Price Predictions: ICON ($ICX), Tron ($TRX), Bitcoin Cash ($BCH), Augur ($REP), & EOS ($EOS)!

going on snipers Nayeem elevator here I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today let’s just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency analytics for today and take a look at several different coins making some price movements over the next couple of days including augur AOS icon Tron and more so let’s dive right into it so pretty much what we’re looking at right now on icon you can see the channel has moved its way up you see some lower highs here and then really it caught motion right here you see some highs some higher highs and then we went ahead and consolidated just a bit the pattern right now looking at support levels there’s some clear support levels right around 7000 300 satoshis now resistance is a little bit more off you can see resistance declines as it progresses here however you can still go ahead and draw that a little bit of a slanted line and you can see other than that this Wix was pretty high so you can always give it a little bit of grace there and then draw the chart out like that looking at icx in general more of a fundamental perspective you can see the RSI at this point has hit 70 as soon as it hit this resistance line that is declining so it does show me that obviously prices are declining you can also match this up with the support level here you can see it is also on a decline and both the resistance and the support being and a decline together like this form this rectangle is a signal that prices are starting to decrease and tip over and that is a sign of a reversal especially looking at a five-minute chart because when you zoom out of here and you put it on a 1-hour you can see now you can see that slant right so now you’re getting a different perspective that’s why this channel has been created guys for you guys to get a different perspective and more perspectives that easier it is to come up with the best decision to make based on any sort of price movements so with icx right now obviously prices are going down you can see it in the 1-day there it shows a green candlestick well that’s because of the huge run-up we saw over the past couple of hours but when you look at the four-hour I think it’s more of an accurate chart you can see it is starting to crown over to the right hand side so hopefully that shows a little bit of grace for a hike on because I know that’s been in the news everybody is talking about it looking at price levels right here you can see very moderate increase in price we’re at a four billion dollar market cap for icon and that’s at a total of a seven hundred forty billion dollar market right now heading towards a trillion so our next coin here is auger so this is the hashtag our EP and had this huge run-up I want to make this one a quick one for you guys but you can see it is going down but it’s curving you can see it’s starting to form almost like a cup so it may end up forming a base of the cup and it forms like right around here we’re seeing current support levels and that could be a possible outbreak in the future so I’m gonna be interested to see is it gonna walk its way to this right-hand side and start curving itself you guys don’t know how that looks I’ll show you guys exactly how it looks but pretty much what would end up happening is you’d see this actually start curving itself so you’d see this actually come from around here and then moving its way up like right there and then once again it would want to go ahead and form a handle which typically is a red indicator and I’ll go ahead and draw that out for you guys by the way we are updating our training 101 on discord so just give us some time as we get you guys the best quality content me want to ensure that everything for you guys is up to par with what you’re looking for so you see this is how the handle is formed and then following that is the breakout right over here so when we change that interval here though you can give you guys a better perspective so yeah that would be the cup and handle if it possibly does form for augers so I’m definitely to be watching this you can see the handle would be formed right around this satoshi level and then pops back up so we’ll continue to watch auger and see here total 1.1 billion dollar market 41 and rank at a 10% increase just now entering the $100.00 big even that it went ahead and blew right past let’s look at Bitcoin cash and see what is it going on here with Bitcoin cash you can see there is that slant heading up I’m gonna draw this out from scratch for you guys now this is a clear support ascending pattern here and what’s interesting is resistance levels are starting to increase sometimes that breakouts may eventually occur because now you pull this up on a 1-hour look how beautiful that is boom right there and then that actually was half a cup right here you can see we had these lower highs and then these low highs and then bottom right here you see that complete cup and handle form right here by the way here’s a good example of a cup and handle check this one out so you had this lower high higher highs drops down lower lows you find ground highs higher highs and then a high and then you see the handle form breakout right there so that’s really where it went parabolic so um yeah guys pretty interesting patterns here once again on our discord the link is in the description below pretty much looks like this when you get it on and you guys can actually get this whole resource open for you guys under tools under training 101 we went ahead and added some new ones here so we added some more extensive advanced ones you know before we didn’t have the charts like this so I know before we had the continuation fly but now we have the bullish fly and certain other ones we’re gonna be updating all this guys and I do want to thank all of you guys for you know taking this channel to 30,000 subscribers it’s really been a huge success anyways with Bitcoin cash prices may start to reverse looks like it hit rock bottom right here with that cup and handle once again total market caps at 49 billion bch here running itself pretty good stout ranked number four so we’ll see what happens there let’s move on to everybody’s favorite Tron Tron Tron you’ve got that mass media market or running it right so you can see there’s this declining pattern right here pretty solid broke out right here these support levels match a little bit more like this top channel that was for me so pretty easy for me I think what’s gonna eventually happen is this is gonna form its own channel and I think this is really where we’re hedid so in terms of future price prediction it looks like it’s already reversed so we’ll see as long as it follows this it’s on a descending pattern so if it follows this channel its descending looking at total market cap for Tron we’re looking at right at 8 billion and total market Tron TRX is ranking number 11 here looking at this chart filled in you can see where that decline in a reversal occurred right around that old time high so let’s go ahead and pull up the last but not least AOS so mr. Brock Pearce founder of AOS what a great guy and believe that’s his name you can see we hit triple bottom right here right around 51,000 satoshis for EOS we saw that reversal started heading up so this huge run-up here with AOS now looking at price movements what I’ll tell you right now is you can see over the long term there is a slant heading up now over the short term it is declining so based on what you’re looking at it could be different so if your swing date trader or day trader might not be the best time because it is slanting down once again you can see resistance and support this is the channel right here and this right here is the overall channel though so it may start pushing its way to the top right that happens you can look here in the 4-hour 3 hour exactly how that chart would look be cautious of that guy’s pull it up AOS here and corn market cap six point nine billion dollar market cap in a twenty six point seven six percent increase for today ranking number thirteen on coin market cap once again AOS looking at this view you can see that could just be a sign of a bullish flag so I see prices increasing here for us so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video once again thank you so much for tuning into sniper stupid with that being said snipers out

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