Price Predictions: NEO ($NEO), Monero ($XMR), ICON ($ICX), Verge ($XVG), Stratis ($STRAT), & More!

what is going on snipers 90 Malibu baby here I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today this is gonna be a live stream so if you’re watching this after turdy published feel free to use the 1.25 x in the settings of this video we’re gonna be doing all of the coins in the title as well as taking requests from our viewers it’s gonna be a very engaging audience and sorry for all the beeping noises that I actually left on with the notifications that wasn’t on purpose I went ahead and disabled those as well I know I’ve had a lot of comments about that but let’s go ahead and just dive right into this today’s going to be an awesome night guys so pretty much looking at this chart here we’re starting off with the Neo we can find some clear support levels right around 525 satoshis and today we’re gonna be looking at a lot of different charts there’s gonna be a lot of negative price movements it’s gonna be a lot of positive breakouts that we were seeing with coins like verge neo Stratos and so forth Ikon icx so we’re gonna cover a lot of different charts today taking a lot of different requests from the viewers and we’re gonna see what the market is gonna turn into it for the next couple of days if you guys are tuned in I did get a lot of questions by the way this is this channel that was actually forming up pretty much taken away from the actual price movement and it formed this new support so it will actually go ahead and delete this let me go ahead and actually redraw this so you pretty much find the resistance that was occurring around 719 Satoshi’s we broke out of that resistance so far with neo now we’re seeing these new highs and these are higher highs but if you look back you can see it’s not an all-time high so higher highs but not all-time highs you can see there are some loads here some lower lows multiple support levels here 573 Satoshi’s right here as well and we pretty much broke out of that full channel nothing really occurring at the moment in the one hour if we were swing trading this you know there’s not much that we can tell in terms of price pattern but if we’re day trading we can always look at the one-minute and see what is going on you can see there’s this positive channel we’re below the EMA now this is interest because we never really went below the EMA until this point here which was a you know quite a ways back but what I would say in terms of the long term here for neo looking at the price of it on the 1-hour because we are looking this as a swing trade I would say prices are obviously increasing and I think the reason for that is China obviously is going to eventually regulate icos are gonna regulate cryptocurrency because they want to take advantage of it they’re not gonna allow this industry to just dominate the market and not have their piece of the pie they want to take their piece of the pie there they want it they want to have their incentives and I think neo being the Chinese aetherium can truly take over that position and dominate in their market being a smart contract platform that can enable the building of decentralized applications on the actual platform so let’s go ahead and take some quick who here’s online let’s go ahead and pop out our chat here wow we got a full house man oh man good to have you guys who’s on tonight Julianne L said dang communists that’s funny good to have you guys Julianne Emrys is in the house chris is in the house did Leon Gio’s in the house Michael Massey is in the house somebody’s at Neos futures hahahaha sorry about that oh I was supposed to actually post those charts I haven’t done that yet man I forgot to do that when I probably have to get to that soon somebody said you’re the man brother we love you Thank You Jamin Ned day Oh like that last day man Hamal is in the house Jared’s in the house sassier set shout out day trading chat crypto Queen is here good to have you Daniels in the house who else we got Nate’s here what’s up Nate Joshua Jonathan to see her Jeremy Howard Matt Stephen James Gus good to have you brother frisbee Daniel Montoya Oh awesome awesome so I don’t know why I’m still hearing those notifications I do apologize that’s not supposed to happen but I guess it’s here so let’s go ahead and dive right in as Mike Taylor’s in the house as well look at that Jessica here we’ll go ahead and actually set up this chart here so what is the next coin that we all want to look at let’s go ahead and take some user requests here from the YouTube chat let’s see what you guys are heading towards what coin you guys want to look at somebody said TRX xbg everybody wants to look at Virg right here’s the price break out some new said look at all the coins Kaba had took my money my deposit has it posted interesting that doesn’t seem too fun so let’s let’s look here ah somebody Brian Lee said what did Brian Lee say Brian Lee said xvg BNC xlm ad a cute um quantum nebula any be I keep seeing any BL why don’t we pull up any BL and see what’s going on with any BL why is that in the press so n e BL BTC going to pull this up here look at the one-hour chart so obviously there’s an uptrend forming here you can see this positive Channel and we saw a little bit of a bull fly form here we saw this increased found resistance right around 3:00 let’s see three three so 3331 Satoshi’s 33,000 Satoshi’s and we’re following this ascending pattern here I think watching this on the 1 hours a little bit immature here I think we need this chart to mature a little bit further pulling up at the 15 minute I think this could be a little bit of a clearer view here you can see there are a couple tests here with the resistance it looks like we’ve tested it three times so far and every single time we have seen some pull back towards the 50-day moving average which is this red line right over here some of you guys don’t know we have the RSI down here we’ve got the volume pulled up we’ve got the 50 day the 100 day in the 200 day here as well as the EMA which stands for the exponential moving average and you know what I’m gonna actually go ahead and pull up my Fibonacci for this live stream so we’ll go ahead and add an indicator here so this is gonna be the auto fib and I’m only gonna use it I’m not gonna talk too much about it just yet so you guys can get a little bit more familiar with seeing this on my graph maybe this will help out a little bit and then as time progresses we can start adding more indicators I don’t want to flood my graph with indicators but I do want you guys to learn the different indicators so let’s get you guys comfortable but here just to see this right oh wait look at this we’re bouncing inside this Fibonacci Channel so maybe that’ll help you guys get a little bit of understanding of why we use the Fibonacci and what importance it serves when trading and looking at technical analysis which typically works best with volatile markets and what’s the most volatile market that we all know of cryptocurrency so let’s go ahead and talk about this chart I think because we’re forming this channel here obviously you’ve also got a support level here at least in this top channel which is right around 25,000 Satoshi’s I would say to continue watching this to see if it’s gonna test these levels and break out because if it does break out of these levels there could be a potential profit there however if it continues to follow this channel this gets tighter and it gets tighter and then you see this volume starting to decrease and then it continues to level out and then we may see it starting to head down the other way rather than going up and break it out so we’ll see what happens there thank you for the super chat Rob Rob Brissac said thank you for sharing the knowledge what do you like would like to hear your thoughts about TRX sorry for that pop up noise you know I tried to shut that off but apparently it didn’t work so I’m gonna actually put that here turn that off if I can but we’ll pull up TRX here we’ll look at Tron everybody is in the news for Tron what has happened and with trama pull up the one hour first and foremost just to get a clear idea of what we’re seeing here you see there’s this clear pennant forming here we’ll actually you know what it’s not a pennant and I’ll tell you why the support level here is even and with a pennant you want to see support levels increasing so we actually predicted this pennant yesterday the xvg pennant Oh a lot of you guys were asking me like where do I get the instant trade alerts guys you guys should all know this already but I guess some of you guys are new on the patreon if you go there you have to select gold if you guys want the trade alerts because if you use silver it doesn’t come up but anything above gold will give it to you so on the patreon page when you click become a patreon and the link is in the description you just have to go here and choose silver or gold I’m sorry and you’ll get those trade alerts and then when you finally get on here you can go to our posts and then that’s where you’ll see the trade alert so we have these tabs set up for you guys and I actually show you what we did yesterday so if you go to posts here you can actually see if you go to podcasts I’m sorry not podcasts go to trade alerts they’ll pull up all the trade alerts and this is the one we posted yesterday for Virg before the break out now this is a perfect time to pull this chart up so on the trade alert we posted for those of you who are patriots we actually talked about this in the trade alert that the ascending support level is what indicates the pennant it’s not necessarily just this consolidation or this this narrowing of a channel so if you also pull up our discord you can go to trading 101 and get another clear view of this and you can see the support level here is a little bit lower than it was here so that’s what you’re looking for in a pennant you’re not just looking to see this little uh you know this this almost like a consolidation of the channel you’re looking to see is the support level rising and is the resistance level of decreasing and that’s how you want it to get narrow and as it gets that narrow this is what ends up happening it builds up pressure it’s kind of like a pressure cooker right so you have a pressure cooker and it builds up pressure and then what happens it breaks out so you can see this was the pennant we drew out and you can see this support level was increasing while the resistance was decreasing and that’s how we were able to predict this pennant because of the fact that it was getting tighter and tighter and then right here really just popped up and then solid with a consolidation popped up again and is on the move it’s also because they did release the Wraiths protocol and that was finally implemented properly so that’s also another reason why you see this price movement heading upwards so somebody said is there a night out tonight yes so for those of you who are ruby patrons and above there is gonna be a ruby night owl tonight and I’m really excited to discuss some things that I actually just found out about from my friend years on I just had another conversation with him and I found out some really cool things that I’d love to share with you guys and it really has to do with BT C’s market dominance over the next couple of months and where things are gonna be headed with altcoins and these icos especially with the new regulatory laws that have been implemented towards crypto so we did get a VIP access request here somebody said there’s two requests so I’ll have to take one of those I’ll put it here in my requests tab ufr and then we’ll go back to Tron and take that super chat request here by the way thank you so much for the super chat a la Bassani Thank You mr. Eric well we got tons here let’s go ahead and thoughts on common hood is it okay to deposit Erin Manning I have not used carbon hood just yet I’ve felt pretty satisfied with the exchanges that I’ve used thus far therefore I haven’t really played with common hood but I heard it’s a decentralized exchange actually did a whole video on that one so you can probably watch that video if you want more of a understanding of it thank you for sharing the knowledge we’d like to hear your thoughts about tariffs thank you brother Frankie Thank You Man nineteen unban me from the discord band for no reason awesome um send me your username on Twitter Frankie and then we’ll get the handle out fine what happened smart way to get in contact with me brother I like that Thank You Allah can you please analyze mints yes we will put that in our list here number 300 list what are the pros and the cons of circulation apply reaching total supply the pros and the cons of circulating supply reaching total supply I would say it depends on what the coins use is is it a security token is the utility token typically those coins that are