Populous (PPT) will shoot to $1000!?

hello everybody this is Cardwell lynch and we are on the C Sigma show and today we’re gonna do something a little different but hopefully we’ll do a lot more in the future he’s talking some of the ladies in crypto all the way from the moms to the youngsters to the well-established leaders in crypto I don’t you know the ladies I don’t see why there’s a difference between men women and the crypto space it’s pretty egalitarian right we’re all here to make money and no it doesn’t matter what sex age religion no its crypto and we all get to join in is the little guy that’s our common denominator the little guy can come up as big as the big guys so on the show we have Lisa s she moderates like our admins and like I don’t know a hundred different Telegraph she’s probably missed telegram 2017 I like in five web bot rooms yeah well yeah he’s got one web crypto room a blue room because cliffs about whoo right and then he has a second crypto web bot room just because there’s overflow and then there’s a health web bot room that’s right we’re talking about that c60 if you know anything about oh man I need two pumps over that I’m waiting Australian I think I have to get a shift here it’s gonna be like a million dollars but I think I can afford it all right you got that Bitcoin hidden somewhere Issa I tell you what this shirt I think I got in 2012 or 2013 420 I think it’s around 20 25 bucks which back then might have been like 0.02 or something this might be like a thousand dollars yeah this literally how will i buy two crypto blood t-shirts and I’m like in the future I would have probably spent $1,000 on these and you try not to think about it when you’re spending Bitcoin right so thank you for having me on I this is exciting I it’s funny because when I first got into Kryptos you are actually one of the very first people that when I went to Twitter I would go and look up a bunch of crypto people and because I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and I thought you had YouTube videos and so I watched a few of those but then I went to Twitter and I followed you on Twitter and you actually I followed you and then you actually followed me back which I mean I haven’t done Twitter before either so all this was new to me cuz I’m not really one of those social Facebook I just don’t have time for that I know a lot of people do but I just don’t time that so you were actually one of the first people I started following in crypto world so and and I remember one of our conversations that we had where you had your pictures with your like with litecoin you have your little cartoon pictures and they would like coin would go start to move you would post your pictures I’d be like I love that t-shirt eyeball where’s the verities iam t-shirt and then you post that about about where’s the Bitcoin where’s the populace that you had them all so it was fun you made it fun funny bit emoji people bit emoji you make it little emoji looks like yourself and it’s cute people love it I have my own now so I know they got these things those things now or they make little avatar thingies for telegrams hilarious I know I had I’m a known as the boom lady so everything I say is boom and so I have one that says boom and then I have a couple others that have my two favorite coins so that also say PPT and Spectre so you talk about you know my boy crypto riches in the specter and I’m not necessarily sleeping on it but it seems like it’s gonna be hid like just of the Bible on the street for Spectre and so basically like a I what I understand about it and why I really like it is because it’s obviously it’s new in its space and solves a problem which is that the trading industry right you know if you want to make sure the stock exchange it’s rigged and so what they’re doing is they’re creating your own basically reading platform and they’re taking out the broke the traders and all the fees and everything else and and that way we receive the money and don’t get we’re not getting all the fees you know that they take for them we actually get that inspector get some and people are like well how do we how is that going to be sustainable as far as a liquidity pool right so but if it does they take their cut and the rest goes into the liquidity pool and that’s where we get our cut as well so it’s it’s gonna be huge I don’t think it’s gonna be huge right off just because they’re gonna be starting out slow at first right they’re gonna how many traders were they talking about maybe 5,000 to 10,000 was what they were speculating as far as starting out for the year as far as traders and I think they’re way low balling it personally and and of course you wanted right you want to lowball it and I really feel like they can get up to probably around 50,000 traders if if it really does well and it does what it’s supposed to right so if it can go to 50,000 traders we’re talking big money so we went pretty big in it you know and we’re crossing our fingers it’s it’s a it solves a problem and I think that’s that’s really important in the cripton world is that the Kryptos need to solve a problem in the world for it to do well otherwise it’s just a coin and you’re just gonna try to make money off of I don’t know