are guaranteed to be locked in for a period of at least one year also barring – the team that owns these tokens you wouldn’t really think that they’re likely to sell them off too much anyway but moving on 8.5% has gone to the business development and this is essentially to fund operational costs this is really a very low percentage it’s only eight point five percent so it’s not too much of a concern one point one percent has gone to promotion once again this is a very very low number so it shouldn’t cause a very big inflation rate at all therefore overall we can simply analyze whether we believe this project will be a success to determine whether we think it’s a good investment or not we don’t need to worry about the supply and demand elements because populace has passed this test the next thing we’re going to be talking about and this is obviously a very important one is the team now we’ve included on a screen a small section of the populist team is only five of the eleven people and we’re going to very quickly run through a little bit of the information that we found there isn’t enough time to go through every single team member so check out the link in the description it will take you over to their website if you’d like to do that yourself their founder and CEO Stephen Williams can be seen in the center his experience seems varied having spent 14 years as a publisher as well as founding the commercial data analyst company Olympus research the only listed advisor is shadi Patterson / got that right he operates on behalf of a pre and post ICO marketing company as I also worked as an advisor for crypto 20 which is a relatively recent and popular ICO now we really haven’t been able to garner too much more information about the team on their website this could be seen as a red flag for some however we don’t really see this as too much of a problem because the team have already developed their alpha and they’re going to be launching their beta product very soon so they clearly are a team dedicated to their job this could be a red flag in some scenarios we don’t really see it so much the case here next up is obviously the roadmap now this scenario we couldn’t find one however we don’t really see this as a big concern once again due to the fact that Popular’s are already so far ahead of many of the projects that we actually review we feel much more comfortable investing in a project which has already done the things that could have been on their roadmap compared to a project which promises to do things by simply including a road map picture to let you guys know where they are at this stage they have recently just announced their beta release having released their alpha platform relatively recently and it’s been viewed very positively by many investors so next up let’s talk about a few selling points well number one is the first mover advantage let’s be very clear here popular aren’t the first people in the world to create a peer-to-peer invoice trading platform they’re not the first ones to do that however they are the first ones the we’re aware of at least from the cryptocurrency space that are trying to disrupt this industry next up we have the second selling point which is the one billion dollar deal so in September 2017 populists announced a 1 billion dollar partnership with global rewards platform Luxur global citizens this should hopefully ensure that ppt investors have regular access to a supply of blue chip invoices from which they’re able to earn regular returns number three we’ve saved the biggest selling point for last and this is the fact that populist are entering a three trillion dollar existing industry leni crypto currencies are considered pioneers in the sense they have aiming to create entirely new industries similar to the early days of the internet while this could be extremely profitable for many it’s also a much greater risk when you invest in one of these cryptocurrencies that’s trying to create an entirely new business sector you’re basically saying two things number one that you think that this business sector will exist in the future and number two you’re saying that you think they will be successful within it if you invest into a cryptocurrency which is aiming to disrupt an existing business sector you’re only saying one of those things you’re only saying the populace will be successful in the business sector because we already know that it exists and in the case of populist it’s an incredibly profitable one as well therefore if they’re able to take any sort of decent cut out of this sector they could have a very very successful future right the next thing to talk about is the barriers to success now it’s probably becoming obvious but we are big fans of the populist project but as investors we always aim to be as critical as possible when carrying out a review we don’t like to get carried away and talk about how incredible this project is gonna be and be a little bit delusional with ourselves we always like to take a step back and analyze things that could potentially go wrong we’ve caught up with two main barriers to success for populist now don’t get us wrong there could be many more these are simply the ones that we’ve come up with number one is trust adoption so the main problem that we potentially see with a populist project is one that arises with many that we review and it relates to slow adoption rates cryptocurrencies are still in the very very early adopter stages and sometimes face very unfair negative connotations this could potentially be negative for it in the eyes of investors when you combine that with the fact that there’s already so many valid alternatives to populist in the market they could potentially face slow adoption rates number two is pretty obvious it’s a case with any cryptocurrency any business in fact is competition so the only project that we found out there is called hive project which potentially compete with populist in the future if you want to be a diligent investor we strongly recommend that you go and check I’ve project that was well but personally we don’t see them as being that much of a threat because they’re so low in the market in comparison to populist we’re talking about two projects that are very different in size now we’re gonna move on to talk about some extra points to consider about the project but before we do I want to reiterate to you guys that these are the barriers to success that we’ve thought up