required to have a max supply larger than circulating supply for example ripple has a circulating supply of around 40 billion and it has a max supply of 99 billion so it really depends upon what coin you’re talking about now what I will tell you is this when a total market supply is the commits the completion of the total max supply then obviously now that has become limited and the resource is now more valuable its supply and demand so the supply stays stagnant and isn’t increasing but the demand continues to increase which typically demand increases for the most part if it’s industry that has a need being that population increases then you can certainly see prices starting to head up for a coin like that so hopefully that helps out I’m sorry not prices but the demand which is the prices what are your thoughts on dent Thank You Carlos for the super chat we’ll put dents here and we’ll look into the technical there your thoughts on ethos or the Crypt areum I see oh please I haven’t looked at either Mike Taylor just to be quite frank with you when I look at an ICO though I look for three to four different things I look for number one what is the team capable of what does the team consist of what individual leads this project why because it’s all about the team it’s all about who is leading this project to the next level not about is the technology there because we know the technologies there we know blockchain is good we know distributed Ledger’s can enhance the security in the privacy and the transaction speeds and the costs we know that already but is that leader capable of doing a FaceTime with the United States of America and talk about his coin in language that he’s not even familiar with that’s why I think Tron CEO had some some cojones for going on and trying to you know establish some reputation and some uh you know feedback from the American people and those who know English because it was the first time and I’ve seen him come out and have a public press response the way he did and people made fun of him but the end of the day I mean think about his people they probably look up to him now they’re like man because they don’t even know English but he actually attempted and was able to communicate properly in a way we can understand maybe not understand you know the same way we understand somebody like um you know Larry King or something but we understand him in a manner that is approvable for a professional audience you know think about Jack Ma he doesn’t know the best English but he’s a billionaire matter of fact Jack Ma is the only person in the world to make 1 billion dollars in one day within his company he was he had the highest-grossing day and he owns Alibaba so you know Jack Ma is a perfect example don’t quote me on that maybe somebody has made a billion before but I know he had one of the highest revenue sales I think larger than Amazon ever one day and that’s through Alibaba so Ali Baba but pretty much suppose it’s you know wholesale some of you guys have probably used it before for your business is where you get you know wholesale stuff from China suppliers you get in direct contact and so forth anyways let’s talk about something that matters here somebody said Iran is a great location to seek a position well you know why I like the fact that Iran is doing what it’s doing it’s the fact that there’s a clear support level anytime there’s a clear support level that for me creates confidence in what I’m trading in because here’s what I know and I actually did put a position here for Tron right here around if he has their patrons you guys know that nine hundred and fifteen Satoshi’s was my bi level and then I had my stop-loss setup right under that around 880 Satoshi’s because to be this is one of the strongest support levels I’ve seen so far for Tron obviously you have these wicks of the candles that pop up that could trigger these supply these stop losses but I just have an expectation that now that it’s getting tighter and tighter you can see it’s following this pennant I mean right to the tee it’s not a pennant but this triangle this wedge and as it gets to the end of the wedge what will possibly happen is a breakout because it’s pressure once again it’s like a pressure cooker you build the pressure once you build the pressure it pops whether it pops up or pops down that’s the question of the lifetime so right Anderson said B&B looks like a cup and handle maybe will this follow BT sees pattern kind of well go ahead and pull a B&B as well thank you so much for the super chat Ryan appreciate that pod just send a super chat as well what when does side coin reach $1 well you can never predict prices you can always predict the magnet the price movements but never the magnitude so we can definitely take the technical look at that pot and then let’s go ahead and say hi to some of you guys and sorry for that noise once again I don’t know why that noise keeps coming up I tried disable in it but I guess it just wasn’t working on the system and but let’s go ahead and see who here is on the live call thank you so much stay focus odd your your chart did you bite yet it’s right at resistance or maybe a breakout soon maybe a break first possibly yeah so you can buy it the breakout you can buy it the support so it’s really up to you but we’ll look at did you buy so that would be the next coin and who’s in the house here Carlos Gonzalez Vicky Hill Rafael Blanco man I see a lot of woman getting into crypto I’ve noticed that I like that I like seeing the ladies getting into I like seeing the ladies step in their game up saying I’m working from 9:00 to 5:00 anymore I’m gonna go out and get my freedom Ashley Muller in the house when trading do you specifically use do you typically use specific interval for that trade example 1 of 1 to 5 minutes for day hourly for swing and daily from valley trading can it lead you in the wrong direction focusing too tight Ashley great question so in my opinion you want to utilize every time frame when making trades when I’m making a trade if even if I’m even if I’m day trading so if I’m day trading this right now I’m looking at the one minute right not even the one this is the live chart it’s live prices right so you’re looking at this chart you’re like okay there’s obviously this pattern forming that you know where the support is as soon as it hits this I’m gonna put a buy order I’m expect it to go up but before I look at this guess what I had to draw out that support level now you could draw it out in this you know in a more specific manner by zooming in however you also want to look at the overall pattern because you want to know okay how long has the support level been built right that’s a good question asked so look at the 5-minute okay how long although it’s been built for quite a while sometimes you want to use the more detailed charts to drop more detailed levels of or lines so I can use this as an opportunity to draw a more specific line here a more specific support level there’s a lot of uses to these these time spans everything as you can see even the EMA moves based upon like you don’t see the EMA here but then or even the moving average where’s the moving average you can’t even see it but then you go to a one-hour and you see the moving average right here this red line in the back you see it’s over it here but then you do the one-day and guess what happens it changes now that yeah now the moving average is all the way down here why is that it’s because of perspective guys and that’s the reason we built this community it’s to give you guys a different perspective because you guys might be looking at something right now and saying okay I see it and I know exactly what I see and yeah you might be right you see it you see it you see that the average is right here we’re under the moving average but guess what if you join a community you expose yourself to more individuals within the same industry right maybe you get on our discord right a free resource no ads mobile version desktop version web version all the coins here you got voice chat we can pop in here right now and just listen in so you have all these resources open and available to give you a different perspective just by sitting in that voice chat yesterday I learned so much stuff that I had not even thought about researching and most of it I mean a lot of it was stuff that is gonna really help me you know like do anything specific but it was knowledge it was a perspective you know what it was it was me going from the one-hour going to the one day and saying holy smokes we’re actually way above this 50-day moving average matter of fact if we take our ruler here and we see where we’re at man worse a hundred and seventy seven percent away from the 50-day moving average prices might be a little high for Tron does that mean it won’t break out no we can still see a breakout and then consolidate back to the 50 but we’re gonna see a consolidation of the 50 sometime soon and if we don’t see a consolidation we’re gonna see the 50-day move up towards this price so anyways TRX is getting more and more narrow I little I Trey I made my trade today for one reason one reason only we had we were on the support level so if it drops and I lose twenty Satoshi’s on my trade I don’t mind because that’s worth it if it jumps up 50 satoshis or 100 satoshis so you know I look at my risk and I manage my risk and I allocate my assets properly to the point where I can make trades like this so hopefully that helps out people are saying amen thank you so much for the super chat Nilo said thoughts about this influx of people interning them market think encrypt it was a quick money-making machine I think I think it’s good to give people hope that’s for sure but I also think it’s not good to give people false hope right so I think it’s good that people have the hope and I think that’s one of the reasons that I’m so passionate about this subject you guys you know obviously we all have good days and bad days even on my bad days I choose to livestream and be here for you guys because I’ve committed to doing it once a day for at least a year so that’s a commitment I’m gonna stick through and you know it’s a commitment I’ve stuck through because here’s the thing you know yeah being a full-time trader you can travel the world you can do so many things sorry for that but at the end of the day when you have this industry that’s forming and you have this cryptocurrency revolution that is currently in the works currently in the process of changing the world forever as we know it I feel obligated you know I feel like I was created to impact the world in a some way shape or form I feel like this is a perfect platform for me to impact the world and I hope you guys can find your platform I hope you guys can find your niche I hope you guys can find your passion your industry because this is something I love to do I love I’m passionate about I love it and it’s not the charts it’s the revolution it’s the fact that we’re transitioning everything is in a transition sooner or later you’re gonna be able to by fractionalized versions of a property right so you walk into a part property and you’re like I love this property I want to buy this property why don’t you just buy a fractionalized version with 100 other people that bought this property and as the equity builds all of you benefit right that’s a form of future use with distributed Ledger’s and blockchain technology you guys haven’t read the Internet of money I recommend you read it it’ll talk about stuff like that and talk about the ledger I’ll talk about that by the way let’s give away a book here real quick so earlier I said something in the chat by the way I have all your super chats here don’t worry thank you so much Nilo I took your requests thank you for the super chat and then we got another one here I want to thank you so much Victor Bob a lot they do you think ray blocks extra view will go up after bye Nance I’ve talked about that before I think with ray blocks it’s not always gonna be the case you know that a coin gets on an exchange like Bitcoin cash went on coin base and nothing really haven’t actually dropped after a huge rise but I think you know for Bitcoin cash it was easily accessible right and it got to the point where you can really get Bitcoin cash anywhere all you have to do is transfer from coinbase to any exchange and get it but I think ray blocks is in a different situation because of the fact that it’s only available on a specific amount of exchanges that I don’t even have accounts for not that I don’t want to I can’t but I just don’t feel the need to so when it goes on by Nance I’m somebody that would want to buy and here’s the thing prices are all based on what that’s going to be the giveaway question prices are all based on what who says at first actually who says it fifth let’s do fifth what our price is based upon that’s for the book for the book giveaway