what you would call it right so that’s the part you’re talkin about is the rent sinking of and a lot of cripples are gonna solve that rent seeking problem where the banks are the middleman and they’re charging all this at lease out all of these unnecessary fees for sending money or like brokerage fees and and so yeah that’s a great thing about crypto in general and but I guess it before you know we kind of you know we kind of got in the weeds areas are talking about kryptos already yeah like how did you I mean you you live somewhere like the mountainous regions of ute are poor alone single tour you how’d you get the trip dog me or a miner probably you know take it to kids at school haha actually why I have three kids and they’re all older so this kind of works out great because Krypto takes a lot of time but yeah if I’m in the u.s. in Utah and how we got into it was I’m a silver stacker me and my husband are silver stackers and we’re kind of what you would call I don’t know if he calls conspiracy theorists right but we like those abilities well you know the left likes to call us conspiracy theorists but we really had for truth seekers is what I like to say so but yeah so what as we collect silver and we would go to like Drudge we’d go to you know just the different right wing websites they and and really honestly I’m gonna have to give a shout out to Jason because he actually we started listening to him because of world events right he was he was into that a lot at first and he led us to cliff and cliff obviously came out with his web bought reports and that led us to cryptos so world events led us to cryptos and here we are but so one day I was I hadn’t really gotten into the whole crypto thing yet and I had just started hearing about I remember listening to a clip high video and I was listening to you speak and I thought to myself wow this this really is the future and will solve the money issues that we’re having in the world I said there’s nothing to myself there’s there’s nothing else we can do and we’ll put our money into at this point the stock markets are rigged the dollars dying you banks give you what two to three percent a year if you’re yet one if you’re lucky businesses aren’t thriving economies bad everywhere all the countries were bankrupt so I’m thinking to myself silver was the only thing I could think of that would really help us at this point you know in case there was some catastrophe or whatever it’s economically hopefully silver would would go up and we could make some money that way so I wasn’t seeing a cliff talk about crypto so I was like this this is it this is the solution I don’t care what anyone is saying this this is the only place money can go right now and it was so clear I just remember going we need to do this and I said you know what I bet my husband’s already doing it behind my back he wanted he’s one of those guys that tries everything right how do I make money how can I get out of my you know five day week job how you know working so hard so I remember upstairs and sitting down and I said hey you want to tell me something good and he goes well have you been I don’t even buying Bitcoin already and he said yeah and I was like oh I said behind my back you were doing Bitcoin anyways we sat and talked about it and I said yeah I was listening to Jay snip and he was talking about a coin called veritasium and I said it sounds really great I think we need to go in it and he’s and my husband goes well how much do you want to go in and he’s thinking I’d say like five hundred dollars or something and I go put five grand in and he was like whoa because for someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing but kind of a lot of money you know for people with crypto that’s not so much not so much but you know six or seven months ago or whatever was back in the felt like I think seven months ago and crypto was back in the day folks all right back in the day when I was like huh by ether wallet like this how do I get into veritasium this is so hard like it I all want I almost gave up it was so hard I I said I remember my husband and he goes so Greg is his name and he’s in there like the mom and dad at the PPT room but he sat for two or three weeks watching videos on how to work either Delta how to get your money in exchange right I mean it’s pretty still today it’s still pretty complicated for the average person so anyways we we decided I said our eyes actually said I want to go 10 and veritasium and five and Bitcoin that’s what I wanted to go ten thousand there tase him and then five Bitcoin and he said I know right and he goes I don’t think so he was like uh that’s a lot cuz this was gonna come over fall on Kay and I said really this is the future I told him take Gregg I said this is a place we need to be I I said there’s no other solution this is it so he goes well he goes I don’t know if I’m gonna go Canterbury but I’ll do five and that was one very with still at $25 so I thought we got a pretty good deal at the time you guys you guys missed the initial little I see you apart yes so we got in I think it was the second web bot report from cliff and in the second one so if I mistake out and on for the second or third but it was at rains one and PPT