Price Predictions: Tron ($TRX), EOS ($EOS), Litecoin ($LTC), Stellar ($XLM), NEO ($NEO), & More!

on what’s going on snipers Nighy Mela baby here I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today sorry for that double repeat this is gonna be an hour-long video I know if you’re watching this after it’s published it’s a long video I’m gonna do a couple coins in the beginning just to satisfy those of you watching this after it’s published so please don’t complain I know it’s a little bit long but we’re gonna be looking at price predictions today at all coins and seeing whether or not any of these all coins are gonna act as a hedge against Bitcoin as this market starts to correct itself so let’s go ahead and dive right into it so currently we’re looking at the Tron chart here this is a chart that a lot of people have asked about we have four different indicators open up the RSI the volume the EMA and the three moving averages this is our trading view chart the link is in the description below it’s a free resource you can right-click and click insert indicator and then just pause the video here these are the indicators I have open right now for your chart to look just like mine and looking at Tron’s graph right now you can see it’s a little bit different than Bitcoin we correct it off of this 50-day moving average represented here in red and if you pull up the BTC USD chart it’s a little bit different you could see prices are headed down this was a little bit of what we were talking about today in our patreon Ruby night owl’ tonight in our announcements by the way tonight we’re gonna have a night out if you guys are not on our discord I highly recommend all of you guys to get on discord the link is in the description below it’s another resource available this is probably more important than trading me because you guys can actually go in here talk amongst yourselves and interact and then actually look at different charts that some of our analysts are posting so the link is in the description for that we’re gonna be having our night owl tonight under the voice to channel just to give you guys a quick heads-up but looking at this chart here if we pull up TRX BTC once again looking at the satoshi value here you can see satoshi value is starting to go horizontal in this channel starting to form with a support level of 607 Satoshi’s as you can see here and then we have a resistance level of around 736 Satoshi’s if we were to zoom this in a little bit in the one hour by the way just so you guys know we bounced off of this 50-day moving average that to me was a good sign that Tron has had some support around this level in the past you can see here this is really where the run-up started and we saw this parabolic area here where this right here was pretty much the volume that’s gone right now you don’t see this anymore we’re back below that level oh my gosh I’m not even touching the mouse look it’s just going whoa okay there you go so you can see below this level is really where prices are at right now so pulling up this one hour or there’s two hour first let’s go ahead and see a little bit more in depth of what’s happening here so this is really where that resistance is forming this is really where that support is forming right now and you can see what’s wrong it’s interesting to see that prices are going this way right now if you’re holding tron doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing because the toshi value is starting to stabilize a little bit and getting a little bit tighter you can see it’s starting to squeeze just the bit prices are getting more and more narrow but what my prediction is instead of looking at this chart it’s gonna be really important to look at this Bitcoin USD chart because as this price continues to drop if you’re holding Tron and Tron Satoshi values staying consistent that means trance u.s. devaluation or US dollar valuation is most likely droppin so let’s pull up the you Tron US dollar valuation as you can see TRX USD it’s not even a pairing Wow that is interesting let’s pull up XRP USD so you can see XRP USD dropping in value and then if you pull up the x RP BTC probably looks a little bit like Tron right look at that Tron a little bit less of that negative curve that’s forming there so pull up the Tron chart once again just to bring us back to square one here you can see we’re forming this channel the support and resistance line in my opinion it’s gonna be hard for Tron to start seeing some upside potential as Bitcoin starts to correct itself you’re seeing bitcoins starting to drop below that 10,000 dollar range once we drop below that if you guys watched our prediction prior about where bitcoin is headed towards that 200 a moving average or that satoshi value you guys know that bitcoin could possibly head down all the way up to that eighty six hundred dollar range as you guys know with Bitcoin USD this is the BTC USD valuation char and if you look here the real support let’s clear this chart up really quick guys sorry everything is a little noisy today there you go so you can see here this correction could certainly be a freefall right now being that there’s no true indicator of support at this point and we can certainly go all the way back down to these lower Fibonacci levels here of around 80 to 83 hundred dollars and if that does occur that would most likely be the best buying opportunity for Bitcoin in my opinion as you want to once again if you’re writing notes down buying the red selling the green so let’s look at our next coin here let’s pull up POS BTC see a little bit of what’s happening here this is a little bit of a different situation you can see we broke out of this cup and handle if you guys know what a cup and handle is it’s on our discord you guys are all aware of this if you go under trading 101 if you’re not then I’d love to see you on our discord the link is in the description but you go to our cup and handle here and you see exactly what that what happens here with that run-up and then if you see that cup forms that little consolidation here where you see that peak trough peaked row and then BAM breakout right there somebody said trough name I’ve comments really guess it’s trough not true I’m sorry but if you guys can see there’s that run up that cup based forms that handle forms and then we saw that breakout now so it’s interesting that US is acting upon Bitcoin in the manner that is so because of the fact that it did form this pattern number one and number two we are on that positive upside if you pull up coin marquee cap you can also see us is pretty much the one that has the least amount of impact right now in the market you can see here iOS 11% while most of them are at that 1414 17% level and it was interesting if you actually pull up this one this actually might be a better chart to see here put this chart here you can see EOS here 8% up over the past seven days while everything else is negative in the double digits so this is really what I meant to show now US is starting to see a little bit of impact over the past 24 hours it’s really seen that double-digit negative growth and I think that’s just in part of the fact that it’s gonna be hard to keep up with this Bitcoin downside that’s occurring right now with bitcoins sloping price levels going down and down and down so it’s definitely not gonna be a good thing so with iOS right now I think it’s broken out of this pattern is it gonna see more upside I think if so it’s gonna be very predictable because you can definitely watch it between this resistance where we saw previous to resistance right around 160 thousand three hundred and twenty satoshis and then you can see that support right around where it’s at right now at 120 2670 Satoshi’s because that’s really where that cup and handle broke out from that handle it just wasn’t the type of breakout you would expect with a typical cup and handle so let’s move on to the next coin here on the list let’s go ahead and pull up LTC BTC this is one that a lot of people have talked about over the past couple of days so pull it off this chart you can see we’re right around that 50-day moving average which gives me a little bit more of a good feeling inside and that we’re next to that 50-day moving average compared to a coin like