what our price is based upon the fifth person that says it gets it what our price is based upon supply and demand right you guys got it let’s go in and see whoever said the right answer and spelled it correctly so the fifth person we got throws B for Heroes is what I’ll say said supplying two man Raymond Gonzalez that’s supply and demand that’s one two three from Tyler Cleary good to have you Tyler just not number five unfortunately next time uh oh my gosh I think I lost it no way unfortunately I lost it so Tyler Cleary so we got one two three four three D spider it was the fourth one and then Mike Rossi Oh congratulations Mike send me a message on discord and we’ll verify your account Mike and I’ll go ahead and put that down here and you just want to look good for you brother so let’s go ahead and look at these charts yeah I know we had a couple super chats I do want to address them like always thank you so much guys I really appreciate that Tom Ashley thank you brother how’s your bot trading going any Bop favorites I don’t bought trade it’s very risky to bot trade and there’s no reason for me to do it because I can’t really teach that on this channel and reach the masses so I try to practice my trading skills through day trading and swing trading because I would like to refine my skills so I can teach better and I can help people better and you know I know there’s a lot of money in bot trading and stuff it’s just that’s not what matters to me more than just you know what what I want to do is I want to create in a group of elite you know that’s why we have all these different tiers right like we have our Ruby and above night owl tonight but you know the point of that is to see who’s willing to invest in themselves because here’s the thing I know when I was a student of a mentor which I still am and always will be I was willing to invest in myself whether that was investing myself to even go see a mentor right whether my friend use on lives in New York so if I wanted to go see him I had to invest in myself so there’s a lot of you know a lot of fallacies a lot of nuances and stuff by ourselves ECL we’ll look at that chart brother thank you so much for the super check somebody said how do I get in a night owl tonight if you want to get in a night owl tonight you have to be a ruby or above patreon and once again if you guys go on our discord you can see on the right hand side we have emeralds sapphires and rubies these are all allowed in our night owl or night owl is gonna be a way where we can actually 2-way communication so you guys can actually get on voice chat talk to me talk to our team talk to our admin talk to our other community members here in the Ruby plus night owl chat which is actually on the left hand side under patreon exclusive Ruby plus night owl so for those of you that will be there tonight I cannot wait to see you guys and let’s go ahead and move on with our technical analysis we just got another super chat Thank You New York Thank You Safari Tyler and then TRX as we said we’re forming that narrow path so let’s go ahead and knock these out we got GT oh let’s look at GTO BTC look at what charts forming here so we looked at this earlier I was actually gonna do some sort of technical on here but we’re within a channel that’s that’s the fact of the matter we’re still within this channel if we were to zoom into the more consolidated view you can see here we’re seeing some support right around 4405 Satoshi’s we’re finding the resistance right around five thousand three hundred and seventy-one Satoshi’s and at this point we’re hovering above and below the EMA we’re seeing some higher highs and lower lows here moving up and pretty much what I would say at this point being at the RSI is at this level I’d like to zoom in a little bit and get a little bit more of a clearer perspective of what’s happening you can see here we’ve got several different patterns forming here Wow beautiful so we hit a double top here we hit consolidated a little bit you saw this rise up or saw a little rise we drop back down found support pump back up you see this bull flag back drop down sell-off below the EMA drop below the EMA above the EMA tested the EMA resistance drop back down went right back up and now we’re over the EMA once again I would say if this was a trait for me I would be in and out quick it’s a day trade because the end of the day let’s pull up this one day and look at how high prices are right now yeah so that’s fairly high for a coin like this but you can see here you’ve got the bull fly so that’s good this could just be another bull fly and pops back up so there are multiple cases here depending on how you’re trading are you a swing trader or you a day trader or you in a value investor but in this case I would say we are at highs I would watch this channel and see all right should I continue to test these support levels and should I break through the resistance I’m sorry the resistance and I should I break through this resistance and there could be a possible breakout here there was almost a cup and handle that was formed here as well however what ended up happening was this handle overextended itself we saw this resistance and we topped out right over here around 5,000 119 Satoshi’s so hopefully that helps out umm hey soos guevara said how about a book on reading charts and patterns what do you recommend I’m gonna be posting some books here for you guys for charts and patterns I’m gonna be doing this I’m gonna actually put this on my to-do list post I have a magnitude of books I have a multitude of books that I’ve used for my personal my personal research and my understanding of charts and if you guys go to our discord and go under helpful reads I have some of my favorite books here I’m gonna be updating this with more of our chart books I would have to go through all of my titles as I have so many chart books but what I would say before reading a chart book is reading something like the Internet of money right this is a little bit more of a basic book if you guys are a little bit more advanced I would say read this mastering Bitcoin this is also by the same author however he goes into more depth on the technology itself you know what the nodes are how that’s created how the my is creative what the proof of stake means why you can proof of stake a coin and then earn more and here’s something that I think will help a lot of you guys you know especially you hey soos you asking about a book this book right here principles by Ray Dalio it teaches you the mindset versus the technicalities of trading and I think trading is more of a mindset and a principle and a foundation that needs to be built within yourself to be able to build an intuition to be able to trade properly and dynamically is the actual aspect of trading that is what considers you professional versus an amateur it’s the dynamic how dynamic are you are you able to utilize multiple different you know time frames in your chart are you able to utilize multiple different indicators are you able to distinguish the reasoning between which indicators signifying what sort of signal versus maybe even negating what the indicator is saying because you see something else that overlaps that pattern you know like look in here you see there was a clear pennant here this was a easy breakout to predict look at that pennant right here broke out so there’s just so much to trading that could you know this would have been a day trade right here maybe we’ll do more live day trading videos right what you guys want to see more of those thank you so much for the super check Kevin Alexis Herrera I like that high name I’d like to hear your opinion on what ZRX will do in the next few hours I think you might go over 24 hour high Thank You Austin man will put grx here in our little pop box but that’s GTO for you let’s go ahead and move on and take some quick requests here and answer some questions let’s see what everybody’s saying you’re very welcome hey soos thank you brother let’s see Dave said Ricardo yes to the live stream tating yes but not those announced at least Bay is in the house Carlos guna Ness is in the house Nate pitcher good to have you brother f Google no that’s not good Jeff Parker’s in the house Kevin yang look at that do line is here Jared’s in the house Bart emo is here got another two super tats thank you so much salami and Thank You Sean COO or coner keuner it’s two O’s could you take a look at our EQ and L okay perfect we got many requests today guys let’s take I’m taking note of all of these I still have some from yesterday I have to post in the chart section torrents announced Inc William is here MA – yo William good to have you guys Alex true I like that are you saying the truth Alex true or are you lying those are kind of corny Anthony Trio said you’re a god no Google is a God because people go to Google now instead of their God to ask questions they go to Google for everything now what should I eat tonight what’s the best restaurant near me what’s the best restaurant in Los Angeles like everybody goes to Google right what do I do if this happens good stuff guys live trading is awesome Thank You Quentin braid Z good to have you guys thank you for the super chat once again awesome guys night out tonight yes our night owls for rubies and above rubies and above only so you are a ruby or above patreon then you are allowed in a night owl tonight if you don’t know what a night owl is we all head over to our discord after this and we actually go on a voice chat and instead of having this monologue one-way communication we actually create dialogue and have a two-way street and us and Ashman questions you guys can discuss things in the chat it’s kind of like the after party of the livestream it’s where we actually get into more uncensored information things that matter and if you’re sat fired above you’ll get that recording too so you don’t have to stay up but let’s go ahead and pull up our next chart here for you guys and see what we have to look we do have a couple requests or we want to speed through this we have CND right now BTC let’s look at what this chart has to offer so this is the one minute this is a more of a day traders chart let’s look at a one-hour here first and foremost so we broke out of this level let me clear the drawing tools here see what levels are forming support here looks like we’re finding some support right around 853 Satoshi’s looks like we’re finding some really strong resistance around one 266 oceans I say really strong because tested resistance pretty much 1 2 3 4 or 5 times and you can see here formed a double top here formed a why went around over the EMA under the MA drop below the ma bullish flag back up form to some sort of resistance there looking at this chart here every time we have these run ups we end up finding the support kind of like how ripple runs right find support find support obviously we know where the support is now you can see this new channel has some more support right around 976 of Toshi’s you can see this went right under the EMA we saw that cell volume come in drop the AR site pretty much right on top of 30 which would have seen all time would have seen a bottom which was a lower low than these loaves and now we’re still seeing some low lower highs right around this area compared to these lower lows here you can see we really found a lot of support right around this area now overall market let’s pull up the one day I don’t think this is a big chart yeah we are approaching these high levels you can see based on this chart every time we increase in volume we find these support levels looks like another bullish flag here what I would say looking at this chart guys being that they were so high just kind of the same principle we’ve been following so we’re playing this at the resistance level what do you want to do when you’re playing at the resistance you want to be safe right so when I’m playing at a resistance level if it breaks out I don’t mind buying because typically what happens when it breaks out is they’ll continue to break out so let’s say this was the pattern that we were looking at right now right and we’ll go back to history because what’s the best predictor of the future is the history right so you see this channel form you see the support the resistance and you see this breakout I would have bought right over here I bought right here I would have made all of that that whole green candle would have been a profit in my pocket within a minute so probably within an hour but that right there and then indicator here our size over 70 cell right here that’s a swing trade right or it could be considered a day trade same thing here I’d play it the same exact way so hopefully that helps out brother just pull up I on let’s put I Oh n BT see we do have some VIP access requests here let’s look at the VIP access so any BL what’s the price prediction alright yeah Annie BL and