was in that one and we’re still all pretty new to this whole game like we’re barely getting into the exchanges and working either Delta like you’re scared to death to push a button in case the decimal point you’re like it’d just be really really careful because we could be selling you know giving away all our aetherium it was just very it really is but we’re we’re a lot better with it now so a little bit more calm but yeah so that’s how we got into it and then from there obviously we made some big purchases you know of Bitcoin and then from Bitcoin it’s trickled down to altcoins we’re not day traders and I know in a lot of rooms like your room that you invited me into thank you very much I do enjoy New York what do they mean Oprah man that dude like I get him all I’m like come on guys come on spit some las américas look maybe when he sees you see the hill okay I rolled in he could do it valiant what I like about him though is he just he goes to all the rooms and he finds what the chatter of everything right he likes to say what’s what’s everyone talking about and really honestly kryptos is all about the emotion okay and where where is it going at it all of a sudden everyone will talk about what was kick remember how ever would start talking about K and then it went up where I think I bought it for two cents and it had went to nine cents literally two days later you know so you kind of have to get a feel what people are talking about what what’s going on at the moment Nevernever people new people never chase the green candles hey it’s me chasing waterfalls well actually waterfalls but man when there’s blood on the streets when you hold the whole market is red that’s when we get excited but here’s what people need to know is that even if you bought in at the high and you were new at it yeah hotle right I mean just hold on because it’ll go back up you know people will probably freak out when they probably bought an eighteen thousand Bitcoin here recently and it went down what 216 look how it’s for almost right back up there again isn’t it about right now I haven’t looked yet today but I mean look how fast it’s already going back up so people just need to just relax I mean we get that a lot in the PPT room people bought I think at the forty four and it drops all the way down to the 37 or 38 again and they’re like I’m just is this you know they start crying and we’re like just like just relax in like seriously three hours it’s gonna be right back down there so but yeah so anyways but yeah we made a couple mistakes you know in the beginning we we bought it the high when we got in Bitcoin was about 3,600 at that point and we had bought a big chunk in the Bitcoin and like I said we were new and it started rocking and I panicked and I said hurry and sell and go put in veritasium clarity I know so it had hurry and jump verities even jumped up to I think one no it hit 200 at that point because Bitcoin was at its high right so veritatem had moved up with it and I said barricades is going nowhere I said go and go and put it in veritasium I I know it’s gonna be solid big mistake you know clip hai had his first interview with Reggie and I thought for sure it would get a spike off of the interview because he PT no but but yeah right hmm because PT deep PPT did after he had the interview with Nikko it went up like $3 or something so I thought okay hurry get out of Bitcoin it’s dropping you’ll get into veritasium and we’ll be safe we’ll keep it there for a little bit I had no idea you could take your Bitcoin out and put it in cash you know just on an exchange and kind of just wait it out because we were still so new to it all so we put it in there and of course I think it had gone up like $5 maybe $10 off of the interview and I thought oh we’re gonna be going to like 2:30 I said just hold and it actually they’re tasing tanked and wean it never came back it likes it got worse it got that it went to like 170 then 160 and I the next day it was 150 and it just and then veritasium got down to what like $50 at its low I remember looking very absent and we had all that money stuck in veritasium and we could get and so we didn’t panic we just said you know what that money stuck in there the only way we’re gonna lose is if we get out of it at this point so we learned our lesson and we started watching more videos we started go into the telly rooms I like I said I’m not a facebook person I don’t do Instagram I don’t do any of these things so this hotel thing was so new to me and very strange to communicate with people I you know instantly but I quickly found that these rooms were how you found your information on things you know everyone’s posting you know what’s going on with the latest coin or what’s coming out you know so and then of course the coins pop right on just information just on the speculation of something happening so you really have to be informed if you if you want any kryptos otherwise by what you’re gonna buy put it away and then just don’t look at it you just you can’t look at it and just come back in a year or two years three years whatever but if you’re gonna look at it and you want to be involved in it then you really need to do some homework go to some of these rooms you know listen to