ETH BTC where we’re far and away from that 50-day moving average if you actually pull the ruler here you can see we’re thirty four point seven eight percent while you pull up LTC BTC we are roughly five percent away so is else you see a good trade right now for me it is it’s a position that I’m gonna put in mine as we start to see this Bitcoin correction starting to reverse as you guys know most of my assets are liquidated into US dollar currency being the fact that we broke through that 50-day moving average to me I don’t want to make a dumb decision and just huddle throughout that huge correction where I could have gotten better prices which I am so I’m very glad I made that decision now at this point that I purchased back into a minority position in Bitcoin around eleven thousand three hundred where the 100 day moving average was I don’t plan to sell that that’s the part that I plan a hot o because at this point my full focus is on buying back in to the market not selling into the market because once again buying the red selling the green that’s are saying here on snipers too so looking at litecoins chart I like that we’re near the 50-day moving average I like the RSI is pretty healthy they’re right around 48 I like that the fact that litecoin has seen this spurgeon volume and now you can see volume overall has increased I like that light-cone is starting to see a little bit more attention I like the fact that litecoin is being able to stabilize its satoshi value while bitcoins downside occurs and in conclusion I like like pointer so looking here you can see here with the support levels we’re currently finding support right around I’d say about uh well I would actually draw it out a little bit different let me pull up the two hour chart really could get a little bit of a closer perspective here just to get a little bit of a deeper view yeah that is probably a lot better for me this right here would be my support line you can see we found some previous support here around January 7th and it’s continuing that support even around January 21st and that’s right around the 1 million 620 1396 the Toshi level looking at resistance you can see we’re seeing some clear resistance right around the 1 million seven hundred and twenty five thousand seven hundred and twenty five thousand seven hundred and sixty-five satoshi level right up here this is rid the channel that I’d be watching right now for litecoin yeah we have these sporadic up-and-down areas where the prices seem to verge away from that support and resistance line but I think it’s partly due because of bitcoins extreme volatility right now you can see here this was a little bit of a negative trend that occurred it’s a little bit abnormal compared to this actual channel that’s forming here so as this continues to go through it’s almost like a paintball gun right you have the barrel and that barrows in and continue to flow itself until pressure builds and that pops so it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens here with litecoin in my opinion a very bullish on light corn over the next couple of weeks so we’ll definitely have to continue watching a coin like this let’s go in and look at our live stream here let’s take some questions take some Q & A here who do we got on live right now it’s a 12 12 a.m. Pacific Standard Time and I don’t know what that is in Eastern Standard Time doesn’t matter anymore does it we’re uh we’re following Santa Monica California time now let’s see how you got here somebody said do you think bread will rise well if you put it in the oven it will definitely rise sound Oh Francis somebody said BT CBT cvpcb DC mark s-sir levy I said hi sniper Dane Maas good evening effects just and hey wealthy creations I like that Muhammad Tahir good to have you Mohamed Omid is in the house Wow a lot of nice names nick is in the house Heather B hey Heather good to meet you Devon says Sechler sounds like seltzer water mark Dom is in the house the tiller man the Kobe gold alright guys why don’t we pick names brain let’s do a 5-minute pick 9 image brain why don’t we do this Steve t said this stream time is perfect for me I hope a lot more people could say that Xavier Mike house said neo every time somebody says neo I think matrix somebody said I appreciate your technical analysis Thank You poker chump props brother let’s see here controller gaming said hey I used to actually have a custom controller when I used to work with machinima and I did I had a partnership Maria is in the house what do you think of TRX my Habibi if you guys know what Habibi means my love in Arabic what do you think of TRX I think we just looked at TRX Daniel good to have you Casey’s in the house Dan Austin said vibe fahan said elixir why don’t we pick my brain for knowledge somebody said hey man I love your discord thank you for all your knowledge love from the Netherlands man standard I appreciate our you gonna show me love if I come out there so he said do you think LTC will drop if Lightning Network is released zantron no I don’t think so bitcoin is definitely gonna find upgrades over the future on top of its current protocol a lot like how aetherium has their aid and networks it’ll be a little bit of a different approach with Bitcoin cuz it was never built to have that set in place already however in my opinion enlightening network will definitely enhance Bitcoin in a lot of different ways but like coin I’m sorry Bitcoin litecoin plays a whole different role in the market I mean like coin is some Bitcoin I we were talking about this in the Ruby and above today the live call like coin is a coin I’ve been familiar with for a very long time and it’s a coin that has seen a very successful amount of adoption over time because it’s been around for so long and that’s the one thing like coin has on its belt it’s time Mark Esther said name come to Australia will show you love I’ll come out there mark that sounds awesome man we’ll go to Sydney will visit the amphitheatre we’ll do all of it man somebody said you aren’t in sync man am I just moving too fast maybe I’m moving too fast and my computer is in a sync how about that somebody said is BTC going up or down now it’s going down most likely around 80 600 level and how specific and articulate you are thank you what do you mean your coins are liquid into USD I have a portion of my coins right now liquidated guys I did liquidate I I was out of profit I said I’m gonna take my profits why not right now it doesn’t mean I have no alt coins I’m holding on to certain alt coins with my initial investment being that I took my profits and most of my profits were double if not triple what my initial investment or it was however when we see this type of market correction I like to I like to um what is it called I like to holistically take a certain approach against this market because I don’t know about you guys but think about this if you have a ton of different points and you want to make a move it’s kind of hard to to really make a move when you have everything you know scattered around right so for me personally I want to obtain a strong Bitcoin position because if you guys look at the total market capital right now and then pull up that market dominance for a Bitcoin this will really talk to you guys a lot this will speak to you if you guys have been in this market when you see the market dominance this low it leads you to assume that market dominance may start to see a little bit of a recovery right and I’m talking about Bitcoin this part of this orange market area here now what does that mean for all coins it doesn’t mean all coins are gonna go down I believe all coins will have a great time in 2018 I believe that bitcoins total market capitalization will be around the 25% range overall by the end of 2018 but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna go from 34% right away to 25% once again what happens anytime you see these Corrections look this recovery even occurred here when we recovered here in June we went all the way from June all the way to December going up in value once reaching 65% then drop down again so my expectation is once again even these have their own support levels you can even see here look there was a support level here you see this in this area here this area in this