then we also have extra do you think extra fee is heading back to the 209 level so I have to look at X star P then let’s go ahead and do that here somebody said how are you requesting on VIP so we have different tiers for our patreon guys you know some people still don’t understand this but we had to do this because we had such a huge demand for people that wanted to get on patreon so in order for you guys to actually utilize the VIP access chat this is only for emeralds and above because this is an area where you guys can actually chat with me ask me specific questions and I can have a little bit more attention here and answer your questions so we have silver gold rubies sapphire emerald and diamond any emerald and above can post there if you’re a golden above you’ll get all of my trade alerts so whenever I see a possible breakout I’ll send that to you guys we’ve got an instant trade alert on your phone and then if you’re a silver you’ll get my weekly podcast where we go over the top coins of the week so that’s pretty much what the tears are for so if you guys keep asking just go on the patreon link in the description and look at it for yourself and you can analyze it I have everything written down there but I want to take these requests guys because we have a ton of different requests here I want to look at and be any BL was a VIP request here I have been looking at this chart here so I want to show you guys what I’ve been looking at here we obviously have this new pattern for me up top looking at the 5-minute you can see here it’s looking a lot like a pennant what do I mean by that well check this out you can see there’s an ascending support line right over here and this is sending support line confirms the pennant take this right here so I think who was it Ashley that asked this question earlier she said somebody it was a lady she said something about the time frames so this is how the time frames come in handy so if I didn’t sue min to the 5 min I couldn’t have identified this pennant so here’s a pennant right here man it looks like there’s only a lot of breakouts the next couple of days that’s awesome right here’s the pennant so I would watch this I mean especially looking at this 5 minute and it’s always been in an uptrend even before you saw the parabolic growth with all the altcoins you can see it’s been on a strong strong uh price since January so yeah I mean that’s good it keeps forming these these are all bull flies guys BAM bull flag bull fly bull fly look how much profit this is why I was with my mentor the other day I don’t know if you guys maybe some of you heard this story but I was with my mentor the other day if you guys don’t know I used to have a traditional market background that’s how I gained my start skills and you know just transitioning into that I was able to really gain a skill and understanding crypto I’ve always been my first Bitcoin it was around 2010 when I was with machinima was a gaming partner of producing gaming videos for machinima and I was trading I had pretty much no money at the time and I was just kind of like trying to find a way to generate something and the reason I got into bitcoins I needed to accept payments but PayPal had limited my account and I was like I need to find an alternate source of payment here I found Bitcoin utilize Bitcoin loved it didn’t invest much into it hindsight bias once again but what I’ll tell you is this when I transitioned from traditional I think was it was a 4x no it was traditional to crypto I had done 4x I had done traditional my I’ve done commodity I’ve got all of it that’s when things changed for me I liquidated all of my assets and I went straight into crypto because of one thing that was volatility volatility is what you’re looking for so I showed my mentor who had done stocks you know traditional stocks for over 35 years professional trader done very well for himself and I showed him another day I was like we were sitting at a Panera Bread and I was like have you ever seen like a Bitcoin technical chart he’s like no I haven’t he’s like I haven’t looked much into it and I’m like Tom I’m like Tom you’re gonna freak out he’s like no what are you talking about and I showed him a chart and he saw these price these uh these these patterns right he saw he’s like dude that’s a double top that’s a cup he’s like that’s a cup and he’s like what how are the all these patterns in such a short timeframe like Tom this is the most volatile market right now he’s like I can make so much money right now that’s what he said and now he’s trading so he texted me today he’s like hey Knight he’s like could you send me that website again so I sent him all the websites and get him set up but he’s getting into trading so it’s because of the volatility that you can make a lot of money and in this case we’re seeing a pennant form for those of you that don’t know what a pennant is if you’re on our free resource here our discord you can go to not patreon but go to trading 101 and view a pennant and then start studying that for yourself utilize this resource utilize the knowledge and the wisdom that we provide for each and every one of you guys to prosper and let’s go ahead and finish these requests here somebody said volatility for short term yeah that’s true Kent that’s what I’m talking about we’re looking at the day trading chart right now so I mean as a long-term investor you obviously want stability as a long-term and matter of fact let’s this is a perfect transition to ripple so what are banks looking for when partnering with a company like ripple they’re looking for something that’s obviously reliant number one but number two they’re looking for something that’s stable right I think a big reason that ripples gain popularity is the fact that it was able to maintain its prices for such a long time now as the valuation increases it continues to find support at these higher highs so you see it it’s a higher high bull flag higher high bull flag higher high another bull flag dropped down for the first time saw strong resistance which was like why I said you guys have to start watching this now we’re seeing these this form into once again it looks to be another wedge doesn’t look like a pennant looks like a wedge being at support level there’s only one other support level that was increasing that was right over here so as this continues to it what a matter of fact if you pull it back all the way here you could uh you can kind of draw it out in a way where it does look like pennant is forming actually yeah very much so Wow see perspective is everything guys it’s all about finding the right perspective so this level right here which is twenty two thousand eight hundred twenty two thousand eight hundred thirty two Satoshi’s is where we found extremely strong resistance for ripple what do I mean by that well ripple had its up rise in price consolidated found support up rise again consolidated found support up rise again consolidated found support but for the first time uh prized correction no consolidation what there was consolidation no support found until previous support levels so to me that was basically saying whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa somebody was like Ripple relax like yeah we know you’re valuable but whoa you know what up a little too fast and that’s kind of what happened up here so it got stopped by the the parabolic run-up police and the police said hey buddy you gotta find some discipline so we hit a top here and as you can see we formed a clears head and shoulder there was a head and shoulder that was formed so this was predictable hand and shoulder left shoulder right shoulder head you can see here head shoulder head and shoulder right BAM left shoulder head right shoulder neckline uptrend breakout trend reversal exactly what happened here that’s the importance of the patterns so I think as ripple continues to move continues to move in this direction I could certainly you know see a breakout that possibly occurs being that now it’s turned into a pennant because support levels are increasing rather than staying stable or following a horizontal pattern or even going down or descending so somebody said oh I didn’t know you were from machinima that’s interesting that’s good anyone had a problem by coin you missed two super chests all right I got it no I don’t miss super tax trust me I have a whole screen here that shows me super jets I have all the super Jets here so I I just want to complete my thoughts because after these videos are posted people comment and say oh you know you’re interacting too much or you’re you’re jumping thoughts well sorry that’s my personality right huh thank you so much Sean keuner appreciate that our EQ and LRC we already have our EQ and we have LRC we took that one thanks for the podcast red market I always have fun watching you live what Fibonacci chart are you using this is called the Auto fib Johnny thank you so much for the super chat by the way this is called the auto fib so if you go to insert indicator and this is how it looks auto fit you can find under fundamentals so you can pretty much just search for that and it will show you exactly where to go for that so I’m actually gonna go ahead and actually disable that little dinging sound that we keep hearing every time there is a super chat because obviously I know a lot of you guys don’t like that and do apologize oh there you go disable perfect awesome that’s good to go so let’s go ahead and pull up our next request guys let’s take a look at some new buys let’s see if there’s any good coins to buy here in the market that’s what I’m looking for especially with the red market that we’re seeing we can actually even pull up here coin market cap and take a look real quick at total market here all together as a family Bradley Loveland said just want to say thank you thank you brother appreciate that man thank you brother uh sometimes it’s going up exponentially 100 percent sad em said yeah baby Rafael Blanco said LTC Dodge Doge is it Dodger doze or doggy which one is it dodge coin doggie coin dogecoin which one is it guys should we give away books whoever can say it right that that would be funny here Michael Gordon L assets thanks guys I’m gonna say thank you all to for helping Mike what do you think about DF s coin Thank You Tommy let me pull that up here put it in my list to do look at that whether it’s on the live stream or after the live stream we’ll have a chance to check that one out sometimes it all of the above alright let’s go ahead and finish these chart analysis and then we’ll start heading over to our Reuben above night owl after this so all Ruby patreon above we’re gonna be under the patron exclusive under a ruby plus night owl so make sure you connect your discord and your patreon together so get on our discord first and then connect your patreon to your discord and you guys can actually join in and then we’ll have a one on one communication that you can plug into your mic if you guys don’t have a micro you guys are introverts and want to listen in to all the wealth and uncensored cryptocurrency knowledge and information then you can always just not use a mic so yeah I’m excited I’m excited to talk about what years on was telling me yesterday you know we talked a lot about you know where the market cap is heading you know hitting a trillion dollars is gonna be a big feat for Bitcoin being the fact that number one a couple months ago we were like a hundred billion and now we’re at 746 billion a 7x increase that doesn’t just happen that’s a lot of money that’s a wealth transfer that’s occurring within the marketplace and we’re gonna talk about that at the Ruby night out tonight so for those of you rubies I look forward to seeing you guys there let’s finish these charts somebody said can you type in the night owl yes you can you can type in the night owl Rafael said he said my name again hey you didn’t talk about verge yet yeah that’s probably next right thank you Google guy appreciate the super chat brother really do good to have you guys are you even wearing pants I’m wearing pants all right I’m wearing pants come on you think I’m sitting here in my boxers ha ha that’s hilarious Hector Manero said YouTube famous ah good to have you guys good to have all of you guys in our new somebody said Ellen Rafael’s at lmao show feet come on you guys always everything you ever had that friend that always wants to go like a step further it’s like he just oh like or he or she they just want to always like do it a little bit more no matter what no matter what you can like you know you can do it to the extent like you can stab you know a cake ten times and stab it again you know what I’m saying uh-huh like it’s ridiculous scene said Nayeem new to your videos thank you man that’s good faded tips a nice one I am you all know those are pant boxers haha Sawyer said your shoes on time well you just got pranked brother