what people are saying there’s a lot of great people in there that you know as you go around rooms you’ll grab things you’ll put them in another room and someone will put something else or you you know I may not be interested in what you’re interested in right but what I’m interested in I’m gonna post everything so you’re gonna get that information whatever you like you’re gonna post everything and it’s great because I’ll get to know coins that I mean otherwise not have ever known about just because there’s so many of them but but yeah so that’s kind of how we got into it and we never looked back like our goal and when we first got into Kryptos was to pay our house off that was it we were like listen let’s take our 401 K and let’s just pair house off that’s it we’ll get out and we’ll be done with it well now beach house in Maui later have you seen magnum p.i folks remember Robin’s Nest for all you young people you know we do we already have some houses picked out for us notice houses right crypto is actually an incredible space and I explained this to my I had two siblings that I did tell about kryptos it’s it’s really hard for us to reach out to friends and neighbors about it because one they think we’re crazy and two I mean we voted for Trump right we’re the crazy ones and everyone was voting for Cruz in Utah and we were with Trump from the beginning because we knew he was going to win so we were at where the crazy ones we’re very outside thinkers outside the box type of people and we it’s hard to tell friends and family because it is such a high risk right I mean you don’t want to lead people astray right you want hey get into this and well you know they’re not letting it drop something uses the money well they don’t even know what’s cryptocurrency like that’s not money that’s not a real thing you know that people don’t know that this is like the future and for them to go look I mean it was funny my husband went on a trip a mancation with his his brothers and his dad and his brother was talking to his dad about bitcoin one of the nephews was buying Bitcoin and he was oh that’s just a scam swing for people on avoid taxes and paid and not pay the government but that was their thinking right and a lot of people actually think that way at least in the state’s a it’s it’s not money it’s not been proven you know at least the u.s. we don’t have any really laws yet they’re all trying to figure it out right but but yeah so it’s really hard to talk to people when they’re looking like well what’s what’s the value of it what what holds its value a lot of people I get when you start telling their first question is how do I get my money back and I’m like like why why would you want to get some back with its key know these things going up and you know hunka my money back or what if it goes down I was like oh yeah yeah I mean there’s all the questions and and then you’re it’s on your shoulders cuz you got him in right so you feel a little better responsibility but but yeah so I got two family members in and it was one was my sister and she got in at in PPT when it was three sixty three dollars and 60 cents and I said I said to her you got to get in right now it’s it is about to take off because beta is right around the corner and they were like well let us think about it I don’t know what is this and I had to like for two hours try to explain what crypto plate right and I said I’ve been doing this for like five months now you know six months I’m on listen I’m just telling you you decide get back to me if you want to she gave us the money two days later the price started moving well I have a brother who’s a doctor very very ultra conservative and I tried talking to a Bitcoin before and he was just like well I don’t I don’t understand how its value its values worth anything it’s it’s digital and and so he kind of said let me think about it so he waited a little longer and he came for Thanksgiving and PPT had moved up to eleven sixty by then eleven sixty so my sister had already made how much how many games right movers only right so she’s like he he you know got how many more PPT and he’s like I’ve never seen him move as fast as he moved that day on Friday the day after Thanksgiving I mean calling his bank cuz he saw my sister had paid it was it was awesome but he believed from there and it’s still a little skeptical you know didn’t really know what PPT was we’re just going off of what I knew and put some faith in me and luckily we are at what right now today up for a PCT with what is it at least nearly 40 36 37 not to be I got check this actually right here update this anyways they should be around 38 40 but if you know me in the chat rooms I love PPT I love it’s like the coin I love I bought in Bitcoin I’ve had like coin I’ve my I still hold their JS iam I have some pillar that was gonna be you know next year probably until that one I would say moves ray and I was that smirk on your face hey I’m going off a cliff here right I mean he’s gonna move some and I am actually going I’m more on the side of the passive income tokens and just because I feel like I don’t want to have to give them up you know would Bitcoin go so like how little how high are you going to wait before you cash out a Bitcoin