QTUM | Another Look | Why its Undervalued and may EXPLODE!

how’s it going guys script a but here for today and in this video I’m gonna do a refresher update on quantum and I did a video before on quantum but I just want to put a refresher out there because as you guys already know in this channel I try to look for solid companies with when they’re undervalued and try to find coins that I think have a lot of potential and they are just kind of being a little bit let’s just say overlooked and quantum right now is showing a very attractive price now again this is not a recommendation to buy or sell it’s just my observations about some of the things that you might want to consider if you take a look at some of the videos I’ve reviewed specifically like for Neil specifically for arc or whatnot they’re usually when people are not really looking to them so I feel that quantum is one of those coins right now that has been beaten down so bad that I think it’s offering a very attractive value so the market is offering us offering me at least a very very compelling price for those guys who have not seen the video I strongly encourage you guys to do I’ll post a link below basically what it is quantum in a two sentence answer here it’s a blockchain made for business very similar to kind of like IBM so it’s not a consumer focused coin I think that’s part of the reason why it kind of flies underneath the radar and the other one is that it builds upon to existing blockchain ecosystem specifically cerium and Bitcoin and so pretty much what they’re trying to do is very similar to what neo does but instead they’re using the etherium virtual machines and then the Bitcoin blockchain to do very things Verte that are very similar to two aetherium to me sorry to Neil first of all I you there’s usually the comparison between quantum annealing and yes technically they are competitors because they kind of do the exact same thing they deal with the smart contracts they deal with the government you know contracts that normally neo was kind of touting and they also have an ICO platform that people can run now there’s a one large distinction between the two and not to say that neo is not any better or quantum is any better I think both of them are complimentary to the space is that quantum has already an existing line of IC O’s or or companies are willing to build on the blockchain or itself and so if you can tackle it from the list right you take a look at the list these are the coins that companies are willing to accept Quan or they’ve really build on it specifically a grello bowtie then view Tron and ergo Inc chained hash Russ and four of these have already officially announced them with we got another 17 projects coming along the way so one of the great things about quantum guys is that it’s not just something that they’re deactive lee developing they’ve already have a relationship since this kick of the ico so i really like when companies are able to kind of do this because once the word gets out quantum is going to be up there but right now it’s getting off to a slow start just because it hasn’t really had the time that neo has had and also the branding needs to kind of little bit of work but overall I think they’ve got some some solid plans and against an open-source project so the coins are definitely under the ERC 20 tokens however they’re gonna turn those into their proprietary maenette tokens later on so again really important to kind of take a look at these companies because as evolve and they change you’re gonna find overlooked opportunities that potentially could be there all right now one of the things I like about quantum a lot and again I can’t touch the pond out in the other video but I just want to rehash the point that quantum is not based in China a lot of people just assumed that all the Chinese coins are in China for some reason they’re from Singapore and they’ve got offices all over the place in fact they’re actually opened up in office in Denver given the regulatory landscape that’s happening but they’re being proactive of trying to move around and try to address different markets and one thing I like about this one is that they’re not sitting around waiting for the government to clamp down on them but because they’re doing everything legit there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing they raised in I see it was successful they got the money and then now they’re plowing them back into the project if you take a look at the coin market caps right now for these you’ll find that they don’t really have a lot of exchanges that they can sell these tokens out the main one is going to be in Korea which is coin one and as you can see it basically blows the volume across the board big tricks comes in next all coin is another one by Nance is another one these are your main main ones and so one of the catalysts I usually look for when I look for coins that have a lot of upside potential is I look number one liquidity and obviously this one needs a little work by the eventually they’ll get there and the second thing is the potential to get listed on some of the major exchanges so later on if they go ahead and get get get get in on polo or they get in on some of the other tier tier exchanges that increases the liquidity but overall I think the Korean markets definitely by far the lead here so the one thing I want to mention guys is that you want to look for catalyst moving forward and quantum is definitely one of those that really hasn’t had the announcements yet once it gets these announcements then you’ll start seeing the price appreciate so right now it’s about $8 which is pretty pretty cheap for what it was before so I’ll talk a little bit about the price action later all right the other thing I like about quantum is that it’s already strategically involved in these associations and these alliances so if you remember a theorem when a theorem did the a theorem Alliance and the theorem just kind of rocketed out well it’s because when the moment you started doing these alliances the news will start coming out meaning that they already have these partnerships established already have these people and that they can work with and one of them I really want to emphasize is that they even actually talked about in the other video is that they have association of the cryptocurrency enterprises and startups in Singapore called access and what basically what it is is that it’s the fostering the blockchain technology in Southeast Asia and informing the public between Singapore and the businesses and the communities at large so there’s a lot a lot of great things happening in Singapore regarding this the