cuz I ain’t got shoes I got sauna sandals on this is this is from a spa I actually walked out with it why does this training chart trigger my malware blocker probably because cryptic Richard going to the moon and John McAfee wants to take advantage of it so he enabled it as a blocking somebody’s that my girlfriend comes out when you’re talking about you wearing pants what the heck that’s a weird comment put some music on I can roll balls to what I don’t get that Randy what do you think of Neil gasp we’ll have to look at all these cool guys just as problems connecting patron to discord I just disrupt it in the step-by-step link didn’t work guess I did something wrong will help you guys I mean we’re never baby you’re gonna get in you know just message me on discord if you have any trouble with it and I’ll help you guys before we start the night out tonight somebody said McCafe only blocks if you don’t pay him to promote it huh do you trade for us I have traded Forex Andrew yes matter of fact one of my best friends or used to be best friends ever had a friend that used to be a best friend yeah that that type of person but they started a Forex company where they you know they teach with Forex and it really helped me influence what I wanted to create with this channel somebody said not naive its dou dou G Doge Doge just FYI Thank You bad wolf Claudio Bok 64 Thank You Claudio said any info on the new coins Konya and red pulse I’ve heard of red pulse I haven’t heard of Chania but I haven’t done my for our 4 to 6 hour I co research on it so takes me a little bit of a while to get through IC o—- research because I look at a lot of the different things but here’s what I can teach you I can teach you how to look in an IC o—- because here’s what my mentor Tommy said name you can either teach somebody you know you can either teach them or you know you can either help somebody eat by fishing for them but the problem is you have to always fish for them but if you teach somebody how to fish then they can fish for themselves and feed themselves for the rest of their life they both take the same amount of effort name however one results in something different so if you want to make an impact in someone’s life teach them how to fish don’t fish for them once they learn how to fish and they’ll teach other people how to fish and then you have more time to teach other people how to fish and by the time your life has you know ended you’ve already taught a lot of people how to fish for themselves and you’ve created an impact you’ve made an impact in the world rather than fishing for them fishing for them fishing for them fishing for them staying with one person because you keep having a fishing for that maybe you can fish for five people you can fish for twenty though and you only impact this many people versus impacting this many people Kris Gonzales says we go in fishing if you guys want you who wants to go fish who would go fishing with Nayeem we can do a why don’t we do an exclusive instead of a night night our one day we’ll do a night fishing with name you have to be a diamond and above patreon and we’ll go night fishing somebody says you don’t need a fish when you can shoot somebody says I love my fish she’s fishers cuz they’re so delicious oh I see what you did there throws let me guess that trash that trash your mentor what what do you I don’t even understand this way I said somebody said diamond and above you and you can fish for them fishing for good-looking turns I will buy a plane ticket to go fishing let’s do it Chris Mario said Deadliest Catch interesting all right guys somebody said a bag of swedish fish I’ve had a lot of swedish fish snick said what do you think about tron hype or nah we’ll talk about a good fishing in Canada yeah for those of you in Canada man should be a message let me know because I gotta go fishing out there with you guys you guys can catch some crazy bass out there I mean the Canada is full of it I love it let’s go ahead and uh knock out some charts guys let’s knock some charts out here somebody said what is the night owl for tonight all right before we knock the charts out if you’re a ruby it above that means you guys are either receiving my training why don’t we actually do this so we probably have a ton of new patreon so here just go ahead and give some quick shout outs here to our new patreon but we are having a Rueben above night owl so the night owl will be in this chat right over here to the left and you guys can plug in your microphone or just listen in if you’re an introvert and you don’t want to talk and then actually get a little bit of an aftertaste more dialogue type of discussion so shout out to Pat you’re now a gold member you’ll begin those trade alerts shout out to Jags you’re gold you’ll get trade alerts Joe EMU your just became a new emerald so you’ll have the access to the VIP chat and more charlie Diaz just became a new Ruby see tonight Dodd Hodges new Ruby Raphael new gold Ross flatly new gold you’ll be trade alerts shout out to those guys shout out to Wow Pat just became a new gold Jag’s once again Joey Nestor Jay Joey Muir just became the Emerald Quinton mandan just became a new ruby see you tonight brother let’s see what else we got tons of new golds guys awesome Anthony I’ll see you tonight Anthony knew Ruby what else we got any new rubies let’s see if we have any rubies Walter cut it all just became a new emerald see you tonight brother Terry Cunningham just became a new ruby good to have you man we’ll see you tonight Stephen just became a new ruby we’ll see you tonight brother Dave piss guy knew Ruby so you’ll be at the Nite Owl tonight Marco Sydney Ruby Joe Fred rich and Danny just became new sapphires so you guys if you’re a sapphire you actually get a recording of all of our night owls all of our podcast all of our private life calls all of our exclusive chats and you can actually play that on your phone through the patreon app so somebody said how do we become a ruby that’s all in the description so there’s a patreon link that you guys can actually click in the description and that will help you become a patreon and you can choose what you want I’ll actually post it on the chat for you guys that are asking because I want to start this technical analysis we have a lot of coins here that we want to cover and we’re trying to find what is the best buy right you know you see all this sell out but what should we buy so max Anderson I became a gold that can access patron announcements even though I linked my discord you will be able to just give discord a little bit of time and if it doesn’t work just message me and I will handle that for you so you know after the stream I’ll handle everything before we start the night out and sure all of you guys have the access to the chats and stuff that you guys want to access so let’s go ahead and look at our request log what do we have here so a couple different requests here let’s see what there is okay looks like we have or and me and then we have a couple more somebody said it ran out of sapphire and emeralds yeah sorry um I forgot to update I wasn’t update that so if you guys want you can actually alter that I went ahead and updated that so if you you can always upgrade that let me see here any BL so we’ll do nebula and then we’ll do verge for all the verge fans I know verge has been in the press it’s been everywhere Wraith just came out so with nebula or any BL whatever it is looking at the one hour you see here forming small pennant let’s zoom in here see what really is forming here definitely a pennant now the only issue is this is actually extending upon the wicks not the actual solid candle so I’m gonna actually change this because I don’t typically do the wicks I don’t know why that was like that’s probably because we were zoomed out see it when you’re zoomed out it’s different there so now look at that check that out guys it went from a pennant to not a pennant only because of one reason we zoomed in so that’s the importance of zooming in and out right at first we thought is a pennant but in reality it wasn’t because the prices never went that high was just the wicks and now we see an ascending channel forming instead this is a perfect day trading channel you can pull up the one-minute you could see back-and-forth movement you know exactly where prices are headed as soon as it hits it even see when prices were down here I would have bought why cuz clear support levels so as a day trader this shows a lot of you know it’s a confident chart and let’s look at the swing trading aspect though because that’s gonna be a little bit more important here being that we’re ascending still we’re finding the support I think we can continue to go up I mean this is just another bull fly just a little bit bigger and I think as this price starts to increase you can see here you’ll see the bull flag clearly like this right here so I think this is just forming a pretty big bull flag where it’s gonna pop right back up or a flag continuation however you want to call it and then we look at the three hour you can see the same exact thing so if you’re if you’ve already got it I’d say wouldn’t be bad to hold you can always set up your stop losses being at where that you’re at all-time highs and the price of the coin was five thousand four hundred a thief Satoshi’s now it’s 30 2002 Toshi’s so whoever was holding it back here really made some big gains and that’s why the gains always outlaw the losses and that’s why it’s such a beautiful market no matter what there’s the ability to make a lot of money so let’s go ahead and dive right into our next request here following any BL which is xvg I know we’re all dying to see Virge and it’s time to do it so what’s up with Virg right Wraith Protocol was released broke out of this pennant we actually sent out this trade alert on the patreon I know a lot of you guys asked about this you were like somebody asked in the chat they’re like how did you how do you predict this I don’t predict matter of fact I tell people I’m wrong more than I’m right but when you’re right you’re right you only need to be right you know I mentor taught me he said name you only need to be right a couple times to make a lot of money so if you guys are gold patrons these are the type of trade alerts you’ll get I don’t mind showing this one since it’s a past due but you’ll pretty much get a little description of why I’m looking at this you’ll get a small you know briefing on it and then you know typically we get comments and stuff that I’ll look through and respond to depending on what it’s a good question bad question and as you can see the pennant was for me at this point we were still around 1100 it looks like 1100 ocean where right now we’re 1463 do I think it’s going to continue to go up there’s nothing that can determine you know exactly what’s gonna happen but it looks like we’re forming another bull fly I mean let’s pull up the three-minute here and see a little bit of a closer view yes so it looks like now we’re finding some support at previous resistance levels that’s always a good sign because that shows stability with within the price range you can see Fibonacci starting to catch back up see it where the 50-day is compared to the prices you can see the 50-day is just now starting to get back to this level let me trace this and see how far out we are from 121 percent so we’re trying to get there the the support was found right around 50 percent of where the 50-day was so what I would say in this chart is you know for me person and a lot of you guys have let go over time still holding my Virg I just don’t see a reason to sell there just hasn’t been a reason for me to sell I don’t need to rebalance it I I’m in it for the long haul I mean the Rafe came out it’s a beautiful beautiful application of it and I think at the end of the day you just continue to watch this and see what price movements occur and at this point there really isn’t much signs of negative price movement it looks like it’s heading up obviously there’ll be more consolidation but we know where the support level is so we can always play against the support so hopefully that helps out just a bit let’s see here we did get some super chats here thank you ho scene Hossein Josh Naz Marc Esther said LSK please for sure more thank you brother for the super chat once again means a lot and let’s go ahead and look at X R P BTC once now that we’ve finished Virg let’s see what’s going on with ripple right so everybody’s worried about ripple what’s happening with ripple is ripple gonna make it is ripple gonna do good well let’s look at it so I think we’ve kind of already talked about it didn’t we already do ripple yeah we did Ripple it was forming the pennant and then didn’t we do ripple yeah getting narrower narrower may soon have too much pressure and breakout you see our size still low so ripples out of the way sorry about that we got eye on