area here it dropped down that’s support so hopefully that enlightens some of you guys how long do you think the correction will continue Randall Green I have a prediction for BTC USD right now my prediction is you guys want to know our prediction I’ll tell you my prediction so I have a couple reasons why let me do a beginners tutorial here so if we have 672 viewers on here right now I want to see at least 600 of you guys at our night owl tonight I don’t listen we used to make only the Rubies attendees nothing we don’t make it sorry that was completely off sync we used to only allow rubies and above’s these are actual members contrary to our community to come into these night owls and ask me listen in listen to the questions being asked listen to the community listen to the admin the team the analyst but this is open for all of you guys tonight if you guys go on our discord we’re gonna be under voice to not voice 1 we’re gonna be under voice to where everybody isn’t at I like to observe the masses and do the opposite so we’re all gonna be here in voice 2 you guys can come in and you guys can chat with me you can chat with the team you can chat with everyone in the community and actually get some more uncensored information rather than just monologue one-way communication you guys can dialogue with me and the team and have a very productive conversation about crypto so I want to see you guys there tonight but I’m gonna show you guys from Step a to step Z Y my prediction of Bitcoin is the way it is because I think this is gonna be very useful for a lot of you guys so we’re opening up or trading view chart this is our trading view chart any of you guys can open this up on a new tab that’s a free resource the link is in the description once again we’re gonna pull up four indicators here the volume the three moving averages the relative strength index the moving average exponential actually one more the autofit we’re just not gonna use the EMA that’s why I said 4 but I’d like to have my EMA open so once you open those up you can always rewind this video screenshot that so you guys know exactly which indicators are watching the are size down here the volume is here the fibonacci is this background with the red blue green blue green red and then you’ve got the EMA back here it’s this line that sticks close to the candles and then you’ve got the moving averages which I will also highlight a little bit more for us as we’re gonna be using this quite a bit here with the analysis that I currently have for a Bitcoin why I predict what’s gonna happen is gonna happen so these are the moving averages so the red is the 50 this is the 100 this is the 200 moving average is the average price overall based upon the amount of input you’ve set for that moving average so for example if you guys want to do a 150 day moving average you can certainly do so by just typing in 150 days and that changes that moving average so just so you guys know and that’s how these moving averages are set in place now the 50 100 200 day moving average are historically important moving averages as you guys can see you could have predicted Tron’s bounce if you guys would have used that 50-day moving average you would have known exactly where toronto is gonna bounce up and start seeing that correct that would have been a huge profit there he would have been able to bite on at 462 Satoshi’s knowing that it was gonna bounce up and then maybe even sell it as a 685 Satoshi’s it’s almost a 35 percent gain right there on your profits so there you go these moving averages are important people say Oh naima technical analysis does not work in the market um sir you need to stop doing these videos these do these do not do any good for the market well um what are you gonna do go out and pray to God that the prices are gonna go the way you want them to go I at least want to have a better chance see I understand technical analysis is a very small portion of the market and the majority is fundamental and psychological analysis however what psychological and fundamental analysis can you do when prices are going down and up and they’re extremely volatile here’s the thing technical analysis was developed in the early 1900s when the markets were extremely volatile they were developed for volatile markets that’s what people don’t know the technical analysis concept was only developed for volatile markets so when you look at stocks like Apple you can’t apply these principles anymore because look how unvoluntary million volatile they stick to their moving averages anyways sorry for going on a rant so my prediction we bounced off with the 50-day which we’ve done previously in the past you can see here we’ve bounced off this multiple times in the past you see here bounced off of the 50-day right over here bounced off of the 50-day right over here this went up coin market cap mistake dropped South Korean use dropped found support along that 50-day BAM as soon as it crossed that 50-day everybody should have assumed that the price was gonna freefall because guess what no more support 50-day drops EMA is pointed down I know we said we were going to use it but who cares and then guess what happened look what happened Oh technical analysis doesn’t work well then why the heck did we freaking bounce off the 100 day moving average after we bounced off with a 50-day moving average after we bounced off with a 15-8 movement come on give me a break um anyways so right here 100 a moving average bounced off of it went under guess what this leads me to assume one thing now we’re in freefall mode once again think of Bitcoin with its parachutes open right now like with its glasses Oh like that right now just going down right not a big deal though in my opinion it’s a great time to buy my opinion this is the buy zone this right here is the buy zone right in this box if you’re looking to get a strong position which is what most real professional traders are doing right now smart money comes in at this range right here this is where smart money comes in this is the buy zone so I am looking to put my positions in around this zone why because this is the 200-day moving average which coincidentally is following the Fibonacci level so as it goes down you’re gonna see this level starting to increase as you’re gonna start to see reversal type of indicators around this area in my humble but accurate opinion and the reason I say that once again is because I am looking at the technicals now the fundamental aspect of this is there’s a lot of weekends in the market why do I say that well understand this most of the market right now is for the most part inexperienced at least in the retail side of it retail investor side of it most of it is unexperienced trading right unexperienced traders are trading in the market right now and for the most part a lot of people purchased around these areas now these are unexperienced traders that guess what are emotionally prepared for a market like this now what does that mean for an experienced trader like some of you guys and you know for some of you that have come from the traditional markets like I have and have been through waves and cycles and weather’s just like this before we know that the name of the game is to get in when it’s low by one see we talked about this example at the night owl’ nothing night out we did a live call today for all of our rubies and above and we only did that so that we can actually have an open night out tonight so I hope to see all of you there look at that we already got some overachievers that are on this I know some of you guys have it down low some of you guys you know you guys have kids you guys worked nine-to-five why am I gonna down with the stupid app and join this stupid night owl well guess what the night owl is where we really go into depth and this is where people actually get help and this is where people actually make breakthroughs in their mind and I think that in a community like this where there’s not really any community and it’s so sporadic and there’s so many people everywhere I think it’s smart for somebody to say hey why don’t I try to get some information that isn’t out there in the public because that’s what we talk about here so I highly encourage all of you guys to come to this night owl tonight