yeah I mean that’s whatever I think everybody needs to consider that too I mean I have a number in my head where I’ll think about it and you know and and it’s you know it’s higher this from now but you don’t want to next less you’ll necessarily want to spend it because it’s right you are like 1 million dollar Bitcoin when you spin to that you know 97 once it’s gone yeah it’ll appreciate still but once that gone you know it’s gonna deplete at some point so what I love about the passive income tokens is that your value of your coin goes up yet you never have to you sell them you make the money off of them and that’s what I love about PPT and Nico’s doing it like the games that are the passive that’s coming back to us is incredible I I I liken it to hotel my brother and sister I like it too this is what the bankers enjoy up in their towers in New York City as they’re enjoying all this money and the gains coming in and yet we we never see that we’re experiencing this as the little people the common folk and it’s awesome it’s it’s such a great feeling and I think it’s gonna really help humanity honestly I really think cryptocurrency is gonna solve a lot of things that they don’t get their grimy hands in in it right the government doesn’t come in and try and just you know just get us yeah how dare they how dare these plebs you know where they just make money without our authority exactly like we did tell them they could have that money although we better tax them on it right so I mean they’re gonna get us one way or another but we have the means and the opportunity through crypto currencies to actually make the money comes back into the people’s hand through kids real currency and that’s what I really love about crypto and I would just tell everybody hey just at least we’ll put a little bit in what can that hurt you know research it and you’ll see I mean there’s coins out for everything like I said it’s gonna solve a lot of problems because at some point the dollars gonna die you know so I really think economies are really in trouble and what makes PPT great so case in point PPT is gonna help credit when there’s the banks start to can’t lend anymore do you see what I’m saying so where are people where are these businesses gonna get this money that they need to run their businesses well PPT solves that problem you know with invoice factoring so it’s it’s gonna solve a major problem and I totally believe some people will be like we’ll just get your games and go put it in Bitcoin now right because that’s where it’s at bitcoins King daddy you need to be there well guess what if let’s see I have some numbers here if the PPT goes to let’s see alright so if if you hold a thousand PPT let’s just go with a thousand PPT and it goes to $50 so 10 more dollars and it’s live so say have beta happen and it goes live right the platform goes live and you have a thousand PPT and it’s $50 and you put those two little thousand PT to the system you’re gonna get 1,200 back at monthly on passive income plus you get your PPT back so then the next month you go do that again you re put your PPT in and say the value has gone up again right let’s say now it’s a hundred dollars you have a thousand PPT and you have it’s gone up to sorry a hundred dollars instead of fifty you will make 2,400 dollars at month instead of twelve so the value of your coin is what gets put into the invoices and you make your it can be anywhere and I’m going off of I think I think we did like a two and a half percent or 3 percent on on those calculations but it’s anywhere from I would say one to four percent that you’re gonna get back monthly now who doesn’t want that like you can’t go to your banks and get that I think hedge funds are gonna clamor for it I think just retire people who are retiring like how can they live off of what they’re making you know what other entity can you put your money into and make those kind of returns and have a good quality of life so and and the last one is and I really believe that it’s going to do this I I’m gonna call it right now because I am I am a fan of PPT and cliff high who’s actually called it if PPT goes to a thousand dollars and you have a thousand PPT and you put that in invoices you make twenty four thousand dollars a month a month now you think crazy right so why do I love PPT that’s why I love PPT even and and absolutely it’s gonna go to a hundred dollars worth we’re right there already right so can you imagine twenty four hundred dollars a month just you know just because you’re you’re it’s a really push a button put them in in the invoicing now yes there’s risk right there’s the big concern with it right now is could we lose our PPT if the businesses default who are taking our our money right they could default and not pay back so what’s the concern is do we lose our PPT at that point well no we don’t know as far as exactly what the circumstance is week but what we know is that Nikko and populist has a three-tier insurance plan now it has to go through three levels for you to lose your PPT that sounds pretty safe to me right so I think people can can just relax about I’m going to lose my PPT if I put it in the system they’ve got it covered Nikko is so smart and I really think he’s he’s got