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what’s going on everyone my name is Nicolas Merton here at day two – and today is August 25th of 2017 so as you all know if you watch my channel you probably understand by now that I love getting feedback in the comments below in my videos and my live streams about what kwinter took that I should cover next on my channel and it’s become obviously clear that with all the talk on the east and China and all these Asian countries where we see massive amounts of ideas coming out of nowhere there’s been a serious leader that you all have begged for me to cover and I’ve been kind of pushing it off but now today I’m ready to cover it and it is no other than quantum so what exactly is quantum trying to do in the long term what’s its tech looking like is the team there to deliver on their promises and what is the timeline looking like in the sense of delivering applications and updates to the quantum blockchain we’re gonna talk about so much more than just simply those items we’re gonna give my opinion as well do a little bit of technical analysis and also I’ll provide you towards some resources that can help you get a better understanding of the quantum project however as always before we start the analysis we have to jump into the numbers so let’s go ahead and take a look at quantum on coin market cap we can see quantum quantum has actually been doing very well since its ico if you see the market cap here’s tetherin a little bit under a billion dollars around 783 million so it’s definitely a well developed cryptocurrency in a sense evaluation and we could see the volume is there to back it up well over enough volume that we need to see this being you know treated as a real cryptocurrency it’s not susceptible to pumpkin domes this is literally a good amount of volume for the past 24 hours and it makes me safe to either trade and invest in it consider the circulating supplies at 59 million out of a hundred million now this is important understand that right off the bat the total supply is as of now at a max of supply of 100 million so that total supplies the max as well however we have to understand about how it was distributed and a lot with these you know current Chinese crypto currencies or IC owes over the past years we’ve seen a trend where a lot of it goes towards the community about 50 percent 51 percent in this case for for quantum and then we also know that in the case there’s about 20 distributed towards founders and early investors and the rest is going to be going towards upgraded projects and updates in the future that are related to increasing the quantum blockchain for business applications so we’ll look a little bit more into that later but definitely it’s fine it’s no worry that there’s a you know a slightly shorter circulating supply compared to the whole total supply so just keep that in mind and as I was saying it’s been doing great since its ICO its Bitcoin comparison has made relatively flat however the major thing that really makes a stand is the fact that it’s stayed with bitcoins uptrend we can see that quantum has definitely gained value since its ICO so definitely a winner so far if it’s been able to keep up with Bitcoin a lot of people are curious though if this could go up and be a multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency only time will tell but let’s go ahead and jump into the analysis so if you want to see a get a good fundamental analysis on it and really understand what it’s about maybe you can determine whether or not it will become one of those coins so quantum itself has a very established website I gotta say as they’re always telling you all I love having a beautiful website when I’m looking up crypto currencies it makes it easier for my job but it also makes me know confidently that they have a serious team developing the project and they also have you know put in the effort to really make it easy for an average individual to pick it up so you can definitely go ahead and check out their website it’s a very interesting has a very interesting look to it but it’s very clear and understandable in the sense that they’re trying to make blockchain ready for business and we’ve seen a lot of people come out and try to you know really promote this out whole idea of bringing decentralized applications to the work place and bring it into a multitude of industries and provide that blockchain to be able to provide that place where people can build these centralized apps on that singular blockchain and really expand out to a multitude of industries so they’re really trying to do a lot of what Neos trying to do and a lot of other competitors are trying to do in the sense of building decentralized apps it’s kind of it’s becoming a crowded space but at the same time you see that with these projects even with quantum as well that their teams are there and we’ll talk about the team a little bit more later but they’ve actually got the funding and they’ve got the actual effort put into actually making this a reality so definitely a very ambitious project but the big thing here is building decentralized application and the one thing that they really use as a selling point for quantum in this case is that it’s kind of a hybrid use of both Bitcoin and etherium technologies they use the Bitcoin core infrastructure we talk a lot about the Ute XL model and the sense of transactions and payments will have a little bit more to that later and then also you can see that they use the etherion virtual machines so they’re using parts and technologies of the two largest crypto currencies out there which is pretty neat and I love the fact that you know when people build these new kind of cryptocurrency concepts they take concepts and actual structural code from previous projects that have done successful so I think that they’re on the right direction in that sense and building a platform that people can build decentralized apps on the blockchain for quantum so really interesting stuff now they’ve got a video here I will tell you right off the bat their video as much as it’s probably a good selling video it doesn’t tell you too much about what quantum is really about so you have to read through and really understand what they’re doing now as always we always talk about smart contracts and this really is going to be the way of the future and a sense of development and this seems like they’re trying to really build flexibility with smart contracts however what’s really unique and we’ll talk a little bit more later on when we go down the crowd sale page they also talked about how they’re going