now let’s do I on BTC I think we have some VIP access requests too because we have some new VIPs garbage Paul kid hey snipers just became a patron get to have you Wally thank you so much brother you said any thoughts on tnt Tyron so we’ll look at TNT next and then they’re working with Microsoft an analysis of this corner to help so much hopefully it’s on trading of you any opinions from anyone here on ethos err swamp or wager not sure if you have time time over the next place can you look at dragon you’re a VIP band you haven’t requested anything today have you I sewers are important in my opinion okay awesome see reporter he already got yours you have far man but did we do it yet no we did it right I put cash up there for you brother look let’s go ahead and see what’s going on here so with ion oh I like this you find some clear support levels right here right around 17,000 186 Satoshi’s looks like we’re finding some resistance around 26,000 961 satoshis this wicks overextended this wicks overextended found congruent resistance levels around those levels looking at the actual candlesticks is go ahead and draw this out against the support and the resistance so this is the resistance let’s see how curved this is you can see there’s a minor curve there’s also a little bit here as well so we can even draw this out see if we can connect these points right so this is where support was found and you can see here on the right hand side as well what I’m trying to connect I’m trying to connect this with this so this could actually overextend and show you where the pattern is headed right so if you overextend this you can see here overextend this at this point BAM they connect so this is the connection point is it gonna follow this we’ll see so this is pretty much kind of this is the wedge that was forming here in the one hour now you look at it one day you can see it’s going right along that wedge so it looks like based on the one day you have these sharp spikes when I see this it for me shows a lot of price manipulation so to be quite frank with you I know we did this technical but I don’t like the fact that you randomly have these huge bye volumes just pop out of nowhere and then you don’t see much cell volume you did see a lot here we hit these highs and you see these are higher highs lower highs lower lows low low and then higher highs but still lower than these highs and you know looking at this chart I don’t know what to tell you I mean it’s just for me I think it’s kind of weird that you have these random impulses of by volume that typically means that somebody’s dumping a lot of money in this we don’t see much cell volume after these huge bye you know these these these Baibars that could be an indicator that they’re keeping their money within the market and they haven’t sold yet so in that manner thinking of it in that way that’s obviously a good thing they’re not selling and now I think volume is starting to pick up you can see here volume is starting to pick up this is starting to rise I don’t see why this couldn’t possibly jump back up to these levels right here so I’ll put a target here right around looks to be five five zero one two so 55,000 Satoshi’s right over here so we can jump back to these levels that could be definitely possible as you can see we found the bottom right around 10,000 satoshis so as we follow this I would say it’s pretty much at a low point right now it’s starting the seeds increase it’s starting to form wedges starting to get tighter and tighter and as this tightens up I can see the RSI is healthy at this point this could possibly break out if not we know where the support is so we can always play against those two indicators hopefully that helped out a little bit let’s do some guest interaction guys not enough interaction any more interaction here oh do we got somebody said how do you read satoshis good question so satoshis are the fractionalized part of the Bitcoin right so you’ve got one Bitcoin then you’ve got eight decimals those decimals are Satoshi so you have a dollar right within the dollar you have cents you can break down a dollar into cents satoshis are the cents of the dollar right it’s the sense of the Bitcoin and when you look at this chart here how do you determine satoshis on this right hand side zero point zero zero zero zero three zero zero zero zero zero so three zero zero zero zero that’s 30,000 Satoshi’s why do we use Satoshi charts that’s probably the next question we use Satoshi charts because we’re trading it’s Bitcoin what do you do when you buy your ion are you trading USD for iron are you trading you BTC for ion that’s why we used to toe she so hopefully that helped out been gråvik check sophie ax they partnered with General Electric interesting man now if these are I SEOs guys I get hundreds of requests so if something is getting popular I’ll do an ICO video but if not then I just don’t let’s do a couple shout outs guys you know show some love to our new patreon we are having to Ruby and above night out tonight if you guys know know what a ruby plus night hours it’s pretty much where we get into the deep stuff outside of the livestream we get into more depth on you know more of uncensored information and we do that on our discord so if you guys are not on our discord the link is in the description I also post it on the chat right now and you can see here on our discord we’re gonna be under ruby plus night owl we already have a big group of people here I’m sure we’re gonna get a lot of messages of other people that are gonna be here as well so I’ll see all of you guys here in the Ruby plus night owl section I will have our little chat and discussion here wow we get ton a new Emeril that’s awesome good somebody said how do we become Ruby it’s on the patreon so if you guys are on the patreon so first set up your discord and then you can go to patreon patreon and if you don’t know how to do it search it up it’s fairly easy if not message me I can send you some you know quick tutorial and we’ll figure that out but it’s a great platform I’ll also download the app if I were you because if you download the app you’ll get my trade alerts on your phone as soon as I post them and you want those quick because yesterday I posted the trade alert for Virg so if you were able to get on on that and you followed it properly it could have made some money there so Virg here we posted this yesterday you want this on your phone so download the phone app if you don’t have phone app just use an email address that you can set up with specific notifications to distinguish it from your other email so that you know all right this is a trade alert from Nayeem or this is a podcast or so forth so when you go to become a patreon though you have to be a Reuben above so any rubies and above can come tonight if you’re a gold or above you get the notifications so hopefully that helps those of you that are new but we need to get to these coins so let’s go ahead and look at those intangible coins right you guys heard that before those intangible points TNT so what’s happening with TNT we’re seeing this rounding curve and looking at the one hour we can see something that’s a little bit more detailed at this one hour you can see we’re finding some support levels right around 1575 satoshis and that’s right around this level here so I would draw this one out right over here and then we’re seeing some resistance right around it looks to be 27800 e7 satoshis 27,000 or 2800 Satoshi sorry and based on these satoshi levels anybody have a wireless mouse that runs out of battery this just ran out about it I mean guys I gotta use my trackpad now that’s fine but still these Mouse’s man they need to have you know they should have a regenerative battery while you’re using it there’s like a little wheel under it or maybe all the times they use a scroll wheel should regenerate its battery I don’t know maybe I’ll have to come up with an ICO for that right like everybody does ICO for everything I want to go to the grocery store that’s have a nice deal you know so uh let’s go ahead and uh look at this there’s an ascending pattern here and you can see it is obviously ascending support levels are increasing as the candlesticks increase somebody says what is late Lannie super chato BTC is already cleared by now interesting so why pay taxes somebody said why pay taxes tell us about Iran yay Bryan’s announced Michael’s in the house Hasan Michael tons of Michael’s here Sharif taxes here Brian good to have you Brian Brown Edward no JC’s here have yet Gandia good to have you Brian Brown again I see him on the chat mow is here Mario a good to have you Mario Dale in Wilson I like that Reverend is in the house Carlos Gonzales nem crypto surfer nice nice Julio’s here good to have you back Robby Sherman I had a teacher once he’s my history teacher called mr. Sherman Joshua Odom in the house to have you Joshua so let’s go ahead and uh look here guys what is forming here you can see we’ve got a couple different tops here that we’re coming up top here top here you can see this is really where it found resistance resistance around 2000 yeah two point seven thousand satoshis as we follow this pattern up here’s what I would be watching for are we in this pattern or are we in this pattern right so there’s two channels here there’s a potential ascending channel here which you can even draw out these top levels as it ascends or you’re looking at the channel that’s horizontal right so so far we’re following the top channel heading up if this continues the breakout acts just like a pennant the pressure builds right here we’re heading towards resistance are we gonna see see more resistance are we going to see support the only way we’ll see supporters if it breaks past the resistance so I would say once again like a lot of the coins we looked at today you can see extensive volume here guys on the one hour wow that with the coin like this you know I would continue to watch this ascending pattern have your stop losses set up it’s it’s ascending so you just never know what happens when things are ascending you can easily go back into this pattern here and you might see some consolidation so hopefully that assisted in some way shape or form we have tons of requests here let’s pull up on litecoin we do have LTC BTC and then we’ll you some other coins and then we’ll start heading over to our night owl and we’ll take all of the requests and this time I will set up a reminder of my phone to actually do those requests after the night owl and I’ll post it on the charts in the discord so I’ll take all of your super chat requests that we got because that is obviously important super chat charts alright and we’ll post that here tonight or tomorrow depending on when but regardless you’ll get it so you know that you’re comfortable with what trade you made so let’s go ahead and a pull up LTC here and then after this soon we’re gonna be heading over to night owl so if you guys want the after party here you guys want to get to the after party it’s gonna be on discord under ruby plus night owl you have to be a ruby or above and the ruby or above plus night I will be right here hey nineteen do you think I should exit my position X bar P you know what I I debated rebalancing my XRP position I ended up not I ended up continuing I’m still holding it and here’s a saying that we actually said yesterday in the room is last night out but does anybody know somebody that made did it make money holding we all know somebody that made money holding right but we don’t know anybody that did it make money holding so holding is never a bad thing I’d say that X Allison why um you know but for me personally with what ripple is acting like what it’s doing if you look at its chart its forming another pennant at this point obviously we saw that this drop and as soon as I saw this head and shoulder for my new it dropped I should have probably if I were to replay this I still make mistakes guys by the way I’m not perfect trader nobody is in my opinion but once again the community that’s here is not here for me it’s they’re here for the community you guys are all here for the collaborative intelligence or at least I’d hope you’d be here for that because that’s what’s really valuable here in the community and if you’re here for me too I appreciate that that means a lot shailen super chat thank you said can you look at the pendant for me on verge it looks like it’s about to break out again what do you think we just looked at verge but we’ll look it again is it too late to get into icx but he said a lousy Connick we’ll have to look at that chart so I see X and then we already looked at that so we’ll have to give me one say well look at I see X after this I know that’s in the title and then we’ll have to look at Stratus and then litecoin and so forth so yeah it’s getting more note more and more narrow it’s getting a little bit tighter and as things get