our best interests at heart and invoice factoring is just the start he’s gonna be working with from what I hear cliff on some other ways to use PPT in other areas of the world I don’t know if it could be I don’t know it could be anything we could be from selling homes to whatever but PPT can be used in other other use cases and what I guess I’m trying to say so maybe team’s gonna grow it’s going to grow and it’s gonna pay the PPT holders monthly so I’ll take it and I don’t have to sell it ever yeah I can just let it appreciate so that’s why I like the passive income coins spectres gonna do the same thing we’re just weekly dividends we will make money off a weekly dividend so every week I can go and collect money for just holding Spectre so weekly and the numbers there are insane if they get up to the amount of traders that we think they’re gonna get up to they’re very conservative so it will be slow moving at first but if you waited even if you were conservative and fought Spectre at a lower like say you only had 10 e10 ethereum to put in the spectre it would be slow moving at first but two or three years down the line that would grow to be some pretty good monthly income right and then they have a yearly bonus and I mean so that is why I like the passive income tokens and I’ll just go there all day long versus bitcoins great and I think it’s gonna keep moving and I really do think that by the end of next year it’s gonna be like 200,000 which is crazy and saying to think about but but I think I can make more through the passive is that I mean it sounds crazy but I really think I can and I’m willing to take a little bit of a cut for those to grow for a little bit and then I’ll start to get those higher returns as the appreciation of those tokens grow as well so it’s pretty exciting PPP’s gonna be like PPT I think that’s going to do just as well I’m still waiting on some clarifications on some things from them you know as far as they’re there roadmap for how they’re gonna do their passive income that’s a big concern but we want to hear from everyone they’ve got a plan but you know we as Messrs need to hear what it is and see what it is so even with me even with those paper guys you don’t think don’t go passive income I can still see their token going from now went from like like 30 cents you know what they’re like 50 now it’s like it been a buck it could still be like a twelve dollar token with no passive but it’s you know it goes from zero to 12 and you still have you got in early or even now a dollar it still gonna go 12 X or 15 X you know they have a great plan as far as their accounting side of things and we’ll definitely I think we’re gonna go 12 by I’d say June at least you know if not sooner so if they don’t end up doing the passive then sell it at your games and go put it in whatever else right Bitcoin whatever you want to but you made some really good money on it so I’m hoping crossing my fingers they do the whole passive income thing as well and I’ll write those three for now very hopefully we’ll have a pretty big bag of that and hope that you know I still kind of confused what veritasium is after all of Reggie’s videos I’m just like yeah whatever you say Reggie I like but I got it and I know you were gonna do something great with it well like I keep saying man like I own it I haven’t always sold a little bit to kind of do eating diversify to my stuff but I’m holding that bag why don’t he just say what I don’t know none of us know we exchanges right make Germany we’re like okay we know what’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen one day so yeah veritasium I have high hopes for it I mean it’s pretty high right now though based off of you know come on you got you have to be like you know cliff said you know I trust to go track record I mean if you say so well that’s the thing if you if you if you haven’t heard whoever this link to this if you if you haven’t heard of cliff high definitely look at his web bot reports but Dewey or all due diligence obviously I mean there’s a lot of coins in there that I like and there’s a lot of coins I don’t like I know I didn’t like proppy I didn’t I I think the housing industry has a long ways to go before I think blockchains really gonna help and so I didn’t doesn’t mean it’s not gonna do well in my eyes but I think it’s gonna take time for certain industries to grow in cryptocurrency in this life I passed on that so definitely you don’t have to just jump on everything cliff says but he does a really great job of breaking down the white papers understanding the teens who’s behind the coin right that’s really important because we had metal zoom could you see that video yeah good I interviewed him before he went on cliff yeah yeah interesting round because I he’s on my Twitter mark and you know you kind of like I was rooting for him and like that other one silver mine you know that somehow maybe blockchain can help break the metals free right so I’m I was right for these guys so I’m like I want to talk to him I want to talk to you guys too you know and get you out there because you know with seeing me they got their boot on the throat of gold and silver and we started there so we want to see those free so I’m like man my chain