to be building their own language for the blockchain for Quantum’s so I think that that’s really interesting how they’re gonna be building their own language to develop smart contracts more securely and build them in at probably much more speedy fashion in the sense of delivering what people generally want to develop develop through smart contracts so they’ll be built primarily for the quantum blockchain and it’ll be really interesting to see how that works but that’s definitely something later down the road as we go down the website here mobile is a big push for quantum they’re really trying to you know kind of transfer on to developing decentralized applications that can work on mobile devices and as you can see again as I was mentioning they’re talking a lot about the you TXO model which has to do with simple payment verification and the sense of it’s been space basically off of how Bitcoin makes transfers with QR codes and simple address to address transactions so they’ve got a built in they’re simply they’re gonna be developing mobile wallets as well and we’ll check bit more on the timeline but it seems like they’ve really got some long-term goals here and their website does a really good job of really visualizing it and making it understandable for the average individual all right then next up we have a count abstract layer and this kind of talks and this diagram over here makes it a little easier to understand the layers of how the quantum framework works and I think it’s something that you wanted definitely if you’re gonna invest in long term you should click on the learn more area it gives a better description and tries to break down a lot of technical jargon but basically as we stated earlier this uses framework technology from both the etherium virtual machine and a lot of past cryptocurrency technologies such as bitcoins transaction model so you have to look at the different layers and understand really what’s happening at the core of quantum that makes it so I guess I guess positive for business out business applications to do be developed on their blockchain so really interesting stuff and then this is what I like to the fact that it’s cross-platform and backwards compatible so you can read right here that it says that quantum is compatible with existing aetherium contracts the fact that you have that compatibility built in from the start that’s huge and because most smart contracts out there right now are developed on the etherion platform being able to bring those over to the quantum platform that’s amazing that’s instantly giving people who were you know you know planning to use the etherion blockchain the fact that they can move those smart contracts over to the quantum framework is really beneficial especially for time efficiency so if you want a little bit more information as I always say you got a research and you know really learn about this if you want to invest in it this sounds cool to you definitely go check out the white paper that they have on here as well as the blockchain economy white paper these are really awesome PDFs to read through I read through myself a little bit to get a better understanding of quantum and it seems like this is a serious team that’s really trying to achieve something big so I recommend you go check those out but speaking about a really big you know good team that’s giving me optimistic about the quantum project let’s go ahead and read through the quantum crowd sale page we’re gonna go through and talk about the team we’ll talk about the crowd so results they were completely successful at raising what they needed to for the quantum project and then you can also see the timeline here the team has set a lot of really objectives over the next few months to really be achieved so as we can see they’ve already achieved some of these seeing as these were set for June a lot of basic things and the the factors of user interface and the applications for average consumers and they’ve been building the basic framework to really get going with quantum and the main thing I like is that they’re working on smart contract interaction for wallets so already kind of building the framework and structure for building smart contracts on the blockchain which is really going to get people adopting the platform the big thing I like that was out of all these major kind of like headlines on the timeline I love the quantum integration and API release they talked about how they want to bring integration to a lot of you know potential platforms the two big ones I really noticed was claw and also spring mail so claw is going to be a release that they’re bringing to the WeChat platform which is a massive international messaging app that’s used by mostly predominantly people in Asian markets so that’s good for quantum in that sense but it is used by people around the world and be able to apply a wallet to that and send transfers for the quantum blockchain that is fantastic in my opinion I think that that’s gonna help with adoption and get the name out there it’s at least especially in the news where people start learning about it whether it gets adopted or not and we can also see the spring mail application which is where it’s gonna be integrated on email it really makes me optimistic to see this and for me personally I think that things like that really help towards tailoring adoption towards a new cryptocurrency it has bold ambitions so lots of awesome stuff you should read through their timeline see the projects they’re trying to build I love the fact that they’re gonna be building up the virtual machine implementation on the quantum network and you can see this is the language I was talking about as well earlier in the new smart contract language formal verification es ml so the fact that they’re building their own language it shows you that they’re serious about this I’m not saying it’s a it’s a complete guarantee that this is going to be perfect but Italy shows that they’re trying to make their platforms stand out and attract people to using their platform in the sense of efficiency and adoption ease the adoption of the platform in its language so really awesome stuff in the sense of timeline it’s it’s a mouthful I couldn’t go through every bit but I recommend you go look back and really read up on what their objectively trying to do so there’s a few crowd sale questions that I want to answer in this sense of supply I know you probably were a little curious earlier this is the same video as well that was Tom but earlier before we actually go into the crowd sale sorry I want to talk a little bit about the founders they’ve got