it’s in our discord I actually posted a link right now in our chat box right now we’ll post that up there for you guys and I’d love to see some of you there but here’s what we talked about tonight oh yeah earlier in the night for the Reubens above think of a guy named Bob Wright and Bob buys a house why is the house for a hundred thousand dollars and Bob is a smart guy you know Bob has done a little bit of research here and there but he’s a fairly intelligent individual he buys a house that is fairly decent area for those of you who do real estate you guys you know you know what you’re doing right first lucerna and degree you know that the HOA here is a certain level property taxes the certain level you know where the good areas are at so Bob buys a house for a hundred thousand and three years later the house is worth a million and this other individual named John comes into the market and says hey Bob I want to buy your house for a million dollars that’s what it’s worth right Bob is like sure yeah man we’ll sell it see right now sells the house to John so now John buys it for a million right and John is happy he’s you know he’s satisfied with his purchase and then a year later John is like man I just don’t like the with the place like I don’t like the placement of the garage and it’s just in a weird area of the house I just don’t like this house anymore I want to sell this man Bob you interested in buy your house your house back Bosley yeah sure what is the current market value it’s a hundred thousand dollars mom’s like yeah I’ll buy it for sure matter of fact I would love to buy it so John is like okay cool we’ll sell it to you for a hundred thousand Bob’s like sure Bob buys it for a hundred thousand so John just lost of equity Baba another had made 900,000 equity then bought back his house for a hundred thousand another year passes John comes back and says hey Bob you know I’ve really thought about it and I get to be honest with you I kind of liked the house and uh you know I kind of miss it can I just buy it back from you Bob’s like yeah sure I mean let me see the current market for a million dollar yeah it’s a million dollars John huh you want to buy it again John’s like yeah I mean that’s the market value right sure John buys it for a million do you guys kind of catch the drift here see there are winners and there are losers where do you want to be on that equation do you want to be the guy buying the house at a million selling it hundred thousand buying it back at a million selling it a hundred thousand buying back in a million selling at a hundred thousand or do you want to be the guy buying it at a hundred thousand selling it at a million buying in a hundred thousand selling into a million guess what a million a hundred thousand a million a hundred thousand you guys want to be proactive when making your trades you guys want to be smart traders go where the money comes in and go where the smart money comes in don’t go where the retail money comes in and does that mean that this is gonna crash to zero or is that is there a possibility for it to crash to zero of course there’s a possibility for everything right is it gonna go to zero most likely not not when you have the CBOE and the CME and all these individual institutional investments these futures coming into the market you have retail stores all around the world in Japan we had an individual by the way you know why a lot of you guys need to come to this night out Wow look at that more optimism look at that we got tons of people already I can’t wait to see some of you guys at the Nite Owl I would love to meet some of you guys as well that you have been watching this channel maybe watched one of our live streams maybe it’s the first live stream I’d love to see you guys in our night out tonight it’s on our discord just go on the left-hand side scroll down click voice 2 and you know I just love interacting with our you know our community our snipers but so with bitcoins price you know we had a guy from Japan he talked about how everywhere in Japan they accept Bitcoin everywhere there’s not one place you can go to Japan that doesn’t accept Bitcoin he also actually released more information that he said that there’s other coins that are they’re extremely popular matter of fact I’ll actually show you exactly what he talked about he said I told my said in Japan for some of you that live in Japan you guys know he said there’s an nem bar he said you can go into it nem bar where all they accept this nem which is this coin right here the new economy movement right the the xcm coin right you said there are places that only accept nem I didn’t know that that made me a little bit more optimistic about nem right I was like cool the nem coin might have some potential I mean if they’re using it in Japan Japan is a little bit ahead of most countries right now then that could signify and indicate that the future of other countries are going a specific way right there’s not one all be all but I’m just saying it’s cool to know that right I didn’t know that until I heard it from somebody so anyways um I believe we’ll start seeing this correction down around this level I think around this level is really where we can start seeing some really discounted rates for Bitcoin I don’t believe we’re gonna start staying around these levels I think where it’s at right now is a very sensitive area there really isn’t any true support levels at least in a technical side of it you know even if we were to pull up Elliot waves it’s not a strategy I’d like to actually utilize much on these live streams because it’s a little bit more of an advanced technical analysis but even if you drew out the Elliot waves here even that phase for where we’re at right now indicates it’s going down to around that eighty-five hundred dollar range so that’s really where I’m looking at right now to see hey when is Black Friday gonna happen for Bitcoin so I can come in and get my buy orders and set up my positions correctly and then also diversify that you know into the specified altcoins that I have in mind currently so hopefully that uh helps out some of you guys yeah somebody said join our discord here you go somebody said how can i get unbanned yes we’ve had a lot of people get banned from discord if you’re banned from discord send a message to me on Twitter send me a private message on Twitter and I can help you get unbanned I’ll have to find out why you got banned you have to agree that you were not gonna repeat those actions and then you can get unbanned that’s completely fine we have a no zero tolerance policy on our dish guys and we have that because we have very very big investors there that we need to ensure the protection and the credibility of our community is always at an utmost standard of excellence within the community so anyways who do we got on here somebody said what times the night I’ll we’ll do it right after this livestream I’d love to see you there man whoever this is with the name that I don’t understand because it’s from a different country but that’s awesome because we’re probably gonna learn a lot from you I learned a lot from a lot of people in different countries I guess because it’s just so cool countries are so much different you know some people use the wax application to bypass or you know guidelines to buy Bitcoin like cool things that I learned huh so let’s do it and see what’s going on somebody said I know where your room is it but which sections voice to Peggy who has a made community and then they deleted their message have you looked at Trinity only on KU coins sniper look bro it’s gonna be huge Mike Simon’s tnc Trinity um Mike I wish we can look at every coin but maybe the night owl we can talk about it I don’t mind so what do you think about digit bite it’s disappeared a bit coin but so underrated I think a lot of coins Adam I have a quote-unquote superiority against Bitcoin but I don’t think any of them have a popularity as Bitcoin I don’t think a lot of them have a value of a perceived value of Bitcoin and I think that’s the one issue there’s tons of coins I mean look at this Z coin right look at – look at Manero you have all these beautiful projects Manero is a beautiful privacy coin but is it gonna be the next Bitcoin who knows right in my opinion