QTUM is Ethereum Killer for 2018? Or is it NEO, ICON, ADA, UBIQ?

I can get into this a little bit guess let’s get into it guys what’s up crypto nation its Peter with decentralized TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency technology today’s crypto news but an interesting article surfaces on the crypto young calm mobile iOS app on the trending tab could there be a new crypto sheriff in town mmm very interesting title what they’re talking about is quantum which I’m sure many of you guys have been noticing especially I mean I’ve been noticing you guys keep telling me that quantum is on the rise and certainly it has been on a tear since it released earlier this year so let’s dig into it guys is quantum the answer to Bitcoin and the future nowadays Bitcoin is dominating cryptocurrency and financial headlines everyone wants a piece of the blockchain action including large multinational banks like Goldman Sachs who may have a crypto currency trading desk in place by June 2018 however Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency worth it worthy of investor attention a quick perusal of the entire market shows that many coins are having a excellent 2017 obviously one point in particular quantum has seen over an eight hundred and a fifty percent increase plus price since its launch in May earlier this year now these Rumpel these rapid gains may lead some decry bubble but not a big deal what is interesting about quantum is that it’s an open source of blockchain project started by Singapore based company its goal is to combine a fork of the Bitcoin core of BTC with the etherium a virtual machine and a proof of stake protocol so it’s like combining Bitcoin and aetherium of sorts this unique hybrid system allows the network to run smart contracts and decentralized applications on a similar infrastructure giving businesses and developers an environment that is easy to work with in essence the platform will bridge the gap between blockchain technology and business by becoming a public blockchain for businesses the goal is to penetrate various industries like telecommunications finance logistics and manufacturing with the objective of increasing operational efficiency and output certainly businesses love hearing operational efficiency and but however is quantum a little too little too late is my question we already have reports of people doing a massive experimentation on Bitcoin and a Bitcoin protocol and considering whether it is even possible to add smart contracts to the Bitcoin protocol now I see this as an inevitability and what I mean by that is simply this people are gonna figure out how to put smart contracts on the Bitcoin protocol in a secure fashion it’s going to happen thereby in my opinion not financial advice but my opinion is that any type of let’s just say coin with a primary use case of having smart contracts only might become a thing of the past and so this article is appraising the value of a hybrid approach of quantum between aetherium and Bitcoin but could be be a little too little too late could we invariably see in potentially 2018 Bitcoin with smart contracts attached to it well in another article that we covered on decentralized TV there have been several pundits who said that this is not possible one of them being Jimmy song now I respect him for his technological and development background however as an engineer myself I disagree with him on some of his points but he says that smart contracts on Bitcoin not gonna be a thing I would Gander and say that it’s not a thing right now but it could certainly be won in the future so let’s see what else quantum has to tell us is this the new better aetherium currently the theorem network is a leading smart contract system that many companies and apps use as their basic architecture and infrastructure unfortunately a theorem network is riddled with deficiencies no bro no the first of the networks a proof-of-work protocol hurts the scalability and results of high energy costs while the team has announced that they will be switching to a POS consensus no firm date or road map yet second etherion code and smart contracts are not as secure as originally thought yo no bro I could have told you that when they first built it although that Dow Fiasco has been put to rest the network still isn’t as secure as it should be third and perhaps most importantly the etherium network struggles to scale as blockchain bloat becomes an increasingly large problem with more data and transactions being logged everyday many fear the etherium blockchain is just too cumbersome oh really because y’all were talking some about Bitcoin earlier and you’re obviously still talking smack about Bitcoin but now is aetherium having problems with things like crypto Kitty’s crypto Kitty’s business and developers who want to make use of smart contracts can instead consider the quantum blockchain ooh it D it de facto has a leg up on the etherion blockchain because it already uses proof of stake for consensus this alone will help the blockchain scale and reduce bloating its x86 virtual machine allows it to effectively execute smart contracts even those that are too complex for theory um’s virtual machine or VM the existence of a fast more streamlined blockchain coupled with powerful VM is a major win for developers what’s more unlike aetherium the network has constantly it’s constantly backwards compatible now this is a really juicy bit thus blockchain technology can be implemented by a wide variety of user Fairlady centralizing transaction verification and theoretically allowing applications to run forever this is this is good and bad because quantum is based both on Bitcoin and aetherium block chains Bitcoin based and aetherium based applications are able to port quite easily over to the backwards compatible quantum for developers this provides a tremendous layer of flexibility that neither the Bitcoin or aetherium block chains can provide it also opens a whole array of opportunities for businesses who would otherwise be limited by blockchain incompatibility in addition effort to make the platform more appealing to business without prior blockchain experience the platform permits smart contracts to be coated with well-known programming languages this is good for newbies getting in to Bitcoin and blockchain C C++ and Java my coding languages now this is always a good thing to lower the barrier to entry and this is one of the things that neo did as well is lower the barrier to entry so that existing developers who know C C++ and Java can immediately begin developing on the platform one of the biggest problems in my in my opinion with a theory of is you have to learn a whole new coding language who wants to do that ain’t nobody want to do that ain’t nobody want to do that what’s more because the platform structure is easy for businesses to create their own tokens and smart contracts customizable for their business applications so like I had just said in the beginning of this particular news bit the question is this now quantum has had a meteoric rise this year but are they a little too little too late I’m not quite sure because we’re gonna have to see what bitcoin what Bitcoin has in store for us in 2018 whether we can put smart contracts on it now you might say well Peter that’s an overly general argument right because Bitcoin has particular use cases whereas quantum can have a plethora or a multiplicity of other use cases that Bitcoin will not have absolutely true I’m not saying Bitcoin and Bitcoin plus smart contracts is going to be the answer but in many ways I think what we’re going to see is an expansion of new ways of doing smart contracts on both Bitcoin maybe aetherium and new newer coins let’s just say like quantum so I want to get your opinion guys in a do Bitcoin pub or in the comments section below what do you think about quantum for 2018 is it an ethereal killer we’ve been talking about that so much at the end of this year about Neal being an ethereal killer about quantum about Cardno about Icahn about you big guys what’s great about all this is there’s zero competition in the market which means the more options and the more opportunities for people to grow and create awesome tech and maybe emerge as the the the leader all I want to know what do you guys think about quantum for 2018 thanks for joining us in today’s crypto news event brought to you by decentralized TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency technology if you’re new here make sure you subscribe and you join the crypto nation by smashing this subscribe and the bail button for the rest of you guys smash the like button for the future of quantum in 2018

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