Patrick Neal and Jordan so you can go ahead and read up on them there’s a lot of articles in the sense of their team where they do a few interviews you can find online they’ve got a lot of backers as well people from a lot of large names ok coin that’s huge they’ve got a few angel investors as well but you can see that they have people from all over I like the fact they have Jeremy Gardner in there who’s the co-founder of Argo hover pronouncing that right I never really looked into that one but I know that it’s in the sense of prediction markets and gambling so I really like Jeremy as well he’s a pretty big face in the cryptocurrency market as well as Anthony right here who’s the CEO of Jack’s wallet so you see some big names on this folks this isn’t just something to you know kind of rub off in the sense of a team and founders this is definitely interesting now going back to what we were talking about the supply I really want to emphasize how everything’s structured as I said about 50% in this case 51% of the tokens were distributed through the crowd sale to people who invest it in the ICL and then along with that we can see the 20% of the tokens a much lower number than a lot of ideas out there 20% were distributed among the founders early backers and the development team so I think that’s much more of a fair amount towards the teams who you know are working on this project and if it really goes well all to them that’s really awesome that you know they have a successful project like this and of course they get some more detail down here the last part I want to talk about though is the quantum tokens that’ll be allocated as I was saying for expansions of the quantum network this can be concerning business development so you know building changes towards the the framework to really build decentralized apps for a multitude of industries adding new features to develop as well academic research education and market expansion I mean the list could go on but I think that’s important that they’re putting the fund aside to pay for those because it’s really important to keep in mind that you know your technology is not perfect and you’re gonna need to set improvements in the future so definitely get on there in for that sense and they get into even more details of how they’re breaking that down they’re very transparent about how they’re gonna be distributing these tokens so I like that that’s a personal benefit to me the transparency how clear it is and like I said read the white paper folks if you really want to invest in this so you can get a good understanding of what they’re trying to do with quantum so a lot starts I’m gonna take you to to really get some information on it they’ve got a nice subreddit you can go on to learn a little bit more if you’re interested ask a few questions I bet people would be happy to get you involved and answer any questions or concerns that you might have about quantum the last bit that I want to do is a technical analysis now the problem is is as you can see that the charts very short if I were to move this here I get the big red candle that’s always on bit tricks with a new IC l don’t know why they don’t fix that but the thing about quantum is it’s relatively new this came out around the beginning slash mid of July and it is a relatively new cryptocurrency in the IC o—- space especially in kind of the eye cos that have come out of China so it’s definitely trying to put a run up for other cryptocurrencies money it’s trying to really show that it can be a solid competitor in the space the question is though you know we can’t really do much technical analysis on this so it’s a question of whether or not you know just from simple price action you notice this at a good buy level well I will tell you something I can’t apply much technical indicators to it there’s not much moving averages I can use except for one which I will go ahead and use I think it’s the is it want to make sure it’s the twenty one know what sorry it’s not the twenty one day sorry sorry about that I think it was the fifty day in this case no sorry I was I’m getting mixed up with the different coin folks but basically in this sense yeah that was kind of going back to what I was saying earlier there’s no serious technical analysis we can do on quantum in this sense so and the sense of lacking indicators what I would say is you have to think about this in a more fundamental sense do you think that quantum is going to give a run for competitors money in this rate this framework in this kind of industry of applying decentralized apps towards business you know I honestly think that it could be a good competitor especially at these prices and I think that it could be a multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency so over the next few days the question is do you think it could be that if you think so it might be a good swing trade in my opinion I think that the fact that it’s held relatively well against this ICO valuations especially in Bitcoin comparative is really impressive and seeing as we found general support around that area we opened up rather than going down here it shows that there’s some price strength confirmation not to mention some solid volume that poured in the other day so we might see a repeat of this uptick in price action and hopefully you know this might be able to come up and kind of fill some of this wicks that fell down yesterday during the price action I really think you could see this touch over 400,000 Satoshi’s that all depends though bitcoins gonna continue to rally like it has but definitely like quantum in a fundamental sense there may be in every single category in a fundamental sense the question is the last point is as always isn’t going to get adopted there’s so many competitors in the space of cryptocurrencies you’re recognising that though I think the quantum is going to have competitors run for their money and I think that they’ve got the team and the objectives to really deliver on their promises and their target market that all being said I’d love to hear what you all think about quantum do you think it’s a long-term hold are you holding into yourself do you think that there’s any positives to or do you think there’s any flaws to it that need to be addressed I’d love to hear it down in the comments below and get a discussion going amongst the data – community if you’ve got a quitter token that I haven’t covered on my channel and you’d like to see it please let me know down in the comments below but until then I will see you all in the next video stay tuned you

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