second thing is going to be the chamber of digital commerce and this is actually a recent one that came out it’s a Commerce at the executive level where they’re going to be using and promoting the acceptance of digital assets and block chains and the members include here we go TD Bank Microsoft BNP paribas B&Y Mellon Cisco Wells Fargo KPMG and IBM so again this is a business enterprise platform and when you’re when you’re part of these alliances and part of these digital commerce is used to begin to establish networking abilities and perhaps maybe in the future quantum can partner up with IBM and whatnot so again the news kind of needs to roll out so I really look for these type of partnerships because if I look at aetherium what happened with them they needed the alliances for them to be catapulted into legitimacy and so I think quantum is right on the same track and they’re definitely seeking those out all right looking at github okay and one thing one of the criticism that people had about Nia was that there wasn’t a lot of commits on the actual github program CO if those guys know what what these commits are or is that these are commitments to change code or to add code or whatever it is so basically it shows that there is some sort of activity in the programming language if there’s no activity then that’s a huge red flag and you can see from github that quantum has definitely had has maintained a certain level of changes to the code and adding them in and so when I usually look for is I look for trends and patterns if there’s slowdown in the actual network activity this actually shows a little bit about kind of like the peaks and valleys what you want is steady growth and what you want is consistency in the github platform and so what that tells me is the programmers and developers are actively adjusting the code adding new features to it etc so this is actually a huge plus for me okay the other one I want to talk about is the AMA ignition that came out on the 13th now a lot of people didn’t really read it it was supposed to become like this hype event that kind of didn’t really tick off which is okay because AMAs are definitely just there for information and a lot of people kind of you know didn’t really thought it was going to be good but I kind of took some pieces out there if you go on to the reddit forums you’ll see it there I just kind of pulled it out from there the AMA stands for ask me anything basically it’s their start of their main net release and called ignition and what it really is is that they’re gonna do a conversion for their tokens a little bit about talking about their maintenance platform going online and getting started so one of the things that Patrick which is the CEO and founder was talking about was people were asking about the 17 depths are being built on quantum and the question was are we gonna see a hundred million dollar icos on the quantum platform coming from China can you finally name any of these big Chinese companies that you will support it etc so the this person really wanted to know the partnerships and also all the dabs coming out what are the news with the Alliance etc etc so here’s what Patrick had to say he said that there are 17 apps the apps coming on building on the quantum network both mode a if I can pronounce this correctly but if I and Viv you and ergo and Medi block and Inc chain space chain Wilmore will announced later so that means that they’ve basically have an entire pipeline of people coming out saying that we’re gonna be using that and I’ll tell it about state space change later on because it has to do with the satellites and you know shooting out in there from space Nina’s kind of interesting idea space change and diamond project will have some big ICS on quantum the next few months and they will raise more than 50 million dollars now remember if the eye seals are going to be as large as 50 million or larger it creates a demand for the quantum tokens so as more of these companies hop on board to the blockchain as more as they use more of these tokens the demand drives this quantum and eventually shoots it up to the moon so right now on the question number three why exam is one of the big investors in Quantum’s and they’re gonna announce another company later for question number three which was what are the big Chinese companies they are investing in it question four is what exactly are you working with that will change the whole block shell industry before quanto create the first working proof of stake smart contract platform it’s compatible with the Bitcoin a theorem and they want to be the best blockchain platform taking best of both worlds and question four is that they’re gonna be listed with new exchanges because obviously right now the exchanges are pretty low and says yes they are they’re gonna get more exchanges on they’re gonna have main Strange’s and the quantum team members and angel investors have connections to these but pretty much they’re gonna say they’re gonna have two big exchanges promised they just need a little bit of time so again confirmation from Patrick that we’ve got some sort of exchange news coming up in the future which will eventually drive liquidity number seven they’re building the blockchain and University of China which is and they’re building a partnership with yours only five universities later on in the future and they’re saying the new IC o—- regulations have some side effects but not too much and it has to do with the ICL platforms in China which eventually people will start moving around a little bit they’re gonna focus on the theorem Alliance platform and right now they’re gonna say that they have there they’re basically dealing with the development but they’re gonna eventually start working with the alliances so once they get the Alliance going on we’re going to basically be potentially the next etherium all right the next one I’ll talk about it says here Patrick said that you’re looking to partner with popular apps in the Apple Store as well as talking to a major cell phone company about integrating quantum and on their website they actually have a working product right now on their mobile apps for that you can actually stake and transfer quantum tokens so again it’s really huge because if they really have something working up that they can actually upload to the Apple store you’re gonna get more mass adoption for that so the question is are there any other companies that you are in contact with with potential clients and he mentioned that they’re talking to two popular apps and and one of them is going to be a VPN service and the other one is going to be managing software on the phone