tighter more pressure builds potential break out so let’s go ahead and I’ll pull up I see X actually before we do LTC because this is actually in the title the video we don’t want to obviously look at everything in the title you can see here ascending pattern once again the reason I chose icx is because we did see some breakouts here you see these uh these higher highs now looking at past levels it seems to be the all-time high on this chart and the reason I chose this is because we are consolidating with the total market but you see there are a few exceptions now if you guys think this is a bad market you have no idea who here has experienced a lot worse of a market than this say I if you guys have experienced a lot more of a red bloody market and then say ah any of you guys remember when the market was all like negative 20 30 % it was like like a couple weeks ago I remember that I’ve been through a lot of these I’ve been through this I know what this is I’ve seen this before I know how to handle this look at this I Brian Brown said I Tony bud said I Andrew said I mo said I Herbies Lopez said I Carl Haney said I Nate pitcher when anticipating a breakout where do you set up a stoploss for herself I typically calculate my profit levels Nate and then once I calculate that I’ll determine whether or not I want to you know sell at that price point if it’s a swing trade if it’s a day trade it all depends sometimes I look at previous resistance if it’s not an all-time high xavier de ganar Gandhi I said I Ronald said I shark Joshua Odom everybody look at that everybody’s seen worse or market so let somebody say hey I sent a super chat JP yes I see that brother where’s your super Chan let me see here JP JP JP yes I see it thoughts on a PPC thank you so much j-money j-money Pogo appreciate that today did I put that in there no I did it Thank You Man and we may not go through all the super chats once again it’s number one it’s first-come first-served but number two we mean these live streams can go on for hours and hours if we do that but I’ll post all the charts on the discord under chart so if we don’t get through your super chat go down here I’ll post this sometime either today or tomorrow depending on what happens you know sometimes it’s better if I posted tomorrow right but we go to charts here and I’ll post it right here if you guys even go here you can see all these other charts all this potential breakups these are all posted today by the way like these this one was at 11:39 right now is 142 this was a couple hours ago break out you can see people 141 a.m. was the last chat to 142 a.m. it was a minute ago but anyways let’s go ahead and a pop right back into I see X so let’s pull up a little bit more of a closer chart here I want to look at a little bit more of the technicals here it looks like we see this huge almost vertical run-up here just touching these all-time highs I wouldn’t buy at this level I don’t see any support it’s obviously ascending but it sent a high price with icx somebody I think asked about should I still buy I see X I would say at this price level I mean I’m not personally gonna buy at this price level because for me this is a little bit too high being that this is all-time high there’s no support there’s no sort of pattern forming to even indicate support you can see here we’re still along this channel you could always date trade this channel make a ton of money because you know exactly where it’s bouncing off of but other than that I would say you know if you already have it then at this point if you want to take profits you have that ability to do so so let’s go ahead and finish up some more requests here I know we had Strad this let’s look at strat its Stratus Bitcoin strapped sorry strapped BTC and let’s go to the one our first so came out of that now you can see same same thing with icx and strap you know I think these price levels are a little bit high obviously the RSI is high that’s on the one-hour let’s look at the one day where RSI is might not be as high but it’s still pretty high yeah look at that touching so even at these price levels I would say not necessarily the best idea you can see here there’s another pattern that was formed so we’re breaking out of that matter of fact we’re breaking out of that pretty hard which is good and these support levels so as long as we can continue to break out of this negative trend that was forming since it looks to be around September Jewish then I think there could be a positive outlook for a coin like this you know these positive gains were extremely parabolic looks like we corrected right under the 50-day now we’re heading a little bit away from the 50-day at this point I wouldn’t feel comfortable buying just because I don’t know what’s gonna happen here nobody knows but I just know I didn’t buy it the best level I could so it’s like going to the store right you see uh you see the bread there or the milk for two dollars fifty cents and then next day you go it’s $3.99 you’re like what the heck it was two dollars fifty cents other day I’m not gonna buy this milk same exact concept here so was that a good concept that makes sense who here likes to buy the milk at 250 who-who who here would like to buy the milk at 399 post it right now 250 or 399 whould you rather buy the milk for that said could you do a quick discussion on ripple and some recent updates from them if you know of any I think with ripple they’ve just partnered up with new Korean they actually just partnered up the two of the largest South Korean banks not only that obviously most of the banks if you guys noticed are using the ripple net over 200 banks are part of the ripple and in Japan over seventy percent of transactions touch the ripple net within financial tuitions there somebody said 399 everybody wants to buy the 399 499 I guess you like premium milk thin so you guys must shop at Whole Foods at Bradley Loveland said to fitty Joseph Nye Jensen convenience whatever’s convenient so Federico said soymilk Jonathan said I love me some milk poker Jeff said depends on the milk Juliet said damn milk is like five dollars here oh man that is hilarious somebody said ten dollars minimum you guys want expensive stuff that is it might as well just I’m gonna start getting a ton of like 399 super chats that’s not going to be fun that’s not going to be fun when I’m with my accountant Bryan Brown said ETH tower ET wait what yeah e th e theory of chart we have a lot of other requests we have to take right now buy milk for $1 get extra and crypto shaolin said missed my super check can you look at the pendant forming on verge and it looks like he’s about to break out again what do you think yeah we already looked at that ah let me show you so we actually shout what the me I want to pronounce this right apologize if it’s wrong Shaolin stacker yes so the pennant is a little bit old news you know not to burst your bubble but if you are actually on our live stream last night or if you are a patreon receiving those VIP alerts and you guys go to the trade alerts which I’ll show you exactly where to access that for those of you our patrons and you get my train alerts link is in the description go down to portfolios here under posts or I’m sorry trade alerts the portfolios if you guys want to see my portfolios you can click the portfolios and that’s for gold and above as well but you go to trade alerts here and yeah this was old news shailen so you know the pennant was already formed last night this was posted at 1:30 1:23 a.m. and then when you look at what’s happened right now with XRP what I’ll tell you is this it’s it’s still I’m sorry x VG x VG BTC you can see it’s still within the pennant buds broke out of that here’s what I’ll tell you about verge though this is something I haven’t mentioned yet but here’s what I’m watching for I have a virgin obviously I don’t want to lose money I also don’t want to be a little bit too you know greedy with my trade so we broke out a pennant already there really isn’t at this point I mean if you over stretches you can even call this another pennant but you look at it like that you can see but now it’s starting to really gain a little bit more of that mentum which will eventually turn this into more of a channel than a pennant and that’s kind of what you’re looking for you’re looking for this to break out two levels that it hasn’t really seen before but now we’re finding resistance right around 1698 satoshis do I believe that’s gonna continue um who knows right I think over time verge will start to form out a different pattern even right now you can see we have almost like this rounding area here with the pattern in the chart so as soon as this breaks out I’m gonna be watching these two resistance levels there’s one up here there’s one right here which is an all-time high if it can break past these two resistance levels we certainly can see this going up if it starts to find resistance it’s probably gonna head back down to these support levels around 823 Satoshi’s at that point I’ll have my stop-loss is set up but once again if you’re a long-term then you don’t need your stop losses you just continue to hold now obviously if you see it just completely dropping at that point you’re too late to sell so you never want to sell on the red you want to buy in the red and sell on the green so that’s actually what we’re gonna talk about at the night owl tonight and this is a perfect transition I know we just got two super chats and I thank you all we just can’t do everything but Thank You Xavier Gandia what’s your what do you think of lend opening trade on oke change price prediction I think anytime something opens up into a Korean exchange you have to look at the fundamentals like I would have to look more into what what is lend sho like if you guys want to know how to answer this question for yourself go to et8 you go to the corner market cap look here at the markets right it’s now gonna come on a Korean exchange it hasn’t came on the Korean exchange before yeah I would think this coin could see an increase absolutely yeah cuz here’s the thing so for Bitcoin cash when Bitcoin cash gone coinbase we didn’t see much of an increase in price matter of fact it ended up consolidating there’s a reason for that because if somebody really wanted Bitcoin cash they can go get it but in this case nobody in Korea can get this coin which is ranked 102 heading towards the top 100 so once it’s listed on a Korean exchange that could be a potential for more demand which increases price so in this case I can certainly see that happier Trevor lamb thank you so much for the super chat brother said loving this community could you please explain how to set up stop losses to avoid market manipulation I set up a stop loss and a random deep price drop trips my stop the motor seems like manip I agree uh it is it’s called a hoax that’s what I call it it’s a stop block soaps and that what he means is you see these wicks that overextend and these wicks that overextend they end up straightening their stop losses how do you prevent that you really can’t you don’t know who’s in a minute letter house how far it’s going to manipulate but you can always set up your stop losses at reasonable levels so sorry you know there’s no easy answer that because it’s something you can’t really I mean what are you gonna do like prevent your stop-loss from going through you can’t and you still want to manage your risk so I say here’s something I do I like to set up alerts before I set up my stop-loss so even right now if I were let’s say I wanted to stop loss this and I wanted to do it this was it under this resistance level because it might go down here but find support fingers I’m just resistant will probably go down to these resistance so I’ll set up a stop loss here right click this and add an alert and then instead of having a scepter stop-loss I’ll add an alert and then I’ll watch it and then trade it myself so hopefully that helps out you guys the trading view and link is in description but thank you for the superset Trevor Giovanni what’s your thoughts on Excel M we were actually doing that on our live training I have excel m in my portfolio right now but I will tell you this I I love the fact that Excel M right now I’ll show you right now actually we pull up the coin market cap we can see here with total market cap especially for xlm out of all the other coins you know it some people think it’s gonna follow ripple because it’s a fork off of ripple and if you guys don’t know this is the fork off of ripple so the founder and CEO of ripple started ripple and then he left ripple handed it over to the CEO of AOL and created his own after the fork and that turned into stellar now with stellar obviously if we pull up the chart we can get into the technical but I’ll definitely post that up in our next our next chat Claudie said man wow we got tons of super chests all right let me let me