can come solve that and let’s do it let’s let’s see what you guys can do it was bad that was so cliff was able to ask certain things and just see right through it yeah you know and that guy’s a really smart guy like whether his business partner is whatever but he’s a really smart man you know and when I was talking to him it felt like he was he operated on a whole nother mental level that I couldn’t keep up with cuz he ought to meet you the guy was just so smart right great I guess cliff knew something else I don’t know so that’s why it’s important to watch a lot of videos listen to a lot of people because it may take you two or three different avenues to really see if you like something if you really want to invest in something is it really gonna be worth your time so gotta really do your homework and I would say the webpop courts a great a great start but there’s lots of other areas you can go to but the telly rooms are great I really like them it’s it’s a lot of time I spent I have never spent my crew up my kids are like mom you hate social media you tell us never to be on it and here you are I’m just reading I’m like hold up hold up my breathing still watch it you know I’m catching up I only have like 500 more to go through hold on great so it takes a lot it takes a lot of my time but it’s fun a lot of our money’s invested in this place so for me I actually consider it like a job just because we do have a lot of a retirement in it and I’m happy to say at the end of all this honestly seven months later since we’ve been in it we’ve 10 times our our money we could pay off our house 3 or 4 times 3 times at this point if we wanted to is it as is it more than some people know some people like to day trade and and like to make those gains really fast right and you can you can do that but we just bought in the projects we believed in and we held and now they’ve appreciated to the point where we’ve hit a pretty big milestone in our life and it’s pretty darn exciting I mean we are we are really happy so it’s it’s exciting cryptocurrencies is fun so if you’re if you’re a little bit questionable about it definitely do some research stick with the top three for sure Bitcoin aetherium obviously holy cow light coin what’s that done in the last seriously two days for five hundred four hundred in Judaea it’s crazy I kind of wish I had like there I only had a few light coin but still I think with the amount of percentage that PPT has gone up versus the amount of percentage that light coin gone up I’ve only lost like $3,000 which you think only but you know 3000 Shh I’m gonna gain that tomorrow on PPT right tomorrow oh yeah so but you know what hey we’re enjoying a really bull market right now it’s tremendous this has been like one of the most exciting rides right now that we’re all watching all these coins just rise and rise and rise and the euphoria is like oh my gosh right and you watch your portfolio just the percentages grow but really honestly tomorrow we can get a bear market crying we’re like Brett wreck they get your coins out you didn’t get them out you’re gonna be hot erling for a long time so don’t panic just hold it’ll go back up but yeah it’s it exciting right right now sorry we’ll leave it there it’s been like 40 minutes yeah sorry I’m a talker no no we could talk you know I said we get people we don’t mean crypto rich everybody we start talking crypto be three hours later we got yeah you really and we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg with some of these so it’s fun thank you for having me yeah everybody on and you know we’ll talk more and you know just you know just talk crypto yeah for sure I really and thank you for all that you do in the community appreciate all your videos and all I really really you really one of the first people like I said and I just want to say one last thing I can say to all my ppt people in the PPT room PPT the one okay don’t ever forget that and we are going on that cruise next year or the bigger a cruise we are doing a pee-pee we have been clamoring about it forever it’s happening I have to get to $1,000 though oh okay we got we got a little ways but I was gonna happen next year anyways thank you for having me yep everybody remember to ball put some links on the in the description below look up populist when market cap this is not financial advice you know like she said you got it I tell people for you getting a crypto go to youtube spend whatever is a day week month 20 minutes a day watching videos understand rich would say financial advise but you got a you got to own up and be the one that’s going to you know get the information yeah I’ve already posted a picture of you in there alright send me what you got this dad so I can go post it to the PPTA well I will try to get this thing rendered and up hopefully the next few hours or so but everybody this have to leave the S she’s in about to telegram rooms woo telegram rooms PPP talk if you don’t know what telegram is a messaging app get it because we’re gonna get some information once again I probably look for the C Sigma show thanks for watching subscribe and we’ll have Leeza on again so thanks everybody and good luck and yeah

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