Bitcoin will maintain itself as a storage of value and the reason it’s that way is because it is somebody said your audio is not synced up to the live feed interesting is this is this a little bit better this a little bit better does this a little bit three test test is this a little bit more it’s a little bit more so should I or is it or is it is it weird now is it weird now let me make sure this is make sure this is working well somebody said you guys ever said you’re good okay oh okay somebody said somebody said echo echo what about this is this better how does this sound all right all right I’m sorry yeah we went from like 780 viewers to like whoop is this better test test one two three test test okay perfect way better somebody said nailed it thank you thank you thank you perfect now Big B there you go he’s a mod hey by the way um somebody said what qualifies you for making predictions at sniper soup no offense I don’t think anything qualifies me den bugs you don’t have to watch this live stream right now I mean I don’t know who else is willing to go on a live stream bring all the knowledge they do have to the plate and then start a community and a discussion about it because that’s what I perceive myself as what I do I am just everyday trader that has had stock market and forex experience and let alone I’ve had crypto experience since around 2010 I purchased my first Bitcoin back around that time when I was part of machinima I was running a gaming channel I needed to accept some sort of payment method I utilized Bitcoin and yeah so I I don’t see myself as anything special mr. dem budge now you’re watching the live stream I appreciate that you hear but you don’t have to be here if you feel like you want the NASA scientists to do this because there probably isn’t a NASA scientist if there were you might not even understand him but my claim to fame is I bring the community together I share the knowledge I have as much as I can if I don’t know something I don’t know and I tell you guys I don’t know it but I’m fairly confident with a lot of aspects of my knowledge and not only that I was at a crypto conference last you know three days two days ago yesterday actually I was yeah yesterday I was at a crypto conference with multi-millionaire crypto investors right so I get myself around individuals that also have knowledge you know one of my mentors he is on just had a nice seal the Jibril network raised over ten million in VC investors uh you know they actually just completed ICO it’s gonna be released on February 1st you know I actually texted him I texted him the other day and I was like hey man I saw that you’re ICO completed and you’re gonna be releasing on February 1st and he says this to me he’s said he says J and T is going to the moon soon look at that J and T’s going to the months that’s what he said now this is Jean by the way if you guys don’t know who use on is one of my mentors this is him right here Project Lead he’s on has over 90 years of financial services experience at top management consultancy such as Oliver Wynnum D law he’s a proficient at JavaScript HTML CSS blah blah blah but one of my mentors in in this industry and I have tons of different mentors I have a mentors that have traded or helped me trade in the financial markets traditional markets Forex you know and and I have specified mentors in crypto as well so you know that for me is you know that I hope that answers your question somebody said you can’t avoid taxes no you can somebody said NASA made all their scientists redundant ran out of money from the shuttle program that’s the layers I like that you’ve mentioned that Billy somebody said should I wait for Bitcoin a drop below 9000 I got 150 year already on coin based and currently holding icx and WTC uh somebody was actually at our Rubin above a live call today talked about holding those ROI said love you man I learned a lot from me that’s awesome man thank you brother we just have fun with Naeem and we all lose our money I think a lot of people are losing money right now so don’t just expect you are but we actually have tons of success stories of people making money because of the community if you guys go on our success stories area here tons of people making money not I’m not saying it’s because of me I mean a lot of them say it is but I think it’s because of the community tons of success stories here just fulfilled with success stories I’d highly recommend you guys check this success story area out look at all the great people that have had very good success in the market because they plugged themselves into a community see my biggest struggle in the stock market when I went from a hundred US dollars to two hundred US dollars right that’s where I learned the most about trading if you guys want to know how to trade start with a hundred and try to double it if you can’t double that you probably can’t do well with a lot of money so that was the biggest test of time for me to understand trading understanding the fundamentals and that’s what changed my life completely it’s understanding the fundamentals of trading you know you want to start with three basic things the support levels the resistance levels and how to see inform or perceive a channel those are the three basics of trading once you get the support resistance and channels in your mind then you can start going into patterns right you can start going into what does a head and shoulder look like what is the triple bottom what is a double bottom what is a flag look like what does a falling ledge look like all of these resources are available to you guys I just added this new book here trading psychology and all about Candlestick charting here in our discord so you guys have these resources guys I’m telling you take advantage of them don’t just be blind to the market let’s look at a coin let’s do a coin request here let’s see what we’ve got do we have any super chat requests nope do we have any VIP access requests let’s see if we have any VIP access requests any requests let’s do our VIPs here and then everybody on the YouTube chat you guys can actually request a coin let’s see what coins are being requested here all right let’s do somebody said Ven somebody said Tron we did Tron in the beginning somebody said let’s pull a buck here somebody said vibe LTC CVX we did LTC XRP you think we did that xlm neo I see neo let’s do neo basic attention token I like that token it’s a great project you guys haven’t looked at that I would highly recommend it so let’s look at neo really quick okay cool that is awesome you know Sonia had this run up while Bitcoin was consolidating I think that’s interesting for a neo being the fact that if you look at their github they haven’t really updated much in quite a while so you know in terms of where neo is out right now obviously when in a consolidation mode it’s pretty simple in my opinion we’re gonna have to once again wait for this 50-day moving average to catch back up or at 47% away from that 50-day moving average in my opinion what I would say for a coin like Neil at this point is allow the coin to start catching back up to this 50-day cuz 50 days to support or a lot of different coins right and 50 days are good or good indicators to know where support levels are gonna be forming and support levels are gonna be built so in my opinion what I say at this point the best buy time for neo was around this time here in December early December where it was under that 50-day but now that it’s over the 50-day and we’ve seen this parabolic run-up and it’s typically because it goes over that 50-day people know that that the coin run-up so at this point I would say it’s not a buy in my eyes it would be more of a coin I take profits in and then if you are looking to get a position in there it would be around that 50-day moving average why don’t we try to find a coin on this live stream tonight that is under the 50-day moving average right now because that might be the best coin to buy right now so let’s go ahead and take some requests but let’s try to gear it towards coins that are under 50-day moving average let’s see if we can find one as a community together on this live stream that would be awesome if we can do that in the next 20 minutes that would be awesome let’s go ahead and