hey guys how’s it going my name is Andres BTC business console thanks for spending some time with me today talking about crypto currencies and if you have not seen this tweet from populist populist community please welcome our new honourable adviser mr. Jack Lee press release will follow shortly so if you go to Jack Lee’s LinkedIn profile that you can see here Regional Business Development Manager and underwriter global credit surety for QBE insurance based in Hong Kong so currently as we said Regional Business Development Manager for QBE but previously he was the senior vice president factoring which is what populous is doing and mortgage business unit in Hong Kong for about a year and a half see here personally helped the group to establish its factoring and mortgage business unit in just one month so when it comes to factoring and mortgage and insurance and cutting to writing and credit pretty much this guy mr. Jack Lee is the guy that you want on your team and guess what populist now has him on the populist team as you guessed it as of right now the price of populist fifty five dollars each the price is up 31 and a half percent it is a truly mooning in the last 10 minutes 15 minutes give or take very interesting stuff make sure you head over to Twitter check out the tweet that they did and then read up on mr. Lee’s LinkedIn profile it’s quite interesting he has a lot of experience with credit invoice factoring factoring in general underwriting etc etc so this is the update check it out if you’re not aware make yourself aware share this with your friends your family your neighbors thanks for liking commenting and subscribing and I’ll see you in my next video take care bye

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