and possibly accept quantum as payment solution so again it might be going to the integration part for one of the cellphone companies are talking about they’re going to be working with a mobile phone company to raise awareness for the quantum and one of the rumors that they’ve got floating around now again don’t quote me on it and they always mention right here is that potentially it could be a WeChat mobile wallet now again we chat is huge in China guys it’s huge which means that they do a partnership with WeChat and I’m going to assume that that neo is kind of doing something with $0.10 as well or WeChat is that you’re gonna have a massive audience now to use the mobile wallet which will eventually drive quantum prices up so again a lot a lot of things that they’re happening and again if you go into the reddit I couldn’t put all of it in here because I got so excited about this one was that when I was reading through it there was a lot of information in there that people just kind of overlooked because of the whole Chinese flood thing ok let’s talk about the price real quick quantum I’m gonna be honest with you guys it looks like garbage but the price looks crap but what I want to say right now is that the price is so cheap right now I mean look at this it’s been on a rollercoaster ride since it first I see owed this year but it’s been at the cheapest as you can get now remember that the whole warren buffett rule which is basically by when there’s blood in the streets when people don’t like it I really like it right here in fact this price right here that you see point zero zero two two it’s really if you take a look at the volume it’s almost like dead people are just kind of disinterested in it there really is an exposure on it nobody’s talking about it that’s the time when I get in and they load up and the reason why I do that it’s because that’s the time when you can get these huge moves now I like quantum for the long term in addition to Neil why because of all the things I just mentioned earlier and all the things are doing with the blockchain if you go to the Twitter account they’ve done a lot of stuff right now with the outreach there believe in the US and they’re going in and getting into a hackathon they’ve got a hackathon running around and believe in Tennessee and they actually have open up an office in Denver and they’re also working with the healthcare industry so they’re trying all angles in regards to that and I think that’s really really interesting so anyway in terms of the technicals in the price I don’t really care too much about the technicals right now what I look for is the price and right now it’s at probably the lowest it’s been it’s about eight dollars I think the low was like five dollars for four dollars at some point obviously can I go to five sure absolutely if the whole Chinese tafolla doesn’t go away we can probably head down to like three or four dollars but again look at the price potential and look what you’re getting in terms of the etherium etherium it almost had the same chart if you take a look at them before it went with the etherium alliance before made all these announcements before the smart contracts started using being used up it just kind of took off and never looked back now the competition really comes down to this neoui cerium and quantum really because they’re all officer platforms you know I’ll kind of do the exact same thing but the difference I want to tell you right now is that quantum is targeting the business automatically off right off the bat and they’re definitely open source they definitely have a good team going on they’re got a lot of their team members have a lot of experience with that can they coexist absolutely I don’t think aetherium is going to take all of it I don’t think Neal is gonna take all of it I think it’s going to be split evenly between these three now can quantum go up to 300 400 absolutely possibly five you take a look at the price right now I mean how low can this thing go I mean two dollars three dollars but for what you’re getting and what the ico d-man is getting for what you’re getting with the Alliance what you’re gaining with the with the blockchain I think it’s it’s kinda like a no-brainer so anyway I’m loading up on this I’m probably gonna start loading up my bags you know I’ve been loading on my bags actually with this and so I’m heavily invested in quantum for the long term definitely I love Neil and definitely aetherium is in there as well so that’s my take on it okay let me go ahead and show you the quantum website real quick and you guys could kind of see we’ll take a look at this market cap so eight dollars right now circling so fly fifty-nine millions if you go onto their main cite what you’re gonna find is that quantum has a lot a lot of pretty good interesting things here right it’s got the it’s got a video so if you guys watch that video real quick you guys can get an idea it talks about the smart contracts it has the mobile phone the abstraction layer so everything you need to know it’s in there and then if you click on the blog or the press you’re gonna find a little bit more information about their development updates and I highly encourage you to read this because this is huge especially what’s happening with the with the main net and also with the tokens now the upcoming news basically is this guys is that they’re going to they’re going to change their ERC 20 tokens into the quantum main tokens which basically means that if you have quantum on a wallet you’re gonna have to move them up and also they’re a proof of stake which means that you can actually get rewarded for holding the coins and again a bucks for that or versus a theorem which is also going to be you know a proof of stake but they’re gonna be used for the main and I think that’s going to be huge they probably will drive up demand later on right now will probably just kind of dance around this this area for a little bit I don’t think it’s going to be one that’s gonna take off the next day but if it does take off I mean you’ve got a long term play for this alright guys take a look at it I mean it’s up to you I I wanted to put it out there because I definitely liked the project I really liked the team I really like what they’re doing and I think this whole Chinese food that’s happening right now is definitely throwing out the baby and the bathwater so to speak so all the coins are just getting thrown out just because China is deciding to to curve the exchanges which I don’t think that quantum has anything to do with that so alright guys crypto but have a great day see you soon

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