see if we can find a coin that is under the 50-day moving average right now let’s see somebody said let’s see vibe let’s see if vibe is under the 50-day moving average vibe BTC oh wow you can’t even do that there’s not enough statistical evidence for that one let’s do xlm BTC nope not under the 50-day you can see I’ve done some chick chicken stretch and XT somebody said NXT BAM NXT robo said NXT good one Rob oh good call bro so check this out NXT Rob Oh what’s let’s give a shout out here Rob Oh Rob bro Rob oh and SW good call brother hopefully I’ll see you Rob about the night out tonight man that’ll be awesome if you’re like yeah dude I’m the guy that called it Wow look at that full house guys if you’re not in our discord already link I just posted it on the chat get on there get into our night owl tonight don’t be stubborn don’t be hesitant this market is a lonely market if you don’t have a community to be a part of guys and whether you guys want to talk to everybody in there I’ll be there so you guys and ask me questions talk to me I’d love to meet you and you can see here with NXT let’s go ahead and pull up the coin market cap total market capitalization here see what’s popping here then XT what type of coin we’re looking at here if it’s something that’s feasible long term 341 million dollar market cap I wouldn’t mind investing in a coin at least under 100 million you know as a swing trade maxify is currently at a billion looks like circulating supplies just under that current volume 74 million not bad for that type of price level you can see we’re pretty low we’ve had these huge run ups in the past by the way the reason this market is so attractive to investors is because no matter what it’s almost hard to lose in this market and what do I mean by that well look at this if you were to bought this coin anywhere around these levels from the start the inception of this coin all the way up until this point in this coins eternity then you could have still made profits when it jumped up to this price level so it’s like almost every coin has these huge swings up and down and there’s so much opportunity within these points now NXT is under the 50-day moving average I think that’s really cool you can see it’s had a couple different instances where it’s went over and above and beyond that 50-day moving average matter of fact at one point in its existence it went as far as 170 percent away from that one 50-day moving average so right now see a lot of people when they’re looking at icos what are they looking at well which IC o—- has the lowest market cap which one has I’m sorry which one has a lowest supply lowest max supply well guess what when I’m looking for potential trades I’m looking for which coin has really low levels under the 50-day moving average that is typically a good indicator not and end-all-be-all once again but it definitely a good indicator so you can see here we pretty much correct that under the 200-day bounced on top of that and now we’re seeing a little bit of resistance here around that 50-day and really the 108 and now we’re finding a little bit of a channel forming those pull up a little bit of a closer view point here for that next tease this is a good trade to make that’s the question right well looking that we came out of that huge parabolic run-up corrected back by the way if you look at this run-up you can see we pretty much correct it right around that level here you can see as soon as we hit that 50-day I kind of saw a little break get pushed and we went above it then we went back down we saw that 108 or that 200-day act there’s a little bit of support until it ended up sliding beyond that back on top now which is great and then looking at the one-hour you can see your obviously this sending support level here you can see an ascending resistance line right here as well so it’s definitely going up at this point now is this going to be a good trade I think so I don’t see anything wrong with this trade right now I mean you know it’s at really low levels once again it’s under that 50-day it looks like volume is starting to increase I like the volume levels here I guess the last thing would be the RSI on our side looks good let’s pull up the 1-day RSI really quick yeah look at that our size and beautiful health levels look we’re currently I run render render 50 which is very healthy for a coin like this so yeah that looks good this looks like a very good call a matter of fact I may put a position here small position right now I’m getting kind of bored not putting a position hey man the markets been kind of dead lately right I mean couldn’t you guys agree so it’s cool to find coins like that let’s see if we can find another one any any other coins under the 50-day let’s see we’ve got here try to trade NXT night I’ll put in a trade is that like a dare I’ll put in a trade oh my gosh why does it what does it mean when EMA cross I know some traders watch when the nine and 21 to EMA cross well typically with EMA cross see the exponential moving average right over here I like to use the EMA for one specific reason you can see I have my EMA level set at nine and when I’m watching the EMA I’m looking to see where’s the EMA pointing right and the reason I say that is you can see if we were really running up this run up right here we’re gonna be bounced completely on top of that EMA then I would have known that the price was gonna start to drop because the EMA started to tell and curve so you can see here you can almost draw a pointer on top of these EMA’s just to kind of point out where these are headed so the image that blue line right there you can almost draw this as like let’s say this there already happened see the EMA right here started to kind of turn to that right versus it here where we were pretty much straight up right so the EMA is a good indicator to tell our price level is reasonable at the point that they’re at so where prices right now if you can look at the EMA we’re jumping right on top of the EMA because it’s right behind us mess that is a good indicator of a possible increase in price as well now you can obviously volume is starting to increase here so let’s see what else we got here Sony said you TK Robin Robin let’s do me Robin do you TK here oh that doesn’t pull up here there’s a point does it pull up on ku coin anybody here can find a coin under the 50-day moving average if you can find a coin under the 50-day moving average do a giveaway here we’re gonna be given what you haven’t done this in a while let’s do a book giveaway so if you can find a coin by the way whoever found NXT send me a message on Twitter and you will get a book we’ll give out this book right here the Internet of money this is one of the first books I read about Bitcoin I knew about Bitcoin for a very long time but this is really when I started diving into the investment side of it because I realized that I wanted to understand Bitcoin at a whole nother level and the Internet of money I highly recommend this book if you guys haven’t read this already it really goes into the fundamentals of the distributed ledger but the decentralization and the centralization aspect of Bitcoin can really utilize within the blockchain and long term how that could affect other industries and disturb industries like real estate like quantum computing like you know virtual reality in all these different industries that are gonna be affected by blockchain but anyways the Han said any BL all right let’s do any BL so give away a book here if you can find a chart that is under the 50-day okay I can’t some of these are don’t have enough data to really look at so I do apologize yeah not enough data OMG TX said omg omg BTC nope we’re looking at the 1-day chart by the way zantron 420 said can can’t is it under the 50-day ah I don’t know would this it’s right on the 50-day I’ll give it to you n send me a send me a message actually send me a message on youtube so I can verify it immediately send me a message on youtube zantron for 20 and you’ve won that book brother I’ll go ahead and put that here on the list here so I know who’s won all right so send me that send me a message on YouTube let’s do another book giveaway so do is Antron 420 all right other book giveaway let’s see good ones Antron somebody said Andres