get my mouse from the charger we’ll have to go through this let’s do it let’s do it I can I can withstand I can go hold my mentor said name you have to preserve ear anytime you feel resistance because right past the resistance is a breakthrough so let’s go ahead and pull up xlm cuz I do have excellent we saw a breakup we saw a small breakout looking at Fibonacci retracement we’re at these high levels of course looks like we found some support right around 100 and well this is a beat this is a USD chart get out of there there you go they found support right around three thousand six hundred fifty-two Satoshi’s he was pennant that was forming you can even say the pennant was forming since this area you can even just draw this out like that and then draw out the pennant from this angle so it looks like prices are obviously starting to get tighter and tighter so there could be a potential break out here sorry yeah I this is a potential break out guys you know it was forming the descending triangle here and then it ended up coming out of that you can see here it was forming that triangle you can see it was descending and then right there and then that broke out and now we’re seeing these different price levels so in this case being that we see this form and it’s getting more and more narrow there can potentially be a breakout what I like about this is we’re still near support levels too so if somebody were to buy right now would it be too bad I’ve already made my purchase at the support level as we saw it consolidate but if this doesn’t go back to the support level and continues to follow this wedge I would say allow this to break and see what happens because we could all easily go back to these levels and what I like about this chart is we didn’t see strong resistance so it’s not like it it popped up and created we didn’t there was no head right it just it kind of found a little bit let me go back down so based upon that let’s check where the 50 days in comparison oh yeah we’re far from the 50 day that’s the one issue here but you know here’s what I want to do now I want to end this uh this part of the livestream once again after this livestream we’re all gonna be in our discord if you guys don’t know we have this discord people are already here you can even join in people are probably talking we’re gonna get into our Ruby plus night owl and we’re actually gonna I’m gonna answer some of your questions you guys can plug in your mic ask questions for those of you that just get on our discord but aren’t Ruby’s you guys can always go to day trading I won’t be there but people are always talking there and you guys can get tons of knowledge you know this is really where you start gaining a perspective and understanding things and will give away another book before the end of this livestream as well so we’ll give away another book in just a second but yeah we’ll all be under the Ruby plus night owl tonight so we’re gonna be talking about some things that I chatted with my friend is on about he actually just had an IC o—- called the Jibril network arose over raised over ten million dollars not the best but did well for himself he didn’t need much more than that for his project he’s trying to take traditional assets and commodities and bring them on the blockchain and we can get into that another time but I also want to talk about a little bit of my you know my strategy with the market that we’re seeing right now here’s what I’ll tell you though be careful with these price levels guys you know I know I talk a lot about breakouts right we over the past couple of days we do these live streams every single day right and we talked about a lot of breakouts but what I want you guys to know is this and this is sincerely coming from my heart and I want you guys to understand that greed could really hurt someone and grieve could really you know it says it in you know in in in writings that have been around for hundreds of years that greed is you know it it could ruin a lot of things for you and you know when I started in the market and I was in traditional markets and I had a hundred dollars I got greedy and you know I I would make a hundred double my money and then lose the hundred and go back to square one and you know the whole months of work went to nothing I got frustrated I found a mentor I found somebody to coach me I started learning started with a cup and handle started with a head and shoulder once I learned those two patterns I got into more of you know the actual technical understandings of why the patterns do what they do why the indicators what the indicators indicate what all that stuff which I teach you guys on a date step by step basis you know sooner or later we’re gonna update our whole resource here so so far we have these ten I think people are getting really good at these charts on our discord but eventually you guys are gonna want more you know more definitions more in-depth knowledge and we’re gonna have a place for that so we’re working on that right now but what I’ll tell you guys is you know finding that mentor really changed everything for me and understanding the patterns really enabled me to do what I you know what I was able to do in the traditional markets heading into for I was heading into other markets and now it’s become a love for me so anyways um I know Claudia Claudia Claudia said SNT let’s look at SN T really quick bodies my man was it awesome he’s been with us for uh since to viewers so status ranked number 34 over a billion dollar market cap at 1.5 billion looks like it’s starting to form some support these levels man so many pennants at first there was a ton of head and shoulders and now we see all these other patterns that form here an ascending pattern here yeah once again it’s getting tighter man we’re seeing a lot of this today guys and that’s fine you know that’s a good thing I like it I’d rather see this then I’d rather see this in a consolidation cuz this is good this is it allows you know what this does it allows the 50-day to catch up with the candlesticks and you want that because the 50-day axis support you know it even allows the EMA to catch up to so I like what we’re seeing here guys you know Claudia once again this is probably the same chart that we’ve been looking at all day all night today so very similar to all these other charts like Tron right just like Tron look you pull up Tron just like that you know it’s it’s forming that level it’s a little skewed here but if you look at the one hour you can see same exact thing so I would say let it get narrow set up your stop losses properly because it breaks support there can be some bad stuff or set up your alerts here and then allow yourself to ride this wave to see is the pricing to go up but that’s kind of where that goes Valerie here too so I wanted to mention this one so it looks like based on the technical let me see what we’ve got here we’ve got some clear support levels here right around 315 Satoshi’s we’ve got some resistance right around 411 Satoshi’s looks like came out of this run up um let me pull up one day here I wanna get a better look at this chart okay yeah so this was the one that was curving around here’s what I like this is what I don’t like um there’s there’s gonna be a couple different things that might happen here so you can see here there was a previous resistance here right around looks to be 480 Satoshi’s I know it’s a little bit far back but you can see here we’re also finding resistance at this same time period and numbers don’t lie guys so in this position I would be a little bit cautious and I say that because of this this hit resistance but the RSI was 49 this hit resistance and the RSI was 81 at the same resistance level so that typically means it might need to have a little bit more time at these price levels for this 50-day to catch up to it so if it breaks past this resistance once again you have this little line up here this could potentially show a potential breakout and if that’s the case I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes back to this other previous resistance around 631 so watch if it breaks that so guys we’re all gonna be heading out to our night owl tonight this is for Ruby and above patreon so if you guys are in the patron exclusive but we’re gonna head out there you guys have asked me questions you can plug in your mic you can get the uncensored information here this is a live occurrence every single night guys for the most part we do these live streams we have a video in the daytime that isn’t as long it’s a more condensed version we also will accept some of your guys’s videos if you guys want to post content and go to the opportunity tab look here if you guys want to post your videos on our channel you’re more than welcome to now once again tonight’s night owl will be Ruby and above I think we have over 200 rupees now 131 rubies have 48 sapphires so we got tons of you guys can’t wait to see you somebody said how do we become a ruby so to become a ruby you have to become a patreon Ruby so in the link in the description you can find it I’ll actually post it in the chat right now it’s called our patreon you can go in there and sign up to get the Ruby status and you’ll also be getting my trade alerts if you just want the trade alerts that’s only for gold you don’t need Ruby but if you want to be there tonight that’s what you want to do so other than that guys thank you so much I’m gonna be heading over for the giveaway for the book the question is this my mentor taught me something and I said it earlier today right so my mentor said name and I said this in the past the best predictor of the future is what and the fourth person that says it wins the book Eric Mora said love the livestreams name thanks bro thank you Eric appreciate that man Allah Abu II said you sure not gonna analyze my coin I listen I can’t do every coin guys um if you don’t mind a lot you know if if you can go on our discord we’re gonna post the coin all of you that posted super check coins today and having gotten them taken we have this list of coins so you see all these coins these all need to be done I can’t do them all in the livestream unfortunately if you guys really want that type of access then you’re more than welcome to become a VIP and get the access through here even our VIP couldn’t get his coin done today dragon but we’ll do it so we’re gonna post that on the charts here so this will be posted on under charts under crypto go to charts I’m gonna post all these charts here fairly soon I already got the notification on my phone so nothing personal it’s just we can’t take every single request guys and to be honest with you the request isn’t gonna be as quality driven because my head gets a little bit a little bit fuzzy when I’ve done 50 different charts so we’ve been on for an hour and 45 minutes so sorry about that but I hope that’s okay with you mr. Abu Sania and for all of you else and then let’s go ahead and pick our giveaway winner here so the answer was the past and let’s see here who won somebody said greed fundamentals fish nobody said it here nobody said it here you’re gonna comment on LTC you pulled it up and never commented Danny Robinson yeah will do LTC uh will have to do LTC that’s in the that’s in my list both free greets I’d love you more thank you man so here’s number one hand Olie one two resourced three Allah and then Lance s you are the winner send me a message on discord and we’ll verify your account and get you your book we’re all gonna be heading over to the night owl if you guys want to ask specific questions you can get on there this is gonna be more of cryptocurrency talk not necessarily charts obviously this is where really really get into the the down-and-dirty we ask any sort of you know we answer your questions but more importantly we have a great discussion so it’s gonna be under ruby plus nine of yes can’t get in here and you’ve already become a patreon find out how to connect your patreon to discord or message me and I can send you how you have to connect your patron to your discord there’s a setting there you can do it and other than that guys thank you so much for watching this I don’t think missing anything at this point how about this guy’s we have a thousand viewers could you guys do us a favor and help this video get exposure like the video let’s all like the video together if you guys want more price prediction videos let’s do it somebody said why switch it up to the fourth person this time huh oh because I don’t know why not but anyways somebody said a time-waster well you don’t got to be here brother have a nice one the answers data good to have you all right Jalen gomez in the house Michael Penix is in the house Jason sure Danielle is here now IRA said like the video awesome guys thank you so much for watching take care guys and like always snipers out [Music]

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