about populist this doesn’t mean they are the only ones have a think about it yourself and please don’t just take our word for it so what are the extra points to consider well these are both actually positive the first one is the beta release as we mentioned before populist have very recently announced plans for the beta release of this project this is huge in our eyes because actually represents the populous art a project seriously carrying out the things that they’ve promised as an investor you’re not simply having to believe in promises you’re seeing real progress with populist number two is the user interface and this relates to the b2 released once again now early screenshots of the beta make it appear so right for that type of s it makes it appear very sleek and simple so it looks very good and if they can release the beta as it looks certainly going to be positive for the platform right next up we’re gonna run through where you come by and store your populist tokens now this section is obviously really only for you guys who are thinking about investing or potentially have already invested most of you may want to wait for our next section which is discussing whether now is a good time to buy or not before you simply click through any links in the description and begin purchasing populist but without the way let’s talk about where to buy populist so obviously have to go to an exchange to buy that ppt tokens what are the exchanges you can go to pretty simple it’s just buying ads hit BTC Koo coin and I believe there’s a few others but these are certainly the main ones if you want to click through links in the description it will take you straight to those exchanges they are affiliate links so if you guys don’t want to click that that’s fair enough that’s up to you if you do though we’d really appreciate it because each time someone uses one of our affiliate links a little bit of money goes our way and it helps us to keep putting out regular content for you guys but yeah as I say that’s entirely up to you guys now we’re gonna move on to where to store populous so it’s pretty simple it’s just any ERC 20 compatible wallet you could use just about any of them our personal pics though is my ether wallet is offline you hold your own keys and we think it’s one of the most popular wallets for a good reason now we’re not gonna run through how to use my a wallet but if you click the link in the description there will be an instructional video made by someone else which will take you through every step that you need to know to setting up your wallet and begin storing popular tokens on there next up is the question of is now a good time to buy populist tokens or not this is always going to be quite a contentious section and our answer may actually surprise you on this one now there’s the famous phrase of buy when there is blood on the streets in other words when prices are going down this actually represents the best time to buy into the market however with the cryptocurrency mark as a whole this attitude doesn’t necessarily apply at this point in time because it can sometimes lead to investors missing unbelievable profits just waiting for the next dip just look a Bitcoin for example if you spent this year waiting for the big dip you probably would have never bought and you’d have missed out on an incredible opportunity however we do still like to apply this principle to cryptocurrencies which have outstripped their competitors in recent times in other words if a competitor beats the market average so significantly over a period of time there’s a good chance they will often pull back slightly and move roughly with the market average in the case of populist it has increased nearly three times over the past two weeks so that’s from the dates of December SiC to today which is December 20th whereas the overall market has increased just two times we should be clear I mention that we’re talking about the altcoin market when we say increase by two times not the overall market because populist is an old coin so we think it’s fair to use this as the comparison is debt basically what we’re saying is populist has increased much faster than the rest of the market now we might not be expert traders but we would probably avoid buying populist at this particular time instead we’re waiting for a cheap buying opportunity to present itself in the future for example if populist falls outside the top 25 to top 27 kind of range on coin market gap that’s when we will consider buying so in other words for now at least we are currently waiting and we’re not buying populist tokens let’s move on to our conclusion let’s wrap all of this up and it’s pretty simple but we can say that this is a great project in an established market which is also a huge market we’re big fans of it we think it’s a disruptive model which could come along and think it could potentially take a relatively big market share of the invoice trading market however as we said we’re not buying yet and we will most likely wait until prices drop a little bit at least in comparison to the rest of the old coins until we buy in that is the end of the video guys I really hope that you’ve enjoyed it thank you so much for watching remember to hit that subscribe button if you have because we’re gonna be doing a lot more reviews just like this in fact we’re looking at ripple right now we’re looking at salt and as many other interesting projects that we’re gonna be reviewing in the future very extensively so if you want to see those hit that subscribe button if you have any constructive feedback how we can improve please leave a comment remember to check out crypto girls calm guys the link is in the description now remember that the full article to go along with this video is on there so if you ever want to remind yourself about populous but you don’t want to have to listen to me again go through the link in the description and you’ll be able to scan through it very quickly much quicker than watching a video and you’ll find the information again we also don’t make every article into a video therefore there’s some articles on the website then you won’t find on the YouTube channel so it’s basically exclusive content so if you guys want to go check that out too we strongly recommend that other than that I just want to say once again thank you guys so much for watching and we will speak again very soon

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