onto my losses onto polis I can’t I never could say his last day Billy but yes he’s the man he’s great he’s contributed so much this community t-rex doesn’t have a working product all they’re selling is hype and future plans amid a lot of people would talk about that amid I implore you to come to our night out tonight brother and say that man and see you know not in a bad way just to discuss it right talk about wrong if you guys want to talk about Rhonda there’s a ton of people that love Tron so I’d love to hear that that’s what these night owls are for so if you guys are not on our disc or the link is in the description this is an awesome social media platform by the way it’s a lot like Twitter Facebook and Instagram combined into one I think it’s gonna be the future of social media there’s no ads on it it’s extremely beautiful in terms of user interface and I highly encourage you guys if you haven’t used discord in the past there’s a mobile version a web version of every type of version you can be in bed listening to the night owl tonight and trust me you’ll get a lot of value from that don’t be stubborn guys get in there let’s look at em Casey Connor said MTH BTC not quite xvg pun qaj that xvg nope cow park to cus said doggie coin coin nope somebody said gal Dweck said vibe I think we looked at srn Tahoe Media Group said s RN nope agent said C&D C&D agent said CND yeah that’s not that’s definitely not even if I even if we did see the 50-day there wouldn’t have done it because you can see that parabolic run up the 50 they can’t keep up with that nav cones AK said nav Zack and AB can shimmy said nav so both of them will get it if that’s the case no Chad store locks at ETH lend what does that lend isn’t that Len BTC no I can’t really tell but probably not because it had this huge run-up maybe because it did consolidate already it might be right on that 50-day John Cooper sets GV c bt ce o– close ICN ICN BTC yeah i think that is who said ICN I know multiple people probably said it but the one I saw was from who was it let me see here yes the ICN that I saw on my screen was I don’t even know who was I am college eyes wow I can’t even a call that then how that sucks let me see your ICN who said ICN I’ll probably find it here so it was it was right here on this area let’s see I see n somebody said I see n it is under the 50-day so that’s good med Kickham said i see n right here med Kickham send me a message brother or lady sista brother or sister we’ll go ahead and get you that book so you’ll get the Internet of money sent out to you at no cost of course as a giveaway here so let’s go ahead and take a couple questions guys let’s take some questions here that’s awesome we found some awesome coins yeah this is right under the 50 that was a close call and the reason I say that is just as close as the previous call but ICN looks like it’s in a good point I mean for those of you looking to get a position in ICN I mean satoshi value is that all-time low right now not all-time low but it’s a very low point so if you guys are looking to get a position seems like a good point lower Fibonacci level volume is starting to go up let’s pull up the for hourly quick yeah look that volume is definitely turning an increase possible potential future breakout here with ICN you can see starting to go up clear levels that broke out of that so now it’s yeah look at that it’s definitely going hot so that’s that’s cool awesome somebody said have you heard about storm coin I haven’t Thomas I’d love to have you in the night out maybe talk about storm coin how do you analyze using auto fib well Timmy the Fibonacci we actually have a video on it I would go watch the video on it but the fibonacci is a very old age mathematical arithmetic indicators what I call it because it’s all based on numbers right so it’s actually all based upon the Fibonacci retracement here and the way that you utilize this is gonna be a manual Fibonacci but you’ll take a peak of a price and then you’ll actually go to where you want to analyze it Fibonacci let’s let’s let’s say we’re analyzing this whole area right here or we’ll just do this whole graph so you can go down to the low here and that right there is the Fibonacci right here so this is how Fibonacci is created actually we can even go lower than that so we can drag this Fibonacci down even further meaning that we’ve got these price levels all the way down here so this would be Fibonacci you can see how accurate is in some cases you can see here that wicks right here it only went all the way up to that Fibonacci and stopped so there’s a lot of truth to the Fibonacci levels you can see even here we found support at Fibonacci BAM we bounced off at Bonacci levels and then we crossed into new Fibonacci levels bounce back into these and so Fibonacci can be good it can be a good indicator for different levels and it’s all based on the mathematics you’re the point twenty-three point thirty eight point five point six one point seven eight and one some people don’t use some of these they only want to use the point three a and the point one or whatever but everybody has their own preference of how they used to have energy but that’s kind of a quick synapse of it I’m not sin absent synopsis somebody said you’re saying synapse it’s not synapses synopsis I had to apologize aah-ha-ha business yeah that’s the true definition there the synopsis synopsis anyways uh let’s see what people are saying here somebody said I’m checking out to buy ICN nice Billy thanks for uh Billy I want to see you in the Nite Owl man how to pull up 50-day moving average Drake right click insert indicator three moving averages and then it’s gonna pretty much be preset to the 50 100 and the 200 a the 50 will be the red one what program you’re using to get your data trading view window it’s in the description all of our resources are here under resources by the way if you guys go to our discord that’s what I’m telling you guys this is the place to be you’re you’re doing yourself a discus that’s not getting getting yourself on our discord all the resources are here so you can see all the charts and stuff somebody said can you check out ECA we haven’t looked at ECA I’ve never heard of ECA to be quite frank let’s go ahead and see this year all right you see a you see a BTC oh it doesn’t pull up let’s take a different request I don’t want to go on site I don’t go on a different exchange here somebody said is TNT at cup and handle let’s go out and pull up TNT um no not a company handle for certain different reasons number one this is two parabolic of a run-up you want to see a curve right so you don’t want to see just a pop up you want to see a curve and what I mean by that is if you pull up this chart here trading 101 you can see exactly how that looks here with a company handle you see it curve right it’s not just a pop the pop is the breakout right so that’s definitely not a cup and handle how can I get the night out I’m already on the discord love it sander awesome uh so on the night owl just go on the left hand side you want to go under your settings first and then disable voice you want to turn on push-to-talk and then make sure you know what’s shortcut you’re using and then once you have your voice on you go all the way down to voice channels open that up and then go down to voice to not voice one voice to is where we’re all gonna be at tonight so don’t know stay invoiced one stay invoice – so we’re gonna head over there student if you guys want to plug your mics in or just want to listen and sup to you guys but we’re gonna be talking about some awesome stuff here somebody said Eugene said I owe the police mr. iota where’s iota headed IOT BTC um nice so we’re still pretty much within this pennant it looks like which is interesting because we drew this out quite a while ago the levels aren’t as accurate cuz we drew it on a zoomed out graph but yeah I mean we’re still really in that pennant formation if we pull up the one day chart you can see exactly the pennant forming I would say that it’s still in its pennant formation I mean it’s still pretty much getting tighter and tighter as that price level gets tighter see a pennant is when the support and the resistance levels converge together that’s exactly what we’re seeing here it’s a convergence and that convergence is what squeezes that price it’s like a pressure cooker we’ve talked about this before that pressure cooker squeezes that price and then BAM it pops so IOT is looking pretty good in terms of satoshi levels so we’re finding quite a good number of coins here you know despite the market in the condition that we’re currently in and I think that’s interesting oh look at that the one hour we’re starting to go up in the one hour it’s awesome does that mean that we’re gonna go up not necessarily I still believe we’ll still see that correction overall but yeah I mean for those of you swing trading and day trading as you know for as a job this could certainly help out finding these little buys these these gems in the in the rock as some of us call it somebody said what software does he use aleem Sharn yeah man I don’t know how many more times I have to repeat it right trading to you brother the link is in the description everything is in the description people they just assume right they just want to ask nothing against you man I mean everybody’s asking somebody said substratum Ramone Watson that’s a nice name Eddie you want ever seen that on here dragon let’s do dragon a lot of people have asked about dragon matter of fact let’s pull burr VIP access I bet you dragons on there because our VIPs love dragon iota Mohammed we did IO with our brother there you go that fulfilled it for you so that’s what a dragon really quick here did you get that you know yes I did okay let’s do a DRG NBT see here oh we have to do that on okay let’s not do that right now because we have to do that outside coin or cool coin I’m sorry um actually we could just pull it up right here damn pretty fast okay so dragon Wow interesting look at that it’s obviously forming something here definitely not I guess what I wanted to see it form but it’s definitely forming something to me to pull this up here for you guys to see you guys have a better viewpoint of how this is going so this is called the descending triangle I’m gonna pull this up here so when you see price levels come from a peak right and it’s starting to descend and then it finds a support level this is the support level right over here and then you see it bounce on top of that support finding its resistance which is another peak finding resistance or support once again then finding another resistance level the the point of a descending triangle is the resistance levels are decreasing while the support levels are staying stable and that is a indicator of a descending triangle so exactly what you’ve seen here resistance levels decreasing support levels maintaining stable it’s a descending triangle so in my opinion this is going to soon break this level and start to decrease so if you’re at a profit then take your money and run aha but unless you’re a hot oiler that’s also good you don’t have to pay those short-term capital gains hold it for a year and then you’ll be set in place right so hopefully that helped out a little bit and let’s go ahead and look here at our chat any more requests any more requests let’s see somebody said SIA Coyne KD channel said please bro if you got time just a minute about TRX we’ve looked at TRX man we looked at TRX your brother look at that TRX finding some support in this channel it’s going horizontal right now there’s no indicator that’s going down but there’s also no indicator that’s going up right now so it’s a little bit of a more neutral standpoint that I have about Tron right now I would say let it mature a little bit that’s what I would say about Tron you know even with the indicators that we pulled up earlier I would say let it mature so guys we’re all gonna be heading over to our Nite Owl right now it hit an hour I like to keep these live streams into an hour if you guys are not on our discord I want to see you guys there we’re gonna be under voice underscore to thank you guys for tuning into our live stream tonight we’re gonna continue everything in our discord typically these night owls are they’ve been really good over the past couple of days so once again if you guys are not on discord this is the last call I implore you guys it’s the free resource it’s just a button that you click and you get on discord and it will change your life I promise you just staying in these voice chats listening in to all of the knowledge and information is so valuable I’d love to see you guys there and I I encourage it so much because I know how many people would tell you I go to this success story tab and people were just thriving with success here because of it and it just goes on and on and on so love to see you guys there thank you so much for tuning in tonight okay mo just did a super chat before we went he said do list please alright will do list really quick here man so be TC Liske let’s pull up list Bitcoin for bit tricks here oh that’s easy well look at that you’ve got some indicators I want to pull up here than me we’re actually gonna do a Bollinger Band on this one really could cuz it’s too horizontal for me okay awesome what I would stay here it looks like give me one second this is a little bit tougher hmm wow that’s a very sporadic I said very volatile this would be good for a swing trader but you can see there’s some clear support lines down here but these volume swings are a little bit I don’t like the fact that these volume swings happen on this to me is institutional right here let’s go ahead and pull up a list Hodel market cap really quick two billion 500 okay you can see that satoshi value continues to see this right ups that’s a huge by volume that just popped in out of nowhere and then a huge cell wall back here happened as soon as that buy order came in what I do like about this graph though is these resistance levels keep on increasing and it keeps on finding these new highs which is a good thing what I would see is the price level it’s at right now is high because if you look at the one-day and you pull up the 50-day moving average you can see we’re quite a bit away and it looks like every time this coin bounces it goes off the 50-day it pops up goes under the 50-day pops up goes under the 50-day pops up goes under the 50-day pops up so I would wait until it goes under that 50-day very simple because it’s obviously showing this volatile pattern here and I like this and the other thing I like is the fact that the 50 days showing an indicator of where the prices head and it looks like it bounces on top of that so what I would say is let it go down under the 50-day it wouldn’t really be a buying point I think it’s at a high right now because you can see in previous times when it reaches those highs it kind of has this little stepping stone where it goes but it almost like pops back and forth same thing here so what I would say is at this point it could possibly start to see itself bobble back go down under that 50-day because it wants to find that support and then pop back up so it’s kind of what I would say for lists so hopefully that helped out somebody said do I need an invite for discord first yes Thomas you need to invite you have to click the link so hopefully that helps out explain charts from moving AB moving day average please the moving average is exactly what it sounds like it’s the average of the prices over time so you’re looking at a 50-day average the 200-day a bridge and the 100 a a bridge very very simple J bet since that snipers out take care man omit said I agree it changed my life that is awesome man how do you use fit like how do I understand it um I would watch the video John we have a video on the Fibonacci one it was actually done with one of our analysts Marcus Koster just go on our channel click videos and type in Fibonacci or type in fib B and it’ll come up or type of just fib it should come up somebody said thank you you’re very welcome Juan a thank you put you on the big screen tonight yeah that is nice man you like it that’s funny Gustaf’s a very good session yes awesome guys I’ll see you tonight on the discord if you guys are not on we’re all gonna be here tonight so hopefully you guys are there and I’d love to meet you but thank you guys for watching this live stream until tomorrow night snipers out [Music]

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